DROPPED: VPX - Paradeca XS357 Lipo Ject - 120 cc.

    VPX - Paradeca XS357 Lipo Ject - 120 cc.

    By VPX
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    VPX - Paradeca XS357 Lipo Ject - 120 cc.

    • Item# :69859
      UPC# :610764701206
    • Brand:VPX
    • Size/Form:120  cc.
    STEROIDS / PARADECA / GROWTH (GH), IGF-I IT’S ALL GOOD…BUT ONLY PARADECA IS LEGAL! Paradeca XS·357 has been accused of everything ranging from containing powerful and illegal ANABOLIC STERIODS to ruining natural bodybuilding. With over 827mg of active drug-like hormones and chemicals per serving no wonder people think this product is spiked with JUICE. It has been inadvertently pulled off of the back cover of a multi-state natural magazine. Another popular national magazine, FLEX, has banned Paradeca XS·357/Decavar advertisements from their pages. Imagine that: there are advertisements in Flex Magazine for real growth hormone and the DEA schedule III drug – testosterone, but Paradeca XS·357 and Decavar HAVE BEEN BANNED! Its unfreakin’ believable! The Feds even gave a popular nutrition store in Hawaii so much heat for carrying Paradeca XS·357 that they decided to quit selling it even though it is perfectly legal.

    Without testing, pseudoscientists have incorrectly concluded that Paradeca XS·357 is too powerful and therefore, has to contain illegal substances. The genius behind Paradeca XS·357, Decavar ‘257’, Liquid Clenbutrx, Methoxygen and Intra Growth is that they utilize pharmaceutical applications to push the scientific envelope into previously uncharted areas. You and other consumers want a supplement that exerts a drug-like effect on muscle growth and fat loss and these substances deliver.

    By a collaborative effort of biochemists that intimately understand AAS (anabolic/androgenic steroids), VPX basically created a side-effect free, legal steroid. People wonder how these products have literally swept across America almost overnight with virtually no advertising. There is no secret. When supplements deliver steroid-like results and rumors fly about the product being laced with liquid Dianabol and Parabolan, bodybuilders and other athletes got hysterical in their effort to jack a few cc’s of these amazing compounds. The demand has been so great that in an emergency company meeting VPX decided to release a new 240cc and 480cc size of Paradeca XS·357 and Decavar ‘257’, Methoxygen and Liquid Clenbutrx.

    We have witnessed bodybuilders grow serious amounts of lean muscle tissue similar to a high dosage steroid cycle when stacking these two products. Just like ‘roids’; the more you use the more you grow. Bodybuilders wanted a more economical, bigger vial so that they could Double Up (a term roiders use when doubling their juice intake) to get greater gains for less money. Therefore, VPX doubled up the vial size from 120cc to 240cc.

    An example of an impressive 28lb gain in REAL lean muscle tissue (not a creatine bloat) in 40 days was achieved by an individual who did 21cc’s per day of Paradeca XS·357 and Decavar. Imagine your frame with 5 to 6% less bodyfat and 28 additional pounds of real muscle. This is what is referred to as drug-like effectiveness- the ability to powerfully explode beyond ones natural genetics. I know a great deal of people have been burned by useless capsules, ineffective transdermals and deceptive beta cyclodextrans- the 6.5 angstrom inclusion space of a beta cyclodextran is too small to encase the large prohormone molecule. You’d have more luck getting Oprah Winfrey into a thong than squeezing a large prohormone molecule into a 6.5A inclusion space.

    Therefore, beta cyclodextrins are a scientific impossibility and a marketing scam. Let’s face it, you can take a bath in transdermal andros, even soak your genitals overnight (no disrespect intended, but some bodybuilders would go to any length to build muscle) and you’re lucky to even muster up enough testosterone to get an erection let alone build muscle. IT’S JUST BAD SCIENCE! Although significantly potent anabolics, the 19 NORs and 4 Androdiol, may not be the most effective compounds in Paradeca XS·357 :" ": growth), 90% TRIBULUS (which in liposomal form is more powerful than HCG or Clomifene Citrate [Clomid]) and 5-Methyl 7-Methoxyisoflavone aka. Methoxygen a substance more effective than most ‘roids’ for nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium retention are the potent components that give Paradeca XS·357 and Decavar that killer Anabolic kick.

    There are two primary ways by which anabolic steroids induce muscle growth: (1) by increasing nitrogen retention and, (2) by inhibiting the catabolic (muscle Destroying) actions of cortisol. Methoxygen, like steroids, increases nitrogen retention- a direct biochemical indicator of increased muscle growth. Androtriol inhibits or prevents cortisol from destroying muscle. Consequently, the synergistic actions of these compounds produce explosive Anabolic Steroid-like muscle growth. VPX’s Methoxygen, Paradeca XS·357, and Decavar are the only compounds in the world to contain Androtriol. VPX has isolated and introduced all of these drug-like compounds to the sports nutrition industry via a delivery system used to deliver drugs medically. VPX’s lipoject technology process has also pioneered a unique patent pending liposomal matrix to deliver these powerful anabolic nutrients. In effect, Methoxygen. Paradeca XS·357, Decavar and IntraGROWTH by utilizing the most effective drug delivery system in the pharmaceutical industry, have ROCKED bodybuilding muscle-science forever! PARADECA Ingredients and Instructions Liposome: a vesicle composed of one or more concentric phospholipid bilayer and used medically esp. to deliver a drug into the body. Ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris L (Crypto Gold) 45% steroidal sappanins as herbal HCG leutinizing activator Ipriflavone xs 4 (as antiesterogenic aromatatase inhibitor anticatabolic bone nutrient 200mg (4- Androstene-3 17 B-Diol (PARA) 19 Nor 4- Androste-3B17Bdiol (DECA) Alpha Lipoic Acid Insulinogenic Nutrient Partitoninc Bioperine (As dilated transport enhancer) Zinc picolinate as T facilitator MSM Ginko Biloba Lipoject Technologies: Proprietary Phosphalipids complex, Asulfame K natural flavors Warning: For men above 18 years of age only. With the enclosed oral syringe, dispense 2cc(ML) into your mouth Let PARADECA solution remain in mouth for several minutes and between cheek and gums in contact with as much skin surface as possible. Then swallow. Repeat this procedure upon awakening, 15 minutes prior to training and again before retiring. Wait 5 to 6 hours between dosages to enable the body to replenish the 3 BHSD enzyme necessary for prohormone conversion to testosterone and nandrolone.

    Do not exceed 6 weeks of continuous use without a four-week period of discontinued This product may cause extreme muscle hypertrophy (exaggerated and excessive growth), strength and lipotrophic activation, when used in conjunction with intense resistance training. Consult a physician if you have any preexisting medical conditions prior to using this product. Additionally, this process allows for a high conversion rate of the DIOLS to testosterone and nortestosterone (nandrolone). 19-nor androstenediol and 19-nor androstenedione in tablet, capsule and/or cyclodextrin form are NOT fat soluble.

    Capsules and tablets have conversion rates of only 4% compared to a 99%+ conversion rate derived by the fat soluble prohormones in PARADECA and DECAVAR '257'. Consequently, you would have to ingest 5000 mg of oral 4-androstenediol and 19-nor androstenediol to achieve the same serum testosterone and nortestosterone levels as a 200mg dose of PARADECA!
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    About VPX

    VPX Sports Nutrition released its first product in 1993 with one goal in mind: To produce the highest-grade sports nutrition supplements on the market, for serious individuals who were willing to pay slightly more for a product that works and delivers on it’s promise. Since this time they’ve been continuously updating and releasing new nutrition products, proudly maintaining their distinction as the "Frontrunner in Sports Nutrition Pharmacology".

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