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Hair No More - Advanced Hair Inhibitor Soothing Gel - 2 oz.
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Hair No More - Advanced Hair Inhibitor Soothing Gel - 2 oz.

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Hair No More - Advanced Hair Inhibitor Soothing Gel - 2 oz.

  • Item# :74457
    UPC# :674083087717
  • Brand:Hair No More
  • Size/Form:2  oz.
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Hair No More - Advanced Hair Inhibitor Soothing Gel - 2 oz

Hair No More advanced soothing gel eliminates hair regrowth naturally, safely, and effectively at the follicle site with daily use. Ongoing maintenance is required. Hair no more is a revolutionary hair growth inhibitor made especially for men, women, children (12 and over), bodybuilders and sports enthusiast, as well as menopausal women with hormonal issues. 
Imagine having smooth, hairless skin all over your body without having to shave or wax! Hair no more makes eliminating un-wanted body hair easy and painless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does your hair removal system differ from other similar products?
Our products are all natural, have no harsh chemicals, no methylparabens or animal products, and remove hair to the root eliminating ingrown hairs.

Q: Is Hair No More an all natural product?
Yes, it is FDA approved for ingredients, medically approved, clinically and dermatology tested, and 100% safe, effective, and painless.

Q: How long to I have to wait if I have just shaved or waxed or used any other hair removal process?
Wait at least 48 hours and be sure there is no prior skin irritation present.

Q: Does your Vanishing Crème unlike other depilatories remove hair to the root?
Yes, completely with the root bulb in its entirety.

Q: Will I eliminate the chance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps by using your hair removal system?

Q: How do I prepare my skin for hair removal?
Do not precondition or pre-wash the skin.

Q: How do I apply the Vanishing Crème?
With a plastic knife or spatula.

Q: Why do I patch test the Hair Vanishing Crème first?
To determine the exact timing of hair removal to the root and to avoid skin irritation.

Q: What are sensitive areas?
Scalp, face, neck, underarms and bikini line.

Q: What warning will let me know when to remove the Vanishing Crème from my skin?
If any tingling occurs, wipe skin with dry tissue or soft paper towel, and flush immediately with cool water, no soap.

Q: When can I reapply the Vanishing Crème again?
Not for 24 hours after hair removal or until stubble reappears.

Q: Must I patch test each new area?

Q: How long before hair regrowth will reoccur?
Up to 3 to 5 weeks. Results will vary.

Q: Do I apply both the Soothing Gel and the Spray Mist Inhibitor on a particular skin area?
No, because it's designed to be used conveniently according to the size of the skin area.

Q: How do I decide where to apply the Soothing Gel Inhibitor?
The Soothing Gel is more conveniently used on the scalp, face, upper lip, chin, eyebrows, sideburns, neck, underarms and bikini.

Q: What part of my body would I use the Spray Mist Inhibitor?
For chest, legs or back.

Q: Why do I need to follow with an Inhibitor?
Because your skin has been exfoliated with the removal of the dead cells for a new layer of baby-soft skin for its protection.

Q: What will the Inhibitors do for my skin?
They gradually discourage regrowth, provide PH balance, hydrate, moisturize and condition the skin, as well as protecting against environmental damage.

Q: When can I apply sunblock?
After the application of the Inhibitor.

Q: What do I do before applying the Inhibitor after hair removal?
First you must thoroughly flush the skin with cool water and pat dry. Do not, at any time, rub the skin (to prevent irritation).

Q: How soon do I apply the Hair Inhibitor?
Normally, immediately after washing the skin, unless skin is irritated. Then apply later. Just a thin smear is adequate.

Q: How often do I apply the Inhibitor?
Apply twice per day the first week, and once or twice per day thereafter to gradually reduce hair growth.

Q: How soon can I expect my beard to respond to reduction of hair growth?
Results will vary. Beards will take longer to reach desired results.

Q: If my skin is very sensitive, must I restrict use of any of your products?
Always patch test each new area and use with caution.

Hair No More Spray Mist and Soothing Gel Inhibitors should be applied immediately after hair removal. Dry area and gently massage a good amount of Spray Mist or Soothing Gel Inhibitors onto skin. Do not wash off. Do not use any other product before applying Hair No More. Leave skin clean and clear of other products prior to applying Hair No More Inhibitor. The all natural gel and spray contain Vitamins A and E, the finest aloe vera, and the powerful and fragrant anti-oxidant green tea extract, which protects the skin from environmental damage. Use Hair No More twice per day the first week, then once per day thereafter. Continue applications on a daily basis to maintain hair-free skin. Results will be achieved between 1 to 4 months. Men's facial beards will take longer to reach desired results.

Deionized Water, Glycerin, Aloe Vera Gel, Green Tea Extract, Botanical Extract Blend (Bio-Enzymatic Plant Extracts), Disodium EDTA, Tea Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxethanol, Polysorbate 20, Frangrance (Green Tea Extract), Kiwi, Mango.

For external use only. Do not use on irritated or broken skin. Do not use inside ears or nose. Keep away from eyes, wash immediately with water.

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About Hair No More

Hair No More Dermaceuticals, manufactured by Healthtec Lab, Inc. since 1997, is the industry leader in the development and marketing of breakthrough, clinical strength dermaceuticals that offer consumers topical alternatives to surgery. Hair No More Dermaceuticals products are based on cutting edge formulations developed in conjunction with leading research institutes and cosmetic surgeons. The clinical strength results in our clinical formulas are 100% natural, safe, effective, and completely painless. Our strategy is to continue to specialize in Brand and Private Labeling Services.

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Excellent it worked. This is a product that uses a two-phase action. In the first phase, the cream melts the hair away by dissolving the protein in the hair while in the second phase, a liquid inhibitor is sprayed into the area to starve the hair follicle and prevent hair from growing. So, for best result one has to use both the products. This is widely known as the best-selling permanent hair removal product from. The product is three times more effective than normal hair removal creams. Since, the skin varies from person to person, for example, I have a sensitive skin, so max I can use for 3mins. Hence, it is always important to do a patch test to determine if irritation occurs

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