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DROPPED: Pro Bar - Whole Food Meal Bar Original Collection Cran-Lemon Twister - 3 oz.
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Pro Bar - Whole Food Meal Bar Original Collection Cran-Lemon Twister - 3 oz.

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Pro Bar - Whole Food Meal Bar Original Collection Cran-Lemon Twister - 3 oz.

  • Item# :74020
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  • Brand:Pro Bar
  • Size/Form:3  oz.
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  • Flavor:Cran-Lemon Twister

ProBar Whole Food Meal Bar Cran-Lemon Twister

The Cran-Lemon Twister is a zesty flavor complete with a smooth citrus kick. So upbeat, consuming Cran-Lemon Twister has been known to disguise the winter blues.

This is where award-winning whole food meal replacement started! Deleactable combinations of 15 whole foods including grains, chunky nuts and delicious fruit in 8 flavors that will satisfy. With Art's Original Collection you'll find the incomparable recipes that continue to win rave reviews from critics and customers alike.

Cran-Lemon Twister Original Collection is:

  • Delicious meal replacement
  • Certified Organic, 100% Vegan
  • Rich in raw foods - 70% Raw
  • Good source of Omega 3 and 6

Food for Thought

Why does Art’s Original Collection PROBAR satisfy my hunger better than other bars?
The 15 whole foods found in Art’s Original Collection PROBAR formula is the reason your hunger is curbed for hours after eating. Nothing beats whole foods for providing broad-spectrum nutrition. Chemically derived vitamins, found in other bars, do not supply everything found in whole foods. Nutrition science is consistently uncovering more and more components in Pro Bar foods that are critical for good health. The 15 whole foods guaranteed in each Art’s Original Collection are also about 70% raw. This means you get optimal nutrient quality, undestroyed by processing. This nutrition simply cannot be duplicated with any existing technology.

How does Art’s Original Collection PROBAR work as a meal replacement?
The superb nutrition load, found in Art’s Original Collection PROBAR, satisfies the body’s nutrition requirements better than any other bar available. Once again this goes a long way in satisfying hunger pangs. It frees us from the cravings that drive us to overeat. Great news for dieters!!! This is also the reason why Pro Bar customers keep coming back - once they try it, the body keeps saying “yes” to the incredible nutrition.

Why is Art’s Original Collection PROBAR blended and not baked?
Art’s Original Collection is made with real food that you can see. It is blended together rather than chopped up, pureed and baked. By doing this we preserve the nutritional integrity of all natural ingredients so your body receives the maximum value it deserves

Are there peanuts in Art’s Original Collection PROBAR?
All of Art’s Original Collection flavors contain peanuts and other nuts except the Whole Berry Blast bar. The Whole Berry Blast bar contains cashew butter instead of peanut butter. Although the Whole Berry Blast bar is produced in the same production facility as other flavors we maintain a rigorous sanitary process in the production of this bar.

How does Art’s Original Collection PROBAR deliver its carbohydrates?
The whole grains & naturally dried fruits found in Art’s Original Collection are carefully blended with low glycemic index grain sweeteners. This combination of simple and complex carbs immediately boosts blood sugar, while fiber loaded whole grains and fruits maintain these levels for hours.

Why does Art’s Original Collection PROBAR require less hydration when eaten than other bars?
The PROBAR is lower in protein and sodium than most bars. Processing protein requires a lot of water. When ammonia and urea are produced in the processing of protein, the body uses H2O to dilute and eliminate these toxins.

How does Art’s Original Collection PROBAR achieve such excellent shelf life without preservatives?
Dried fruits, nuts, seeds, rolled grains, and grain sweeteners all have a naturally long shelf life and don’t require the addition of chemical preservatives. Chemical preservatives also tend to taste like chemicals, yuck!

Why is the sugar content in Art’s Original Collection PROBAR higher than some other bars? The sugar content in an Art’s Original Collection PROBAR is balanced for blood sugar regulation and optimal energy. Simple carbohydrates from organic brown rice and barley malt syrups along with dried fruits bring blood sugar levels up quickly without severely spiking insulin. These simple forms of sugar are indicated on the sugar line in the nutrition panel and are mistakenly compared to table sugar and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). Complex carbohydrates along with fiber and other important nutrients are found in the rolled grains and support long term blood sugar regulation. Fiber also buffers the simple carbohydrates assisting them in a slower absorption. These are the reasons that Art’s Original Collection PROBAR is such an effective tool for managing blood sugar.

What is the difference between refined sugar and evaporated cane juice?
Refined sugar is cooked and becomes acidic. Evaporated cane juice is simply air dried. The nutrients are better preserved when they are not exposed to heat.

Why is an Art’s Original Collection PROBAR lower in protein than other bars?
Art’s Original Collection PROBAR does not include any added protein powders or protein isolates that can be found in other bars. Protein happens to be the body’s last choice for fuel with carbohydrates being the undisputed first pick. Fat is a distant second. When the body is forced to use protein for fuel it results in toxicity. The amino acid chains in protein must be removed, liberating the calories for use as fuel. This process, called de-amination, results in the production of ammonia, and urea. This process is not only toxic, but is also very inefficient when compared to the simple assimilation of carbohydrates. High protein can equate to lower energy levels when compared to carbohydrates.

Why is an Art’s Original Collection PROBAR higher in fats than other bars?
During extended periods of moderate level exercise (endurance sports), the body conserves vital carbohydrates by metabolizing fats at a more rapid rate than carbs. If the body becomes depleted of carbs it “hits the wall’. Muscles simply cannot function without the presence of carbohydrates. Art’s Original Collection PROBAR supplies a broad spectrum of healthy fats: poly and mono unsaturates, saturates (yes the body actually requires certain saturated fats), and EFA’™S (essential fatty acids more commonly referred to as omega essential fatty acids). Endurance athletes commonly deplete their bodies of these critical nutrients, several of which are not commonly found in foods. Because Art’s Original Collection PROBAR supplies these in abundance, it is not only an excellent tool for use during competition and training, but is also ideal for recovery application.

For the non-athlete, these fats translate into exquisite nutrition, providing one third of the bodies daily requirements for fats in every bar. The key here is to provide the balance of fats from all of the different categories required by the body, while eliminating all of the unhealthy trans and hydrogenated fats. If any of the fats required by the body are missing, the body lets us know by giving us RELENTLESS CRAVINGS. This means that if we do not consume all of the different fats required by the body, we will crave everything that is fatty! SUPPLY THE FATS and END THE CRAVINGS!! When we avoid these cravings, weight management becomes much easier. HOORAY!

Ingredients: oats (organic rolled oats, rolled oats), organic peanut butter, organic brown rice syrup, organic barley malt syrup, juice sweetened dried cranberries, organic dates, organic raw sunflower seeds, organic raw coconut, raw cashews, organic raisins, rolled rye, raw organic brown flax seed, raw organic brown seasame seed, raw almonds, organic evaporated can juice, dehydrated pineapple, dehydrated papaya, organic soy oil, expeller pressed canola oil, organic molasses, natural lemon flavour, raw brazil nuts, organic pumpkin seeds, organic crisp brown rice (organic organic brown rice, organic evaporated can juice, sea salt), oat bran, organic oat solids, organic hemp seed, organic brown rice flour, dehydrated apples, natural orange oil, sea salt, grape juice concentrate, tocopherols, natural flavor, ascorbic acid, citric, arabic gum

All natural product may contain pit pieces, nutshells and other organic matter

Certified organic by QAI - 100% Vegan - NON-GMO

P.O. Box 150
Phone: 4356549333 Fax: 4356549333 Visit website

About Pro Bar

The reason for our success is simple – integrity. Compared to other bars, Pro Bar tastes better and contains high quality ingredients. From the beginning, Pro Bar has remained committed to convenient, natural, high-performance nutrition. Pro Bar is art’s project and has never strayed from the integrity of his original recipes. Thank you to everyone who enjoys real food! The reason for our success is simple – integrity. Compared to other bars, Pro Bar tastes better and contains high quality ingredients. From the beginning, Pro Bar has remained committed to convenient, natural, high-performance nutrition. Pro Bar is art’s project and has never strayed from the integrity of his original recipes. Thank you to everyone who enjoys real food!


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By (Chinook , MT )

Nice, lemony taste. A great bar!

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