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DROPPED: Planet Minerals - byEarth Mega Humic & Fulvic 2000 mg. - 8 oz.
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Planet Minerals - byEarth Mega Humic & Fulvic 2000 mg. - 8 oz.

Helps Boost The Immune System
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Planet Minerals - byEarth Mega Humic & Fulvic 2000 mg. - 8 oz.

  • Item# :114265
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Planet Minerals byEarth Mega Humic & Fulvic 2000 mg. 8 oz. (236 ml)

Planet Minerals By Earth Mega Humic & Fulvic Acids help boost the immune system and aids in returning the body to a healthy pH balance. Mega Humic & Fulvic Acids are nature's most powerful antioxidants with the ability to scavenge all types of free radicals and is the highest potency humate product available - with 2000 mg of Humic and Fulvic Acids per 1/2 tablespoon. Plant Minerals has 70+ trace minerals to support the health of multiple body systems. Plant Minerals Mega Humic And Fulvic 2000 mg. contains no wheat, glutens, milk, egg, soy, yeast, or added sugar, starch, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and is vegetarian approved.

What are Humates?
65 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, the vegetation was lush, green and rich in humates (humic acid, fulvic acid, organic compounds bound to70+ trace minerals). During this time, a deep black mixture was teeming in the fertile soil. Why was the soil so dark? This is because it was rich in humate compounds. Since that ancient time, humates, remains of all life, have been trapped deep within the geological strata, in area specific to the southwest.

Why Does Fertile Soil Need Humates?
Soil is the primary source of trace minerals. When the soil is depleted in humates, plant life can not readily absorb inorganic trace minerals. Humates are the organic substrates that allow plant life to absorb critical trace minerals and other nutrients. Likewise, humans and other living creatures need the soil to be rich in humates in order to survive and remain healthy.  Humates were one of the first organic acids that that bonded with trace minerals.

Why is the condition of soil so important now?
In order to compensate for the lack of minerals in the soil, many large agricultural businesses likely over treat farmlands with artificial fertilizers to enhance volume of produce.  Although output remains high, produce lacks many of the nutrients vital to health.

The Need for Trace Mineral Supplementation
Soil around the world has lost essential trace mineral content, potentially causing dangerously low levels in fruits and vegetables. It is speculated that lowered levels of trace minerals in soil may be at the very root of the 21st century health challenges. Linus Pauling, twice Nobel-prize winner stated that "You can trace every health condition to a mineral deficiency." Yet, all over the world, minerals are disappearing from agricultural soil at an alarming rate. In 1992, the official report of the Rio Earth Summit concluded "there is deep concern over continuing major declines in the mineral values in farm and range soils throughout the world."  This statement was based on data showing that over the last 100 years, average mineral levels in agricultural soils had fallen worldwide – by 72% in the US and 76% Europe.  Further, The SEER (Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration) Center, which undertook the first scientifically controlled field trials of soil demineralization in Scotland, says that unless vital nutrients and elements are placed back into the soil, the quality of food - and the well-being of the planet - will deteriorate.

It’s Never Too Late to Take Your Veggie Power Back
Plant Minerals encourages you to do your own research on the vanishing soil nutrients. You cannot replace the nutrients that have been lost in grocery store produce; instead you can supplement your diet with Planet Minerals formulas featuring humic and fulvic acid bound to trace minerals. Every product in the line contains multiple humate constituents. And even though the color is dark brown, the liquids taste as fresh and pure as nature intended.

Humates Help Promote:

  • Energy levels
  • Immunity & natural resistance
  • Bioavailability of trace minerals
  • Healthy electrolyte balance
  • Antioxidant defense due to polyphenol content
  • Multiple body systems health including the digestive system, thyroid, muscle, heart, blood cells, hemoglobin & vitamin B12 levels, amino acid synthesis and antioxidant enzyme levels.

Are Planet Minerals Trace Minerals in an Ionic Form?
Technically, in order to create an ion mineral water, the water source must first be treated with an acid. And in doing so, the essential nutrients in the humates and trace minerals can be destroyed.

How are Planet Minerals Humates Treated
Plant Minerals humic and fulvic acids are extracted deep within the soil, in a specific pristine dark vein within the earth from 65 million years ago. In this form, the humic acid is at a minimum, 95%. They never use chemical acids to abstract the vital components. Neither are they exposed to heat or pressure. Therefore, the valuable humic acid bound to the trace minerals are not destroyed.

Why are Plant Minerals Trace Minerals Bonded to Humates?
Humates and fulvates are fully functional organic electrolytes. As a result, they also assist in the making the trace minerals more bioavailable through their special bonding properties. This is a breakthough in trace mineral supplementation!

What are Humates?
Humic and fulvic acids are the principal components of organic humates. They were formed by nature over 65 million years ago by the breakdown of plants and other living things. Humic and fulvic acids are found in specific geological formations, fresh water lakes and ocean water. Humates are a complex mixture of many different organic acids containing antioxidant corboxyl and phenholic groups. The humates in our products have a PH of 7, which is neutral. In agriculture, humates are used to enrich the soil. When humic and fulvic acids are present, plant life and produce thrives.

Are Humates Good for the Immune System?
National Institutes of Health, one of the world's foremost medical research centers, has sponsored studies to research the immune activity of humic acid. Early indicators suggest that humic acid may play an important role in supporting multiple mechanisms of the immune system.

How does Wellness byEarth support the Immune System?
Humic and fulvic acids contain powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. Research shows there is a direct link to antioxidant nutrition and immune health. Further, the formula contains nutrients cysteine, glutamine and selenium. They are vital building blocks for the antioxidant glutathione peroxidase which helps to rally the immune defense response.Vitamin D3 has receptors on virtually every type of cell involved with immunity. Resveratrol may also help to support the body’s healthy inflammatory response when the immune system is undergoing stress.

What are the Benefits of Mega Humic & Fulvic by Earth Liquid?
Each ½ tablespoon contains 2,000 mg of humic and fulvic organic acids. At this time, the product contains the highest levels available. The fast acting liquid concentrate is very beneficial when your natural resistance is challenged.

What is Zeolite+ byEarth?
Zeolite is a volcanic mineral which is created when ash and lava from a volcano has a chemical reaction with sea water. The result is a compound with a cage-like structure that carries a negative charge. The negative charge acts like a magnet to attract positively charged compounds. It is hypothesized these compounds are trapped in its cage-like structure and carried out of the body. We use the micronized powder form of Zeolite which is the form shown effective in all of the scientific studies. Planet Minerals Zeolite + also contains humic & fulvic acids plus 70+ trace minerals.

What are the Benefits of the Mineral Skin Spray by Earth?
The skin spray formula contains humic and fulvic acids combined with 70+ trace minerals. The skin formula also contains Black Willow bark helps to address occasional occurrences of facial blemishes. Witch Hazel helps minimize minor skin irritations due to nontoxic insect bites, minor cuts and burns. The formula helps diminish discoloration due to skin bruises. It also promotes young-looking and healthy skin. †

Are the Planet Minerals products non-GMO certified?
Yes, all of these products contain ingredients that are not genetically modified.

Are the Humic & Fulvic Acid Organic?
The humate raw material has been certified organic.

Why are the Liquids (Mega Humic/Fulvic, Zeolite and Mineral Skin Spray Products) Dark Colored ?
Humates, like their cousin tannins, found in black tea, are organic in their nature and subsequently naturally colored brown.

What do the Liquids Taste Like?
Despite the brown color of the liquid in Mega Humic/Fulvic and Zeolite+ byEarth, they taste mostly like water with a hint of metallic taste, which is an indicator of the presence of trace minerals.

How many Trace Minerals are in each of the Planet Minerals Formulations?
Each product in the line contains 70+ trace minerals in potencies that support the body’s optimal health.

What do I do if I get any of the brown colored liquid on my clothes?
The Planet Minerals Liquids are dark brown colored and will stain fabrics and clothing so be careful. If they get on your hands, just wash in cold water until the organic stain disappears.

Trace Mineral Benefits
There are over 70 trace minerals necessary for maintaining health in your body. Even though the amounts needed are very small, the absence of one or more trace minerals is enough to create an imbalance.

  • Helps promote natural energy Levels: Humates along with their bioavailable trace minerals help support energy levels of multiple body systems. In essence, humates help the body work in concert to promote optimal vitality.
  • Helps maintain a healthy electrolyte balance: Humates and fulvates are fully functional organic electrolytes
  • Helps Improve Bioavailability of Our Trace Minerals: Naturally occurring humates and fulvates are rich in essential minerals, essential for many biochemical and physiological processes.
  • Trace minerals are intricately involved in enzyme levels, electrolyte balance, digestive system, thyroid, muscle, heart, blood cells, hemoglobin levels, vitamin B12 levels, amino acid synthesis, and antioxidant enzyme levels.
    • Potassium and sodium are systemic electrolytes.
    • Chlorine is needed for hydrochloric acid production in the stomach.
    • Calcium is needed for the bones, heart, digestive system, blood cells
    • Phosphorous is needed for the bones.
    • Magnesium is necessary for processing ATP, which is involved in cellular metabolism and maintenance of energy levels
    • Zinc is required for several enzymes including carboxypeptidase, alcohol dehydrogenase, carbonic anhydrase.
    • Iron is necessary for maintaining hemoglobin levels 
    • Copper is a required component of many redox enzymes including cytochrome c oxidase
    • Iodine is required for the synthesis of the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine
    • Selenium is essential to the antioxidant activity of glutathione peroxidase.
    • Molybdenum is necessary for the synthesis of the oxidative enzymes xanthine oxidase, aldehyde oxidase, sulfite oxidase.
    • Cobalt is requires for the synthesis of vitamin B12.
    • Sulfur is necessary in the synthesis and utilization of many amino acids.

Is Planet Earth in Jeopardy?
Plant Minerals believes in the innate intelligence of the planet which provides amazing sources of beneficial compounds to sustain your health. They also are quite aware that humans often take this beautiful blue and green globe for granted. Pollution caused by humans is a constantly increasing danger for people and the environment alike. It’s a fact that the majority of scientists are very concerned about the environmental impact of global warming. As an example of significant climate change, the US had its hottest recorded summer in 2010. And who will ever forget the blizzards of December 2010 that shut down most of the US and European air transportation? All this leads to environmental stressors that may have significant health consequences.

  • Polluted Air & Water: People drive cars everywhere, even when they can share a ride. Americans are deeply dependent on foreign oil to meet an ever increasing gasoline and energy needs. Pollutant emissions fill our air as smog. Clean drinking water has become a scarcity in third world countries. Economists predict Blue Gold will become the most expensive and rare commodity, due to the shortage of available drinking water across the globe. As a nation, Americans drink more bottled water than any other country. The lifeless, petroleum based empty bottles are jammed into landfills which never break down. If all the disposed plastic bottles were lined up from end to end, they would circle around the sacred earth three times. Further, the largest oil spill recorded in the US, caused by the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig released over 4 million barrels of heavy viscous oil. The horrific spill contaminated pristine sites and beaches inducing enormous damage to marine wildlife. It will be many years before the full health treats are fully know.
  • Depleted Soil: Unfortunately, it is documented that soil contains the lowest levels of nutrients and trace minerals than ever before. After years of over farming and heavy fertilizer use, the soil loses all of its good, wholesome virtues. Vitally important soil microbes that break down minerals into a form useable by the body are lost. Vitamin and mineral levels are drastically reduced, and the soil is basically burned out. Unfortunately, even when the soil is burnt out, farmers can still grow good-looking fruits and vegetables by using high doses of fertilizer. The fruit and vegetables will have good caloric content but very little in the form of real nutrition. Most produce sold now falls under this category. You think, as you are purchasing a head of broccoli or a bag of apples that you are doing your body a big, nutritious favor. In reality you are receiving half the nutrition you think, if not empty calories.

Is Soil Affected by Pollution?
The effect of pollution on soil has been less that optimal for the health of the planet and healthy bodies. Among the most significant soil contaminants are hydrocarbons, heavy metals, MTBE, herbicides, pesticides, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. This type of contamination typically arises from the rupture of underground storage tanks, application of pesticides, and percolation of contaminated surface water to subsurface strata, oil and fuel dumping, leaching of wastes from landfills or direct discharge of industrial wastes to the soil. This occurrence of this phenomenon is correlated with the degree of industrialization and intensities of chemical usage.

Planet Minerals believes the body has an innate wisdom to heal itself. Your body's three trillion cells are directed by a mysterious intelligence, which conventional medicine does not fully understand. Your health is inextricably linked to lifestyle choices. And your inherited genetic make-up may have hidden health conditions. As nutritional intervention, the proprietary byEarth delivery system of Humic & Fulvic bound trace minerals, is the center piece of the formulations. They help provide Deep Living System support at the cellular level. The wisdom of nature, 65 million years in the making, supports Planet Minerals' belief in holistic self-care and their core values:

  • They are advocates of taking charge of one’s own health.
  • They feel a sense of urgency to provide nourishing formulations to help promote well-being.
  • They are proponents of the natural products retailer as a source of education and distributor of fine wellness products.
  • They believe in complementary, integrative medicine.
  • They are strongly committed to individual learning and making informed health choices.

To support health maintenance, take 1/2 tablespoon daily. When experiencing wellness challenges, take 2 tablespoons daily. Shake well before using.

Planet Minerals byEarth Mega Humic & Fulvic Acids 8 fl. (236 ml)
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1/2 Tablespoon
Servings Per Container: 32
Amount Per Serving %DV
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 1000 IU 250%
Proprietary Organic Blend of Humic & Fulvic Acids (Supplying 72 Trace Minerals) 2000 mg *
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Purified Water.

Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Westlake Village, CA,
Phone: 1-800-246-4959 Visit website

About Planet Minerals

Planet Minerals believes the body has an innate wisdom to heal itself. Our body's three trillion cells are directed by a mysterious intelligence, which conventional medicine does not fully understand. Our health is inextricably linked to lifestyle choices. And our inherited genetic make-up may have hidden health conditions. As nutritional intervention, our proprietary byEarth delivery system of Humic & Fulvic bound trace minerals, is the center piece of our formulations. They help provide Deep Living System support at the cellular level. The wisdom of nature, 65 million years in the making, supports our belief in holistic self-care and our core values.

We are advocates of taking charge of one’s own health. We feel a sense of urgency to provide nourishing formulations to help promote well-being. We are proponents of the natural products retailer as a source of education and distributor of fine wellness products. We believe in complementary, integrative medicine. We are strongly committed to individual learning and making informed health choices.

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