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Beet Ginger Boost Probiotic Cultured Wellness Shot - 24 Pack 2 fl. oz. BottlesJacob's Raw

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Jacob's Raw - Beet Ginger Boost Probiotic Cultured Wellness Shot - 24 Pack 2 fl. oz. Bottles
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Per Serving: $3.21  / Serving Size: 1 Bottle(s)
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plant-based IconPlant Based
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Jacob's Raw
24 Pack
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    Jacob's Raw - Beet Ginger Boost Probiotic Cultured Wellness Shot - 24 Pack (2 oz. / 59 mL each)

    Jacob's Raw Beet Ginger Boost Probiotic Culture Wellness Shot provides support for circulation and liver health. Beets are a perfect source of naturally occurring nitrates, which are great for your cardiovascular system through vasodilation. Not only that, beets have long been respected as a great source of nutrition for their liver and their blood. With all these awesome qualities, they packed in as much beet goodness as possible – and like all their tonics, they're full of naturally occurring probiotics and no sugars.

    • Organic Beets
    • Well Water
    • Organic Ginger
    • Celtic Sea Salt
    • Organic Live Active Cultures

    Why Try Jacob's Raw Tonics?

    • They're Truly Raw: So that you get every drop of the nutrients of their thoughtfully designed, completely whole/farm fresh, organic vegetables.
    • They're Probiotic: Jacob's Raw ferment their awesome vegetable mixes like people have done throughout the world for millennia. This traditional and time-honored way of preservation keeps everything raw, and since they don't pasteurize anything, the probiotics that do the fermenting are still there for your benefit.
    • They're Super Low Sugar: Most juice cleanses (and juices) are chock full of sugar, quite often to the tune of 40 grams per bottle. Natural or no, that's a lot for your body to deal with, especially if you're not eating. Jacob's Raw tonics are different – the fermentation turns the naturally occurring sugars into lactic acid, which is what preserves everything, leaving almost no sugar behind. Win-win for everyone!
    • They're Nutritionally Dense: No, they don't taste sweet. They taste like what they're made of, which is nothing but raw, organic, often local vegetables. No fillers, no flavorings, no sweeteners at all. Just the good stuff.

    Staying Strong and Healthy Isn't a One-Time Fad: Meet Jacob's Raw Everyday Wellness Tonic Program
    Juice cleansing and fasting programs are a way of trying to reset the body after a lifetime of abuse, whether consciously or just from living in a world full of processed foods full of chemicals, stress, and anti-nutrients. Jacob's Raw gets that. But they don't agree that's it's the best (or most enjoyable) way to sustainably live a healthy life.

    It's about sustainability – and that means an everyday plan. It's about increasing the good stuff (nutrients and such) and decreasing the bad stuff (denatured, empty carbohydrates) – all in a way that you can fit into your already busy daily life. That's where Jacob's Raw Cultured Tonics come in as part of a whole food, high nutrient lifestyle. Taken daily, their artisanally made, traditionally fermented tonics are some of the healthiest things you can eat or drink!

    Jacob's Raw Frequently Asked Questions

    Lacto? So there's milk in it?
    Absolutely not. Jacob's Raw doesn't use any dairy ever in their process, so their products are 100% vegan. "Lacto" just means sugars get changed into lactic acid.

    What do you mean by raw?
    Jacob's Raw doesn't heat any of their products, ever. They never see more than room temperature – usually around 70-75°F.

    Yeah, but how are they safe then?
    Good question. The lactic acid that's made in the fermentation process drops the pH (increases the acidity) of the products to a point where all pathogens – you know, bad stuff like salmonella, e. coli, listeria, botulism, campylobacter, etc – get killed. It's fine for the lactobacilli, though. The legal definition of an "acidified" food is anything below a pH of 4.6. Jacob's Raw products (and most, if not all vegetable ferments) are generally 3.5 and below.

    I've heard a lot about how my body is too acidic. Is eating this going to make me even more acidic?
    Jacob's Raw are no experts on the acid/alkaline balance of the body, but they have heard that many "acidic" foods have an alkalinizing effect through your body's metabolism, and the fermented vegetables are one of those foods. However, if you're concerned, they highly suggest you do your own research on this topic.

    What's the shelf life?
    Jacob's Raw puts on one year from bottling – but in all honesty, lactic acid fermentation preserves foods for much longer. Sauerkraut was taken on long, several year sailboat excursions hundreds of years ago, and the acidity never goes away. However, the probiotic bacteria may not survive that long. Do make sure it's always refrigerated!

    How long does it last when I open it?
    Same answer – the full shelf life that's on the lid. The acidity protects the products perfectly. At worst, you may occasionally experience mold on top if the product has been exposed to air for a while, but that's pretty rare. The mold isn't harmful – they suggest you scoop it out and put the rest back into the refrigerator.

    How many probiotic bacteria are there in your products?
    No idea, really. It's going to change batch by batch, will slowly decrease over time, and also depends on how it's been treated at the store, in your house, etc. It's the same for any naturally fermented whole food or drink – they can't accurately tell you what's in it at the time you eat it. If a company can tell you what the probiotic content of their food or drink is, it's not a traditionally made whole food product. Like many companies that make traditionally lacto-fermented foods, they just say this – countless generations of people have used lacto-fermented foods to stay healthy, and countless people swear they have helped heal their guts. It's a traditional, whole, pure food, and as such, should hold a special place on everyone's plate.

    What Jacob's Raw Believes In

    Organic Ingredients
    If you're making some of the world's healthiest foods by using an ancient, proven artisanal preservation technique, why would you use anything that's not organic if you can at all help it? Organic vegetables have more nutrients, fewer (hopefully no) chemicals, aren't GMO, and make the environment better for the farm workers, surrounding communities, and you. That right there is enough of a reason.

    Raw Veggie Nutrition
    Quite often, the brutal preservation techniques of today's food industry eliminate many of the nutrients of the original plants. Lactic acid fermentation, however, not only keeps all the nutrients intact, but it's been shown to increase the amount of Vitamin C and digestive enzymes present. Jacob's Raw're not strict raw foodists here, but nutrients are obviously key to a healthy diet – and are why you eat lots of vegetables in the first place!

    Natural Fermentation
    Fermentation is the key to it all. Lactobacilli eat the naturally occurring starches and sugars in the raw, organic veggies and turn them into lactic acid, preserving everything perfectly, in a pristine raw state. It also makes everything probiotic, as they never heat the foods and the lactobacilli are still happily asleep in the cold, waiting to help you out. People figured this stuff out thousands of years ago and have been doing it ever since. Plus, properly fermented vegetables taste awesome. Fermentation rules!


    Like all Jacob's Raw tonics, they suggest mixing them in with water, sparkling water, a smoothie or even a juice. They also can take the place of raw apple cider vinegar if you're into that. That being said, if you like beets, drink this one straight. You'll love it.

    Jacob's Raw favorite method for this one is drinking 4 oz. of Beet Ginger Tonic straight. Scott and Cathy religiously drink it 2 hours before every workout for its cardiovascular effects.


    Jacob's Raw - Beet Ginger Boost Probiotic Cultured Wellness Shot - 24 Pack (2 oz. / 59 mL each)
    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size: 1 bottle (59 mL)
    Servings Per Container: 24
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Calories 10
    Total Fat 0 g
    Sodium 62 mg 2%
    Cholesterol 0 mg
    Total Carbohydrate 3 g 1%
    Sugars 1.5 g
    Protein 1 g
    Vitamin A 0%
    Vitamin C 4%
    Calcium 0%
    Iron 2%
    Not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat, trans fat.
    DV based on 2,000 calorie diet.
    Other Ingredients: Beets*, Well water, Ginger*, Celtic sea salt, Hand-batched live active culture*

    *Organic ingredients


    Please refrigerate upon arrival! It’s cold when it leaves here but may be a bit warm when you get it. It’s fine – but they do prefer a chilly environment! They’re good through the date on the cap, open or not!


    Jacob's Raw

    A Family That Ferments Together Stays Together
    Scott started the fermentation craze at the Grzybek household. Scott's kind of always been a health foodist, loved the idea behind fermentation, and besides, he had a bunch of vegetables to preserve. Cathy came along with it shortly after Scott. She thought it was kind of risky at first to let something fresh sit for a few weeks at room temperature and then eat it, but it was so good.

    Jacob, though, took to it immediately. He didn't have much choice as a baby, but it appeared that he had the good taste of his parents, and by the age of three, was helping his dad make "Wowerkraut" (his word!) at home. Now that he's 8, he still eats some kraut at pretty much every meal, drinks dad's Zukay Kvass as his sports drink for wrestling, and, pretty much, lives the life.

    "Jacob asked us one day, "Why don't we sell our kraut? It's so awesome!" And then he went into the health benefits of fermented foods, pretty much like we trained him."

    We've been selling Zukay Kvass for quite some time, while the whole time Jacob and Scott were making their own krauts and other tasty ferments. So Jacob asked us one day, "Why don't we sell our kraut? It's so awesome!" And then he went into the health benefits of fermented foods, pretty much like we trained him. And you know, he was right. We had all kinds of fermented awesomeness to share with the world, and we weren't. So we launched Jacob's Raw, named in Jacob's honor as he figured the whole great thing out in the first place. Kids rock!

    Noah also loves Jacob's ferments as well, and wants you to know he supports his brother in all he does. He'd also like his own line of products. We're working on it, buddy!


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