Meltzer's - Puremints Pastilles 100% Natural Spearmint - 1.76 oz.
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    100% Natural

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Meltzer's - Puremints Pastilles 100% Natural Spearmint - 1.76 oz.

Refreshing Spearmint with the Beneficial Herbs Green Tea, Parsley, & Peppermint
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Meltzer's - Puremints Pastilles 100% Natural Spearmint - 1.76 oz.

  • Item# :113444
    UPC# :836239000098
  • Brand:Meltzer's
  • Size/Form:1.76  oz.
  • Ship Weight:0.44
  • Servings:42
  • Dosage:2  Piece(s)
  • Flavor:Spearmint

Meltzer's - Puremints Pastilles 100% Natural Spearmint - 1.76 oz. (50 g)

Meltzer's 100% Natural Spearmint Puremints pastilles combine real spearmint oil with their custom peppermint oil for a burst of cool freshness. Meltzer's reinvents natural pastilles with a mint that contains real herbs and has healthy, beneficial value. Green Tea, Parsley and Peppermint leaf, herbs renowned for healthy digestive support, round out the formula.

Meltzer's Peppermint
Meltzer’s Spearmint Puremints are made with pure spearmint oil. They blend it carefully with their custom peppermint oil for a cool and refreshing flavor. Spearmint, a softer and more mild taste that peppermint, has also been used for centuries to help with digestion. Parsley, Peppermint leaf, and Green Tea - herbs great for digestion - are added to make Meltzer’s Spearmint Puremints a delicious mint that is pure, refreshing and cool.

Spearmint – Mentha spicata with Green Tea, Parsley, and Peppermint leaf
Sweet, subtle, and refreshing are words that describe Spearmint.  The mild cousin of peppermint, spearmint has a gentle flavor that reminds one of old-fashioned candy. Spearmint doesn't have the menthol bite that peppermint carries and is pleasantly pleasing. Like peppermint, however, it has been around for centuries and has been traditionally used for flavor as well as health-supporting properties.

Traditional Use
Spearmint has been used extensively in western and eastern traditional cultures for flavoring and digestive support. Spearmint leaf is a component of herbal teas enjoyed by many and has long been used in folk medicine. Spearmint has been used for it’s aromatic qualities as well as to support the stomach and digestion.

Quality and Blend
Spearmint is supplied almost entirely from cultivation. Spearmint is grown throughout the world, primarily in the United States (the Pacific Northwest), China, Egypt, former Yugoslavia, and Hungary.

Growing Conditions
Spearmint propagates through underground rootstalks and has rather aggressive growth - it can easily take over many gardens. The quality of the oil, just like peppermint oil, is defined and determined by the growing conditions. Spearmint does best in moist soil with part shade. The amount of water and moisture, sunlight, fertility of the soil, and temperature all contribute to the chemical make-up, as well as to the amount of flavor constituents found in the mint oil. Although not as complex chemically as peppermint, spearmint does vary in quality and flavor variations. As with peppermint, a careful spearmint grower is able to cultivate plants to achieve an optimal flavor profile while achieving exciting variations in the end flavor by intimately knowing how separate microclimates affect the plants. Compare this to the growing of grapes for fine wines.

Chemical Components
Spearmint contains up to 2.5% essential oil which contains 50% carvone, as well as dihydrocarveol acetate and other monoterpenes. Menthol, the strong, bitter compound that helps make peppermint oil taste so "cool" tasting, is primarily absent in spearmint. The actual composition of essential oil of spearmint varies considerably according to its origin and growing conditions.

Spearmint Puremints Pastilles
Meltzer's Puremints Pastilles contain natural spearmint oil that was specifically chosen for its sweetness and full bodied flavor. They carefully blend it with their custom peppermint oil for a refreshingly cool background. Like all of Meltzer's oils and herbs, their spearmint oil contains absolutely nothing artificial. No artificial flavor enhancers, no artificial cooling agents, no artificial anything! It is Pure and Natural which is something Meltzer's is committed to and takes great pride in. So they state it clearly right on the front label. Also, Meltzer's Spearmint oil was not produced using Propylene glycol, a controversial solvent often used in flavor or flavor oil manufacture, nor was their Spearmint oil gamma-irradiated. Green tea, parsley, and pepper­mint leaf extract, in addition to being known as herbs good for digestion, help to enhance the flavor of Spearmint Puremints.

Parsley is most popular as a garnish and is an excellent breath freshener. Parsley was cultivated as early as the third century BC. The Romans used Parsley as a garnish and flavoring. It spread to the Americas in the 17th century, where it now grows plentifully. It is the most widely used culinary herb in the United States. Parsley is difficult to process because it takes twelve pounds of fresh Parsley to make one pound of dried. However, more people still use dried Parsley than fresh leaves as a garnish in soups, salads, meats, vegetables, and sauces.

Green Tea
Green tea is usually made into a hot beverage offering many health benefits. Green tea (Camellia sinensis leaves) has been used for thousands of years dating back to early China and Japan. In addition to being known for its health supportive benefits it is also used for freshening the mouth and breath. Green tea is widely known as having antioxidant properties – several of it's active components include polyphenols and catechins. The more processing tea leaves undergo, the darker they will turn. Green tea is the least processed tea. The tea leaves are steamed quickly. Black and red teas are partially dried, crushed and fermented.

Peppermint Leaf
Peppermint (Mentha piperita ) use dates back to the early 18th century and is quite similar to how it is used today. Peppermint tea has always been enjoyed and, more recently, peppermint's distinctive flavor has become popular as a lozenge or mint. Peppermint has been used by herbalists as a general digestive aid as well as to relax and sooth the intestines. The two main cultivated forms are the black mint, which has violet-colored leaves and stems and a relatively high oil content, and the white mint, which has pure green leaves and a milder taste.

Meltzer's provides:

  • Real Pastilles - more than just a mint, Meltzer's Puremints pastilles take you back to when mints actually were used to help digestion and were not overly sweet tasting. Meltzer's mint oil is pure and is of the finest quality
  • Standardized and Concentrated extracts - Meltzer's uses Standardized and concentrated herbal extracts which assure consistent quality and levels of active components.
  • Excellent taste in four flavors - peppermint (organic), ginger, licorice and spearmint
  • 100% Natural - no preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors for the finest natural mints available.
  • Vegetarian and Vegan - contains zero animal products of any kind including gelatin. All ingredients are certified Kosher as well.
  • Finest quality pure & natural peppermint oil in the world - custom blended by the growers for them alone and standardized
  • Top quality natural ginger root - pure and clean tasting. Standardized to 5% gingerols - high in natural oils.
  • Real DGL licorice root - with the glycerhizinic acids removed. Full bodied licorice taste and healthy for the digestive system
  • Real spearmint oil - refreshing and smooth. Lightly sweet and very cool.
  • Carefully formulated with healthy & beneficial herbs traditionally used for breath-freshening and digestive support
  • Powerfully Cool Peppermints contain parsley, chlorella and chamomile
  • Snappy and Spicy Gingermints contain three different ginsengs: American, Tienchi, and Panax (C.A. Mey)

The time has arrived for a high quality, all natural and pure mint that is more than just a sweet candy. It is time for a real Pastille - something with real, pure oils and herbs that taste great as well as have a healthy function and are good for you. All of Meltzer's flavors are full-bodied and you can really taste the herb or oil used. Meltzer's use pure peppermint, pure ginger, pure DGL licorice and pure spearmint - not just flavor or flavor enhancers like menthol. Meltzer's Puremints brand of Pastilles reinvents the term natural mints - and offers the finest Pastilles available. Meltzer's mints are abosolutely pure - their Peppermints are deliciously cool, Ginger mints are deliciously spicy, Licorice mints are warm and full-bodied and their Spearmints are light and refreshing.

Meltzer's Puremints Frequently Asked Questions

Are Meltzer's mints gluten free?
Yes. They also are all natural with no artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives, and absolutely no animal products. Meltzer's sugar, and all of their ingredients, are Certified Kosher. Nothing has been irradiated, and the flavors and oils are made without propylene glycol.

Why are there tiny white crystals on the peppermints? They are not there all the time.
These are natural menthol crystals. They may look like a very fine dust or tiny clumps. They form from temperature changes, since the menthol component of the peppermint oil is naturally volatile and forms crystals when cooled. A high amount of pure peppermint oil is used in the mints and this naturally occurs. This would not occur if artificial flavor, less pure oil or small amounts of oil were used. It's part of the pure freshness.

How should I store the mints? I usually keep them in my purse or pocket and in my car.
Mints can be stored at room temperature. Storing at room temp, or cooler, is good. If they get warm it's not a problem, but if kept at room temperature the flavor lasts longer, just like any other candy or mint.

What give the mints their nice color?
The light green of the peppermints and the golden color of the gingers are from the natural ingredients used, particularly the herbs. No dyes or synthetic coloring agents are used.

What are the ingredients in Meltzer's Puremints?

  • Peppermints - Cane sugar, pure peppermint oil, parsley, chamomile, chlorella, magnesium stearate.
    Parsley & chamomile are added for freshening effects. Chlorella is a source of chlorophyll, which has a freshening effect. Magnesium stearate is derived from vegetable oil and helps in making the tablets. The peppermints are nice and cool and have a light green color due to the herbs.
  • Ginger - Cane sugar, pure ginger extract, natural flavor, peppermint oil, American ginseng extract, Korean ginseng extract, Tienchi ginseng extract, magnesium stearate. Ginsengs have a supportive and warming effect on digestion and work with the ginger. The ginger mints are warm and spicy due to the real ginger used.
  • DGL Licorice - Cane sugar, licorice root extract (deglycyrrhized), natural flavor, peppermint oil, anise, fennel, cardamom, calcium stearate. NOTE: There is absolutely no honey in this formula and product.
  • Spearmint - Cane sugar, spearmint oil, peppermint oil, green tea, parsely, peppermint leaf, calcium stearate.

Science, Sophistication, and Quality
Linda Meltzer started Meltzer's with the vision of creating great tasting, all natural products of the finest quality. And that is exactly what they have done. Meltzer's reinvents natural pastilles with mints that contain real herbs and have healthy, beneficial value:

As a Nutritionist, and Research Scientist, Linda Meltzer has been developing herbal formulas and products in the field of health and nutrition for over a decade. Her expertise is in vitamin and herbal biochemistry and nutrition - specifically, the development of products that support health. Ensuring that they taste good - flavor formulation - is one of her specialties.

And the relation between health and mint? As a mint connoisseur, Linda Meltzer has been greatly disappointed with all the mints and pastilles on the market. Most are terribly sweet - whether the sweetener is sugar, xylitol, or an artificial one, too sweet is the prevailing taste. The actual flavor and herb, whether it is mint, ginger, or something else appears to be an afterthought. Frequently menthol is used, an inexpensive way to make a mint cool while using small amounts of actual mint. And often just flavor is used, not the actual herb or oil that has health and digestive benefits and takes them back into history as to why mints began being used in the first place - to help with digestion after a meal. Thus the true meaning of pastille in this instance - a healthy mint that actually contains real herbs and has beneficial value.

Quality mint oil is a costly yet health promoting actual ingredient yet cheap, inexpensive oil is available and is often used in making candy or as a flavoring ingredient. Mint oil is like wine and quality varies greatly as does price - and cost is usually the bottom line. Even some mints that contain real herbs, or claim they do, have very little in it. A pastille that contains ginger root should taste like it - not like a sweet candy that reminds one faintly of ginger or some other flavor. A pastille that claims to be Licorice should really contain Licorice - not just a "licorice like" flavor.

Linda Meltzer could not find a single mint, or pastille, that was premium quality, with all natural, pure ingredients as well as great flavor. This was quite disappointing! Even the mints that indicated peppermint oil as an ingredient had her questioning, knowing as she does, the processing method of peppermint and how it is commonly modified with artificial "cooling agents" to make them taste 'cool' while using less peppermint oil. These companies may very well be using oil that's not completely natural without even knowing it. And often the oil is further blended with other artificial ingredients including flavors, colors and sweeteners. Some mints also contain animal gelatin.

Doing this takes away from the full quality of mint. Mint is natural. It has been used for centuries, all over the world, as a spice and for its numerous health benefits. Nature created this wonderful, delicious, and health supporting herb - and yet is being processed and modified until it is no longer natural and pure. This is also true for many other natural oils and flavors such as Ginger, Spearmint, and Licorice. Meltzer's has changed this. Linda Meltzer decided to use her skill and scientific expertise in the field of herbs and nutrition to create the finest all natural mint pastilles the world has ever tasted. Meltzer's Puremints was born, and thus The Meltzer Company, dedicated to creating products of uncompromised quality, sophisticated formulation, and great taste.

Of particular importance at Meltzer's is material quality which, in addition to taste and flavor, determines nutritional and botanical value as well. Meltzer's use only the finest all natural ingredients with particular attention given to purity as well as material source. Meltzer's search and accept only ingredients that are vegan (free of animal products), are not irradiated, and have little or no added fillers. Absolutely nothing artificial is used - no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. All ingredients are carefully evaluated for flavor and function and only the best are chosen.

The Meltzer Company is proud to introduce their all natural Meltzer's Puremints pastilles, available in four flavors: Ginger, Peppermint and their new Licorice and Spearmint. These four elegant and delicious pastilles not only taste great but are absolutely natural and vegetarian - no preservatives, gelatin, animal products, artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors have been added. They also contain beneficial herbs, such as parsley, chlorella, chammomile, and ginseng, that have been used for centuries to support health and digestion. They are not super sweet and you can really taste the herbs and oils in them. Meltzer's hope you enjoy them as much as they do! Linda Meltzer, CN 

Meltzer's - Puremints Pastilles 100% Natural Spearmint - 1.76 oz. (50 g)
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 pieces (1.2 g)
Servings Per Container: about 42
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Calories 5
   Total Fat 0 g 0%
Sodium 0 mg 0%
   Sugars 1 g
Protein 0 g
* Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Organic Spearmint, Organic Green Tea, Organic Peppermint, Organic Parsley, Stearic Acid (Vegetable).

Gluten free. Non-irradiated, no propylene glycol or MSG. Natural herb flecks may occur.

1961 Main St, Suite 226
Watsonville, CA,
Phone: 831-724-5399 Visit website

About Meltzer's

Welcome to Meltzer's, makers of the finest quality Pastilles - all natural, Puremints that are more than a candy. Meltzer's has taken natural mints to a whole new level by creating true, beneficial pastilles with real herbs and pure mint oils not just flavors or flavor-like substitutes. The taste is clean, pure and delicious. We're proud to offer our Meltzer's Puremints pastilles in four exciting flavors: cool peppermints (organic), spicy ginger mints, DGL Licorice mints and refreshing Spearmints. We use the finest quality herbs and pure mints oils - pure peppermint oil, pure spearmint oil, real ginger root, and real licorice root. Meltzer's intense and delicious Puremints pastilles are absolutely all natural and vegetarian, with no preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Meltzer's all natural Puremints also contain beneficial and organic herbs, such as parsley, chlorella, chamomile, and ginseng, that have been used for centuries as natural support for heath and digestion. Try Meltzer's Puremints to experience true and pure mint oil.

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By (Yardley , PA )

These mints are perfect for a quick breath freshener and the handy, no spill tin keeps them clean in my purse. They are also great stocking stuffers at Christmas time!

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By (Lake Stevens , WA )

I love these mints. They are really hard to come by. They taste great without being too overpowering. If you are looking for a great natural mint to freshen your breath give these a try. You'll be glad you did.

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By (Athens , AL )

I still prefer the peppermint but these are very good. Melzer's are the best in my opinion.

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