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Nature's Formulary - Chyawanprash - 1.1 lbs.
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Nature's Formulary - Chyawanprash - 1.1 lbs.

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Nature's Formulary - Chyawanprash - 1.1 lbs.

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    UPC# :717567100202
  • Brand:Nature's Formulary
  • Size/Form:1.10  lbs.
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Nature's Formulary - Chyawanprash - 1.1 lbs. (500 g)

Nature's Formulary Chyawanprash offers anti-stress benefits. It is a rejuvenative and also offers antioxidant benefits. It is an herbal jam and tastes like spicy apple butter.  Nature's Formulary Chyawanprash pacifies Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas.

In Ayurveda philosophy, good health can be achieved by balancing doshas present within us: Vata (air), Pitta (fire), Kapha (water). Nature's Formulary Chyawanprash plays an important role in balancing the doshas, when used as part of a holistic regimen including diet, exercise, massage and lifestyle changes. Nature's Formulary Chyawanprash is based on the 2,000 year old recipe from the Charaka Samhita, the first treatise of Ayurveda. Nearly 40 ingredients are used. Nature's Formulary Chyawanprash's combination of ingredients are believed to have potent free radical scavengiing activity. Scientists believe that just one serving provides many times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C!

Lifestyle suggestions:

  • Individuals of dominant Vata Dosha tend to have fragile immune systems. Chyawanprash's antioxidant benefits will help here.
  • Pitta individuals are driven, type A personalities. They can succumb to the symptoms of stress due to their orientation for achievement. Anti-stress properties of Chyawnprash will help.
  • Kapha types prefer a sedentary life style. Their constitution contains a significant water element which can become sluggish and congested.  The rejuvenative nature of this product will get the fluids to decongest.

More information:

  • Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is one of the main ingredients in Chyawanprash.
  • Ayurvedic Name: Amlaki
  • Botanical Name: Emblica officinalis
  • Common/English Name: Indian Gooseberry
  • Part(s) Used: Fruit
  • Major Constituents: Ascorbic acid, tannins. Each 100 gm of Amla provides between 470 to 680 mg of Vit.C, 20 times more than an orange. Unlike citrus fruits, the Amla's Vit.C is conjugated to gallic acid and reducing sugars to form a tannoid complex. When ingested, these powerful tannins are released into the body.
What is Ayurveda (Au-yur-vay'-duh)
Ayurveda was developed in India about 4,000 years ago and is one of the oldest documented health care systems. It is a "life-science", emphasizing health by integrating ayurvedic herbal supplements, diet, exercise, massage and life style. In Sanskrit (the equivalent language to Latin in India) the word Ayurveda literally means science of life (Ayur=life, Veda=science). Ayurvedic philosophy indicates that everything in the universe is made up of 5 elements; fire, air, water, earth and space. Air represents all that is gaseous, earth represents matter that is solid, all liquids are represented by water, fire represents any matter that can transform. In our bodies, as in nature, these 5 elements co-exist in a way that is by and large harmonious and where no one element dominates another perpetually. For this to harmony to exist, there has to be a force that manages a relationship between the elements of nature. In paired relationships, the forces guiding them are called the Doshas. These relationship are governed by 3 "forces" or "energies", known as Doshas. The Doshas represent the "subtle energy" that combines and balances the characteristics of the two elements it influences. This force has to often combine and balance seemingly contrary forces such as Fire and Water under Pitta. Vata manage the relationship between air and space while Kapha brings water and earth together. In addition to our bodies, everything around us has these Doshas; plants, pets, fruits, vegetables can all be classified using the same principle.

In our bodies Vata is the force behind move-ment; hence anything that moves or helps create movement is the responsibility of Vata. Pitta is responsible for digestion and metabolism; right from food we eat, and transforming it into their most basic form for absorption by the entire body as nutrient. Kapha is responsible for the fluids that act as the lubrication for movement, and as the glue that helps hold things together. Every individual needs all the three Doshas to exist since they each play a role in our body and mind. Yet we normally exhibit greater characteristics of 1 or 2 of the Doshas .This unique combination of Doshas defines the person's unique body type (or Dosha). The combinations could be Vata/Pitta, Vata/Kapha, Pitta/Kapha; for a total of 6 different combinations of these Doshas. Most people are a combination of 2; it is possible but unusual to have all three in equal proportions; or to be completely of 1 Dosha. This combination of our Dosha known as Prakruti, is determined at birth and remains constant, by and large throughout the lifetime. When at their natural state of balance, our Doshas provide the strength our bodies need to prevent the conditions that may allow disease. When out of balance, the body's loss of homeostasis permits health conditions and diseases to develop. You can learn more about each Dosha by visiting the pages for Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas, Our Body and Disease When the natural proportion, or balance of our Doshas is disrupted, illness can occur. Our Doshas can go out of balance due to toxin accumulation, stress, improper diet, poor habits and even the weather. Ayurvedic medicine's philosophy emphasizes moderation rather than denial. We can be healthy by practising moderation within the realms of our body type. Denial can be just as unhealthy as indulgence. Our predominant Doshas will determine the imbalances we are prone to. Vata predominance when imbalanced, will experience conditions relating movement or of parts that help move us around. Pitta imbalances will lead to disruptions of metabolic and digestive systems and also lead to inflammatory diseases. Kapha imbalances lead to obesity and related conditions; fluid retentions, pneumonia, etc.

Nature's Formulary..... Organic • Wild Crafted • Supporting Fair Trade
For centuries Ayurvedic philosophy has advocated for humans to live in harmony with nature; with respect and reverence for the resources she provides. Nature's Formulary has always believed in this philosophy. Their commitment to the program is reflected by the display of the seal of the program "Sustainable Cultivation • Best Practices" on their product label. As this country's most experienced Ayurvedic line, Nature's Formulary has always believed in on-going product improvement so that customers can purchase the best they can offer. Here are some of their policies: Nature's Formulary products will be manufactured from organic or wildcrafted herbal raw materials. To support this, they recently launched new initiatives under a program titled "Sustainable Cultivation • Best Practices". The objective of the program is to establish criteria for working with suppliers of the company's natural materials. Nature's Formulary will give preference to suppliers who support these initiatives:

  • All plant based materials will be either organic or wildcrafted. Organic agriculture will support sustainable cultivation.
  • Wildcrafted materials will be sustainably collected with strict compliance to government regulations
  • Support of wildcrafted materials provides collectors with a means of livelihood.
  • Provide collectors education on responsible forestry practices.
  • Preference for family farms. Support fair prices for farmers. Nature's Formulary will work to reduce the number of intermediaries between themselves and the farmer and work together to encourage fair trade practices.
  • Support gender equality for workers throughout the supply chain; from farm to factory.
  • Educate growers about child labor.
  • Support local communities near growing areas with activities such as aid for education, school supplies, internships, assistance in medical care.
  • Manufacturers with established policies and best practices such as: Recycle herbal/agricultural by products by offering it to farmers as livestock feed, compost for use as fertilizer, as fuel for thermal process equipment
  • Minimize use of water and recycle as much as possible
  • Use solar or wind energy

Nature's Formulary is also stepping up internal practices that have been in place for quite some time.Here are some examples:

  • All of their packaging components always have been and will be completely recyclable
  • Their product label is made from material containing recycled paper. They use solvent free inks; minimizing VOC emissions. These inks eliminate drying equipment, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Reuse packing boxes when possible. Use recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials in their warehouse operations.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where do these Ayurvedic herbs come from and where does Nature's Formulary manufacture their products?
Nature's Formulary purchases raw materials from USA based suppliers. Their products are manufactured in the USA in FDA inspected facilities. All of the world's supply of Ayurvedic herbs comes from India.

Are Ayurvedic herbs safe?
Ayurvedic herbs have been used safely in India for more than 4,000 years. When used as directed and in traditional formulas/doses, Ayurvedic herbs have an excellent safety record. Nature's Formulary follows all the cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These norms prescribe stringent standards for quality control, traceability and more.

Is the best way to select products for me by first finding out my Dosha and then matching the products recommended for my Dosa?
Yes that is the best way. Let us take an example. You take the test and come up as a Pitta (highest) then Kapha (second) and Vata (distant third). Your constitution is Pitta/Kapha. This indicates the conditions you may have to watch out for - for example Liver health. Check out Phyllanthus and you will see that is recommended for Pitta imabalances (Kapha imbalances too - in this case)

Do I have to know my Dosha to select products?
No because these herbal products will have an effect on everyone - regardless of their Dosha. However selecting on the basis of Doshas will match the products best with your body's needs and your body's tendencies.

Then why do I need to know my Doshas?
Your unique Dosha combination indicates your tendencies and hence the health conditions to which you may be susceptible. Knowledge of your Dosha will help you devise a lifestyle plan that includes Nature's Formulary herbal products and foods, massage, excercise, etc that will be matched to your unique needs. The key difference in Ayurvedic medicine is the belief that this wholisitc approach leads to better health. Research has shown that more and more Americans believe this to be the case. Ayurveda provides a time tested system and tools to create a wholistic lifestyle plan.

Is Ayurvedic herbal therapy validated by modern science and clincial studies?
Yes, Ayurvedic herbs have been heavily researched over the last 25 years! There are literally hundereds and hundreds of studies available at many well-known databases.

About Nature's Formulary

  • Nature's Formulary was started 19 years ago with a vision to deliver the highest quality Ayurvedic products. Nature's Formulary the country's most experienced Ayurvedic company!
  • Their products are completely 100% natural, we do not use any artificial additives or preservatives. All of their products are cruelty-free, Nature's Formulary does not do any testing on animals.
  • They believe in full disclosure of ingredients, if it is in the product, it is on the label.
  • Their supplements are exclusively in VEGETARIAN. Nature's Formulary were the FIRST Ayurvedic company in the USA to use vegetarian capsules.
  • All of their products are packaged in the USA and 99% of our them are manufactured in the USA - in FDA inspected facilties. This makes them compliant with the most current U.S. FDA regulations. Their facilities are not only inspected by the FDA but they have also passed accreditations from the Natural Products Association and the U.S. Pharmacopeia.
  • Nature's Formulary USA based manufacturing operations help all of us work out of our current economic condition. Nature's Formulary's management team is very active in natural product industry associations such as the American Herbal Products Association.
  • As far as possible, they use bio-degradeable and/or recyclable packging materials. 100% of Nature's Formulary packaging can be recycled! Their warehouse also prefers the use of bio-degradeable packging materials as much as possible.
  • Natures Formulary believes the Ayurvedic philosophy that good health comes from integrating all aspects of our lives, from herbs to diet, excercise and massage.

One teaspoonful a day with meals.  Can be taken by itself or with bread, crackers, milk or your favorite beverage.

Nature's Formulary - Chyawanprash - 1.1 lbs. (500 g)
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon (Approx. 12 g.)
Servings Per Container: 40
Each serving contains*
A proprietary mix of: Indian gooseberry** (fresh fruit rind), Unrefined sugar, Clarified butter, Honey**, Piper longum (fruit), Cinnamomum zeylanicum (bark), Cinnamomum tamala (dried leaves), Ellataria cardamomum (fruit), Mesua ferrea** (anthers). Extracts of: Asparagus racemosus (roots), Tacca aspera** (rhizome), Ipomoea digilata** (bark), Solanum indicum (stem & root wood), Tinospora cordifolia** (stem), Terminalia chebula** (fruit), Apocynym foetidum** (whole plant), Boerhaevia diffusa** (roots), Phyllanthus niruri** (whole plant), Adhatoda vasica** (whole plant - except roots), Aegle marmelos** (bark), Permna integrifolia** (wood), Gmelina arborea** (bark), Stereospermum suaveolens** (bark), Desmodium gangeticum** (leaf and tender shoots), Uraria lagopoides** (bark), Nelumbium speciosum** (flowers), Solanum xanthocarpum (whole plant), Tribulus terrestris** (fruit), Gymnema sylvestre** (whole plant), Curcuma zedoaria** (rhizome), Pistacia integerrima** (galls), Cyperus rotundus** (rhizome), Vitis vinifera (fruit).
*Daily Value Not Established.
Nutrition Facts: 1 teaspoon (12g), Amount per serving: Calories: 35, Fat Cal 3, Total Fat 0.4g (less than 1%DV), Sat Fat 0.2g (less than 1%DV), Cholest. 0mg (0%DV), Sodium 0.02g (less than 1%DV), Total Carb. 8g (2.6%DV), Fiber 0g (0%DV), Sugars 7.8g, Protein 0.1g (less than 1%DV), Vitamin A 0 i.u. (0%DV), Vitamin C (free) 6mg (1%DV). Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet.

Keep away from children, refrain from using during pregnancy and while nursing. Not suitable for individuals who have Diabetes.

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Chatsworth, CA,
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About Nature's Formulary

Our products are completely 100% natural, we do not use any artificial additives or preservatives. We believe in full disclosure of ingredients, if it is in the product, it is on the label. Our supplements are exclusively in vegetarian capsules since 1999. We were the first ayurvedic company in the USA to use vegetarian capsules. All of our products are packaged in the USA and 99% of our products are manfactured in the USA - both in FDA inspected facilties. The facilities have passed accreditations from the natural products association and the U.S. pharmacopeia. Our usa based manufacturing operations help all of us work out of our current economic condition.

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I absolutely love this stuff. I take some in the evening before I go to bed. I am hooked. The store where I normally buy this has stopped carrying it.

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By (Hanover , NH )

I like the company and the price; I also like that this product is wildcrafted.

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