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Incrediwear - Bamboo Charcoal Socks Hiking Tall Grey - Small/Medium
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Incrediwear - Bamboo Charcoal Socks Hiking Tall Grey - Small/Medium

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Incrediwear - Bamboo Charcoal Socks Hiking Tall Grey - Small/Medium

  • Item# :112871
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Star Nutrition Incredisocks Bamboo Charcoal Socks Hiking Tall Small/Medium Grey

Star Nutrition Incredisocks Bamboo Charcoal Socks Hiking Tall Small/Medium Grey features of can definitely benefit all types of people in many ways. The antimicrobial properties can provide sustained foot health, avoiding unnecessary infections and injury. This feature helps in situations where individuals do not have access to laundry services and are forced to wear the socks for weeks without washing. The increase in blood circulation that Incredisocks provide helps with endurance training to energize tired feet or simply working on your feet all day. The moisture wick properties keep feet dry in the dampest conditions.

Men Women
Small/Medium 6.5 - 9 7- 10

If you want the best of the best hiking sock, work sock or a sock at the end of the day you ask yourself if you are even wearing a sock, this is it! Now you only have to take one sock with you traveling or backpacking. This sock is made with 200 thread count, patented 3 dimensional weave with an Italian weaving machine so it fits like an Italian suit; perfectly. Incrediwear patented socks can bring comfort to tired legs and feet within minutes of putting them on, energizing individuals who spend long hours on their feet. Incredisocks can significantly enhance comfort and mobility, outcomes that occur due to increased blood flow, regulation of temperature, and delivery of a greater supply of oxygen to the targeted area. Incredisocks are antimicrobial, odor absorbing and moisture wicking for supreme long wearing comfort, which makes for the perfect travel companion. Backpacking or simply working, repetitive wearing is not an issue, they won't need laundering. Incredisocks are the ideal choice for travelers, sports enthusiasts, or those just seeking the best comfort available in sockwear.

Benefits of Nano Bamboo Technology Incredisocks

  • Increase Blood Circulation which helps to reduce fatigue
  • Wear the Incredisocks for a month or more without washing due to the antimicrobial properties and odor absorbing qualities
  • Odor Reduction bamboo charcoal absorbs sulfides and nitrates which are odor causing chemicals
  • Moisture Wicking - Incredisocks are made with a weaving machine that creates a 3D weave helping with wicking and breathability of the socks
  • Enhanced Cushioning - 200 thread count which make Incredisocks soft and durable
  • Thermal regulating - Increased circulation allows blood to warm the body in cold weather and cool the body in hot weather

Advanced Technology
Incredisocks are crafted from a wonderful new fiber - BAMBOO CHARCOAL - that imparts an incredible level of comfort in addition to providing many healthy features. They are beautifully loomed for extra longevity and attractiveness.

  • NANO BAMBOO CHARCOAL TECHNOLOGY - Bamboo charcoal releases good negative ions into the body which can help promote increased metabolism and circulation. The anions are constantly released as the bamboo charcoal is warmed by the body to 10 degrees celsius. The anions help to keep your feet feeling great all day.
  • 100% ORGANIC BAMBOO CHARCOAL - The bamboo charcoal comes from Moso bamboo trees found high in the mountains of Taiwan. The bamboo is cut from 4 to 5 year old trees, then heated to 400 degrees celsius using a traditional soil kiln. The bamboo charcoal is ground into nano particles, then mixed with natural fibers and spun into a thread. The socks are carefully made of almost 100% renewable resources.
  • WICKS AWAY MOISTURE - A special Italian weave is used to create a dense, 3-dimensional weave. The Incredisocks' weave, in combination with the porous properties of bamboo charcoal, help to wick moisture away from the skin.
  • CONTROLS ODOR AND AHTLETES FEET - The amazing odor eating and anti-microbial properties of bamboo charcoal fibers allow for frequent use before washing, if desired.
  • SUPER SOFT FEEL - This could possibly be the softest sock you will ever wear.
  • GREAT FOR DIABETES - Diabetics can experience nerve damage due to deterioration of the small blood vessels in their extremities, making them susceptible to infections. Bamboo charcoal can increase circulation, has natural antimicrobial properties and can absorb toxins. All of these properties are beneficial for diabetics.
  • INCREDISOCKS ARE SOFTER AFTER EACH WASH - Bamboo charcoal socks are designed to become fluffier and softer after each wash.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you say Incrediwear is therapy, what do you mean?
They mean that these socks and braces do more for your health than traditionally made apparel.

Are Incrediwear products only for people with circulation problems?
No. Incredisocks are for everyone looking to enjoy the most comfortable sock ever.

Will Incredisocks help with my cold feet?
Absolutely. Incredisocks are thermo-regulating and make your feet warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

How do Incredisocks and Incredibraces help to increase circulation?
The natural properties of bamboo release negative anions into your body causing an internal vibration of the cells and resulting in increased blood flow, which means more oxygen to the tissues.

I have sore, tired feet. Will Incredisocks help?
Definitely. With improved circulation, inflammation is reduced and tissue is repaired more rapidly.

Why don't my Incredisocks stink after I wear them?
The fibers used in Incredisocks contain anti-microbial properties that kill odor causing bacteria. In fact, Incredisocks can be worn for extended periods of time without washing.

What makes incredisocks so comfortable?
They use a proprietary 3-dimensional weaving machine and an industry leading thread count to create the extreme comfort experience of Incredisocks.

I am a diabetic, what are the best choices for me?
It depends. They have a specific diabetic line (Rx Incredisocks), but you can also receive similar benefits from their standard Incredisocks line.

Are Incredisocks made with natural materials?
Yes. Incredisocks are made with 90% renewable resources.

A breakthrough in infrared textile technology

What are they?
Anions are negatively charged atoms that when absorbed by the body stimulate molecular vibration and circulation.

How does their product work?
When their unique bamboo charcoal and germanium products are warmed by the body, they release anions.

What does this do for me?
Many things.  Incredibraces and Incredisocks, due to the release of anions, are constant therapy.  That's right, therapy.  Infrared anion technology has been used for years at medical clinics to treat vascular and circulatory conditions and professional athletes have slept in ionized environments since the 70s.  The technology has been used by chiropractors and physical therapists to improve to accelerate recover -- and its all thanks to anions.

How fast does it work?
Results have shown that most people who experience pain and try an Incredibrace feel relief in 20 minutes, and sometimes sooner!  Incredibraces have provided relief to those suffering pain from sprains, meniscus tears, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, cramps, and fatigue.  Sooner!  Incredibrace wearers have experienced pain reduction and a greater range of motion while walking, working, running, biking, dancing, competing in martial arts, lifting weights and even sleeping.  Whether you are a world class athlete or you have trouble walking, you can benefit from Incredibraces.

Do the socks work the same way?
Yes.  The socks are also made from bamboo charcoal and some have a mix of germanium in them.  As the sock is heated by your body it releases the therapeutic anions resulting in increased circulation.  Their thermography studies showed a 6 degree Fahrenheit increase in just 5 minutes after one patient wore an Incredisock.  90% of this increase was due to the increase in blood supply.

Is there anything else I should know about anions?
There are many more benefits to both anions and germanium and more studies are progressing every day.  The improved circulation due to anions results in more Oxygen being supplied to local tissues.  This, combined with the increase in blood flow, allows your body to regulate your temperature much easier, keeping you cool in warm weather, and warm in cool weather, and even warm when the socks get wet!  The natural fibers are antimicrobial and odor absorbing, allowing one to wear a pair of weeks without being washed.  Lastly, the fiber is antistatic due to chemical properties in the nano material.

What does Germanium do?
Germanium also released anions.  It is important to note that their germanium is organic germanium.  Organic Germanium is the subject of Dr. Asai's book 'Miracle Cure - Organic Germanium' -- and for good reason.  Germanium helps supply Oxygen.  Dr. Asai mentions that cells which are deficient in Oxygen, in order to survive, begin glycolysis, and turn anaerobic, meaning to no longer uses Oxygen.  Dr. Otto Warberg, has shown that the growth of cancer cells is due to a cellular oxygen deficiency.  There are many factors which can lead to a reduced amount of Oxygen in the blood including air pollution, food pollution, and the effects of stress.  Dr. Asai states that Germanium fuels mechanism called the dehydrogenating reaction which combined Oxygen with Hydrogen and eliminates harmful substances causing disease in the body. 

About Star Nutrition
Star Nutrition prides itself on providing innovative, all natural nutritional supplements, vitamins and other over the counter health care products. Creating safe and effective alternatives to potentially hazardous prescription medication is Star Nutrition's goal. Star Nutrition’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of our customers through our products. Star Nutrition is committed to your sustained health. Star Nutrition believes that taking care of your body should be your number one priority. Star Nutrition is a way of life, so join Star Nutrition in your journey to better health.

Quality and Safety
What separates Star Nutrition Inc. from other companies is that Star Nutrition is committed to safety and quality. All Star Nutrition products are manufactured with ingredients that are certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). GMP are determined by various aspects of manufacturing including cleanliness, strict employee regulation, quality control, etc. Only the purest, finest quality, all-natural ingredients are used in all of Star Nutrition's products.

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About Incrediwear

Incrediwear was created to improve the lives of our customers through the use of our products. Our goal is to design lifestyle enhancement products that offer significant results for our loyal customers on an ongoing basis. We continually strive to create innovative products of the highest quality, like nothing else in the marketplace. Incrediwear prides itself on providing innovative, all natural nutritional supplements, vitamins and other over the counter health care products. We believe that taking care of your body should be your number one priority. Incrediwear is a way of life, so join the Incredi-movement in your journey to better health!

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By (Canyon Lake , TX )

Got them as a gift and then never gifted them out. They seem pretty thick and might not fit with regular shoes.

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By (Alpharetta , GA )

This is pair #5 I'm buying in the Incredisocks. I like the tall hiking style just for the additional support that reaches about five inches past my ankle bone. I love the fit with contrasting color support band that go around the base of my toes and the 2nd one that circles around my ankle under the foot. I have never in my life worn a pair of socks for more than one day without washing them. I'm home bound but I can wear these socks all day lay them on my bed at night and put them on the next day, they smell and feel fresh the next morning. I keep these special socks in their own drawer so they don't get mixed in with all my saggy socks. I wash them in cold water with my cottons and toss them in a medium heat dryer, they fit better with each wash. I feel lucky when I find my size in this wonderful sock small/medium, my women's shoe size is 7.5 to 8 medium.

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