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Earth Circle Organics - 100% Raw Balinese Cacao Nibs - 8 oz.
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    Plant-based foods never heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    USDA certified organic foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines.

Earth Circle Organics - 100% Raw Balinese Cacao Nibs - 8 oz.

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Earth Circle Organics - 100% Raw Balinese Cacao Nibs - 8 oz.

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  • Brand:Earth Circle Organics
  • Size/Form:8  oz.
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  • Servings:8
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Earth Circle Organics 100% Raw Balinese Cacao Nibs - 8 oz.

Earth Circle Organics 100% Raw Balinese Cacao Nibs are a great addition to smoothies, shakes, ice cream, pie toppings, puddings, trail mixes, or in your own home made chocolate.  Feel the joy of raw cacao...Pure chocolate.  Earth Circle Organics is raw and wholesome food for vibrant living.  USDA Organic.  Kosher.

Nibs are shattered kernels of cacao. Nibs can either be produced by running through a winnower (a machine that shatters the dry kernel and blows away the papery skin) or by hand-peeling. In our experience, one laborer can hand-peel about 4lbs of cacao beans/day -- A winnower can produce hundreds of pounds/hour if the product is roasted. And if the product is raw and simply sun-dried the machinery (depending on its size) can operate inefficiently to produce approximately 50 pounds/hour of shattered beans which must be hand-sorted to remove bits of skin that haven’t removed from the kerne. But regardless of the inefficiency, hand-peeling would at least quadruple the cost of the raw goods at the first stage of processing.

Why are Cacao beans with skin more bitter than Cacao beans without skin or Cacao nibs?      
Beans with skin and bitterness are not related. Unfermented beans tend to still have their skins and contain a high content of polyphenals as they have not undergone batch fermentation. Fermented beans by way of comparison tend to be less bitter as they have gone through the process of fermentation which reduces overall polyphenal activity and develops the flavor precursors of chocolate in the bean.

Still none of these are rules as beans themselves differ incredibly in terms of bitterness regardless of fermentation -- some are bitter, some are fruity, some are bland etc.

This answer was provided by Big Tree Farms.

The Full Story Of Big Tree Farms Cacao

Sustainably-Sourced Authentically Raw Cacao
Big Tree Farms is a socially equitable manager of sustainable supply chains with a focus on non-perishable smallholder farm produce including fine flavor cacao, organic raw cashews, organic and wildcrafted spices, organic evaporated palm nectars and sea salts. Big Tree Farms develops sustainable supply chains using key partnerships with both International Development programs (USAID, AMARTA, SwissContact, VECO, HIVOS) and local non-profits. Product offerings from Big Tree Farms are 100% vertically integrated from farm-gate to end user and the family-like relationships that bind Big Tree Farms to our producers create a guarantee of quality, consistency and artisan tradition that is the hallmark of our company vision.

Balinese Cacao Beans
Bali Cacao is one of the last remaining under-commercialized, under-manipulated origins of cacao on earth. Historically, cacao found its way onto the verdant slopes of Bali via the Isle of Java. Java was the site of very first planting of cacao outside of its native origin in southern Mexico and over the centuries cacao fruits, seeds and trees were traded or carried into Bali. In Bali, cacao found both the perfect ecosystem; diverse, shady, damp and cool, as well as the perfect guardian; the Balinese practice natural food forest agriculture and the cacao was allowed to thrive wild and free without breeding for production capacity or other traits. Typical cacao in Bali grows under a canopy of coconuts, mango, mangosteens and durian and grows alongside coffee, bananas and papaya with vines of vanilla climbing up the trunk. A truly beautiful natural system and a truly unique and powerful wild mix of cacao genetics.

Big Tree Farms Sustainable Procurement Balinese Cacao Beans
Big Tree Farms, in partnership with USAID’s AMARTA program has created the worlds first 100% vertically-integrated small farmer cacao supply chain. No other company on the market can guarantee the same level of social, ecological or processing quality and transparency from smallholder farm-gate to shelf. For 3 years, Big Tree Farms has been directly training over 2,000 small farmers in over 80 village farmer groups with the on-farm skills they need to grow and prosper with organic cacao.

The Community Central Processing Facility
In October 2007, Big Tree Farms opened the first central cacao processing facility in Indonesia. Unlike other commercial models of central fermentation and processing, Big Tree Farms facility operates as a community resource. No profits are generated from the collection and central processing of wet cacao beans; rather the purpose of the facility is to allow for a consistently high quality product. Whether we are cold-processing organic beans for Raw Cacao Butter, or fermenting beans by the ton load, Big Tree Farms is able to guarantee the traceability and transparency of all our cacao products.

Authentically Raw Cacao
Beginning in July of 2008, Big Tree Farms launched Authentically Raw Wild Bali Cacao with David Wolfe’s Sunfood Nutrition. Big Tree Farms spent over 18 months developing the perfect methods of cold-processing cacao beans so as to ensure BOTH a raw guarantee as well as a safe system of processing. What most people in the Raw community don’t know -- CAN hurt them; cacao is processed and traded in the world as a commodity and this is not always a pretty process. Over 95% of the world’s cacao is air-dried on the ground in rural areas where people, dogs, pigs, chickens and all manner of animals and insects can directly and dangerously contaminate raw product. Frederick Schilling, founder of Dagoba Organic Chocolate cautions against eating Raw Cacao Beans and Nibs unless these items are processed directly from the fruit with the intention of raw consumption. And that is exactly how Big Tree Farms operates its Raw Cacao Program. Cacao Pods are harvested from the trees and allowed to naturally ripen further in the pod for a period of days. Once ready, the pods are cracked and the sweet, white pulp is washed from the bean. Dried slowly in our own dehydration machines, the resulting beans are living, clean and ready for further processing into nibs, butter, powder or raw chocolate. Never heated above 40º Celcius and never processed outside our own walls, Big Tree Farms Raw Cacao is safe, traceable and pure natural supernutrition.

Authentically Raw Cacao Butter
Big Tree Farms Raw Cacao Butter is the pure golden oil of Theobroma Cacao. A truly sensual oil with a smooth texture and a subtle chocolatey, floral aroma. Unlike other "raw" butters on the market that come from large processors using harsh, high-friction screw grinders, we produce our butter with small 5 kilogram per batch manual presses of our own design. Hand-ground cacao bean paste is warmed in our dehydrator at 38º Celsius for 2 hours before being pressed to expel the oils. Never touched by damaging heat, never contaminated by clarifying chemicals or solvents and never force filtered, Big Tree Farms Authentically Raw Cacao Butter retains high levels of nutrients and antioxidants and is an incredible source of Vitamin E.

Authentically Raw Cacao Powder
Big Tree Farms Raw Cacao Powder is one of nature’s single best sources of magnesium and contains more antioxidants per gram than red wine, green tea, acai or pomegranates. Our Cacao Powder is formed after expelling the butter from our hand-ground cacao bean paste. The remaining "cake" that is left over once the butter is removed is a precious and concentrated superfood retaining about 25% of its original fat content. The "cake" is cold-milled to a powder and then is either sieved fine for use as a drinking chocolate, or graded and packed as a coarser chocolate powder more suitable for breads, pies, cookies and cakes.

RAW - DEFINED - As we use and support the term,
under the Earth Circle Organics & Earth Circle Foods brands

They Define a Raw Food (which we can call 100% Raw or Truly Raw) As:

  1. A low temperature processed food, where the food itself has never been heated beyond 118F
  2. A food that has never been frozen
  3. A food which has been minimally processed, as little processing as necessary to get the food into a deliverable state
  4. Non-GMO, non-irradiated, no additives.

They Define a Raw Product As:

  1. A combination of Raw Foods (which can be called 100% Raw or Truly Raw)
  2. Raw Foods with seasonings such as salt
  3. Raw Foods with a minor amount of sweetners or spices that are not raw, but for which no raw version is available.

Quality Organic Foods and Exceptional Customer Service Are Our Top Priorities!
They specialize in providing personal and professional service to suit each customer’s needs, such as providing private label services on all of their products. Their unique selection of raw foods, super foods and organic foods must meet demanding criteria before they go to market.
Their commitment to excellence and high quality standards makes our wholesale raw and organic foods an excellent choice for chocolate makers or chocolatiers, restaurants, natural food stores, community co-ops, caterers, skin care manufacturers, bakeries, culinary programs and any other business dedicated to the use and sale of organic, super, raw and kosher foods.
That’s why when you buy from them, you are buying the best!

Buy Organic Foods from a Company Dedicated to Eco-Consciousness
In today’s world we have the opportunity to import super nutritious organic foods from all over the world. We investigate the growing and processing operations of all of our organic food suppliers and we only support sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture. All of our suppliers provide Certification of Organic Production and Handling along with Certificates of Analysis for all of their products. We test all products in approved U.S. labs. Products purchased from China are tested in both China and U.S. labs.

They are also vigorously exploring our options for biodegradable packaging with an adequate vapor barrier to protect our fine foods. Our final goal is to integrate sustainable systems such as solar power, water pumping and more into our production facility. This green conversion is inspired by our leader who currently resides in a home built off the grid. Eco-consciousness is not just how we work, it’s how we live!

A Short History
Earth Circle Organics started as a supplier of raw super foods products to the clients of our parent corporation River Canyon Retreat, Inc. In 2006 we adopted the name Earth Family Food and eventual evolved into a company with two outstanding brands - Earth Circle Organics and Earth Circle Foods. In 2010 we changed our name to our most recognized brand, Earth Circle Organics, which is a DBA of River Canyon Retreat, Inc.

How can Seaweed be Organic?      
Aquaculture can be certified Organic by following the rules and regulations of the U.S. National Organic Plan (NOP) of the USDA.

The rules require testing of the wild areas for banned contaminants before harvest and the products themselves after harvest. The regulations also require all processing be done according to the NOP standards and in USDA Organic certified facilities.

There are no specific requirements or guidance on seaweeds in the FDA standards. Each certifying agency has drawn up specifications that must be meet to receive their certification. For example their Nori is certified by EcoCert, one of the largest and respected agencies. A link to their list of certifications standards is www.ecocert.in/standards.php

Where are your Nori Sheets harvested?      
Our Nori is harvested in the Sea of Japan. The area is to the north of Japan and is not affected by the recent nuclear accident.
Why don't you show your products as 100% Organic?
Canadian regulations do not allow the use of the term 100% Organic. To simplify our labeling and catalog we have adopted the policy of not using the term 100% Organic.

Although allowed by regulations to call anything that is 95% or greater Organic as Organic we have adopted the policy that if any listed ingredient (other than water or salt) is not certified Organic we do not call the product Organic. Our definition of Organic is tighter than the USDA NOP definition and we avoid some of the permitted hyperbole.

As there is no Third Party, Federal, or International definition of Raw we use the definition that is most commonly used:

They Define a Raw Food (which we can call 100% Raw or Truly Raw) As:

  1. A low temperature processed food, where the food itself has never been heated beyond 118F
  2. A food that has never been frozen
  3. A food which has been minimally processed, as little processing as necessary to get the food into a deliverable state
  4. Non-GMO, non-irradiated, no additives.

What state of the Cacao bean holds the most nutritional value?
Cacao beans are an incredibly nutritious seed packed with nutrients, aminos and polyphenals. Assuming the cacao you are eating has been processed to ensure low microbial levels and has been tested for heavy metals (especially Equadorian and Peruvian cacao), this bean is one of the most powerful energy and antioxidant sources on the planet. However, within the realm of cacao and its many states, Raw Cacao Powder is definitely the way to go, because all cacao nutrients exist in the powder, not the butter. Some companies in the Raw Food community state that Cacao Paste is the highest nutrient source and that use of raw cacao powder and butter should be limited. Strange comment given the fact that powder and butter are in fact just a cacao paste which has been separated between solids (and all nutrients) and fats. The reality to these statements is that these Raw food companies are simply trying to create a reason WHY they should move away from selling these raw powders and raw butters BEFORE they get caught red-handed for selling fraudulent product over the past few years. Sad but true.

This answer was provided by Big Tree Farms.

I noticed your COA coconut oil is yellow rather than clear/white and smells strongly of coconut, is that okay?
Their COA coconut oil is from Kenya and is produced to support local agriculture. Coconuts are different all over the world and the ones from Kenya produce oil in the light yellowish range. The oil is processed in the traditional manner by filtering and allowing the oil to settle over a period of weeks. The oil from the Philippines is more known in our market. It is usually clearer and has been processed with a centrifuge to obtain maximum clarity. The centrifuge does not change the basic coconut oil, but does remove the last remaining solids of the husk and meat.

As to the smell -- the smell of coconut can be completely removed, our COH is an odorless coconut oil, by extracting everything but the actual oil. However this requires extensive processing and removes some of the essence of coconut itself. A typical coconut oil that is clear in color will have a slight to noticeable aroma of coconut. Our Kenya oil has a noticeable aroma and taste of coconut and is preferred by many as it gives dressings made with the oil or foods cooked in coconut oil a flavor that is otherwise unobtainable.

Use in smoothies, shakes, ice cream, pie toppings, puddings, trail mixes or in your home made chocolate.

Earth Circle Organics - 100% Raw Balinese Cacao Nibs - 8 oz.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 oz (28g)
Servings Per Container: 8
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 156
Calories from Fat 108
Total Fat 12g 18%
Saturated Fat 7g 35%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 5mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 8g 3%
Dietary Fiber 6g 24%
Sugars 3g
Protein 4g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 6%
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Organic Crushed Cacao Beans

Prop 65 Warning
This product may contain one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

355 Crown Point Circle Suite D
Grass Valley, CA,
Phone: 1-877-922-FOOD Fax: 530-273-3223 Email: Click here Visit website

About Earth Circle Organics

Earth Circle Organics was founded in 2006 in Northern California. Their humble beginnings started with a bucket of organic olives, a few jars of raw nut butters, and a circle of friends. Over time they began gathering and sharing more raw and organic superfoods, branching out to include cacao, goji berries, maca powder, and coconut palm sweeteners. Earth Circle Organics developed lasting relationships with growers around the world and excited consumers in their surrounding community. Starting with their local co-op, they began distributing exceptional products to start-ups, processors, restaurants, and retail outlets. Earth Circle Organics has continued to grow and develop, always with a constant focus on excellent customer service and exceptional product quality. They are proud to be a leader in the organic and raw food movement as they continue to source and supply superfood products from around the world.

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great quality and value. i put them in my smoothies to add some crunch.

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I love these cacao nibs. Perfect to mix in a shake, or just as a snack. Good value.

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By (Millstadt , IL )

Delicious. A delicious whole food substitue for chocolate chips. A tasty treat in baked goods. No sugar-yay!

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