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Green Vibrance Version 18.0 Plant-Based Superfood Original - 11.64 oz.Vibrant Health

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Vibrant Health - Green Vibrance Version 18.0 Plant-Based Superfood Original - 11.64 oz.
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Vibrant Health
11.64 oz.
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Vibrant Health - Green Vibrance Version 18.0 Plant-Based Superfood Original - 11.64 oz.

Superfoods for Super Health!
Allergies and drastic weather changes can wreak havoc on your immune system, which is directly connected to your overall health. Give yourself a year-round immune boost with Green Vibrance Version 18, which is packed with micronutrients from superfoods to support your four key foundations of health: nutrition, digestion, circulation, and immunity, with additional benefits to your pH levels, energy, and stress relief. This Vibrant Health formula provides 25 billion colony-forming units (CFU’s) from 12 strains of probiotics, plus 9 other healthful food blends. It has been shown to help improve and strengthen your digestion and immune health and improve your circulations to help deliver trace nutrients to each cell of your body – all provided through nutrient-dense, concentrated whole foods!

    Vibrant Ingredients
    Vibrant Health defines “vibrance” as the combined vitality of every cell in your body, and its Green Vibrance formula is a comprehensive green superfood drink powder that focuses on your whole-body wellness. It includes 10 proprietary blends containing dozens of superfoods to help you protect your overall health. These blends include cereal grasses, plant-based micro nutrition, additional preservers, immune support, adaptogens, skeletal support, fiber, liver support, enzymes and tonics, and 12 strains of Bifodobacterium and Lactobacillus probiotics. These blends are loaded with ingredients that support your health, including probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, oat grass, goji berries, astragalus, holy basil, flaxseed powder, and so much more!

    Peak Efficiency
    Green Vibrance provides trace nutrients that can help each of your cells function at peak efficiency. When you push each cell toward peak efficiency through diet and supplementation, the result may be increased energy and endurance, greater clarity of thought, more robust immunity, and a shift in all of your bodily functions toward optimal health.

    Four-Pronged Booster
    Taken daily, Vibrant Health Green Vibrance drink mix helps improve four basic and essential biological requirements and functions for ideal health. It boosts: your basic nutrition by supplying an abundance of healthful vitamins, minerals, and bioactive food substances; your digestion of food and absorption of nutrients; your circulation, by enhancing nutrient delivery to all of the cells of your body, even those at the periphery of your capillaries’ reach; and your immunity, as sustained by energy production and body systems that fun smoothly and cleanly.

    Probiotics Power
    At its very base, Green Vibrance delivers 25 billion friendly probiotics from 12 strains in every serving to bolster the one system – your gastrointestinal tract – that must function well above all others if you are to achieve optimal health. These strains help ensure that you can digest food and transport nutrients from your gastrointestinal tract to your whole body to sustain whole-body health. The probiotics in Green Vibrance promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract by supporting colonies of robust intestinal flora that help break down proteins for easy assimilation, help transport minerals and B vitamins across your intestinal mucosa, synthesize several B vitamins, help you maintain healthy cholesterol, and create an unfriendly (acidic) environment for unfriendly bacteria and yeast. Order Vibrant Health Green Vibrance from today!

    This plant-based superfood contains 25 billion probiotics per dose from 12 strains. Consisting of organic greens and freeze dried grass juices.  this is a restorative, concentrated superfood with Vitamind D3.  It is formulated to support the 4 foundations of health: nutrition, digestion, circulation and immunity and it offers additional benefit to all body systems. Human vitality can be described as the combined vitality – what we call “Vibrance” --  of each cell in the body. Green Vibrance provides trace nutrition that should help each cell to function at peak efficiency. When we push each cell toward peak efficiency through diet and supplementation, the result may be increased energy and endurance, greater clarity of thought, more robust immunity, and a general shift in all bodily functions toward the ideal.

    Green Vibrance Benefits:

    • Supports Nutrition, Digestion, Circulation & Immunity
    • Also Benefits pH, Energy & Stress Relief
    • Gluten-Free
    • Non-GMO
    • Clinically Formulated

    Green Vibrance achieves these goals by addressing some very basic and essential biological requirements.

    • A healthy gastrointestinal tract must function efficiently.
    • The body must take in sufficient quantities of a complete group of healthful nutrients.
    • Those nutrients must be delivered to all cells of the body, even those at the periphery of the capillaries' reach.

    Under these influences, optimal health can be achieved, manifested by a strong immune system, sustained energy production, and systems that run smoothly and cleanly.

    A nutritional formula should have a well-defined purpose in order to deliver true value to the consumer, and delivering true value is the goal of Vibrant Health. A formula’s components should be present at potencies that will achieve the stated goal. Green Vibrance is designed as a concentrated, nutrient-dense food from vegetable sources that is meant to:

    • Support a healthy digestive tract, thereby improving nutrient absorption;
    • Deliver a host of trace nutrients that may be lacking in modern diets;
    • Improve circulation and cardiovascular health in order to deliver those nutrients to every cell of the body
    • Support a vigorous and efficient immune system;
    • Support directly or indirectly the other body systems (i.e. musculoskeletal, neurological, integumentary (skin), respiratory, urinary, endocrine, cardiovascular/circulatory, digestive, reproductive and immune)
    • Nutrient Density
    • Nutrient density refers to the ratio of micro- nutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, etc.) to macro-nutients (i.e. protein, fat and carbohydrate). Relative to the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrate in the foods we eat today, our ancestors commonly received far greater amounts of micro- nutrients. Human biochemistry adapted to that ancient food supply with its greater nutrient density. It is that same, ancient biochemistry that attempts to run us today.

    But today something is missing. Indeed, statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture verify a precipitous drop in nutrient density within our common food supply in just the last forty years. The loss of trace nutrients is so great as to remove any argument that dietary supplementation may be optional. We firmly believe supplementation is mandatory in order to achieve optimal health.

    Green food supplements, if properly formulated, can provide astounding nutrient density. They can, in effect, return our dietary intake of micro- nutrients to something more closely approximating the richness of our ancestral, Paleolithic diet.

    Nutrients in their natural state are highly bioavailable. Green Vibrance delivers a multitude of nutrients that can be used by each cell to support efficient cellular metabolism, and maintain health.

    The Benefits

    There are a lot of ingredients in Green Vibrance: 71 in all. They were put together with care, in order to maximize the synergism among nutrients. The result delivers healthful nutritional support to the 11 body systems. Enjoy:

    • More complete nutrition; a host of rare, scarce nutrients.
    • Support for digestion and gastrointestinal function
    • Support for healthy circulation
    • More energy
    • Support for clearance of waste products of metabolism, detoxification
    • Support for neurological health
    • Support for cardiovascular function
    • Support for normal blood sugar and cholesterol
    • Support for immunity
    • Resistance to oxidative changes associated with aging
    • And some consumers swear they look younger

    Who can use Green Vibrance?
    In a word: EVERYONE!

    • Anyone pursuing optimal health
    • Menopausal and post-menopausal women
    • Athletes
    • Business Professionals
    • Children
    • Adults and Seniors

    Concentrated Nutrition

    The ingredients in Green Vibrance were selected to support essential bodily functions without which life cannot be sustained. Cereal grass powders and juices (i.e. Certified organic alfalfa, barley, oat, wheat, and Kamut) deliver virtually all known nutrients and several uncharacterized co-nutrients of great value. For example, cereal grasses contain a hidden "growth factor" that causes young animals to more rapidly develop, growing larger, stronger, and healthier with robust immune systems. Those same cereal grasses allow mature animals (and undoubtedly humans) to repair bodily tissues more quickly. Organic alfalfa sprouts, organic broccoli sprouts, organic spirulina, soft-cell chlorella, stabilized rice bran, organic beet juice, organic parsley, organic spinach, organic carrot, green bean, zucchini, Hydrilla verticillata and three sea vegetables enrich the nutrient density and diversity of the primary food ingredients in Green Vibrance.

    Probiotics & Enzymes

    Our industry leading, dose of 25 billion friendly probiotics from 12 strains in each serving of Green Vibrance bolsters the one system that must function well first and foremost above all others if health is to be improved or optimized. One must be able to digest food and transport nutrients into the body from the gastrointestinal tract before health can be sustained. The 12 strains of probiotics in Green Vibrance help assure a healthy G.I. tract by building and maintaining colonies of robust intestinal flora throughout the intestinal tract. The strains in Green Vibrance help break down proteins for easy assimilation, help transport minerals and B-vitamins across the intestinal mucosa, synthesize several B-vitamins, help maintain healthy cholesterol, and create an unfriendly (acidic) environment for unfriendly bacteria and yeast (Candida). Natural antibiotic substances made by some of the probiotics can reduce the number of unhealthful microbes in the gut. Their action is supported by both fructo-oligosaccharides and FiberAid arabinogalactans. Each of these prebiotics plays a role in reducing the number of "bad" bacteria and their colonies by feeding and boosting the number of beneficial bacteria.

    Most strains used in Green Vibrance are derived from the human gastrointestinal tract, and then cultivated in a contaminant free production laboratory. One is from a plant source (L. plantarum), and four others were isolated from cow’s milk and cheese (L. helveticus, L. lactis, S. thermophilus, & P. shermanii). The "human" strains originally came from the soil and water in the ancient environment, inoculating the human digestive tract and entering into a symbiotic relationship with us many millennia ago. Indeed, each person on Earth harbors different ratios of probiotic bacteria - and quite often a few different strains - in his or her intestines. The differences reflect the parental lineage and home environment of each of us. We all "picked up" various strains at various times from mother's milk, and from dirty hands or toys we may have put in our mouths during outside play. Even an apple picked up off the ground, lightly buffed on a shirt, and then eaten can deliver a specific strain or two of probiotic (and possibly pathogenic) bacteria to the gut.


    Every food contains the three macro-nutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrate. Green Vibrance is no exception. Whole foods contain enzymes in their natural state that can help their breakdown and release of nutrients when eaten. We can expect to find some of these enzymes in Green Vibrance. Yet even though it is made up of gently processed, certified organic and natural foods, we recognize that some of the natural enzyme content has been lost simply by changing fresh, whole foods into powders. We have, therefore, added a sufficient quantity of plant and fungal enzymes to match the amount of macronutrients in Green Vibrance as a corrective measure to support efficient delivery of those nutrients Green Vibrance.

    Supporting Cast

    Chlorophyll from the green foods in Green Vibrance further supports the action of the probiotics. Apple fiber from our certified organic whole apple powder plus lecithin help support elimination of heavy metals, cholesterol and toxins from the intestinal tract before they can be absorbed. To a lesser degree, they can perform similar tasks in the circulating blood itself.


    Cell membranes are made up primarily of of a double layer of phospholipids (i.e. phosphorus containing fats.) Lecithin is 97 to 98% phospholipids, the remaining percentages being water and mineral ash. Lecithin, therefore, supplies major structural components to every cell membrane in the human body. You can't keep your cells together or functioning without them.

    The functions of lecithin are basic, foundational functions critical to human survival. For that reason, Green Vibrance contains lecithin. It is difficult to build a house of good health on a flawed foundation where nerves misfire, circulation is inadequate, and cell membranes are stiff and crippled in their ability to function because lecithin is undersupplied.

    Oxidation, Incineration, Quenching

    Human metabolism is built on oxidation, which both keeps us alive and slowly pushes us toward the grave. The quiet damage to cells caused by necessary cellular oxidation is recognized as the degenerative changes of aging. Oxidative damage to cells defines aging. Oxidative damage is involved, too, in the progression of every known degenerative disease such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes and others. Certainly one's personal genetic code and lifestyle also contribute.

    Aging and degenerative disease are ubiquitous -- we all will encounter them in time. Nutritive antioxidants may diminish the severity and slow the speed of aging and degeneration. Each serving of Green Vibrance delivers a powerful 340 mg of herbal antioxidants in addition to the beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and other antioxidants naturally present from the other plant components of the formula. These antioxidants, plus lecithin, soluble fibers, policosanol and other ingredients help support cardiovascular health. A strong heart and clear arteries are essential to delivering nutrients to and removing waste from every cell in the body. In fact, Ginkgo biloba extract, grape seed extract, green tea extract pomegranate extract, and Silymarin (milk thistle) extract are all known to improve peripheral circulation.


    The immune support delivered by Green Vibrance is found in its content of the beta-glucans, ImmunEnhancer arabinogalactans, Astragalus extract, and royal jelly. But let us not loose sight of the immune enhancing effect of a healthy digestive tract. 50% of your own immune cells are found there. Well nourished, vibrant cells, amply protected by the army of antioxidants in Green Vibrance, are themselves resistant to disease.

    Bone Health

    Green Vibrance has always supported good skeletal health, undoubtedly due to its alkalinizing nature, and bioavailable boron and calcium from Hydrilla (and other ingredients. ) Beginning with version 9.0, Green Vibrance added another key nutrient for bone health: Vitamin D3. The vitamin D in Green Vibrance is s specially made material combining D3 with organic sunflower oil and organic alfalfa grass only. There are no starches or sugar or artificial ingredients used in its composition.

    The total Green Vibrance formula was designed and balanced to help establish and sustain good health.

    Therefore, Green Vibrance:

    1. Helps improve a sub-par digestive tract or strengthens and maintains one that is already operating efficiently. Ingredients that deliver this benefit are:

    • 25 billion probiotic bacteria (inhibit “bad” bacteria and yeast; aids digestion and nutrient absorption)
    • Chlorophyll from cereal grass juices and algae (sterilizes & heals intestinal lesions)
    • Stabilized brown rice bran (nutrient dense high fiber food; provides both bulk and healthful nutrients)
    • Certified organic whole apple powder, providing free radical scavenging, trace nutrients and apple pectin (supports detoxification)
    • Fructo-oligosaccharides (feeds probiotics)
    • Certified organic de-oiled Flax seed concentrate (provides mucilage that removes waste and stimulates cell growth of intestinal lining)
    • Larch arabinogalactans (an effective prebiotic; increases total beneficial gut microflora while shrinking populations of harmful bacteria)

    2. Provides a host of trace nutrients from nutrient-dense, organically grown, concentrated whole foods. They are:

    • Certified organic Alfalfa Grass juice powder
    • Certified organic Barley grass juice powder
    • Certified organic Oat grass juice powder
    • Certified organic Kamut grass juice powder
    • Certified organic Wheat grass juice powder
    • Wild crafted Hydrilla verticillata powder
    • Certified organic Spirulina powder
    • Chlorella (soft cell, pharmaceutical gradel) (Japan)
    • Stabilized Brown Rice bran
    • Certified organic Beet juice powder
    • Certified organic, de-oiled Flax seed concentrate
    • Certified organic Acerola berry juice powder (25% natural vitamin C)
    • Certified organic Parsley
    • Certified organic Carrot root powder
    • Certified organic Spinach
    • Certified organic Alfalfa sprout powder
    • Certified organic Broccoli sprout powder
    • Freeze dried Green Bean powder
    • Freeze dried Zucchini powder
    • Certified organic Kelp (sea vegetable)
    • Certified organic Rockweed (sea vegetable)
    • Certified organic Laver (sea vegetable)
    • Certified organic Alaria (sea vegetable)

    3. Improves circulation to assure that the benefits of improved digestion and all trace nutrients are actually delivered to each cell of the body. Ingredients that aid circulation are:

    • Lecithin powder
    • Vitamin E
    • Silymarin standardized extract
    • Ginkgo biloba standardized extract
    • Green tea catechins standardized extract
    • Grape seed standardized OPC extract
    • Pomegranate extract (40% ellagic acid)

    4. Supports efficient immunity both as a result of 1.), 2.) & 3.) above (because healthier cells generate more energy and cells of the immune system are more vigorous, and as a result of specific ingredients known to support active immune cells. They are:

    • Elutherecoccus senticossus standardized extract
    • Suma powder
    • Astragalus membranaceus standardized extract
    • Schizandra berry extract, 2% schizandrin
    • Vitamin E
    • FiberAid arabinogalactan
    • ResistAid arabinogalactan
    • Beta-1,3-1,6 glucans

    5.  Delivers a host of potent anti-aging antioxidants (534 mg.) They are:

    • Vitamin E (143 mg./100 i.u.)
    • Silymarin standardized extract (60 mg.)
    • Ginkgo biloba standardized extract (20 mg.)
    • Green tea catechins standardized extract (20 mg.)
    • Grape seed standardized OPC extract (20 mg.)
    • Pomegranate extract (40% ellagic acid)
    • Schizandra berry extract, 2% schizandrin
    • Acerola berry juice powder (200 mg.)
      + All the carotenoids from cereal grass juice powders, algae, and Hydrilla
    • Plus uncounted milligrams of polyphenols from green food components and tocotrienols from stabilized rice bran.

    6.  Help assure skeletal health. They are:

    • Hydrilla verticillata
    • Phyto-Boron
    • Vitamin D3 in alfalfa base
    • Other mineral rich concentrated foods in Green Vibrance.

    About Vibrant Health

    Vibrant Health is a brand of products to assist the healing of illness and the establishment of optimum health. Both natural pharmaceuticals (nutraceuticals) and products for general health improvement can be found within the line.

    Nutritional science and biochemistry have taken us far beyond the simpler concept of nutritional supplementation by vitamins and minerals alone. Product development at Vibrant Health is based on scientific discoveries that lead us to combine recognized nutrients with more recently identified natural therapeutic factors from plants, animals, earth and laboratory into truly effective dietary supplements and concentrated foods.

    Vibrant Health Motivation

    Vibrant Health was founded in order to provide trustworthy, high-quality nutritional supplements that deliver the benefits claimed. We anticipate that if our quality products work, then our consumers will appreciate our efforts, and we will survive to develop additional, helpful products. After all, our purpose is to do our best to deliver robust health to the consumer or patient.

    The Science of Vibrant Health

    Vibrant Health is a brand for those seeking vibrant health. Our promise is to design and market the most nutritionally valuable food supplements we can for the benefit of all men, women, and children. Delivering on that promise is a serious endeavor, and we work diligently toward that end for you.

    Vibrant Health's products provide supplemental nutrition that can support human biochemistry. Since the human body appears to carry a certain infinite wisdom, the establishment of optimum health often follows appropriate dietary improvements. The steady decline in trace nutrient value of our fresh foods — as evidenced in the U.S. Deaprtment of Agriculture's analyses of our food supply — has, in the opinion of Vibrant Health, established a mandate for supplemental nutrition. We believe supplemental nutrition is no longer an option, it is a necessity if one hopes to achieve robust and vibrant health.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is a "green food"?
    A: A green food, in our estimation, is more than just anything that is green. Yes, it is important that the food be a green plant, but the concept of a “green food” in the dietary supplement industry carries with it the understanding that it is not only green, but also nutrient dense. At the top of the list of such foods are parsley, and the cereal grasses. Each of these foods is decidedly NOT succulent, meaning they are not pumped up with water or sugars or starches or fats. You can think of them as the power packed, lean athletes of the plant kingdom. Relative to the amount of calories present in the plants, there is a much greater biomass of trace nutrients than in any other food we know of at this time. If you dry such green foods, and then powder them, opening cells to full digestion, or take away the small amount of cellulose through juicing in order to release the nutrients, the beneficial impact on biochemistry can be significant.

    Q: What is a "super food"?
    A: The term “super food” has become muddied recently with the introduction of individual exotic plants such as Amla and Goji berries, for example, many of which are touted as super foods by themselves. The claim is based on their content of unique polyphenols or broad range of nutrients (as in the case of Amla) that give them better nutrient density than foods commonly eaten. However, as marketing has its way, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, broccoli, onions and cauliflower, among others, are now having the term “super food” attached to them, some more deservedly than others.

    Given that Vibrant Health introduced the first “super food,” Green Vibrance, to the retail market in 1992, we probably have – or at least had – the authority to define the term. Our interpretation is that a super food aggressively presents the human body with a broad range of nutrients at meaningful potencies but along with the fewest number of calories possible. In other words, a super food MUST be extremely nutrient dense. But in order to make good on its promise of being “super,” those nutrients must make it into the body, and be utilized. Therefore, a comprehensive super food must also do all it can to rehabilitate or enhance digestive capabilities in the consumer, and improve circulation so that those nutrients can ultimately be delivered to every cell of the body. In addition, our modern, more hygienic environment, infused as it is with man-made toxic elements (e.g. dioxins, PCBs, lead, cadmium, pesticides, etc.), requires both improvement to our immune systems, and support for liver function. If immunity is strong, and the liver is efficiently removing waste substances and toxins, one’s health can be advanced to a “super” level. These are, indeed, the core functions of Green Vibrance.

    Q: What are the benefits for athletes in adding green foods to their regimen?
    A: Endurance, strength and faster recovery. As each cell is provided the trace nutrients it needs to function at optimal efficiency (a primary goal of Green Vibrance for instance), cells will have no trouble producing energy on demand, thereby boosting both strength and endurance. It follows that cellular wastes, generated during a workout, will be more efficiently expelled from the cell, and that tissue repair will be more speedily accomplished.

    Q: How do you recommend athletes add green foods to their diet effectively?
    A: Simply mixing them into water or a smoothie or a favorite juice is sufficient. In the case of Green Vibrance, more probiotics will survive the digestive process if the product is taken 30 to 45 minutes AFTER a meal. At that stage of digestion, food from the preceding meal has diluted stomach acid, raising pH to a level that will not degrade the probiotics in Green Vibrance.

    Q: Does Green Vibrance contain any phytates or lectins? These are found in grains and I cannot consume them.
    A: Whole grains can indeed be looked upon as the primary source for phytates. Lectins are more abundant in beans. Phytates are famous for inhibiting absorption of minerals, while lectins interfere with protein digestion, and slow the breakdown of carbohydrate. Both come from the mature seed of the plant.

    Green Vibrance DOES NOT contain any component derived from any mature grain or bean other than 200 mg of de- oiled flaxseed and pure, anti-nutrient free phospholipids (lecithin) from soybeans. No ingredient within Green Vibrance is known to be a source of either phytates or lectins. Cereal grasses from wheat, oat or barley are just that: grasses. They are the immature plant that sprouts from the ground looking very much like a ramrod straight, unmowed the lawn before harvest. These immature plants are extremely nutrient dense just prior to the jointing phase, and are still many, many weeks away from developing their seed heads. Therefore, since Green Vibrance contains cereal grass juice powders and neither any grains from a mature plant’s seed head nor any bean extracts or powders or substances of any kind, Green Vibrance is not known to contain any phytates or lectins.

    One primary goal of Green Vibrance is to deliver concentrated nutrition and improve the consumer's digestive capabilities. The formula was specifically designed so that it would not contain either phytates or lectins, substances that interfere with digestion and nutrient absorption. On the contrary, it contains a host of (rather costly) ingredients whose roles are to enhance digestive capabilities, making nutrient absorption more rapid and efficient.

    Vibrant Health People
    Mark Timon, Founder, Formulator, MS Clinical Nutrition

    Mark Timon is the founder of and formulator for Vibrant Health, a sophisticated line of nutritional supplements based in the northwest corner of Connecticut. He entered the nutrition industry February 5, 1971, and designed over 450 nutritional supplements for other companies before founding Vibrant Health in 1987.

    His formulations are noteworthy for their completeness and synergistic balance. They are based on rigorous research and study, in combination with his experience in Clinical Nutrition.

    Mr. Timon holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, and a Masters degree in Biology, Emphasis in Clinical Nutrition, from the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport. Connecticut.

    Ted Parker, President

    Ted Parker joined Vibrant Health as Director of Sales in 2002 and in 2005, Ted became VP of Sales & Marketing, where he headed up the company’s marketing initiatives as well as sales.  His educational approach has led to high levels of awareness, understanding and passion for Vibrant Health Offerings. 

    Creating products with its sole focus on the health and well being of the end consumer has rewarded Vibrant Health with the number one selling green food and the number one selling brand of powdered food supplements with little advertising.

    Before joining Vibrant Health, Ted spent 7 years learning his craft with Xerox Corporation.  Ted left Xerox as a Product Manager in 1998 to join as their National Sales Manager.  After two years of record growth, Ted accepted an offer from Scholastic Corporation to become National Sales Manager for their fledgling Educational Data and Market Research Division, Quality Education Data (QED).  Ted and Paige (his Wife) started Mohegan Naturals in 2000, (a Gourmet/Natural Market in New York). 

    Paige Parker, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

    Paige Parker joined Vibrant Health as one of the Principal Owners and Vice President in 2007.  She is responsible for overseeing the operational, financial and legal affairs of the corporation, the management and maintenance of NEG’s assets, the hiring and supervision of, and administering benefits for all other NEG staff.  Paige provides leadership to assist staff in functioning as a team and leadership in maintaining a productive, cost-effective, safe and legal workplace. She guides and advises the NEG Management and its directors.

    Paige holds a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management and graduated Cum Laude from Mercy College in New York.  She is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.

    Paige began her early years in business as Regional Sales Manager for a National Health Club Chain overseeing operations in over 20 Fitness Centers throughout New York City and Tri-State Area.  She joined CitiBank in 1998 and was quickly promoted to AVP.  She started her own business in 2001 and became President of Mohegan Naturals, (a Gourmet/Natural Market in New York). 

    David Eisenberg, Director of Product Development

    David Eisenberg has been in the Natural Products Industry for more than 10 years holding sales, business development and product development positions. From 1995 to 2002 Mr. Eisenberg was responsible for generating and managing combined revenue of over $10,000,000.00 in sales of private label Essential Fatty Acid products. Currently at Vibrant Health Mr. Eisenberg is responsible for ingredient research, procurement, product development, product management.

    Ralph Huntington, Director of IT

    Following a successful career in video and audio engineering in New York City, Ralph moved into the information technology field in the early 90s, helping to establish several Internet service companies and data centers before joining Vibrant Health in 2004 as IT director. Among his accomplishments, he has developed custom web-based portal software for monitoring sales and for production management. Ralph has attended Siena College, The New School, and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He currently resides in upstate New York, and enjoys acting in amateur theater during his free time.


    Directions: Once a day as a dietary supplement mix one (1) slightly rounded scoop (enclosed) into 8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. Stir briskly until mixed. If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, breast feeding, taking any prescription medication ,or have a medical condition, consult your physician or healthcare professional before taking this product. Do not exceed recommended dosage.


    Vibrant Health - Green Vibrance Version 18.0 Plant-Based Superfood Original - 11.64 oz.
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 11 grams
    Servings Per Container: 30
    Amount Per Serving
    % Daily Value
    Calories 45
    Total Fat 0.5 g 1%
    Total Carbohydrate 8 g 3%
    Dietary fiber 2 g 7%
    Total Sugars 2 g
    Protein 2 g 4%
    Vitamin A (90% as beta carotene) 1.25 mg (4500 IU) 139%
    Vitamin C 52 mg 58%
    Calcium 56 mg 4%
    Iron 2 mg 11%
    Vitamin B12 2 mcg 83%
    Vitamin D (D3 from Lichen) 25 mcg (1,000 i.u.) 125%
    Vitamin E (water dispersible-alpha-tocopherol succinate) 67 mg
    (100 i.u.)
    Vitamin K 54 mcg 45%
    Iodine 154 mcg 103%
    Magnesium 25 mg 6%
    Selenium 46 mcg 84%
    Chromium 80 mcg 229%
    Sodium 40 mg 2%
    Potassium 200 mg 4%
    Cereal Grasses
    Barley Grass Leaf Powder** 700 mg *
    Oat Grass Leaf Powder** 700 mg *
    Wheat Grass Leaf Powder** 700 mg *
    Barley Grass Leaf Powder** 400 mg *
    Oat Grass Leaf Powder** 400 mg *
    Wheat Grass Leaf Powder** 400 mg *
    Plant Based Micro-Nutrition
    Spirulina Powder** 700 mg *
    Sunflower Lecithin Powder Non-GMO 350 mg *
    Parsley Leaf & Stem Powder** 300 mg *
    Beet Root Juice Powder** 250 mg *
    Zucchini (cucurbita pep) Fruit Powder 250 mg *
    Carrot Root Powder** 200 mg *
    Spinach Leaf Powder** 200 mg *
    Broccoli Powder** 150 mg *
    Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed Powder** 100 mg *
    Broccoli Sprouts Powder** 100 mg *
    Moringa Oleifera 0.1% Chromium Extract** 80 mg *
    Soy lecithin powder (non-GMO) 98% oil-free 700 mg *
    Antioxidant Life Preservers
    Tomato Fruit Powder 400 mg *
    Amla Whole Fruit Powder 350 mg *
    Strawberry Fruit Powder 200 mg *
    Goji Berry Juice Powder** 150 mg *
    Turmeric Root Powder** 150 mg *
    Water dispersible d-alpha tocopherol acetate supplying 100 IU Vitamin E 143 mg *
    Acerola Fruit Juice 20% Natural Vitamin C Extract 125 mg *
    Ginkgo biloba 24% ginkgoflavonglycosides 6% Terpene lactones standardized extract 20 mg *
    Grape seed 95% polyphenols 40% OPCs standardized extract 20 mg *
    Grape skin 30% polyphenols standardized extract 20 mg *
    Green tea 98% polyphenols 60% catechins 50% EGCG standardized extract decaf 20 mg *
    Pomegranate whole fruit 40% ellagic acid standardized extract 20 mg *
    Immune Support *
    Astragalus 70% polysaccharides standardized extract 200 mg *
    Beta 1,3-1,6 glucans 70% standardized extract from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast 30 mg *
    Larch arabingoalactans extact 30 mg
    Eleutherococcus senticosus root extract, 0.8% eleutherosides 125 mg *
    Holy basil 2% ursolic acid standardized extract 100 mg *
    Skeletal Support
    Cissus Quadranglurais extract 400 mg *
    Calcium frutoborate proving 3mg of Boron 120 mg *
    Vegan vitamin D3 powder, 100,000 IU 10 mg *
    Acacia gum fiber** 600 mg *
    Flaxseed powder de-oiled** 480 mg *
    Fructo-oligosaccharides 86% oligofructose & inulin std ext 400 mg *
    Apple fruit powder** 400 mg *
    Liver Support *
    Burdock root 10:1 90 mg *
    Salimarina milk thistle extract 55 mg *
    Dandelion root 4:1 50 mg *
    Enzymes & Tonics
    Ginger Root Powder** 90 mg *


    Protease 4.5 (aspergillus oryzae) 1000 HUT

    Proteast 6.0 (aspergillus oryzae) 800 HUT

    Lipase (aspergillus niger) 600 FIP

    Amylase (aspergillus oryzae) 800 DU

    Invertase (saccharomyces cerevisiae) 150 SU

    Cellulase (trichomaderma longbrachiatum) 1000 CU

    Cayenne Pepper Powder 2 mg

    10 mg *
    Probiotics (25B at Date of Manuf. from 12 Strains)
    Bifidobacterium breve HA129 2.5 Billion *
    Bifidobacterium longum HA135 2.5 Billion *
    Lactobacillus acidophilus HA122 2.5 Billion *
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus HA111 2.5 Billion *
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus HA1114 2.5 Billion *
    Lactobacillus paracasei HA108 2.5 Billion *
    Lactobacillus plantarum HA119 2.5 Billion *
    Lactococcus lactis Ha136 2.5 Billion *
    Propionbacterium shermanii HA182 2.5 Billion *
    Bifodobacterium bifidium HA132 1.25 Billion *
    Streptoccococus thermophilus HA110 0.75 Billion *

    *Daily Value not established.
    **Certified Organic
    Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

    Other Ingredients: Vanifolia natural flavor (35 mg)

    Contains: milk, soy. Trace amounts of milk and soy residues were detected as byproducts of the probiotic growth cycle.


    Caution: Contains oxygen and moisture absorbing packets. Do not eat. Do not place packets in blender.

    Proper Care & Storage: Store in your freezer (best) or refrigerator (good) after opening. Keep out of reach of children.


     For more information go to Learn more at


    Vibrant Health

    Vibrant Health is a brand for those seeking, well… vibrant health. Their promise is to design and market the most nutritionally valuable food supplements they can for the benefit of all men, women, and children. Delivering on that promise is a serious endeavor, and they work diligently toward that end for you.

    Vibrant Health's products provide supplemental nutrition that supports human biochemistry. The human body carries an infinite wisdom that guides it toward optimum health in response to appropriate dietary improvements. The steady decline in trace nutrient value of our fresh foods — as evidenced in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's analyses of our food supply — has, in the opinion of Vibrant Health, established a mandate for supplemental nutrition. We believe supplemental nutrition is no longer an option, it is instead a necessity if one hopes to achieve robust and vibrant health.

    Reviews (12)

    5 out of 5 stars
    12 Reviews
    5 Stars
    4 Stars
    3 Stars
    2 Stars
    1 Stars

    100% 12 of 12 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    By (Fort Myers, FL)

    Our household has recently switched to this product on the recommendation of our alternative medicine physician. It contains more organic ingredients than other like products and has the best value for your nutritional needs -- use it in protein drinks, add it to your smoothies, and so many other ways to be incorporated into your daily eating habits for a healthier lifestyle.

    Was this review helpful?

    • YES: 1
    • NO: 3
    By (Arlington, VA)

    I raise a vegetarian sinse birth child- a boy, so I had researched and decided to give it a try..Now for over two years my son who is almost 11 years old, drinks Vibrant Health everyday religiously and I firmly believe it gives its benefits.My son never sick. Physically superhealthy,trains for track and field local ,district and state competitions. Wins! lots of energy! also an A student. I do a lot of work ,additionally, to keep the boy healthy and Vibrant Health helps.

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (Surrey, British Columbia / C)

    Love this GREEN powder! I drink it EVERY morning:)

    Was this review helpful?

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    • NO: 2
    By (Brevard, NC)

    I love Green Vibrance! I mix it in my smoothie every morning and it helps me to feel great all day. It blends easily and doesn't have a gritty texture like many other green drinks do. It is by far my favorite green drink!

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (Stockton, CA)

    love this product!

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