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Absorbaid - Platinum Super Digestive Blend - 60 Vegetarian Capsules
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Absorbaid - Platinum Super Digestive Blend - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Dietary Supplement
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Absorbaid - Platinum Super Digestive Blend - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

  • Item# :112016
    UPC# :724250784076
  • Brand:Absorbaid
  • Size/Form:60  Vegetarian Capsules
  • Ship Weight:0.17
  • Servings:60
  • Dosage:1  Capsule(s)
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Nature's Sources AbsorbAid Platinum Super Digestive Blend - 60 Vcaps

Nature's Sources AbsorbAid Platinum Super Digestive Blend breaks down all food groups. Nature's Sources AbsorbAid Platinum Super Digestive Blend maximizes nutrient absorption from consumed food. Nature's Sources AbsorbAid Platinum Super Digestive Blend also helps alleviate digestive disturbances such as gas, bloating, and acid indigestion.

Nature's Sources AbsorbAid Platinum Super Digestive Blend contains:

  • Fungal protease, acid stable protease, bromelain and peptidase which all break down proteins to smaller chains of amino acids and individual amino acids. Amino acids are used by the body as building blocks.
  • Cellulase and hemicellulase for breaking down cellulose, xylan, beta glucan etc. which is contained in many fruits and vegetables.
  • Amylase and amyloglucosidase for breaking down starch.
  • Lipase for breaking down fat.
  • Lactase for breaking down lactose (milk sugar) to glucose and galactose.
  • Alpha galatosidase for breaking down the complex sugars found in food such as beans and onions.
  • Invertase for converting sucrose to glucose and fructose.
  • A heat stable probiotic blend for increasing healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract.


Studies have shown that probiotics may be helpful with:

  • Gut Function & Stability
  • Immune System Modulation
  • Improved digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Allergies

AbsorbAid Platinum

AbsorbAid™ is often recommended by medical doctors, has been clinically tested, and scientifically proven to be safe and effective!

What makes AbsorbAid's plant enzyme formulas superior?

  • Absorbaid's proprietary blend and stabilization process make it safe and effective in a wide pH range so it works well for more individuals.
  • Has been clinically tested and scientifically proven effective by prestigious labs such as Roche and Mayo Clinic Laboratories.
  • Proven to increase vital nutrient absorption by up to 71%
  • Written about in the New England Journal of Medicine as an important consideration for nutrient support.
  • Used safely and successfully directly in feeding tubes in a clinical nursing home trial . Proven to increase their protein absorption.
  • Stomach acid stable and active in the small intestines where most nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream 100% vegetarian!
  • Assures you that more of what you eat is turned into energy.
  • May help to stabilize gut function and support  immune system.
  • The perfect solution for those who produce less than adequate enzymes due to stress, illness, injury or age-related conditions
  • Perfect for those who often eat heated foods where enzymes have been destroyed
  • Great idea for those who do not eat enough live fruits and vegetables
  • Support for those who have insufficient nutrient absorption or inadequate intake of nutrients in their daily diet.
  • May encourage better metabolic balance and level of wellness by helping to make available critical nutrients, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

The Truth About Enzymes
Enzymes are the catalysts that help sustain life! They are an integral part of every single metabolic function the body undergoes. Our bodies do manufacture many of the enyzmes that we need, however, as we age the production of enzymes decreases and by the time we are middle aged we have about 1/2 of the enzymes needed to breakdown and assimilate typical meals. When that happens we begin to age more rapidly, we develop aches and pains, stiff joints, allergies, and plenty of digestive problems. Even cardiovascular conditions and other disease states proliferate rapidly without adequate enzymes. The average american diet is generally void of many essential enzymes because heated and processed foods contain little if any enzymes. Without proper enzymes we cannot protect ourselves from disease, our body becomes toxic and we age more rapidly. But what kind of enzymes do you most need?

You will find that Nature's Sources has taken the guess work out of choosing the best formulas. Nature's Sources is the industry leader in digestion, having the only clinically tested and scientifically proven formula on the market since 1995. Their products have been tested by two prestigious laboratories (Roche and Mayo Clinic) and were found to increase the absorption of vital nutrients by up to 71%!!

Every type of food that you put in your mouth must be broken down into minute particles of nutrients but without enzymes that can't happen. In fact when you are stressed in any way the production of enzymes drops off. When foods are not properly broken down they ferment or putrify; either way they become toxins and these toxins create health hazards.

Nature's Sources has create two cutting edge formulas. The first, their original AbsorbAid blend is so safe it has been used with tremendous success in nursing home trials where it was added directly to feeding tubes!

And Nature's Sources' most recent formula called Platinum is suggested for those of you who have a vigorous lifestyle, compete as an athlete, have an active physical job, service men and women, have been injured, are recovering from an illness, eat more meat proteins, heavier meals, or have pain and inflammation. Platinum contains 12 active enzymes and two heat stable probiotics that complement and help protect your immune system.

Try AbsorbAid and feel good again!

AbsorbAid FAQ’s

Why would I need to take the Platinum formula instead of regular AbsorbAid™?

Platinum is a comprehensive blend that includes 12 enzymes and two heat stable probiotics that work to support digestion and your immune system.† Individuals that lead a more active lifestyle, perhaps eating a diet more rich in animal proteins, require increased proteolytic enzymes to support digestion.  Also, those people putting stronger demands upon their digestive system due to living a fast-paced life, eating out frequently, consuming larger amounts of fast foods and devitalized food need the support of Platinum. This formula contains a 100% natural plant-based enzyme blend to support digestion of all food forms including meat, dairy, beans, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fats.

Can I take AbsorbAid™ Platinum if I am taking medications?

It is always best to check with your physician.

Will AbsorbAid™ Platinum  work for people in any age group?

Yes, AbsorbAid™ Platinum does not discriminate due to age. In fact, those people who are of senior citizen age need digestive enzyme support.†

Can AbsorbAid™ Platinum assist my body with gas, bloating, belching after eating certain foods?

Most likely, AbsorbAid™ Platinum is rich in a full spectrum of enzymes that help support the body’s break down offending particles such as beans, the outer covering of fruits vegetables, dairy products, carbohydrates and more!† Taking AbsorbAid™ Platinum just prior to eating and one or two capsules during a meal, if the meal is heavier, to support more of what the body needs to digest those foods.†

Will I notice more energy if my food is being broken down into absorbable molecules?†

Yes, this is often one of the first things people notice. When your body has an adequate supply of nutrients from the foods you eat you will naturally feel a surge of energy due to the elevated amount of nutrients flowing into your bloodstream.†

Can AbsorbAid Platinum™ help me support weight management along with a healthy diet?

Yes. AbsorbAid™ Platinum will help support feeling full.† AbsorbAid Platinum™ is a natural way to help curb your appetite.†

About Nature’s Sources

Nature’s Sources is dedicated to enhancing the overall health of its customers by offering superior nutritional products, education, service and support, and at the same time being considerate of the environment by utilizing only sustainable products in its manufacturing and distribution efforts.


To continually make advancements that move us to international leadership in brand manufacturing and distribution with a strong commitment to redefining “optimal health.”


Nature’s Sources, LLC is located in Niles, Illinois just outside of Chicago and was founded by Mr. Lee Frank on August 1, 1995 for the purpose of producing the very first 100% plant-based human digestive enzyme formula in the USA, called AbsorbAid™. Previously, enzyme formulas were available solely on a limited basis for animals only by its then sister-company—Prozyme, LLC.

AbsorbAid™ digestive enzyme formulas are sold widely throughout the United States in over 8,000 retail establishments, including, Health Food Stores, large chains as well as independents, pharmacies, and grocery stores with wide distribution as well through giant distributors such as UNFI and Threshold. AbsorbAid™ is also available overseas in parts of Asia, Singapore, England, and Israel with China, and Indonesia poised to distribute to over 4000 retail locations, and Chile on the horizon.

Nature’s Sources AbsorbAid™ prides itself on manufacturing the only clinically tested and scientifically proven digestive enzyme formula on the market today; no competing companies we know of can make that claim. AbsorbAid™ has been tested and shown to promote the absorption of vital nutrients by up to 71% as stated by two prestigious laboratories, Roche and Mayo Clinic. AbsorbAid™ was also tested in nursing home trials, being added directly into feeding tubes with great success –proving there was an increased rate of absorption of amino acids with assured safety.

In 2008 Nature’s Sources, LLC released its proprietary Platinum formula, the latest wide-spectrum 12 strain digestive blend which also includes 2 heat resistant probiotics, to service those who have more extreme physical demands, tend to be more active, eating heavier meals, and for those who need more digestive support. Platinum has gained quite a lot of notoriety in the marketplace in a short time with customers calling in some cases, to rave about the product as a great digestive aid. No refrigeration is needed.

The Executives of Nature’s Sources, LLC, John Zapfel, Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. Janet Angel, Executive Vice President, have combined industry experience of over 60 years. Mr Zapfel and Dr. Angel have been involved in every faction of the natural health industry from formulations and manufacturing to retail, wholesale and distribution. Dr. Angel is a host and frequent guest on radio/TV and a speaker on various health topics around the country.

Nature’s Sources has a wonderful team of in-house Operational leaders headed by Genie Buganski, Office Manager, and Monika Czaja Office Coordinator. These professionals monitor and support all phases of the operation including manufacturing, customer inquiries, ordering, distribution details, logistics, warehousing and shipping.  Our outside sales force and Brokers number over 115 individuals around the globe.

The goal of Nature’s Sources is to provide the highest quality and best digestive enzyme formulas available in the world today by incorporating only the finest raw ingredient providers who adhere to FDA and GMP standards. AbsorbAid™ is unique because it is a totally natural digestive aid made solely from plant sources.

Articles about AbsorbAid™ have been published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition; New England Journal of Medicine, International Journals, Medical Books, Magazines and it was recently included in a Hallmark Television educational piece on the importance of digestion and health.

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken AbsorbAid™ to improve their overall digestion and health; it is a natural complement to every meal and many other supplements one may take. AbsorbAid™ has been highly recommended by physicians all over the world.

Nature’s Sources, LLC is also the sole distributor of Kolorex products manufactured by Forest Herbs in New Zealand. Kolorex is an herbal antifungal ine of products available in softgels for the management of intestinal microflora. We also have two soothing creams to soothe sensitive intimate areas and to promote softer skin on the overall body as well as feet.

Nature’s Sources also provides Rite Zyme, a line of digestive enzyme products for animals used currently for dogs, cats and horses. Ritezyme aids in the digestion of food, improves nutrient absorption to the body, supports the health of joints, skin, hair, teeth and coat; plus many other benefits that enzymes are known to help with.

Nature's Sources AbsorbAid Platinum Super Digestive Blend - 60 Vcaps
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Vcap
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving %DV*
AbsorbAid Platinum Proprietary Blend: **
     Amylase 12,000 SKB
     Protease 50,000 HUT
     Lipase 2,000 FIP
     Cellulase 2,000 CU
     Lactase 150 ALU
     Acid Protease 10 SAP
     Bromelain 50 GDU
     Amyloglucosidase 12 AG
     Hemicellulase 75 HCU
     Alpha Galactosidase 25 GAL
     Invertase 150 Sumner
     Peptidase 7 LAP
     L. acidophilus 1 billion cfu***
     B. bifidum 1 billion cfu***
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
**Daily Value Not Established.
***CFU count at time of manufacture.

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (HPMC and Water), Cellulose and L-Leucine.

Contains no corn, sucrose, wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.


5739 West Howard Street
Greenwood Village, CO,
Phone: 847-647-9830 Fax: 847-647-9830 Visit website

About Absorbaid

Absorbaid relieves your symptoms within minutes by helping you digest your food faster and more effectively. Quicker digestion means that stomach acid has less time to back up and cause distress. It is a unique, natural, plant based enzyme. Unlike other enzymes, it is not destroyed by stomach acid. Enzymes need to survive in the stomach in order to get into the small intestine to be absorbed. Absorbaid is the vehicle that delivers nutrients to the blood.

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By (Fredericksburg , VA )

great enzymes

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By (Revere , MA )

I take one capsule before a meal and this is helping My digestion!

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By (Maplewood , MN )

Have been using the original formula of Absorbaid for years. I tried the new Platinum Formula and love it. It has alpha galatosidase for breaking down the complex sugars found in beans. Great for a vegetarian diet. This more complete formula is now my new favorite.

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