Attitude - Natural Air Purifier Lavender & Eucalyptus - 8 oz.
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Attitude - Natural Air Purifier Lavender & Eucalyptus - 8 oz.

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Attitude - Natural Air Purifier Lavender & Eucalyptus - 8 oz.

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  • Brand:Attitude
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Attitude - Natural Air Purifier Lavender & Eucalyptus - 8 oz. (227g)

Attitude Natural Air Purifier Lavender & Eucalyptus .  Synthetic fragrances and perfumes contain more than a hundred chemical compounds, many of which may be harmful to health. The ATTITUDE solution? Purifying the air in your home with active coal while creating the desired ambiance thanks to natural essential oils. We trust our Natural Air Purifiers are a better option than spraying chemical compounds.

Attitude - Natural Air Purifier Lavender & Eucalyptus Features:

  • CO2 neutral: no contribution to climate change
  • Vegetable-based / Natural / Biodegradable
  • Purifies the air by absorbing pollutants and eliminating odors
  • Free of artificial fragrances, phthalate or other petrochemical derivatives
  • Pure essential oils
  • Non-carcinogenic (selected ingredients not listed on the IARC Categories 1, 2A or 2B)
  • Vegan product

ATTITUDE products Are:

  • Eco Logo
    This certification by the Canadian government proves that their products respect the highest environmental standards. Eco-friendly is more than just natural or biodegradable.
  • C02 Neutral
    They plant trees and reduce their greenhouse gases emissions so that their carbon footprint is reduced to zero.  This is the way to fight climate change.
  • Not Tested On Animals
    They believe in the ethical treatment of animals.  This is reason why they offer cruelty free products

One vision. One mission. One story.
How did they create the first series of carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly household products? The question is often posed to us, and that’s why they are presenting their company history in question-and-answer format.

You first need to know that ATTITUDE products, available in about 20 countries, were not created overnight. The series owes its success to the work and genius of their small team of passionate staff. In an effort to create the most environmentally-friendly products, their team has succeeded in making its dreams a reality.

Where did the idea of ATTITUDE come from?
ATTITUDE products were conceived from a simple observation: nothing is more illogical than cleaning a home with toxic products. The more they thought about it, the more they noticed that it’s an absolutely unbelievable contradiction. Holding their breath while cleaning a kitchen counter? Protecting theirselves from what is supposed to protect us? Cleaning, all the while polluting?

There is something incredibly paradoxical in cleaning up the home environment using loads of chemical products. With ATTITUDE, they wanted not only to develop non-toxic products, but also to debunk this contradiction and change the way they clean. When they asked people in their inner circle why they did not consume in a more responsible fashion, they always got the same responses. Environmentally-friendly products don’t work! They are too expensive! I can’t find them in the supermarket!

Creating ATTITUDE products was above all to respond to the areas that interested us: the environment and public health. They wanted to offer a solution to a pressing issue, proving to everyone that it is possible to develop environmentally friendly products that are also effective and as accessible as their traditional counterparts.

How did ATTITUDE begin?
In December 2005, they started to develop their surface cleaners. They were then a very small team working in a very small factory. Product development, production, bottling, distribution, marketing, compatibility--they were working on it all! They had to be particularly creative and efficient at the time.

The success – wow! – of their surface cleaners led us to the decision to enlarge the family by adding detergents for dishwashing and clothing as well as hand soap. It's worth mentioning that just before their products were put on the market, the green algae (cyanobacteria) crisis occurred in Quebec. Many streams were then contaminated. It was a terrible tragedy, definitely, but it did make people more aware of the problem. People could not bathe in the chalets anymore, something that affected consumers directly!

But while ATTITUDE expanded its presence on the market, more and more products purporting to be environmentally friendly flooded the shelves. Fighting against confusion while promoting the truth, the ATTITUDE team had lots of work to do. Does biodegradable mean environmentally friendly? Not necessarily! Does “phosphate-free” mean environmentally friendly? NO!

And they decided to make consumers’ lives easier while demonstrating their dedication to the environment by certifying their products through a particularly credible independent organization, EcoLogo.

What does "environmentally friendly" mean to you?
For us, an environmentally friendly product has to follow a global approach that includes economic, social, and environmental aspects. In other words, a product that is truly environmentally friendly has a positive impact on all areas of life. Environmentally friendly, for us, has to be uncompromising. No shortcuts!

How does environmental awareness play into the development of your products?
To evaluate environmental issues thoroughly and to assure theirselves that their products are undoubtedly environmentally sustainable, they applied what they call “life cycle analysis.” What does this allow us to do? It allows us to take into account each stage in a product’s life, from the extraction of the first materials to the end of its use.

This global approach allows us to minimize the environmental impact of their products, for example, through the selection of ingredients from renewable and vegetable sources that are easily biodegradable and non-toxic.

Environmentally friendly is much more than a buzzword! Businesses that emphasize a single attribute of their products, like biodegradability, are numerous. Because, after all, even a poison can be biodegradable! Thus another reason they certify their products. Independent certifications are a very useful tool. They make guarantees to consumers, all while simplifying a complicated message.

What is your involvement in my community?
They offer to their employees stimulating jobs that surpass Canadian standards. In addition, they welcome at their factory people with disabilities, helping them become integrated in society. They sincerely believe that it is the responsibility of companies to contribute significantly to society. This is what they aim to do when they offer people the chance to lead dignified and normal lives despite their differences.

Why certify through EcoLogo?
Firstly, they want to emphasize that this certification is a very useful tool for consumers, allowing them to make sure that environmentally friendly labels from manufacturers are valid and verified. Also, certifications help companies orient their products and services toward sustainable development. Finally, everything depends on certification, which has to be stringent, credible, and independent.

EcoLogo was developed in 1988 by the Canadian government. This independent certification is the most credible and respected in North America. The EcoLogo program encompasses product labeling, requiring strict criteria of industries wanting to be recognized. Each company has to be subjected to a detailed verification that aims to ensure that each criterion is respected. And once the certification EcoLogo is given, the program even performs spot-checks!

Is the EcoLogo certification recognized worldwide?
Yes, EcoLogo is a founding member of the Global Ecolabeling Network (GEN), a non-profit organization that aims to promote ecolabeling and increase the credibility of the practice. They should mention that there are more than 26 environmentally-friendly certifications around the world, with Canada being the second country to focus on such a policy!

Isn’t exporting environmentally friendly products a bit contradictory?
Excellent question. First, they should return to their original line of thinking. At the time, they were heavily influenced by the documentary by Al Gore on climate change. Suddenly, they recognized the magnitude of the challenge that humanity faces in climate change.

The big question: how should they produce yet remain environmentally-friendly at the same time? Along the same lines comes the question of exporting. How can they be truly environmentally-friendly when exporting produces greenhouse gases? How do they export while tackling the current challenge to reduce their emissions?

Thus, in 2008, they decided to make their products without a carbon footprint, towards being carbon-neutral! Ever since, the greenhouse emissions of ATTITUDE products have simply been ZERO. They were the first company in their industry to offer CO2-neutral products. All of their processes were optimized to meet this objective, and they compensate actively for the remaining emissions by planting trees, many of them, in fact.

How would you summarize your approach to carbon-neutrality?
The foundations of their approach are simple: calculate their greenhouse emissions, reduce them as much as possible, and compensate for the remaining emissions by planting trees. Basing their products on their “life cycle analysis”, they carefully calculate the total emissions that result from their products: extraction, transport, and transformation of component materials, manufacturing of their products and packaging, distribution, etc. Even their employees’ emissions are included!

This type of bookkeeping is an excellent tool to identify "hot" zones, processes in which emissions are the highest. As a result, these processes are analyzed in a way to determine how to reduce the associated emissions effectively. At ATTITUDE, they have even succeeded in reducing their carbon footprint, all while decreasing their production costs! Carbon-neutrality is a model that functions well, and they believe that every serious company should adhere to it today.

To compensate entirely for their remaining emissions, they work with Jour de la Terre, with whom they are very proud to be associated. What is great about Jour de la Terre is that their reforestation objectives do not only focus on carbon sequestration, but also on the development of ecosystems and preservation of biodiversity while managing green corridors. In compensating for its greenhouse gas emissions, ATTITUDE tackles two problems at once!

What measures have you taken to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions?
Their concept of the integrated factory has brought about a lot of change. This particularly innovative concept is unique in its ability to create the bottles for the product, the packaging, and their storage all under one roof. Usually, these steps are completed at different places. By grouping them together, they have significantly reduced the greenhouse gas emissions that normally come from transporting component materials. A major improvement!

In addition, given that they manufacture their packaging on-site, it is possible to include a portion of recycled plastic and even to recycle defective bottles. As a result, they reduce greatly their waste and maximize the use of their primary materials.

And if the equipment that produces the bottles creates a lot of heat, you should know that this heat is captured and redirected toward production zones for packaging and storage. The amount of energy necessary to heat the building is thus minimized due to this recycling.

Do you have any new projects to reduce your environmental impact?
Definitely! For us, the process of reducing their carbon emissions and environmental impact is a continuing project. They are always attempting to create and implement more environmentally-friendly solutions.

For example, they are trying at this time to implement unpackaged goods. The goal? To allow consumers to refill their empty bottles or larger containers on site. If they succeed in meeting this challenge, the production of bottles and packaging in the factory will be reduced, and consumers will be able to benefit from a significant price reduction.

Based in Montréal, Bio Spectra is a young, fast-growing and passion-driven North American developer, manufacturer and marketer of eco-friendly domestic consumer goods. Its mission? To promote responsible consumption by offering high performing products that minimize impacts on health and environment. Available worldwide, Bio Spectra’s ATTITUDE brand has pushed the envelope for eco-responsibility by becoming the world’s first and only line of eco-certified and carbon neutral household products.

Remove container lid and put aside, Remove and discard freshness seal, Put lid back on the container, Adjust to desired level of absorption and scent intensity. Absorbs and eliminates odors: cooking, animals, smoke, mildew, chemical products, paint , etc. effective for areas up to 400 sq feet (37m)

BIO SPECTRA 4560 B, Boul. Saint Laurent Suite 203
Montreal, QC,
Phone: (514)509-7225 Fax: (514) 221-3793 Email: Click here Visit website

About Attitude

About ATTITUDE Based in Montréal, Bio Spectra is a young, fast-growing and passion-driven North American developer, manufacturer and marketer of eco-friendly domestic consumer goods. Its mission? To promote responsible consumption by offering high performing products that minimize impacts on health and environment. Available worldwide, Bio Spectra’s ATTITUDE brand has pushed the envelope for eco-responsibility by becoming the world’s first and only line of eco-certified and carbon neutral household products.

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By (Grand Junction , CO )

Don't notice a huge difference maybe that's a good thing?!

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By (Signal Mountain , TN )

This product is very nice. The smell is great but does not last long. Better if you use in small places.

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By (Lamar , MO )

It's hard to know just how well this charcoal odor absorber is working because we use a lot of different natural products to control the odor of our senior Golden Retriever. I actually put this in our large floor air return vent. This much I can say: I believe in the power of charcoal and the lavender scent is subtle and very pleasant. I considered putting it next to my easy chair just so I could smell it, but opted for practicality over personal pleasure.

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By (Manteo , NC )

I like that Naural Air Purifier Lavender & Eucalyptus is natural. I live in a very small 2 room apartment with a cat & litter box and it can get a little stuffy sometimes, to say the least! I put this on the shelf in my cold air return and it keeps my apartment smelling clean and fresh!

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By (York , PA )

so far so good..love the smell..seems to be doing what it says it should do in my bedroom!

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