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    Oona PMS 2 - 50 Gelcaps

    Since women can experience either psychological or physiological symptoms, or both types, Oöna Health has developed two different formulations that may be taken separately or together. Oöna PMS2 is an herbal supplement formulated more for the physiological symptoms that come on right before menstruation. Oöna PMS2 is taken two to three days before you expect menstrual cramps and ends when the symptoms subside. You do not take PMS2 throughout the month.

    If you experience some of the following symptoms, Oöna PMS 2 is the right product for you:

    • Menstrual cramps
    • PMS related body aches
    • Heavy bleeding
    • Nausea
    • PMS related back pain
    • PMS related indigestion and gas

    Oöna PMS2 consists of a proprietary cramp bark extract and a non proprietary ginger extract. Although cramp bark (Viburnum Opulus) has long been a staple for clinical use, the Oöna PMS2 cramp bark extract is unique because it is one of the first to be standardized. There is a patent pending on this extract. In the past, much of the cramp bark sold was in tincture form that uses ethanol or alcohol as its base. These extracts come in strengths like 3:1 or 4:1. They do not address the strength of any active ingredients. The issue has been that women don't really know the strength of each bottle and because of the extraction process they needed to take a lot of the tincture throughout the day. It is very inconvenient.

    The cramp bark in Oöna uses a very clean extraction process call Supercritical Fluid Extraction whereby Oona uses a combination of pressure and CO2 gas. Oona has also identified the compound that is a key contributor to the herbs therapeutic properties. By identifying this compound, Oona is able to make an extract consistent in strength and efficacy without altering the herb at all. Oona has also added a ginger extract, known to lower prostaglandins and aid in digestion issues that often accompany the onset of menstruation.

    It is important to note that Oöna PMS2 is not ibuprofen and does not work like it. The cramp bark in Oöna PMS2 will work with your body to help relax smooth muscle - your uterus is made up of smooth muscle. You may still feel a little tug but your cramps should decrease substantially. On very severe days, you may take ibuprofen with Oöna PMS2 - albeit a lot less.

    PMS 2- Their patent-pending, standardization of Cramp Bark with Ginger
    The product in the orange tin is for cramps and heavy bleeding.  Take 5 or 6 all at once the minute cramps hit…more severe cramps can be helped when you take the PMS 2 a couple days before your period arrives.  Think: 2 in the morning,  2 at night, 2 days before…PMS 2!  Both PMS products can be taken together…and severe cramps can be helped even more when hormones are in balance.  Many cramp sufferers take both products.

    P.S.  also good for any “intestinal” cramping--for women and men!

    OönaPMS2 is formulated to address the frequent onset of  PMS menstrual cramps and associated headaches and/or gastrointestinal complaints.OönaPMS2 is a combination of an Oöna Health, Inc. proprietary cramp bark extract and standardized ginger extract.  The active constituents of cramp bark have been identified as coumarins (such as scopoletin and scopolin), tannins (primarily catechins) and vinburnine, a known smooth muscle relaxant.(the uterus is made up of smooth muscle) Indigenous to North America, cramp bark is a large shrub that belongs to the same family as the Elder.  Today, cramp bark is mostly collected in northern Europe. Cramp bark has a long history of use in easing menstrual cramps by working as a uterine relaxant and general antispasmodic. It dates back to Native American tribal use and was also listed in The National Formulary for many years for this use. OönaPMS2 is standardized to the marker compound vinburnine. 

    Possibly one of the first plants to be cultivated by humankind, ginger is valued by nearly every culture around the globe.  While ginger has long been known for its ability to calm an upset stomach, it can also help ease menstrual cramps and any gastrointestinal discomfort that may accompany the onset of a woman’s period.  Most of ginger’s therapeutic effects come from an oil called gingerol.  Gingerol eases menstrual cramps by lowering a hormone-like substance known as prostaglandins.As explained above, it is the overproduction of prostaglandins that has been shown to cause menstrual cramps.

    About Oöna Health
    Women's well-being is at the heart of Oöna Health. Founded by Valerie Otto and based in New York City, Oöna Health provides important products and information that address women's needs.

    Begun in 1995 as Becoming, Inc., Oöna Health started as a mail order fashion house offering elegant clothes and accessories for women diagnosed with cancer, especially breast cancer. The smart, chic and tailored fashions, geared to answer the specific fashion needs of these women, also helped them regain a sense of dignity and self-worth. Within a few short years, it had evolved into one of the largest businesses of its kind.

    Upon that solid foundation, the company has expanded into other areas of women's health. Through her familiarity of the needs of women undergoing cancer treatment, Otto, who earned her masters in business from Columbia University, had long questioned the value of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women dealing with the difficulties of menopause. In response, her research and investigations led to an all-natural herbal alternative—used safely in Europe for more than half a century—that relieved menopausal symptoms.

    With her company, Otto developed and formulated that herbal option into Oöna, a product manufactured under strict guidelines for efficacy and potency to give women a proven, safe alternative to HRT. Not incidentally, a growing number of reports in medical journals and in the national media during the past two years have detailed the dangerous potential of drug treatments, underscoring even further the importance of Oöna's presence in the marketplace.

    Such has been the success of Oöna, which translates as "the one" or "unity" from Celtic, the company was renamed Oöna Health, Inc. Oöna has also branched out further into its line of herbal supplements targeted to the needs of women. In 2004, Oöna is introducing two new products designed to alleviate premenstrual symptoms: Oöna PMS1 treats general symptoms such as bloating and tension, while Oöna PMS2 provides relief from cramps.

    Behind it all is Oöna Health's reliance on education and outreach to communicate with women, of all ages and from many walks of life, and the medical community. Bringing together science, nature, efficacy and sensitivity, Oöna Health stands ready to continue and expand its service to women.

    The Oöna Health Philosophy
    At Oöna Health, it is their passion to make sure that their formulations are not only safe but also deliver on their promises. Women who use their products do so confident that the thoughtful combination of herbs is backed by contemporary science -- science developed specifically to establish their safety, purity and effectiveness. Oöna Health is tireless about procuring the best quality herbal extracts while looking for simple synergies. Simple, yet effective and proven synergies.
    Why? It is vital that a woman know what is or is not working for her. Further, in order for an herb to be effective, it must have strong scientific and/or historical support, be developed with the highest grade raw botanicals (using the correct part of the plant) and undergo superior manufacturing and testing. They ensure that these processes are in place during every stage of production in order to create a superior product.

    There are two main approaches to using herbs. One is that the buyer use single herbs, usually in liquid form called tinctures. Tinctures are taken on their own or in specific formulas that are specific to you. These are most often recommended by a homeopath or naturopath. The second one is herbal products that are already mixed formulations - some in tinctures and others in powdered or gel cap form. These products tend to have a lot of ingredients in varying strengths.

    Oöna Health place themselves somewhere in the middle. their product line is a high quality basis that not only works exceptionally on its own but is also easy to work with. They use two to three herbs in concentrations and amounts that they believe hold the greatest amount of synergy to provide the body what it requires to re-balance itself. As a result, symptoms are mitigated or alleviated. If more relief is needed, it is easy to add to the product line due to the simple formulations.

    It is Oöna Health's mission is to provide women with the solutions to improve her wellness. As part of that mission they report on information and resources that are useful or insightful. They are continually researching effective herbs while keeping abreast of the important women's health news -- and they make it their responsibility to offer those highlights on their website and in their monthly newsletter. In the end, please know that Oöna Health is a company that continually works hard every day to address your health concerns most responsibly, to encourage a lifestyle of wellness and to try and make you smile.

    Women, be well.


    Take 1 to 3 capsules morning and evening three days prior to menstruation and 1 to 3 capsules throughout they day during menstruation as needed. Do not exceed 12 capsules per day. Menstrual cramps should noticeably decrease (up to 90%) in intensity and/or frequency.


    Oona - PMS 2 Menstrual Cramps - 50 Gelcaps
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Gelcap
    Servings Per Container: 50
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Cramp Bark Extract (Verbenalin Alkalin Alkaloid 400mcg) 10mg *
    Ginger (Gingerols, 4.5mg) 75mg *
    *Daily Value Not Established.
    †Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
    Other Ingredients: Olive Oil NF, Gelatin, Purified Water, Sunflower Oil, Glycerin, Distilled Monoglycerides, Caramel, Lecithin NF, St. John's Bread.


    Do not take OonaPMS2 if you think you may be pregnant. The ginger in OonaPMS2 may interfere with diabetic, blood-thinning or heart medicine.



    At Oöna Health, it is their passion to make sure that their formulations are not only safe but also deliver on their promises. Women who use Oona products do so confident that the thoughtful combination of herbs is backed by contemporary science -- science developed specifically to establish their safety, purity and effectiveness. Oona is tireless about procuring the best quality herbal extracts while looking for simple synergies. Simple, yet effective and proven, synergies

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    100% 6 of 6 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    By (Albany, NY)

    I've been using this product for the last couple months and it seems to work better each month. The amount of ibuprofen I've had to take has significantly decreased. I am very pleased and will continue to order it.

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    By (BRONX, NY)

    Very good product !

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    By (Charlotte, NC)

    excellent produt!

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    By (Inglewood, CA)

    my wife likes

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    By (Nashville, TN)

    This product is the best I have ever found to relieve menstrual cramps. NSAIDs are not needed when I take Oona, starting 2-3 days prior to cycle day 1.

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