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Bamboo Bottle Company - Original Glass Water Bottle - 17 oz.

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Bamboo Bottle Company - Original Glass Water Bottle - 17 oz.

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Bamboo Bottle Company - Original Glass Water Bottle - 17 oz.

Bamboo Bottle Company Original Glass Water Bottle.  Lately there has been a lot of controversy about reusable water bottles.  Plastic bottles may leach chemicals such as bisphenol-a (BPA), a substance linked to negative health effects in humans.  Metal bottles are manufactured from mined resources, may require a chemical resin to prevent corrosion, and can leave a tinny taste in your mouth.  The Bamboo original, however, ensures a better taste, keeps hot and cold drinks insulated and safe, and is durable and convenient to enhance any active lifestyle.

Because of the species' stability, hardness and strength, their bottles are made from Phyllostachys Pubescens bamboo (also known as Moso and Mau Tzu). The bamboo is grown and harvested in temperate conditions that allow it to grow to its maximum potential - 90 feet in 9 months! The best part of the harvesting method is the hand selection and hand cutting of the bamboo. This allows maturing and flowering strands to remain flourishing and minimizes the impact on ground soil since no heavy machinery is used. Once cut, the bamboo will continue to grow just like mowing your lawn. This selective cutting process leaves the soil and land in its best possible state.

Let's dig real deep into their harvesting and production story.
Once harvested, the production process begins. The first step is to cut the bamboo into lengths of 4-, 6-, and 8-foot sections. It is then split into 1 X 1 inch sticks by a splitter that looks like the fins on a jet plane. After the machine finishes splitting, the sticks are then planed. After the sticks are planed, the sticks enter the boiling process.

During the boiling process, the sugars of the bamboo are removed. By boiling the sugars, it is a natural way to remove all insects and prevent them from coming back. Even this process is as environmentally frugal as possible; the boilers use waste bamboo and sawdust to generate energy!

Once boiled, the sticks are then kiln dried. In order to reduce the amount of energy used in the kiln drying process, the sticks are not carbonized. Carbonizing requires more time and heat in the kiln, which uses more energy, but also weakens and darkens the bamboo. All they do is dry it—this maintains it's natural beauty and strength!

The sticks are then meticulously planed and inspected. After the inspection, the sticks are then shaped. Once the sticks are shaped, they can be laminated and pressed together, giving the sticks the shape of a cylinder (your bottle!) Once the cylinder is formed, it is cut and smoothed into shape, which requires both hand and machine work. Once it has reached it's final shape, a logo is simply burnt on using a branding machine, which requires no ink, or chemicals, just heat.

Although they are not perfect, they have gone out of their way to be as sustainable as possible. Hopefully someday they will have enough sales to modify their production facility into a greener and more eco-friendly plant, but until then, they are striving to be the best they can be. The Bamboo Company power sources used for bamboo processing are electric and steam via a steam boiler, which is generally powered with diesel and bamboo waste. The electricity comes from the main grid, although someday, wind or solar would be amazing!

Now that the process has been explained, here are some facts about bamboo:

  • Bamboo replenishes the environment and the air we breathe. Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent strands of trees. And it can sequester up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide from the air per hectare. (Bamboo really does help fight global warming!)
  • Harvesting bamboo does not destroy its root system, meaning there is no topsoil erosion or run-off.
  • Harvesting of bamboo minimally impacts the wildlife, compared to hardwood "logging," where big machinery tears the land apart.
  • The Bamboo Company bamboo is harvested from areas designated and supported by the Chinese government for the sustainability of the species.

Glass is 100% natural. Its main ingredient is silica, which comes from sand. The other two common ingredients are sodium and limestone. After mixing these substances and adding heat, a hard, non-leaching glass is formed.

The process of making glass is actually quite simple and sometimes occurs naturally when lightning strikes sand on a beach. It just takes heat and the right mixture of silica, sodium and limestone to form glass.

Glass bottles are fantastic to drink from, not only because of their natural components, but because of the fresh, clean taste that is guaranteed. The Bamboo Comapny glass bottle is safe to drink from at all temperatures—hot or cold. Glass allows for a fresh taste—that must be why people drank from it way back in 1500 BC.

The manufacturing process:
First, they mix 51% recycled glass (called "cullet") with silica, sodium, and limestone and then heat it in a melting furnace. The temperature in these furnaces reaches approximately 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the mixture becomes molten glass, it is cooled a few hundred degrees until the mixture is in a pliable, workable condition. Then the molten glass (also known as a "gob") is installed into the mold. Here is where the glass is blown. Compressed air blows into the mold and forms the gob into the glass interior of your Bamboo Bottle.

Once the gob has been formed into the final desired shape, it enters the annealing process, which takes the glass through a specific cooling method. This gives the glass its strength. The re-heating and slow cooling that occurs during this annealing process toughens the glass and repairs any stress points that may have occurred during the manufacturing process.

After annealing, the bottle is ready for packaging and is shipped to smart, sensible people like you to use again and again.

Reuse and recycle
Unlike bottled water, overwhelmingly offered in plastic bottles, you can help the environment by reusing your Bamboo Bottle over and over again. And if you ever do decide to replace the glass or dispose of your bottle, the good news is the glass remains 100% recyclable. That's because all glass bottles are "crushable." When you crush glass, it's made into cullet. Cullet is used in manufacturing processes to make newly formed glass.

The best way for you to recycle your glass bottle is to participate in your town's curbside recycling programs or to bring it to your community drop-off centers.   But they hope you love your Bamboo Bottle so much, you'll never want to part with it!

To make this bottle what it is, it was impossible to avoid the use of plastic. That said, they're proud to use plastic that is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

The bottom and nut are made from plastic that can be easily recycled and turned into other products. Although they hope you keep your bamboo bottle forever, they are proud to declare that our plastics are recyclable. They are BPA-free and are made from food-grade materials making the cap, bottom and nut a safe and efficient way to hold your bamboo bottle together.  Using plastics is obviously not ideal, but they are motivated to develop and evolve the bamboo bottle to be eventually plastic free. They are striving to do our part to not only make better bottles, but to also protect Mother Earth.

The Brand

Part of creating a new kind of bottle is creating a new kind of bottle company

Amidst all the anxiety and confusion surrounding water bottles, they set out to make something different: a safe, durable bottle that works for both hot and cold beverages and—just maybe—makes our planet a little cooler, too. After many brainstorms, a few drawings on cocktail napkins, meticulous research and countless phone calls, one thing became obvious: go bamboo. It is as sleek as it is durable. It is as stylish as it is sensible. And it's renewable.

No, it's more than renewable—it's practically inexhaustible.
After all, in the time most people run a 5K, a bamboo shoot can grow an inch. In the time it takes to hike up and down a 4000-footer, it can grow a foot. And bamboo has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel.

At the crux of the design, they wanted to develop a bamboo bottle that guarantees a clean and crisp water taste, safe at all temperatures. They began with the smooth bamboo sleeve itself. After (seemingly) hundreds of impossibilities, they fell upon their first-of-its-kind design—an easily removable, dishwasher-safe, glass interior produced from completely natural substances and able to withstand active lifestyles.

Unlike plastics and metals that can leach chemicals into your drink, their BPA-free glass interior keeps your drink safe, clean tasting and insulated—hot or cold. The stylish, patent pending design allows for easy cleanup. Simply unscrew the top and bottom and slide the dishwasher-safe glass lining out.  But part of creating a new kind of bottle is creating a new kind of bottle company.

At Bamboo Bottle Company, they strive to be good stewards of this Earth. It's one reason they chose bamboo. Bamboo minimizes carbon dioxide and generates up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. One hectare of bamboo scrubs 62 tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Sometimes, good stewardship is doing the little things right, such as burning the logo in the bottle rather than using adhesives. And sometimes, for the big decisions, they need suggestions. They know they aren't perfect. But they're trying.  Let's help each other. A sustainable lifestyle? They will drink to that!

Fill The Bamboo Bottle Company's Original Glass Water Bottle, with your favorite liquids and enjoy!  For easy cleaning, unscrew the ends and side slide the glass out. The glass and plastic components are dishwasher-safe. Simply clean the bamboo sleeve with a damp cloth. The glass is microwave-safe.

Keep It Clean

The Bamboo:
 To clean the bamboo, simply wipe the bamboo cylinder with a damp cloth. Do not use hot water and refrain from soaking it in water. The bamboo is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe.

The Glass:
 Cleaning the glass is simple. Remove the top cap and ring, and bamboo sleeve from the dishwasher-safe glass interior and bottom cap. We recommended leaving the bottom cap attached to the glass for ease of handling. The glass can be washed either in the dishwasher or in your sink - its cleaning technique is just like your household glasses. Use dishwasher detergent, or dish soap and clean with hot water. Cleaning your water bottle has never been easier.

The Cap, Top Ring and Bottom:
 The cap, top ring and bottom are dishwasher safe. Simply take each individual component and place in dishwasher.

DO NOT soak the bamboo sleeve or put in the dishwasher. DO NOT microwave the bamboo or plastic components.

10710 Donner Pass Rd, Suite 100
Truckee, CA,
Phone: 530-563-4900 Fax: 530-579-1863 Email: Click here Visit website

About Bamboo Bottle Company

The Brand
Part of creating a new kind of bottle is creating a new kind of bottle company™ Amidst all the anxiety and confusion surrounding water bottles, they set out to make something different: a safe, durable bottle that works for both hot and cold beverages and—just maybe—makes our planet a little cooler, too. After many brainstorms, a few drawings on cocktail napkins, meticulous research and countless phone calls, one thing became obvious: go bamboo. It is as sleek as it is durable. It is as stylish as it is sensible. And it's renewable.

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I was looking for glass water bottles and came across this one. I bought this one for my husband to use at work while operating heavy machinery. I thought it would do really well since it was protected by a nice layer of bamboo plus thick plastic top & bottom. We liked the way it looked; it's easy to carry by the handle, too. Thusfar, besides desiring a larger bottle for holding more water, we've found only one drawback... after using the bottle once or twice and washing it, the cover doesn't twist on easily, it seems to get harder and harder to twist on and off. Also, just a little note... it takes a little extra effort to clean and dry thoroughly... however, even with it's drawbacks, it's still a very nice bottle and I'm glad we tried it and will continue using it.

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By (Pikeville , KY )

Very bulky. Big gap between inside glass and bamboo outer sleeve. The green ring on top is VERY difficult to screw on and off. But, keeps water cold and glass has no metal or plastic taste.

Was this review helpful?Yes0No0Thank you for your response.

By (Stroudsburg , PA )

I really liked this product, until i broke the glass. ok, things happen, it was bound to sooner or later~ first... i was hoping lucky vitamin carried the replacement bottles and second.. it is next to impossible to unscrew the broken glass from the plastic bottom piece. Just a bit leery of the broken piece of glass.

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