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DROPPED: Nurtured Pets - Anti-Lick Strip Prevent Large - 6 Pack
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Nurtured Pets - Anti-Lick Strip Prevent Large - 6 Pack

Item #: 110559
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Nurtured Pets - Anti-Lick Strip Prevent Large - 6 Pack

  • Item# :110559
    UPC# :896770002005
  • Brand:Nurtured Pets
  • Size/Form:6  Pack
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Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strip Prevent Large 6 Pack

Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strip Prevent Large are intended for animals 51-80 lbs, measuring 6" x 1.5". Prevent Anti Lick Strip also comes with alcohol prep pads. Anti Lick Strip products are the first of their kind clinically proven to effectively stop licking, biting and chewing behavior in pets. The AntiLickStrip Prevent is a unique bandage with medical-grade adhesive backing on one side and all-natural ingredients on the other. The safe, outfacing all-natural active ingredients including cayenne pepper, oregano, lemon powder and clove oil effectively deliver powerful deterrents to the animal's nose when smelled and tongue when licked or bitten. Prevent Anti-Lick Strips effectively deter licking or chewing behaviors in pets, protecting hot spot areas, as well as other sensitive spots. The Prevent Anti-Lick Strip is composed of all natural ingredients, except for the adhesive which is of human medical grade (only the best for pets). Nurtured Pets cares as much about their own pets as you care about yours!

Although there are many uses for the Anti-LickStrip bandage, a few of the most common are hot spots, lick granulomas, obsessive licking and chewing. Anti-LickStrip bandages can also being used for training purposes. When places on household items such as furniture, your pet will be deterred from licking and chewing. Many people have found that it's better to have Anti-Lick Strips around the house rather than damaged household items.

Is there any part on my pet’s body that I cannot apply Anti-LickStrip bandage?
The Anti-LickStrip bandage can be placed anywhere except the face, genitals and open wounds of your pet.

Which type of Anti-LickStrip product is right for my pet?
The Anti-LickStrip Prevent is used to prevent chewing, licking or biting behaviors engaged in by your pet. If your pet has just developed one of these habits then using Prevent is the right choice. If your pet has any type of surgical site or medically attended wound the Anti-LickStrip Pro Chronic is the right product which is only available through your vet. This product has a stronger adhesive, and when used in conjunction with gauze or vet wrap, can help keep your pet from engaging in chewing, licking or biting of the surgical site.

Can I apply the Anti-LickStrip bandage directly to an open wound?
No. Nurtured Pets recommends not placing the Anti-LickStrip bandage directly onto an open wound. Consult your veterinarian first, who may then recommend using a protective barrier like gauze or vet wrap over the wound, then placing the Anti-LickStrip bandage on the barrier.

How long does it take for the Anti-LickStrip bandage to take affect?
The Anti-Lick Strip should have an immediate affect on your pet. The strip has two deterrents in one. The first deterrent enters through the nose causing a minor nasal irritation. If that does not deter your pet, then the hot taste of the powders will deter them from licking the strip causing them to leave the area alone.

Why does my pet continually remove the Anti-LickStrip bandage?
If your pet continues to remove the Anti-LickStrip bandage, it could be an indication of a more serious problem. Please seek medical attention for your pet.

Will it hurt my pet if I pull the Anti-LickStrip bandage off its fur?
The Anti-LickStrip bandage is made to fall off on its own. If you wish to remove the bandage sooner, use warm soapy water to aid in deactivating the medical grade adhesive. Minimal hair may be pulled but will not cause your pet any pain.

What kind of effect do Anti-LickStrip bandages have on humans?
The Anti-LickStrip bandages contains cayenne pepper, oregano, lemon powder and clove oil. These powders may get into the air and cause minor nasal irritations in humans. Sneezing and watery eyes may also result.

What causes obsessive licking and chewing in pets?
There are many causes why pets engage in obsessive licking, biting, or chewing. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Hot spots
  • Lick granulomas
  • Dermatitis
  • Allergies
  • Infection
  • Parasites
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Stress

Are Anti-LickStrip bandages more effective than deterrent sprays?
The Anti-LickStrip bandage is more effective than deterrent sprays in many ways. First, the sprays are only temporary solutions. There is no useable way to determine the length of time the spray liquid stays on the hair. The Anti-Lick Strip is placed directly on the fur and is made to stay on the fur for a few days. Second, deterrent sprays contain harsh sprays that smell bad and taste even worse. The Anti-Lick Strip contains all natural cooking grade ingredients such as cayenne, oregano and lemon powder. Third, the deterrent sprays are water soluble, meaning that they wash off with water. The Anti-LickStrip bandage does not come off easily with water meaning not re-application after a rain shower or bath.

What are acral lick granulomas?
Acral lick granulomas are wounds caused by obsessive licking of a body, mostly the legs and paws. The wounds start off as small spots, but can progressively get worse if the pet continues to lick it. Some of the causes of lick granulomas include:

  • Boredom
  • Allergies that cause an itching sensation on the pet’s skin
  • A spine needle, splinter or bee sting that start a reaction that draws attention to the area.
  • Joint or bone pain may cause the pet to try to alleviate the pain by licking over the joint or bone spot that is discomforting.
  • Stress associated with separation anxiety, a new pet or child in the home or a neighboring dog entering their territory may cause the pet to lick or bite their own body.
  • Hypothyroidism may be another factor, mainly in black labs. 

What will happen to my pet if they continue obsessive licking or biting behavior?
Typically a pet who continues to lick or bite at an area of their body will develop hot spots, which will eventually turn into acral lick granulomas. If left untreated, the spot may become bigger and get infected. If infection sets, some of the only options for treatment are amputation or euthanasia.

Wrapping the wound to deter your pet from licking it may help in the healing process of the skin. However, if your pet’s obsessive licking leads it to start licking another spot on its body, seek medical attention immediately because your pet may have a more serious problem.

How can I determine if my pet has a licking or biting problem?

  • Pet licks in excess of that required for standard grooming or exploration.
  • If excessive licking or biting interferes with daily activities (ex. eating, drinking, playing or interacting).
  • Pet has no control of starting or stopping behavior.
  • Pet focuses behavior on specific part of the body (ex. Limbs or armpits)
  • Loss of fur in conjunction with skin redness and/or skin sores

What is separation anxiety?
A dog with separation anxiety becomes abnormally anxious when separated from his owner. The severity of the anxiety and the behaviors that the dog exhibits vary from individual to individual. Some dogs become anxious if they cannot actually see their owner; they constantly follow the owner from room to room. Other dogs can tolerate being alone in a room but will check frequently to reassure themselves that the owner is still in the house, and then go back to playing or chewing on a bone in another area. Still other dogs do not become anxious until the owner actually leaves the home. Some dogs become most anxious as soon as the owner leaves, and other dogs have a period of time during which they are comfortable alone, but they become anxious if the owner is gone for an extended period.

This anxiety often increases the longer the owner is gone, and can result in behaviors such as whining, pacing, salivation, barking, howling, hyperactivity, scratching, chewing, digging, urinating or defecating, and destruction of personal items or household objects. Dogs with separation anxiety often exhibit more than one of these behaviors. Dogs have been known to break their teeth and tear their nails and skin trying to get out of crates, and to destroy doors, and jump through windows as their anxiety increases.

Dogs with separation anxiety also often have an overly excited response when their owner returns home. They may whine, jump, or run in circles. This behavior may go on for an abnormal length of time after the owner gets home, and the dog will have the same extreme response even if the owner has only been gone for a few minutes.

What are the active ingredients of Anti-Lick Strip bandages?

  • Clove Oil
  • Oregano
  • Lemon Powder
  • Cayenne Pepper

How do Anti-LickStrip bandages work?
The outer surface of these innovative bandages is constructed from all-natural active ingredients such as cayenne pepper, lemon powder, clove oil and oregano - that effectively discourage unwanted licking, biting and chewing behaviors. Anti-LickStrip bandages are 100% safe despite their deterrent effect. On the back is a peel-and-stick adhesive designed to stay on fur or skin for days, even when wet.

What is their primary benefit?
By deterring the pet from licking, biting and chewing of itchy, painful, irritating problem spots, Anti-LickStrip pet bandages lessen the chance of infection, inflammation or reopened wounds, thereby promoting faster healing. They also help alleviate problems stemming from separation anxiety, boredom or other behavioral issues. These unique bandages have been proven effective in clinical studies, with a success rate as high as 90%.

How do they compare to cone collars?
Until now, the only practical way to prevent unwanted licking and biting was to provide the pet with a cone collar. As most pet parents will attest, watching their dog or cat trying to cope with that uncomfortable cone is difficult to bear.

What are the product varieties?
Anti-LickStrip Prevent is available at hundreds of independent pet stores and chains from coast to coast. It is sold in packages of six (6) individually wrapped bandages per box, with six (6) individually wrapped alcohol prep pads and is available in S, M or L sizes. Two Packs are also available and sold in packages of two (2) individually wrapped bandages with two (2) individually wrapped alcohol prep pads and available in S, M or L sizes.

Anti-Lick Strip Pro and Anti-Lick Strip Pro C are sold exclusively for veterinary in-clinic use. Anti-Lick Strip Pro, which is supplied on 8' rolls, features a more aggressive medical-grade adhesive for use over veterinary wraps, gauze or casts. It should be noted that no Anti-Lick Strip product should ever be applied directly to open wounds or sores.

Who is Nurtured Pets?
A company focused on health and wellness products for pets that has recently introduced the Anti-LickStrip pet bandage - the first product of its kind that's clinically proven to prevent pets from licking, biting and chewing associated with anxiety, boredom, abrasions, surgical stitches, insect bites and more. Nurtured Pets is part of Lauren International, a global, multi-divisional company serving a variety of industries and headquartered in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Nurtured Pets was launched in response to needs in the marketplace for unique pet products in health and wellness. Every employee at Nurtured Pets shares a passion for animals and an astute love for dogs that touches every phase of the business from manufacturing to sales and marketing. The company's commitment to the pet industry is evident through every health and wellness product sold by Nurtured Pets.

In the fall of 2008, the company began producing its premier line of products to deter animals from licking, biting and chewing. Those products included Anti-LickStrip Prevent for at-home use by pet owners, Anti-LickStrip Pro and Anti-LickStrip Pro C sold exclusively to veterinarians for in-clinic use.

Preparation of Affected Area:

  1. Gently brush affected area with soft grooming brush to remove loose hair and debris.
  2. Wipe area with the enclosed alcohol prep pad prior to Anti-Lick Strip Prevent application.

Applying the Anti-Lick Strip Prevent:

  1. Remove paper liner from back of Anti-Lick Strip Prevent and discard.
  2. Apply Anti-Lick Strip Prevent directly to pet's hair, adhesive-side down. (Powder mixture should be visible and right-side up.) If one bandage will not overlap onto itself, use two bandages by overlapping the second to the first and continue applying.
  3. The Anti-Lick Strip Prevent is designed to fall off over a period of days. If the animal still exhibits undesired behavior after the initial application, apply another Anti-Lick Strip Prevent immediately.
  4. Depending upon the type of pet hair, the Anti-Lick Strip Prevent may fall off before it is intended (usually under an hour). In this case, apply a new Anti-Lick Strip Prevent immediately. Be sure the affected area is clean and free of debris.

Should your pet persist in licking and chewing the Anti-Lick Strip Prevent while it is in use, it may be an indication that your pet has a more serious medical condition. See your veterinarian immediately.

Active ingredients: ground cayenne pepper, ground oregano leaf, lemon powder, clove oil.

Inactive ingredients: Hypoallergenic (medical grade) adhesive, nylon.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not get in eyes. Do not apply directly to open wounds, or on raw or tender skin. If you or your pet experience any irritation or discomfort, consult your physician or veterinarian. Wash hands with soap and water immediately after applying to pet.

2162 Reiser Avenue, S.E.
New Philadelphia, OH,
Phone: 1-877-PETS-771 Visit website

About Nurtured Pets

Nurtured Pets® was launched in response to needs in the marketplace for unique pet products in health and wellness. Every employee at Nurtured Pets shares a passion for animals and an astute love for dogs that touches every phase of the business from manufacturing to sales and marketing. The company's commitment to the pet industry is evident through every health and wellness product sold by Nurtured Pets.

In the fall of 2008, the company began producing its premier line of products to deter animals from licking, biting and chewing. Those products included Anti-LickStrip Prevent® for at-home use by pet owners, Anti-LickStrip Pro® and Anti-LickStrip Pro C® sold exclusively to veterinarians for in-clinic use.

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