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DROPPED: Fusion Diet Systems - HCG Fusion 43 Day Program Homeopathic Professional Grade HCG - 2 oz. CLEARANCE PRICED
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Fusion Diet Systems - HCG Fusion 43 Day Program Homeopathic Professional Grade HCG - 2 oz.

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Fusion Diet Systems - HCG Fusion 43 Day Program Homeopathic Professional Grade HCG - 2 oz.

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HCG Fusion - 43 Day Program Homeopathic Professional Grade HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) - 2 oz.(60ml)

HCG Fusion Program Homeopathic Professional Grade HCG.  Everyone's Talking.....  What if there was a way to lose wieght, that required little exercise, gave you energy, and you didn't feel hungry?  Everyone's talking about the HCG Diet because it WORKS!  HCG Fusion is a professional-grade, proprietary formula, trusted by doctors and retailers worldwide, and their HCG Fusion customers are experiencing amazing results!  They are helping people achieve their weight loss goals, and they can help you too!

How it Works....
Even though clients reduce "actual" food intake to 500 calories per day, hunger is not noticed because 3,500 additional calories can be consumed each day by the body by using abnormal fat stores as fuel, and their HCG formulation helps curb appetite and reduce hunger pangs.  The hypothalmus gland moderates the thyroid, arenals, fat storage, and more importantly, metabolic rate.  After successfully completing the HCG protocol, the body will have reset its "set point" to a new lower weight.

HCG Fusion Homeopathic Professional Grade HCG Supplement Drops:

  • No Injections
  • No Prescriptions
  • No Bitter Taste
  • Vitamin B12
  • 4 Amino Acids
  • Apeetite Control
  • Detox

The Protocol

  • Pre-Diet (Optional):
    Before starting your HCG diet , it is recommended (but not required) that you do a simple detox or colon cleanse.  Your local health food or nutritional store can recommend a proper product for you.
  • Phase 1 (Days 1-2):
    Binge!  Eat what you want and begin taking HCG Fusion (7-10 drops, 3x per day, 15 min before eating).  Eat anything and everything you can... especially foods high in fat.  These "loading days are crucial to the rapid fat-burning in Phase 2
  • Phase 2 (Days 3-43 Max):
    Begin Strict 500 Calorie Diet and continue talking HCG Fusion.  Drink at least 64oz. of water daily (can also drink coffee or tea) - For lunch and dinner stick to 4 approved food choices. (fruits, proteins, vegetables, crackers).
  • Phase 3 - Maintenance (3 Weeks)
    You can begin to add more food back into your diet, but avoid sugars and starches for 3 weeks.  Try to add foods back in 1 at a time so you can see how your body reacts to dairy foods, fats/oils, nuts, etc.  Beware of sweet fruit like bananas and mangoes during this phase.  Continue to weigh yourself every morning.  If you go 2 pounds above your lowest weight, a steak day will put you back on track, but it is imprtant to do the steak on the same day as the gain, for best results.  You can maintain your new weight forever following this system.  Once you stabilize your weight, you can add all foods back into your diet, including bread and other starchy foods like potatoes, as well as food containing sugar like mangoes, bananas, and sweets (in moderation).  You should have developed a taste for healthy foods now, and it will be much easier for you to make good food choices and develop healthier eating habits.

The 500 Calorie Diet Menu

  • Breakfast
    Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar.  Stevia may be used as a sweetener (No other artificial sweeteners allowed).  No Milk
  • Lunch
    A 100-gram (4oz) piece of lean protein.  Choices include: beef, chicken breast, mahi mahi, lobster, crab, or shrip (No eel or salmon).
    • One cup of vegetables.  choices include: spinach, asparagus, cabbage, green salad, tomato, cucumber, celery, fennel, onion, chicory, beet-greens, red radish, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers.  (Only one type of vegetable per meal is allowed, however, tomatoes and onions may be served together)
    • One Breadstick or one slice of Melba toast.
  • Dinner
    Same choices as Lunch
  • Snacks
    One fruit 2x per day to have whenever you want: apple, half grapefruit, or a handful of strawberries (6-9).  You may choose to eat one portion of furit as your breakfast, and the other as a snack.


  • Moderate Exercise - Walking 30 minutes a day is a great way to feel great on the diet
  • Drink Lots of Water - It's mother nature's most versatile medicine
  • Get 6-9 hours of sleep daily - Your body needs to recover each day.

It is common for people, especially if they have lost a lot of weight in the first half of the cycle, to hit a plateau, typically during the second half of a cycle, where the weight loss has slowed down or stopped.  "The best solution is to have an "apple day" where for one day, 6 large apples and water are the only food intake.  Weight loss should start again the following day, and continue again through the remainder of the Phase 2 cycle.  Stay positive and keep going!

How HCG Fusion Drops Work to Burn Fat
HCG Fusion allows your body to target and burn abnormal fat stores in combination with a VLCD (very low calorie diet.) Women can produce up to 1 million International units of HCG a day when they are pregnant. This hormone in their body is what protects the fetus and enables it to get the nutrition it needs by burning the mother’s excess fat while leaving the structural or healthy fat and muscle tissue alone. . While on the HCG diet you follow a specific low calorie diet(VLCD).
Even though clients reduce "actual" food intake to 500 calories per day, hunger is not noticed because 3,500 additional calories are consumed each day by the body by using abnormal fat stores as fuel, and our HCG formulation curbs the appetite, reducing hunger pangs. The hypothalamus gland moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage, and more importantly, metabolic rate. After successfully completing the weight loss protocol, the body should have reset its "set point" to a new lower weight. The results can be amazing for those who follow the protocol!
A common misconception is that a person will lose weight anyway on a 500 calorie diet, even if they do not take the HCG Fusion drops. If you were to go on this diet without taking HCG Fusion your body would proceed to go into starvation mode and begin eating muscle tissue for energy and actually start storing fat as opposed to burning it. So although a person may lose weight on a 500 calorie diet alone, it will be because of an unhealthy loss of muscle tissue rather than fat.
The Three Types of Fat in the Human Body:

  • 1. Structural fat: This necessary fat fills the gaps between organs and limbs, and it acts as a sort of "packing material" for the body, for example the fat on the bottom of your feet.
  • 2. Subcutaneous or "Normal" Fat: This is the fat directly under the skin, and the type we see and notice most. It's what makes is look "flabby". It is the fat the body utilizes most easily when nutritional intake is less than what the body demands and is the fat that is easiest to burn through regular exercise.
  • 3. Visceral or "Abnormal" Fat: The most dangerous type of fat, its excessive accumulations can run throughout the body, surrounding organs, causing obesity and increasing the risk of a number of diseases (i.e., cardiovascular disease, liver disease, diabetes). While exercising or restricting food intake allows the body to utilize normal fat reserves, the body can't access the abnormal fat accumulations as easily. That is why abnormal fat is so hard to get rid of, even with exercise.

HCG Fusion drops allow your body to burn the abnormal fat for energy instead of the food you would typically consume. HCG Fusion triggers the abnormal fat from areas that are typically hard to reduce and does not negatively affect the normal (healthy) fat or muscle tissue. Normally when a person lowers their calories and fat, the body begins to store fat and the metabolism does slow down. This occurs because fat is a life saving source of stored energy. When a combination of a VLCD and an exact amount of HCG Fusion drops is used, it signals to the body to access and start using and burning the stored fat for energy. This eliminates excess fat reserves, so there are no bad effects on your metabolism. When fat deposits are released, the body uses it as fuel, which can also aid in appetite suppression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is HCG?
A: HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is found in both men and women, and is a glycoprotein hormone produced predominantly during pregnancy. Its role is to prevent the disintegration of the corpus luteum of the ovary and thereby maintain progesterone production that is critical for a healthy pregnancy and for protecting the growing fetus. Dr. Simeons, an English physician, believed that by injecting small doses of HCG into men or "non-pregnant" women, it could reprogram the hypothalamus and mobilize abnormal fat cells while on a 500 calorie diet. Dr. Simeons dedicated a good portion of his life to the study of obesity, and he is credited as being the Founder of the HCG Diet Protocol.

Q: Why can't I just do the 500 calorie diet or the drops alone?
A: HCG Fusion is only effective for weight loss in conjunction with a very low calorie diet (VLCD). A low-calorie diet alone would not only be unhealthy, it can target lean muscle tissue instead of abnormal fat cells, resulting in a loss of valuable muslce mass. HCG Fusion drops combined with the "proper" 500 calorie diet that we recommend, provides the required nutrients to maintain a healthy body, while burning fat more rapidly than traditional diets.

Q: Can I do the diet more than once?
A: Yes, you can repeat the diet after 6 weeks of being off the drops, and you may continue with the diet and HCG Fusion drops, according to the protocol, until you reach your target weight.

Q: Does HCG Fusion need to be refigerated?
A: NO. HCG Fusion does not need to be refrigerated because it is homeopathic and mixed with colloidal mineral water as part of its liquid medium. HCG Fusion contains NO alcohol! However, HCG Fusion should not be exposed to the sun or extreme heat.

Q: How long is the program?
A: We have 3 different diet programs, depending on how much weight you want to lose. We have a 14-day program, a 25-30 day program, and a 43 day program. You should never go longer than 43 days in a cycle, however you can repeat the diet after being off the drops for at least 6 weeks.

Q: After losing the weight will I keep it off?
A: You should, as long as you follow the protocol. The 3-week Maintenance Cycle (Phase 3) is critical to resetting your metabolism and keeping the weight off. Make sure to complete the entire Maintence Cycle. The HCG diet is more than just losing weight, it's about creating a healthier lifestyle and making better food choices. If you go back to the same eating habits you had before, your chances of gaining the weight back increase.

Q: What about my regular medications?
A: As with any weight loss program, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before beginning the protocol.

Q: Will I be hungry while I am on the hCG protocol?
A: Most people find that even on the low-calorie diet, their hunger is restricted to the time just before they are about to eat anyway. The way that the hCG works ensures that your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs from your fat stores. You can be very creative about how you can use your daily calories.

Q: Will I feel tired or lethargic while my caloric intake is so low?
A: Because your body is receiving good nutrition from your fat stores, you may actually feel more energized. Some people actually feel a sense well-being or even slight euphoria while on the protocol.

Q: I am a vegetarian! Can I do the HCG diet?
A: Yes. Vegetarians can have great success with the HCG diet. Weighing and monitoring your foods is the key here. There are some great protein substitutes such as boca burgers and tofu. Egg whites and cottage cheese (100 grams) can also be substituted as protein but not suggested to replace every protein with egg whites.

Q: Is there anything I can use as a sugar substitute?
A: Yes. Stevia or Truvia can be found in most supermarkets and are great sugar substitutes. They are 100% natural and allowed on the HCG diet. You can find it in many different flavors as well and it is carried by most grocery stores. Do NOT use other sugar substitues such as Splenda, and avoid anything with aspartame.

Q: What if I cheated on the diet? Do I start all over again with my binging days?
A: No, you do not need to start over. Just continue the next day with the diet. Don’t get discouraged.

Q: When and how often should I weigh myself?
A: Checking your weight on day 3 or at phase II is best. Everyone deserves to see their progress. Weigh yourself in the mornings, after you have emptied your bladder with no clothes or very little clothes. During Phase III (maintenance) you will want to weigh yourself every day to make sure you do not have large fluctuations in weight while your body is stabilizing.

Q: Where does your hCG come from?
A: Our hCG is manufactured, bottled and safety-sealed in an FDA registered facility here in the United States. Our hCG is obtained with a medical license from the manufacturer.

Q: Is it ok to skip a meal or protein at one of my meals?
A: No, you don't ever want to skip any of your meals. Its important to eat all of your 500 calories and especially your protein so that you only lose fat and not muscle.

Q: Is there a discount for buying in bulk?
A: We have great deals available for groups including buy 3 bottles get 1 FREE or buy 5 bottles get 2 bottles FREE. If you would like larger quantities, just call one of our sales representatives to work with you on larger orders.

Q: Can I drink alcohol while I'm on the diet?
A: No. Alcohol is not allowed during Phase 2 while you are taking the drops, however you can drink in moderation during Phase 3 so long as you are careful to avoid drinks containing sugar or starch.

Q: Can I use salt?
A: Yes. There are no restrictions on the use of salt, however, natural sea salt is recommended over regular table salt. Also, make sure to check the label of all seasonings and avoid any seasonings that contain added sugar.

Q: Do I need a prescription?
A: No. Congress passed a law in 1938 declaring that homeopathic remedies are to be regulated by the FDA in the same manner as nonprescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, which means that they can be purchased without a physician’s prescription.

Q: Will I lose as much weight with the drops vs. injections?
A: Patients have reported the same weight loss results from both forms of HCG. The difference is that the injectable form generally costs $600 or more for a 5 week program. Our product costs MUCH less!

What is the Hypothalamus?
The hypothalamus is a part of the diencephalon area of our brain. This is the vital part of the brain which controls all of the autonomic functions of the body, including breathing, heart beat, digestion, sleep and the complex functions of the endocrine system. One of the many functions of the endocrine system is regulation and control of your metabolism and weight.

About HCG Fusion
HCG Fusion, the leading authority of the HCG Diet, was one of the first weight loss clinics in Utah to harness the benefits of using hCG sublingual drops in conjunction with therapeutic diet & lifestyle changes. HCG Fusion has an innovative approach to maximize the weight loss results of our clients , which has resulted in an overwhelming success rate for thousands of individuals.

HCG Fusion has been helping people lose weight and feel energetic again! We help clients learn about portion control, develop a healthy relationship with food, increase their energy level through simple activity, and build more balance into their lives for optimal weight loss and well-being. HCG Fusion can help! We are Utah's favorite weight loss center! Because everyone's weight-loss goals are different, They offer 3 different HCG Diet programs.

(Adults and Children 12 years and older) Place 7 to 10 drops under tongue 15 minutes prior to eating. For best results hold drops under tongue for at least 2 minutes before swallowing for maximum absorption.

Active Ingredients: HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x, Vitamin B12 3x, 12x, 30x, Mag Phos cell salt 3x, 12x, 30x, Nat Phos cell salt 3x, 12x, 30x, L-Lysine 3x, 12x, 30x, L-Ornathine 3x, 12x, 30x, L-Arginine 3x, 12x, 30x, Acetyl L-Carnitine 3x, 12x, 30x Inactive Ingredients: Colloidal mineral water.

Before starting any weight loss program cosult with your doctor or health care professional. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing a baby. Do not use if tamper seal is missing or broken. If conditions worsen or persists for more than 7 days, consult with your doctor. In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. This product is not intended for Children under 12 years of age. Keep out of the reach of children.

9854 South 700 East #2
Sandy, UT,
Phone: 801-212-9330 Visit website

About Fusion Diet Systems

Fusion Diet Systems has an exciting line of comprehensive weight management dietary supplements, that are a natural choice to get you looking and feeling fit and healthy!

Fusion Diet Systems products are subject to rigorous testing against globally recognized quality standards. Every product undergoes extensive evaluation in their quality control laboratories. Their products are processed to the highest quality standards in an CGMP (Common Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility in the USA. Fusion Diet Systems is a leader in diet support products and is a dynamic weight loss supplement company dedicated to research.

It's been their goal from the beginning to become the world's leading supplier of natural, effective diet and weight loss supplements.

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Did not work as well as another brand we tried. I seemed more watery

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I've seen first of all a decrease in my appetite. I've lost about 10 pounds in 2 weeks without using the restricted diet. I only eat a portion of a meal I used to eat and I'm full! I'm reordering today so I do recommend it.

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