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Wellinhand - Wart Wonder Delicate Places - 2 oz.

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Wellinhand - Wart Wonder Delicate Places - 2 oz.

  • Item# :110389
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  • Brand:Wellinhand
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Wellinhand - Wart Wonder Delicate Places - 2 oz.

Looking for a way to remove warts naturally, without fuss or invasive procedures? Wellinhand Wart Wonder Delicate Places is a completely natural wart remedy that combines super-infused herbs and anti-viral essential oils to target the root cause of warts. Wellinhand Wart Wonder Delicate Places is an easy to use, non-sting formula that was developed by Linda Doby for her own five-year-old son. He is in his twenties now and the warts never came back! Wellinhand Wart Wonder Delicate Places combines the power of powerful, super-infused herbs with the penetrating, anti-viral properties of pure essential oils. Go with non-invasive therapy in treating common and genital viral warts.

Wellinhand Wart Wonder Delicate Places:

  • No burning
  • No freezing
  • No cutting
  • No scarring
  • 100% natural
  • Results Guaranteed!
  • Certified vegan and cruelty-free

Warts are caused by the highly contagious Verruca virus, which thrives in warm, moist environments and often does not show up on the skin for months after exposure. Often described as having a crusty outer layer, warts have a soft core that is fed by tiny capillaries that form a clot at the tip, which looks like a dark dot in the wart's center. Although warts can appear at any age, older adults who have never experienced the pain and embarrassment of warts most likely won't. Warts are caused by a virus and may grow singly or in clusters. 20% of all common warts will disappear on their own. Most of us prefer not to leave it to chance. Left untreated, warts can grow quite large, painful and can spread to other parts of the body. Reduce risk of getting and spreading warts by wearing shoes, especially at public pools and in locker rooms. Keep feet clean and dry. Never share shoes or socks. Do not touch or scratch warts. Don't share towels. Change shoes and socks daily.

Conventional medical treatments for wart removal such as laser surgery, chemical treatments, and excision are invasive and can permanently damage surrounding skin. Because these treatments remove the wart without treating the Verucca virus, many people find that their warts grow back over time. Wellinhand Wart Wonder is a permanent solution that addresses the root cause of warts. The all-natural formula kills the Verucca virus and gradually removes the wart, eliminating the need for costly and invasive treatments and ensuring that the wart does not grow back.


How does Wart Wonder work?
Wart Wonder is designed to kill the virus that causes warts, and to break down the cell wall without irritating the surrounding skin. Where possible, they recommend applying Wart Wonder to a Band-aid and covering the wart three times daily for all but four hours per day. Consistency counts! If your skin is very sensitive, we suggest that you listen to your reactions and apply Wart Wonder accordingly. If you experience redness, apply less often and or dilute the formula by up to half with water or vegetable glycerine.
I have tried everything including cutting, freezing and noxious chemicals but the warts grew back. Now I have warts and ugly scars. How will Wart Wonder be different?
Conventional methods of treatment do not address the fact that warts are caused by a virus. Wart Wonder kills the virus and eliminates warts for good. No resulting scarring is a fabulous benefit!
Can Wart Wonder be used in awkward places such as earlobes, face, and nostrils?
We have numerous reports of success using Wart Wonder in inconvenient places such as eyelids, earlobes, and nostrils. For places where using a bandage would be inconvenient, soak a cotton swab or pad and hold it to the wart for several minutes. Of course, be careful not to let swabs go too deeply. Do this at least three times daily. Expect results within several weeks according to how consistent you are and how established the roots are. Remember, Wart Wonder is not an overnight process - the herbs need time to eliminate the Verucca virus that causes warts, but once the wart is gone our customers have never reported a regrowth.
How long does Wart Wonder take to work?
Everyone experiences different results. With consistent use some customers report complete elimination of warts within 2.5 weeks; most report desired results within 4-6 weeks. It often takes more than one 2 fl oz bottle to get rid of warts. Results vary according to the age and length of the root, whether Band-aids were used, consistency of use and healing rate of the individual.
Is Wart Wonder safe for use on children?
Of course. Linda Doby developed Wart Wonder for her own 5-year-old son in 1996, and the warts never came back.
How about a gel for warts?
How handy a gel would be. Instead, however, we elect to make 100% of the ingredients active. Gels would call for ingredients that do not address the veruccae.
Why do I need to apply Wart Wonder to a Band-aid?
The use of Band-aids is all about keeping the Wart Wonder formula in contact with the wart. There is no need for the band-aid to be air tight, and if a bandage is inconvenient or impossible to use, douse a cotton ball or cotton bud and hold on the wart several times per day.
I am treating my wart & have recently seen black spots in the wart. What are they?
Generally these spots are the tips of the capillaries that feed the wart. They will tend to appear in one or more places as the wart virus struggles against Wart Wonder.
Can I use Wart Wonder on my face? How close to the eyes can I apply it?
Many people successfully use Wart Wonder on their face. Band-aids cannot be used on your face, so let the formula soak into your wart(s) and then apply frequently. If you experience any irritation, stop applying the formula for one or more days and then get back to the regimen.
Does Wart Wonder work for genital warts?
We have received numerous positive reports on the use of Wart Wonder Delicate Places for genital warts. Women dilute the formula with water and apply with a cotton balls and tampon. Men often will wear a small sock dampened with Wart Wonder. Watch for signs of irritation and apply accordingly.
The smell is interesting & I am waiting for someone to ask me what my new perfume is.
The smell is interesting! Some like it a lot, some don't care for it at all. You are detecting the antiseptic lemon and anti-viral creosote leaf scent.
Does Wart Wonder sting?
Most people say Wart Wonder feels like water going on. Others say that they can feel the tingle. It may depend on your skin type and whether you are applying it to delicate areas.
Can I use it on my eyelids?
So long as you keep Wart Wonder out of your eyes, go ahead. If you experience irritation on delicate skin, discontinue use or dilute formula with water or vegetable glycerine and then apply three times a day, leaving the wart uncovered.
I use Wart Wonder on my athlete's foot. Do others also rid of it with Wart Wonder?
Yes, we have received many reports from grateful customers saying that they successfully used Wart Wonder to eliminate the peeling, itching, burning and redness associate with athlete's foot.
Does Wart Wonder work on Plantar Warts?
Herbalist Linda Doby actually created the formula for her own 5-year-old son's Plantar Warts that had hurt him so badly he could hardly walk on them. The warts never came back!
Does Wart Wonder work on flat warts?
Our customers report happy results on flat viral warts. One of our favorite testimonials regarding flat warts was from a frustrated actor whose beard area was covered with dozens of flat warts. Shaving was actually spreading the virus! After using Wart Wonder, he reported that his facial warts were gone in only one week and that he was finally free to be himself again.
What causes warts?
Warts are caused by the verruca virus and are highly contagious.
How can I prevent getting warts?
Do not touch other people's warts. Do not scratch or shave your own warts. Wear only your own shoes and socks. Wear sandals at public pools and locker rooms.
Are Wellinhand products certified vegan?
Animals play no role in the research, production, or testing of any of their products. All Wellinhand products are certified vegan by Vegan Action and have been awarded the Leaping Bunny seal so you can be sure they are cruelty-free.
Do Wellinhand products contain parabens or artificial additives?
No. All Wellinhand products are 100% pure and natural. They never use parabens or other artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or any other chemical ingredients. All of their ingredients are plant-based and of the highest quality so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin.

Why Buy Natural?

Drugs Take. Herbs Give.
What we put on our skin matters. As the largest organ in our bodies, the skin has a remarkable capability for absorption. Conventional medications and personal care products often contain toxins that can seep through the skin and into the bloodstream, including chemical detergents, lathering agents, artificial fragrance, and synthetic preservatives. When absorbed into the body and accumulated over time, these chemicals can act as allergens, reproductive toxicants, carcinogens, and neurotoxins.

Conventional drugs often require patients to trade effectiveness with dangerous and unpleasant side effects that can be worse than the ailment itself. Acne medication, for instance, has been linked to depression and increased suicide rates in teens. But consumers who choose products labeled as "natural" or "organic" as a safe alternative might be surprised to learn that these products may not be as wholesome as they seem. Many conventional preparations have one active ingredient in a base of cheap, synthetic filler ingredients that can be dangerous to our health.

So how can we be sure that our cosmetics are truly safe? Go all natural! It is possible to positively affect many common health issues using simple, readily available alternatives. Truly natural products enhance your wellbeing without any nasty side effects, giving you peace of mind that you're using a safe, nourishing, and effective solution.

At Wellinhand Action Remedies, they believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Their topically applied herbal formulas contain solely plant-based ingredients like olive oil, castile soap, pure essential oils, organic herbs, and nothing else - no parabens, no sodium laureth or lauryl sulfates, or petrochemicals. Every ingredient in their products is active and nourishing so you can be sure that you're treating your body with real, honest herbs. Their products are certified cruelty-free and vegan.

How do they make their special formulas so powerfully effective? They Super-Infuse! Super-Infusions are the highest concentration of organic and wildcrafted herbs which we process by traditional methods in the finest menstruums of rich oils, local apple cider vinegars and/or food grade alcohol to extract the highest amount of beneficial properties from the plant. Wellinhand Super-Infuses the herbs for all of their products at their facility, and then they hand-blend them into their formulas. Chances are that Linda just finished blending the products you are about order today. Don't take the risk of using dangerous chemicals on your skin. Go natural!

About Well-in-Hand
Wellinhand Action Remedies proudly creates topically applied herbal answers for common and confidential conditions. The Wellinhand range includes all-natural face and body care products for all skin types, as well as topically applied herbal remedies for common and confidential issues such as acne, dryness, herpes, inflammation, insomnia, irritation, pain, warts, and yeast infections. Wellinhand products contain only the finest natural and organic herbs, essential oils, and vitamin-rich healing plant oils and extracts, so they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Their products are certified vegan and cruelty-free and blended by hand in small batches so you can be sure that you're treating yourself to pure nourishment.

Wellinhand was born when Linda Doby, Founder and Director, used her passion for herbal healing to develop a natural cure for her own tendinitis. Thrilled at her remarkable pain relief, Linda named the product Therapy Oil and began sharing it with the general public through friends and local markets. The pivotal moment came in 1994 when Therapy Oil was judged "Outstanding" by master herbalists and awarded Grand Prize at the second International Herb Symposium. Propelled by enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations following this auspicious award, Linda went on to develop our range of naturally effective solutions for common health issues. In response to growing demand for natural health and body care products, in 2002 they moved into their 13,000 sq. ft. Wellinhand Center in Forest, Virginia, a dedicated facility where we create, blend, and package our products for distributors, retailers, and individuals alike.

Today they continue to be driven by the same passion for natural relief. They develop each of their formulas with their customers' needs in mind and they are fueled by their glowing reviews of their products. Because they know that their products appeal to the growing number of people concerned about applying synthetic chemicals to their bodies, they only use the freshest, purest ingredients in their formulas. They've stayed true to their local roots, too - that's why they never send their products elsewhere to be manufactured. Since the very beginning, Linda has blended every drop of our unique formulas by hand to ensure potency and effectiveness. In keeping with their commitment to animal rights, their products are certified vegan and cruelty-free. Critters play no role in their research, production, or testing of Wellinhand products. They sure do a lot for morale, though!

Whether for a common ailment, a confidential condition, or just for some everyday pampering, why not try their award-winning products for yourself? They guarantee that you'll be satisfied. That's why they say that Relief is Wellinhand.

Real Herbs, Real Results, Real Fast. Guaranteed!

Wellinhand's Philosophy

  • They believe that herbs give and drugs take. They use their herbal expertise to develop safe, pure, and truly natural remedies, satisfaction guaranteed.
  • They believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. That's why all of their products are 100% natural, pure, and of the highest quality. They carefully blend their formulas by hand in small batches to ensure freshness.
  • They believe that no one should suffer for their products. All of their products are cruelty-free and certified vegan. Animals play no part in the research and production of their products.
  • They believe in social and environmental sustainability. Their ingredients are harvested responsibly and they develop, produce, and package their product right on site using reclaimed and recycled packing materials. Their green commitment extends to their breakroom, too, where they compost all of their food waste.
  • They believe that their customers drive their company. They develop each formula to suit the needs of their family and the demands of their beloved customers.

Wellinhand's Founder
Linda Doby founded Wellinhand Action Remedies in 1994 after using her herbal wisdom to find a cure for her own painful tendinitis. The all-natural, topically applied herbal and aromatherapy formula she created is the amazingly versatile and award-winning product that we know today as Therapy Oil. Linda went on to develop our entire range of topically applied herbal remedies, and now as our Director and Product Formulator she continues to formulate and hand-blend each and every one of our products to ensure quality and freshness.

As a passionate autodidact who believes in the value of self-education, Linda is driven by her deep passion for learning and healing. She earned her Master's degree in Deaf Education from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and worked as a special education teacher before turning to the natural products industry. She acquired her vast knowledge of herbs and natural healing from books, herbal masters, and natural healing experts throughout the country and the world.

Linda and her husband homeschooled all of their four children and raised them on a vegan diet. As a devout vegetarian since 1977, Linda's commitment to animal rights naturally extends to Wellinhand, where she has never involved animals in the production or testing of her formulas. In addition to running Wellinhand, Linda co-founded the Green Products Alliance, a network of natural personal care product companies dedicated to socially responsible business practices. Linda recently completed law school as a Virginia Law Reader and is currently studying for the Virginia bar exam.

Wart Wonder is easy to use and child-friendly.

Put a few drops of Wart Wonder on a bandage and apply to the wart three times daily. Results vary, of course, but do expect results! Note that most of the action begins under the skin at the root of the wart. Typically you might see changes in the size, color, and texture of warts. The wart might shrink or puff out like a cauliflower at first, or turn white, black, red, or purple. Warts tend to soften in texture as a part of the farewell process, and black dots within the wart might become exposed - these are the capillaries that feed the wart. How long it takes for the warts to disappear vary from person to person. Sometimes it takes one, two, or even four bottles to do the trick.

The instructions call for using a Band-aid, but if warts are located in places where Band-aid use would be inconvenient, go ahead and use the formula without covering the wart. The process will take longer, but it still works.

Customers report that Wart Wonder has completely gotten rid of their viral warts including Plantar warts, genital warts, rectal warts, and those warts commonly found on fingers, toes, eyelids, ankles, knees. All without leaving scars!

Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, super-infused extracts of Creosote leaf, Bloodroot, and pure essential oils. 
5164 Waterlick Road
Forest, VA,
Phone: 434-534-6050 Email: Click here Visit website

About Wellinhand

Linda Doby's company, Wellinhand Epic Herbal Care, is carving a niche in the growing $32 billion natural product industry by offering herbal alternatives that address confidential conditions. The company was born in 1994 when Wellinhand Therapy Oil was judged Outstanding by master herbalists and awarded Grand Prize at the 2nd International Herb Symposium. Recent endorsements of Wellinhand products in leading national magazines including Teen and YM have reached millions of consumers and are boosting the company out of Doby's basement and into the national arena with big personal care companies.

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