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Juvo Inc. - Complete Meal Replacement

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Compelete Meal Replacement — Juvo
Juvo is the revolutionary low-fat, low-calorie and all-natural raw meal designed to fuel all lifestyles. Nutritionally balanced and rich in raw ingredients, Juvo can boost energy, strengthen natural body defense, cleanse your system and improve your overall health.

* All Natural: Over 30 nutritious ingredients: from whole grains to sea vegetables to mushrooms — and absolutely nothing artificial, NON-GMO, VEGAN and DAIRY FREE.
* All Raw: Cooking and processing destroys vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibers, phytonutrients and chlorophyll, so we keep Juvo raw.
* So Cool: Freeze drying may cost more than other preservation methods, but it's the best way to retain nutritional properties, flavor, color and aroma.
* So Easy: Easy-to-carry single-serve pouches are perfect for those on the go. Just mix one with your favorite beverage for a tasty complete healthy meal!

Are You What You Eat?

* Too Much Junk? It's too easy to eat only what's convenient or tasty at first sight. But that means our diets overflow with fat, sodium and sugar, while our bellies overflow our belts. Even worse are health problems beyond obesity.
* Too Many Artificial Chemicals? Many meals owe more to the lab than to the kitchen. We consume hundreds of chemicals annually, from preservatives to artificial colors and flavors to non-digestible fat and sugar substitutes.
* Too Much Processing? Heating and processing may make food taste better, but they can destroy valuable nutrients. Throw in radiation treatment and genetic modification, and our diets could actually be hurting us.

Start each day with Juvo and let these benefits come alive for you:

* Boost your energy
* Strengthens natural body defense
* Cleanse your body of toxins and waste materials
* Help reduce tensions and stress
* Supports digestion
* Healthfully appease hunger pangs

Pour one package of Juvo — a single serving equal to a regular healthy meal — into a large glass. Shake Juvo into 8 ounces of cold water or your favorite beverage, or blend into a smoothie. We recommend mixing Juvo with fat-free vanilla soy milk. You can also add honey or maple syrup for additional sweetness. You can eat Juvo on its own or as part of a healthy balanced diet. You can also sprinkle Juvo on salads or pasta to add flavor and nutrition.

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About Juvo Inc.

Juvo is a plant-based vegetarian meal: organic whole grains, vegetables, sea vegetables and mushrooms make up the premium vegetarian ingredient list. Juvo is a living and uncooked vegetarian food: over 25 natural ingredients are freeze-dried to protect essential nutrients and retain freshness. Juvo is a complete whole food meal, full of nutrition but low-calorie: perfect for weight loss in a healthy natural way. One Juvo meal a day can provide optimum energy, enhance metabolism, strengthen the immune system, cleanse the digestive system, and control(reduce) daily total calorie intake, thus improving overall body function and eventually rejuvonating your body. "One juvo vegetarian meal a day can make a healthier America" this is juvolution.

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