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Vega - SaviSeed Karmalized Inca Peanuts - 1 oz.

By Vega
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Vega - SaviSeed Karmalized Inca Peanuts - 1 oz.

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Vega - Savi Seed Karmalized - 1 oz. (28g) - Formerly Sequel Naturals

Vega SaviSeed Karmalized is a delicious healthy indulgence. For just a touch of sweetness and crunch, Karmalized Saviseeds are roasted and lightly glazed in sugar cane. They look, smell and taste like nuts, but they are seeds - sacha inchi seeds to be exact. Sacha inchi seeds (also known as the Inca Peanut) are a rich legacy passed on from the ancient Peruvian peoples to you today. With an unmatched level of taste and nutrition, SaviSeeds make the perfect healthy indulgence. Each serving of Oh Natural SaviSeed includes:

  • 7000 mg of heart-healthy Omega 3
  • 8 grams of complete, highly digestible protein
  • 5 grams of dietary fiber, which is 20% RDI
  • Powerful natural antioxidants

SaviSeeds are rich in nutrients - making them a healthy yet indulgent snack. With 7000mg of Omega-3 per serving, SaviSeeds offer 13 times more Omega-3 than wild salmon, not to mention they're packed with complete protein and antioxidants. SaviSeeds are not only healthy, they also taste amazing in three mouth-watering flavors: cocoa kissed, karmalized and oh natural.

What is SaviSeed?

When they say SaviSeed, they mean premium, organic sacha inchi seeds - the super food of the ancient Inca peoples. Not just your average seed, sacha inchi seeds also known as the Inca Peanut are native to the Amazon rainforest and have been cultivated and consumed for centuries in Peru. SaviSeeds are the fruit of sacha inchi plants, herbaceous vines that produce star-shaped green pods which yield edible seeds - SaviSeeds. Their premium SaviSeeds are sustainably and organically grown and proudly produced in partnership with indigenous Peruvian farmers.

SaviSeed brings the wonders of an ancient Peruvian food source to you. Also known as the Inca Peanut, sacha inchi's scientific name is Plukenetia volubilis. Sacha inchi has been known by the natives of Peru and other indigenous peoples of the Amazon for centuries. Historians believe the plant has probably been used by the Incas over 3000 years ago, which is evident from the interpretation of the plant on vessels in Incan tombs.

Sacha inchi has been used traditionally by communities in the Amazon in different meals, such as the inchicapi, a regional soup and as cooked seeds ground up in a sauce. The oil and roasted seeds are common ingredients in cities and towns throughout Peru's jungle. It is also used externally by Peruvian people as a rejuvenating cream applied on the skin. This treasure of the Amazon has a rich history which you can now have access to in the form of SaviSeed - the best tasting, richest source of Omega 3!

SaviSeed - How is it grown?

Beneath the high peaks of the Peruvian Andes Mountains lie highland jungles filled with lush vegetation. Amid the many tropical plant species there grow woody, twining vines bearing green pods and small seeds. These shrub-like vines are sacha inchi plants, the source of SaviSeeds. Cultivated in small plantation farms, they grow in rows to a height of 2-3 meters, supported by wooden posts.

The soil in which SaviSeeds are produced is notably rich and full of minerals and nutrients - another reason why they provide so many nutritional benefits. Sacha inchi plants thrive in high humidity, high sunlight exposure and heat. The sacha inchi fruit is a star shaped green pod, covered in 3 layers of shell - with each pod containing 3-7 seeds.

Harvest and Transport
The first crop harvest comes just 7-8 months from the time of planting. After the first harvest, sacha inchi plants produce crops several times throughout the year, and depending on conditions, can produce for as long as ten years. When the sacha inchi pods are ready to pick, they make cracking sounds and turn from green to brown in color. Teams working in fields then pick the star shaped pods from the plants and place into baskets. After being picked, the pods are placed on drying beds (long tables with wire mesh), where they dry in the warm sunshine until the seeds are exposed.

From there, the pods are pressed, removing layers to get to the seed. Once removed, seeds are put into sacks and stored. When sacha inchi farmers have a large enough volume of seeds stored, it's time to bring them to market. The sacks of seed are transported from the farmer's land by cart to Lima, from which they are then imported into Canada

Where does it come from?

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most valuable and important places in the world - in fact, it is the largest forest on the planet representing one-fifth of the world's fresh water and containing thousands of animal and plant species.Sacha inchi plants are native to this amazing rainforest, grown deep in the lowland regions of Peru.

SaviSeeds are the fruit of many harvests. In Peru, farmers grow sacha inchi plants on small plots of land in high and abundant jungle regions, often in addition to their other crops. The yields of many of these small sacha inchi plantations are combined to become SaviSeeds. In this way, the production of SaviSeed allows Peruvian communities to band together, as they collectively raise sacha inchi seeds to earn a living and support their families.

Omega 3

SaviSeeds are the richest source of Omega 3 on the planet! At 7000mg of heart-healthy Omega 3 per one ounce serving, they offer 13 times more Omega 3 than an ounce of wild salmon - and with SaviSeeds, you'll have no fishy aftertaste! Since Omega 3 is not naturally produced by the body, it's essential to consume Omega 3 rich foods like SaviSeed to reduce inflammation and promote heart, joint and mental health , and even help to prevent cancer and disease.

Not only are SaviSeeds amazingly rich in Omega 3, they also contain Omega 6 and 9 in an optimally balanced ratio. Modern day diets have significantly raised levels of Omega 6, as it is found in grains, poultry and eggs. Consuming foods like SaviSeed with higher levels of Omega 3 will balance fatty acid ratios for optimum health.

So how does SaviSeed compare to other commonly known sources of Omega 3? This chart is a great reference - comparing SaviSeed to seeds, nuts and fish! As you can see below, one ounce of Oh Natural SaviSeeds contain 7000 mg of Omega 3 which exceeds even flax seeds' 6400 mg. While the numbers are close, SaviSeeds are far easier to consume as they don't require grinding to access nutrients and are far more snackable!

Total Nutrients

SaviSeeds are rich in nutrients - making them a healthy but indulgent snack. Here's why they are called a superfood:

Omega 3
Sacha inchi seeds are the richest source of Omega 3 on the planet! At 7000mg of heart-healthy Omega 3 per one ounce serving, they offer 13 times more Omega 3 than an ounce of wild salmon - without having to deal with unpleasant fishy flavors and aftertastes!

SaviSeeds are an exceptional source of plant-based protein with 8 grams of protein per ounce - more than most nuts and seeds. SaviSeed is a complete protein source which is rich in both essential and non-essential amino acids. This highly digestible protein is very useful in tissue regeneration and muscle development, and it's easily digestible… no irritation, gas, or acidity.

This ancient food source is also a particularly abundant source of tryptophan, an amino acid that can help promote a positive mood - containing about 29 mg of tryptophan per gram of protein, which is more than 8 times higher than roasted turkey.

Sacha inchi seeds have a high concentration of powerful natural antioxidants like Vitamin E, which helps to ward off cardiovascular disease and cancer by protecting cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.

All those with gluten intolerances and allergies can also enjoy this nutritious and yummy snack! SaviSeeds are tested and approved to meet international guidelines for gluten free status.

A mere one ounce serving of SaviSeed will easily provide you with 5 grams of dietary fiber, which is 20% of recommended daily intake.

Certified Organic
SaviSeeds are organically certified by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), meaning that no chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or herbicides are used during production. Precautions are taken even during transportation and storage to avoid cross contamination between organic sacha inchi and any crops that may not be organic.


Q: Are SaviSeeds nut-free?
A: SaviSeeds are naturally nut-free. However, we have included a disclaimer on our package as SaviSeeds are produced in a facility that processes and therefore may contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Q: How does the Omega 3 profile of SaviSeed compare with flax?
A: One ounce of SaviSeed contains 7000 mg of Omega 3 exceeding flax seeds' 6400 mg. While the numbers are close, we also believe SaviSeeds are far easier to consume as they don't require grinding to access nutrients and are far more snackable!

Q: Are SaviSeeds certified gluten free?
A: SaviSeeds are tested to meet international guidelines for gluten free status.

Q: What is the shelf life of SaviSeeds?
A: The shelf life for all flavours is 12 months.

Q: Do SaviSeeds require refrigeration? Will refrigeration extend shelf life?
A: SaviSeeds do not require refrigeration however this may help to extend shelf life further.

Q: How many grams of Omega 3, 6 and 9 per 1oz/28g serving are found in SaviSeeds?
A: Sacha inchi seeds contain an average of 50% Omega-3, 34% Omega-6 and 9% Omega- 9, a total of 93% of unsaturated fatty acids. This means there are approximately 7 grams of Omega-3, 4.7 grams of Omega-6 and 1.3 grams of Omega-9.

Sequel Naturals SaviSeed Cocoa Kissed - 5 oz.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 oz.
Servings Per Container: 5
Amount Per Serving %DV*
Calories 160
Calories from fat 100
Total Fat 11g 17%
Saturated .5g 3%
Trans Fats 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 120mg 5%
Total Carbohydrates 11g 4%
Dietary Fibre 3g 12%
Sugars 8g
Protein 6g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 3%
Iron 3%
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Organic sacha inchi seeds and organic cane sugar.
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Burnaby, BC,
Phone: (866) 839-8863 Visit website

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I absolutely LOVE these nuts.. I wish they came in a raw version-- They taste awesome and are high in Omega3s.. and we alll need more of it! The unsweetened versions, in my opinion, are the best :)

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