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DROPPED: Nature's Life - Acidophilus Probiotic Pro-96 Blueberry Blast - 16 oz. Formerly Blueberry Pro 96
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  • Ingredients
  • 100% Natural
    100% Natural

    Ingredients extracted from plants and animals and contains nothing synthetic.

  • Dairy-Free

    Contains no milk or any milk-derived sources such as butter, yogurt, sour cream, heavy cream, and all types of cheese.

Nature's Life - Acidophilus Probiotic Pro-96 Blueberry Blast - 16 oz. Formerly Blueberry Pro 96

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Nature's Life - Acidophilus Probiotic Pro-96 Blueberry Blast - 16 oz. Formerly Blueberry Pro 96

  • Item# :66269
    UPC# :040647005402
  • Brand:Nature's Life
  • Size/Form:16  oz.
  • Ship Weight:1.80
  • Servings:32
  • Dosage:1  Tablespoon(s)
  • Flavor:Blueberry Blast

Nature's Life - Blueberry Pro-96 Acidophilus Probiotic - 16 oz.

Nature’s Life Blueberry Pro-96 Probiotic is a perfect choice for those who want high quality, friendly bacteria but are intolerant of dairy-based acidophilus cultures. Nature's Life's unique strains of viable Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are cultured in dairy-free, non-GMO soy protein isolate. Nature's Life Blueberry Pro-96 Acidophilus Probiotic is a delicious soy product has a thick, creamy texture similar to that of thin yogurt or a milk shake.

At the time of manufacture, this potent probiotic contains billions of organisms per serving. In addition to the actual beneficial organisms, this culture contains the probiotic’s nutritionally valuable metabolic by-products such as naturally-occuring trace amounts of antibodies, vitamins, mineral metabolites and enzymes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Thick & creamy with natural blueberry flavor
  • Live Probiotic Organisms
  • Soy Based / Milk-Free
  • NOT Filtered or Centrifuged
  • Refrigeration Required

Facts About Intestinal Flora
Specific strains of bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, play an important role in maintaining human health and wellness. Many consumers are becoming aware of the importance of probiotics, or ‘friendly’ bacteria in human nutrition, and the several roles they play in maintaining overall health.

Within the average human body, an estimated 10 quadrillion bacteria make their home in the digestive tract. These organisms are also referred to as intestinal flora. Fortunately, less than 1% of the over 400 different species of bacteria found in the intestines are potentially harmful. The majority of bacteria found in the intestinal tract are, in fact, directly beneficial, even essential for human health. Probiotic bacteria support good health primarily by limiting the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and facilitating good digestion.

Typically, probiotics are consumed as part of cultured foods such as acidophilus milk, yogurt, soy tempeh, and cultured wheat (idli). Several strains of intestinal bacteria found in these foods, specifically Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, and L. thermophilus, multiply and thrive in the moist, warm environment of the human body by feeding on carbohydrates and protein in the digestive tract. Colonies of these friendly bacteria are then established along the intestinal walls. The primary role of L. acidophilus and other intestinal flora is to reinforce protective mucosal surfaces and prevent the entrance and attachment of harmful microorganisms and allergens. According to experts, regular consumption of probiotics is the best way to maintain healthy intestinal flora, since Lactobacilli species do not survive for very long in the colon, and need to be routinely replenished.

Benefits of Probiotics

Healthy Digestion
In addition to actually producing numerous vitamins, probiotics also support healthy digestion. Fermented foods containing probiotic bacteria are particularly healthy, since many of the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are already partially digested by the bacteria. This increases the overall digestibility and nutritional value of the food; specifically the amount of B-vitamins.

Lactobacillus acidophilus produces lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose (milk sugar). Individuals who do not effectively produce enough lactase are referred to as ‘lactose intolerant.’ In converting it to lactic acid, lactobacilli can ferment as much as half of the lactose in milk, which results in fewer digestive problems for lactose intolerant individuals.

Inhibiting Bacterial Growth
Probiotics compete for space along the intestinal walls, edging out pathogens (harmful bacteria). When there are well established colonies of friendly bacteria in the intestine, potentially harmful bacteria are simply not able to multiply and establish a foothold. This action has been known to particularly inhibit the growth of Candida albicans, E. coli, and salmonella. Probiotics are also voracious ‘eaters;’ devouring nutrients that could otherwise support the growth and establishment of harmful microorganisms and, in effect, starve them out.

Probiotics possess antibiotic properties, maintaining a low, acidic pH in the intestines and vagina that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Lactobacilli are one of the primary kinds of bacteria found in normal vaginal flora, and their presence is believed to inhibit the overgrowth of harmful bacteria, such as Candida. Lactobacillus acidophilus produces lactic acid, acetic acid, benzoic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and natural antibodies known as bacteriocins and microcins. The acids reduce the pH of the intestinal surface area, while hydrogen peroxide inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and yeasts. Bacteriocins and microcins kill microbes and bacteria.

Although diarrhea can have several causes, it invariably results in the flushing out of almost all bacteria living in the intestine, leaving the body vulnerable. It is important to replenish the body with probiotics during and after incidences of diarrhea. That is why probiotic supplements are especially useful for travelers.

Recolonization After Antibiotic Use
Antibiotics are given to treat bacterial infections. Antibiotics indiscriminately destroy bacteria, both good and bad, leaving the intestine without its normal, probiotic flora. In this compromised state, disease-causing bacteria can multiply unhindered. Ironically, antibiotics can ultimately contribute to the growth of unhealthy bacteria. When taken during and after antibiotic use, L. acidophilus rapidly restores normal intestinal flora.

Nature’s Life VegetariannSoy Based Liquid Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Nature’s Life uses the same basic principles in producing our Lactobacillus acidophilus products that were used by prehistoric nomadic peoples. Of course, we now use modern, high volume equipment. Large fermentation tanks and freeze-driers maintain consistency in each batch. These and other improvements, along with highly trained personnel, validated scientific methods, and quality assurance practices ensure that every batch meets our high standards for quality and consistency.

Nature’s Life Vegetarian Lactobacillus acidophilus is cultured on nutrient-dense soy protein. This process ensures that individuals with dairy sensitivities can benefit from probiotic supplementation by having an alternative to traditional, dairy (milk, yogurt) based Lactobacillus cultures. Only pure crystalline fructose (fruit sugar) and natural blueberries are used for flavor. Only purified, pasteurized water is used. Our growth medium has a broad range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, organic acids, and phytonutrients. Temperature and moisture are carefully controlled during the several days needed for the organisms to multiply to peak potency.

Nature’s Life Blueberry Lactobacillus acidophilus differs slightly from our other acidophilus liquids in its texture and consistency. Our blueberry acidophilus is somewhat thicker, with a creamy texture somewhere between thin yogurt and a milk shake.

Nature’s Life acidophilus is NOT filtered, centrifuged, or otherwise concentrated or separated from its growth medium to artificially obtain higher concentrations of bacteria. Centrifuging may damage the lactobacillus by altering the natural clumping, chaining, and branching of bacteria colonies. Many experts conclude that centrifuged acidophilus products are incomplete and therefore less effective.

Nature’s Life Lactobacillus acidophilus retains all the benefits of its nutrient-rich soy protein growth medium. All the nutritionally valuable by-products of the bacteria’s metabolism remain, including B-vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, antibodies and antibiotics.

All of Nature’s Life Lactobacillus acidophilus products meet the acid test for effectiveness:

  • Enough bacteria survive the high acidity of the stomach and retain their viability and effectiveness.
  • The organisms multiply rapidly in the intestine providing all the benefits of these friendly bacteria.
  • The bacteria effectively inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, and L. thermophilus are safe, naturally occurring probiotic bacteria normally found in the digestive tracts of humans and animals. Mild gastrointestinal disturbance may occur in some individuals (not on antibiotic therapy) who exceed more than one to two billion L. acidophilus cells per day. There are currently no known warnings, drug interactions, or contraindications for acidophilus supplementation.

About Nature's Life
Mission Statement: "To ethically provide quality products and services to improve nutrition and health"

Nature's Life's supplements are formulated by specialists in the health and natural foods industry and backed by scientific research. Nature's Life only offers nutritional supplements and formulas that are supported with valid, published peer reviewed research. All of Nature's Life's brochures and other educational materials list the published references that support our claims and statements. Customer satisfaction through product effectiveness is Nature's Life's paramount goal.

The Best Before dates on the containers assure Nature's Life's customers that Nature's Life's products are still 100% effective through that date. Nature's Life protects every bottle with two separate tamper-evident seals.

Nature's Life publishes a series of consumer brochures and Product Presentation Sheets designed to help people make informed health choices. Substantial time is spent researching and verifying scientific studies until Nature's Life is producing, and validating, the best possible benefit information.

Nature's Life represents, and lobbies for, Nature's Life consumers' health freedoms. Nature's Life is also a strong advocate for freedom of choice in health care products and practices. Nature's Life actively monitors state, federal and international regulatory agencies and legislators, and actively participate in reforms. Nature's Life is a recognized industry leader in the improvement of quality standards for nutritional supplements, and Nature's Life works hard to ensure that your best interests are being promoted and protected.

A message from the President of Nature's Life
Nothing is more important than your good health, a philosophy Nature's Life takes to heart.

Nature's Life believes in making top quality products that are consistently effective. Nature's Life also believes in sharing thier knowledge to create better-informed consumers. Part of this sharing process is the FULL disclosure of every ingredient in every product, and informative publications supporting thier claims.

Nature's Life confidently stands behind all of thier formulas. Nature's Life only uses components with valid scientific evidence of their health benefits, and Nature's Life always ensures that thier products are made, and labeled, with your safety in mind. If Nature's Life can't substantiate the health benefits of an ingredient with human research, they don't use it. Everyone has the right to basic nutrition and we make it affordable and beneficial.

I am glad to be a part of Nature's Life. Helping to improve and maintain the health and well-being of people, and the environment, in which we live, is a reward unmatched by any other. Nature's Life hopes that this catalog is valuable to you in selecting the highest quality, best valued nutritional supplements. We look forward to a continued cooperative relationship with you, including prosperity in knowledge and health.

Nature's Life appreciates your support, and the opportunity to be a part of your wellness program.

Take one (1) tablespoon (0.5 fl oz or 15 ml), as desired. Do not take within 2 hours of taking antibiotics.

Nature's Life - Blueberry Pro-96 Acidophilus Probiotic - 16 oz.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon (0.5 fl oz/15mL)
Servings Per Container: 32
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 10
Total Fat <1 g 0%
Sodium <1 g 0%
Potassium <1 g 0%
Total Carbohydrate 2 g 0%
       Sugars <1 g
Protein <1 g 2%
Not a significant source of Calories from Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A,C or Calcium.
Iron 2% - Niacin 4% - Folate 2% - Phosphorus 2% - Selenium 2% - Copper 2%
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Pro-96 Soy Protein Blend (Natural Berry Flavor, Grape Juice Concentrate, Blueberry Juice Concentrate, Freeze-Dried Blueberries, Grape Skin Extract, Standardized Grape Seed Extract, Standardized Bilberry Fruit Extract), Milk-Free Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Pure Crystalline Fructose, Natural Blueberry Concentrate, Live Lactobacillus Culture (L. acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. thermophilus, L. rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium lactis, bifidum and infantis) and Fructooligosaccharides.
900 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 105
Larkspur, CA,
Phone: 8002476997 Fax: 8006437195 Visit website

About Nature's Life

Nature’s Life supplements are formulated by specialists in the health and natural foods industry and backed by scientific research. Nature's Life only offers nutritional supplements and formulas that are supported with valid, published peer reviewed research. All of their brochures and other educational materials list the published references that support their claims and statements. Customer satisfaction through product effectiveness is Nature’s Life’s paramount goal.

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By (Miami , FL )

Lucky Vitamin's packaging of this probiotic was impeccable! Insulated packaging with ice packs to keep the probiotics alive. Lucky is my choice of providers! As a matter of fact, I'm going online to place an order for products right now. Sincerely, T

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By (West Seneca , NY )

This product is probably one of the most gentle , I have taken so far, if you are interested in protecting your immune system, this one contains 10 billion cultures to protect the good versus the bad bacteria our system is subjected to, if the Greek labs put this product on the market why am I not surprised because in my opinion they did it right, it tastes good and not vile like some of the others I've tried, so if your digestive system needs help, this product is the way to go, so go for it!!!

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Last year I contracted c-difficil while in the hospital. I feel this product helped me recover the bowel flora.

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