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    Mavea - Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher BPA Free 9 Cup Black - 3.5 Liter(s)

    Discover Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher BPA Free 9 Cup and enjoy the benefits of filtered water. Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher BPA Free 9 Cup gives your fresh drinks a great, natural taste. Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher BPA Free 9 Cup releases the full flavour and taste of tea and coffee. Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher BPA Free 9 Cup is ideal for cooking healthy food. Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher BPA Free 9 Cup prolongs lifetime of your domestic appliances due to preventing limescale build up. Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher BPA Free 9 Cup is economical and convenient like your own source of clearer water at home.

    Mavea water filter cartridge with unique Mavea Maxtra filtration technology provides cleaner, great-tasting filtered water.

    Mavea water filter cartridge reduces:

    • Chlorine taste and odor and limescale for a great taste of hot and cold drinks,
    • Contaminants such as:
      • heavy metals (like cadmium, copper, mercury),
      • organic impurities (such as benzene, MTBE and tetrchloroethylene)
      • pesticides (e.g atrazine or simazine) for your well being.

    Mavea water filter cartridge prolongs the lifetime of your domestic appliance by reducing limescale-build up.

    The latest cartridge generation with Mavea Maxtra filtration technology.

    Mavea Technology
    The unique Filtration Technology is made of an unparalleled combination of a natural MicroporeFilter and an effective ProtectFilter.

    The MicroporeFilter with its extremely small and porous structure absorbs microscopic particles from the water. This makes the filter extremely efficient in reducing undesired substances that affect taste and odour, such as chlorine, chlorine compounds and organic impurities.

    The ProtectFilter reduces limescale for the protection of domestic appliances from limescale build-up. Additionally it reduces metals (such as copper or lead) which can occur in particular via household piping for your well being.

    Perfect filtration takes time. That is why the unique FlowControl has been developed, to ensure perfect filtration time for optimum results and to make Mavea-filtered water even better.

    Mavea Maxtra FlowControl
    The FlowControl leads to a consistent flow rate through the cartridge for an improved water filtration.

    Contact times between water and filter cartridge contents have been optimized for your convenience and their best ever performance!

    FlowControl - for the best ever Mavea-filtered water!

    Mavea Maxtra cartridges are recyclable!
    Recycling is a core element of their values in terms of doing what’s right for the environment. 100% of used Mavea Maxtra filter cartridges are recyclable. Mail your used cartridges back to them and they pay the postage. Or drop your used cartridges in the recycle bin at participating stores, For more information please call customer service.

    Benefits of Mavea Maxtra
    With Mavea filtered water your hot drinks become a true delight!

    An aromatic cup of your favourite tea or coffee is an experience for all the senses. But for complete enjoyment it is not just the quality of the initial products that play a key role. Only when you use the right water your hot or cold drinks and food will become a true delight.

    Mavea filter-systems reduce impurities
    The Mavea water filter cartridges reduce the limescale content of the water. It also reduces other substances that affect smell and taste such as chlorine. The result: cold water becomes even more refreshing and enjoyable. Whereas, the natural aromas in tea and coffee can develop far better when preparing brewed. Tea has a clear shimmer to it and shows no more ugly scum. Food prepared with filtered water can develop its full flavour.

    Reliable machine protection
    Mavea filtered water with less limescale will also protect your domestic appliances. The appliance does not scale up as quickly. This means it has a longer life and ensures fast boiling on a long-term basis with consistently low energy consumption.

    The new generation Mavea Maxtra water filter cartridge provides cleaner, clearer great tasting Mavea filtered water for:

    • Turns tap water into delicious water
    • No pre-soaking required, saves time and is more convenient
    • The ring pull handle and the non-slip grip make the exchange process even easier
    • Prevents particle release into your water - The # 1 consumer complaint
    • 100% of the filter is recyclable
    • Softens water to help appliances last longer and perform better
    • Flow Control ensures consistent flow rate over the lifetime of the cartridge
    • Design ensures ideal contact time of the water with the filter-medium for best filtration results
    • Optimal mixture of activated carbon + ion exchange resin improves taste and reduces mercury, cadmium, copper, atrazine, simazine, benzene, and tetrachloroethylene
    • It includes silver activated carbon to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria
    • Mavea water filter systems are like your own source at home. They are fast, economic and convenient. You do not need to buy or carry crates of heavy bottles that can generate waste, as Mavea filters the water that comes straight from the tap.


    What are the benefits of Mavea filtered water?
    Tap water, whilst safe to drink, may contain substances which affect its taste, smell, appearance and overall quality. Mavea filtered water significantly reduces chlorine taste and odor making your drinking water clearer and refreshingly delicious. Mavea filtered water:

    • Makes great-tasting drinking water and beverages including, coffee and tea. Even your ice cubes look and taste better.
    • Makes coffee and tea develop their full flavor
    • Increases the life span of domestic appliances by reducing limescale build up

    How does the Mavea filtration system work?
    The Mavea filtration technology is an optimal mixture of activated carbon and ion exchange resin beads that work together with the unique cartridge shape to improve water taste and reduce limescale* and other contaminants (e.g. cadmium, copper, mercury, atrazine, simazine, benzene and tetrachloroethylene).

    *Limescale reduction certified in internal tests, not certified by WQA

    How does the filter cartridge work?
    The filter works in four easy steps:

    Step 1: Intensive Pre-Filtration:
    The water flows through a fine mesh filter.

    Step 2: Ion Exchange Filtration:
    The ion exchange resin reduces lime scale (carbonate hardness), cadmium, copper, and mercury.

    Step 3: Activated Carbon Filtration:
    The activated carbon significantly reduces substances that affect smell and taste such as chlorine, benzene, tetrachloroethylene, atrazine, and simazine.

    Step 4: Intensive Final Filtration:
    The special fine mesh filter retains the particle mixture.

    How often do I have to change the cartridge?
    Water quality varies considerably so to ensure that your pitcher is always working well they recommend that the cartridge is changed every two months. For best results use the Smart Meter as it tells you exactly when to change your filter so there is no second guessing.

    How long does it take to filter the water?
    The filter process takes approximately one minute.

    Does Mavea remove fluoride that may be present in tap water?
    Fluoride is a water additive that promotes strong teeth*. A study conducted by an independent water quality expert confirmed that Mavea cartridge maintains the fluoride in the water.

    *Applies to fluoridated municipal tap water.

    How does Mavea prolong the lifetime of domestic appliances (e.g. coffee machines)?
    Using Mavea filtered water increases the lifetime of domestic appliances like coffee machines, by reducing the build up of limescale* deposits, which can damage water heating equipment.

    *Limescale reduction certified in internal tests, not certified by WQA

    What are the functional benefits of the Mavea cartridge?
    Easy and fast Installation without pre-soaking
    The installation of Mavea cartridges is very fast and easy. No additional, time-consuming pre-soaking is needed!

    Perfect fit
    With its oval shape the cartridge fits in the hollow of the reservoir. You will notice a "click" as the cartridge fits securely into place.

    Which substances does the Mavea cartridge reduce?
    Mavea water filter cartridge reduces:

    • Limescale*
    • Chlorine taste and odor
    • Organic impurities (benzene and  tetrachloroethylene)
    • Metals (mercury, cadmium and copper)
    • Certain pesticides (simazine and atrazine)

    *Limescale reduction certified in internal tests, not certified by WQA

    How does Mavea take care of quality control?
    The raw materials and the finished products are rigorously controlled and tested against defined quality requirements in their company. In addition, independent institutes and scientists continuously test their products and production facilities.

    Do I have to keep the Mavea cartridge immersed in water at all times?
    No, due to the design of the cartridge, Mavea cartridges keep their moisture, so that there is no further need to keep the cartridge immersed in water.

    How long does the cartridge last?
    Water quality varies considerably; this in turn has an effect on the life of a cartridge. To ensure that your Mavea filter is always working well they recommend that the cartridge is changed regularly, at least every 8 weeks or 40 gallons /150L The Mavea Meter will let you know when to change your cartridge.

    What is the best way to store my water filter whilst being away on holiday?
    Should your machine not be in use for a prolonged period (e.g. vacation), they recommend that you discard any water left inside the tank and leave the cartridge inside the funnel. Before using the system again take out the cartridge and clean the tank and the funnel. Now prepare the cartridge as if inserting a new one (immerse in cold water, shake to remove air, fit cartridge into place, discard first two fillings). You can now use your cartridge for the remaining time based on a total life time of eight weeks.

    About Mavea
    As member of the family of one of the biggest and globally operating water filtration companies, Mavea takes advantage of more than 40 years leading experience in point of use water treatment, with focus on the coffee-, vending- and combination oven markets.

    Mavea, as well as its ultimate mother company in Germany, is a family owned business. The LLC was founded in 2007. It is their vision to become the leader and number 1 brand in commercial water filtration in all of North America.

    The Mavea philosophy
    As a leading expert in water filtration they focus on their philosophy: "We want to be No. 1 in the sector of water optimization at the point of use."

    Daily dealings are therefore characterized by their principles:

    • Management is synonymous with setting an example.
    • Clearly defined and attainable objectives produce latitude.
    • They understand each other.
    • They offer encouragement and challenges to their employees.
    • They assess and reward performance.
    • Lifelong learning.

    Mavea is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BRITA Group. More than 40 years ago the parent company, BRITA GmbH, invented pour through water filtration and the water filter jug. Today it is one of the most renowned producers in the optimization of drinking water worldwide.

    In 2000, Brita GmbH sold the "Brita" brand in the Americas (North, Central and South America) to The Clorox Company.  Since then, Clorox has developed and marketed its own products under the Brita brand in these markets (the Americas) only.

    The Mavea brand was developed and introduced by BRITA GmbH expressly to bring a portfolio of premium water filtration products to North American markets.


    To ensure that you get the best results from your Mavea water filter system, please follow the instructions carefully.

    1. Cleaning Instructions for Your New Mavea Water Filter Before First Use and Prior to Every Filter Change.

    Pitcher and Reservoir

    • Clean the pitcher and reservoir in the dishwasher or hand-wash with a mild detergent.

    Lid with Mavea Meter
    (Elemaris models only)

    The lid is dishwasher-safe, but the Mavea Meter is not dishwasher safe and must be removed and hand-washed.

    To remove the Mavea Meter from the lid, press the two tongues on each side of the indicator and tilt it back for complete removal.

    To re-assemble the Mavea Meter back into the lid, please turn the lid on its back and insert the indicator into the lid. Put the hook under the “START” button into its assembly jig in the lid. Tilt the indicator face forward until it “clicks” firmly into place.

    2. Filter Installation

    Remove the protective wrapper from the Mavea Maxtra filter. (Note: The filter may be damp from steam sterilization.)


    Immerse the filter in cold water for a few seconds and shake it gently to remove any air bubbles.

    Place the filter into the hollow of the reservoir and push downwards until it "clicks" firmly into place.

    Activate the filter by filtering through two fillings of the reservoir. Discard this water afterwards or use it for your plants.

    3. Filling the Pitcher
    The filling method depends on the features in the lid of your Mavea water filter model. The water in the reservoir is automatically filtered and flows into the pitcher.

    Mavea water filter with automatic pour through lid.

    Hook the front of the lid into the assembly jigs in the pitcher and press it down towards the handle.

    Fill your Mavea water filter directly under the tap with cold water. The stream of tap water activates the automatic pour through lid.

    The pour through lid closes automatically when the maximum filling level has been reached.

    Mavea water filter with flip top lid.

    Carefully press the lid onto the pitcher until it is in place.

    Open the flip top lid and place the opening under the tap.

    Fill your Mavea water filter directly under the tap with cold water.

    Mavea water filter with standard opening

    Remove the lid and fill the reservoir with cold tap water.

    Press the lid onto the pitcher until it is in place.

    4. Setting Filter Change Indicator
        (Memo or Mavea Meter)
    Your Mavea filter change indicator will prompt you when two months have passed and it is time to change the filter. The indicator is in the lid of your Mavea water filter pitcher.

    Mavea recommends to change your filter at least every 2 moths to ensure optimum filtration.

    Mavea pitcher with Mavea Meter
    (all Elemaris models)

    The intelligent Mavea Meter uses a 3-way measurement that includes volume of filtered water, water quality (hardness) and time.

    The display of the Mavea Meter clearly displays the remaining capacity and when to change the filter.

    After activating the filter press the "START" button for approximately six seconds until all four bars appear in the display and "OK" flashes.

    As long as your display shows "OK" the filter performance is optimal.

    The percentage in each bar of your display indicates the remaining capacity of your filter.

    Water drops that recurrently flash from top to bottom indicate an actively processing filtration.

    If the empty filter symbol "NEW" flashes, you should now replace the filter.

      5. Filter Replacement

    Pull the ring on the top and remove the exhausted filter.

    Follow the instructions from points 1-4.


    Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher 1001125 9-Cup Black 2.4 Liter(s)

    • 1 Lid
    • 1 Reservoir
    • 1 Filter
    • 1 Pitcher


    For Optimal Use and Safety

    • Do not expose your Mavea water filter to direct sunlight. Keep your Mavea water filter away from heating elements, e.g. oven, coffee machine. Store your Mavea water filter in a shady, cool place.
    • Please consume filtered water within one to two days of filtering.
    • Ensure that you have a new Mavea Maxtra filter ready for exchange. Store your Mavea Maxtra filters in their original wrapping in a cool and dry place.
    • Over the lifetime of the Mavea water filter you may notice limescale build-up on the lid and the automatic pour through lid. This is due to the fact that it always comes into contact with unfiltered water, which contains carbonate hardness (limescale). Mavea recommends that you clean your lid regularly with common household decalcifier.
    • Should your Mavea water filter not be in use for a prolonged period (e.g. holiday), Mavea recommends that you take out the filter, discard any water left inside the Mavea water filter and insert the filter again. Before using your Mavea water filter again, follow the “Filter Installation” procedures in section II.2.
    • If your Mavea water pitcher has been in contact with food that is likely to cause discoloration (e.g. tomato ketchup, mustard) clean your Mavea pitcher promptly. To avoid possible discoloration of your Mavea pitcher, do not include it in a dishwasher containing dirty dishes from such foods.
    • For consumers in the USA: Make certain that the system’s use complies with state and local laws and regulations.

    For Optimal Filtration Performance

    • Replace the Mavea Maxtra water filter every 40 gallons/151 liters (approximately once every 2 months for the average family). Filter cold water only (maximum temperature: 85ºF/29ºC, minimum temperature: 33ºF/0.6ºC).

    Boiling Filtered Water

    • The Mavea water filter pitcher is designed for use only with micro-biologically and chemically safe drinking water (municipally treated tap water or water from private supplies which has been approved as safe to drink). Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. If an instruction is received from authorities that water must be boiled, the filtered water must also be boiled. When the instruction to boil water is no longer in force, the entire system must be properly cleaned and a new cartridge inserted.
    • For certain groups of people (e.g. those with impaired immunity and for babies), it is generally recommended that tap water should be boiled; this also applies to filtered water.

    Sensitive to Potassium?

    • During the filtering process, there may be a slight increase in potassium content. Note that one liter/0.26 gallons of Mavea filtered water contains less potassium than an apple or banana. However, if you have kidney disease and/or follow a potassium restricted diet, we recommend that you consult your doctor before using a Mavea water filter.

    Natural Traces

    • Like any natural product, the consistency of activated carbon is subject to natural variance. This can lead to a slight abrasion of small carbon particles into your filtered water, noticeable as black bits. These particles have no negative health effects and are not harmful if consumed. In case you observe carbon particles, Mavea recommends flushing the filter several times, until the black bits disappear.

    Correctly Dispose of Mavea Maxtra

    • The Mavea Maxtra have a life of approximately five years. At the end of their life please remember that these devices contain batteries and must be disposed according to all applicable laws and regulations.
    • To remove the exhausted Mavea Maxtra follow step 1 of the “Installation and Usage instructions”.



    MAVEA, as well as its ultimate mother company in Germany, is a family owned business. The LLC was founded in 2007. It is our vision to become the leader and number 1 brand in commercial water filtration in all of North America.

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    I actually have this model in Black and it's great. Not too heavy and it's definitely not cheap either. The filter for this model does last up to around 2 months, which is very reasonable. This has a nice look to it and it works as it should. The only minor annoyance is the little lid that the water pours from. It doesn't seem to stay on strong enough sometimes. Despite that, it won't stop me from keeping this pitcher and using it. Great product. Definitely recommend this over any Brita pitcher, that's for sure!!!

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