DROPPED: Fusion Diet Systems - HCG Fusion HF-15 Diet Supplement Spray - 0.7 oz.
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Fusion Diet Systems - HCG Fusion HF-15 Diet Supplement Spray - 0.7 oz.

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Fusion Diet Systems - HCG Fusion HF-15 Diet Supplement Spray - 0.7 oz.

  • Item# :108723
    UPC# :608866335467
  • Brand:Fusion Diet Systems
  • Size/Form:0.70  oz.
  • Ship Weight:0.13
  • Servings:40
  • Dosage:3  Spray(s)
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HCG Fusion - HF-15 Diet Supplement Spray - 0.7 oz. (20 ml)

HCG Fusion HF-15 Diet Supplement Spray is a natural HCG alternative. HCG Fusion HF-15 includes four amino acids which can help promote extreme energy, fat burning, healthy skin, and appetite control. HF-15 is 100% hormone free and alcohol free.

HCG Fusion's HF-15 and HF-30 (Natural HCG Alternative)
Now you can enjoy the benefits of HCG, naturally, with their hormone-free, dietary supplement. The ingredients in HF-15 and HF-30 may help promote and stimulate your body's own natural hormone production using scientifically-researched, safe to use, valid ingredients.

How HF-15 and HF-30 Work to Burn Fat
Even though individuals reduce their caloric intake, the body consumes as much as 3,500 additional calories each day directly from the abnormal fat stores. Hunger is rarely an issue because HF-15 and HF-30 help curb the appetite, reducing hunger pangs to a minimum.

The hypothalamus gland moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage, and more importantly, metabolic rate. After successfully completing the enclosed weight-loss protocol, the body should have reset its metabolic "set point," making it easier to maintain a new, lower weight. The results are amazing for those who follow the protocol!

What sets HF-15 and HF-30 apart?
The proprietary blend used in HF-15 and HF-30 is made in the USA and all HCG Fusion products are processed to the highest quality standards! HF-15 and HF-30 are dietary supplements mixed with four essential amino acids which can help promote:

  • Extreme Energy
  • Fat Burning
  • Healthy Skin
  • Appetite Control

HF-15 and HF-30 are used in conjunction with a medically-researched weight loss protocol, based on the Dr. Simeons Diet, where specific food choices help facilitate rapid, yet safe weight loss. HF-15 and HF-30 are easy to use, contain no alcohol, and have no bitter taste. Rest assured that when you buy from HCG Fusion, you are getting the Best hormone-free HCG alternative on the market!

Dr. Simeons' Protocol

Phase 1 (Days 1-2) - Loading/Binge Days
Start taking HF-15/30, 3 times per day as directed on your bottle label. Eat anything you want during these two days, especially foods high in fat. These "loading" days are very important energy-building days that can help minimize hunger pangs while you are transitioning to a very low calorie diet.

Phase 2 (Days 3-30 MAX) - VLCD
Continue taking HF-15/30, 3 times per day as directed on your bottle label and begin the strict, Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) as explained in this brochure. You can be in Phase 2 for a maximum of 28 days. If you have not reached your weight loss goals during that time, you can repeat the program after six weeks.

Phase 3 (21 days) - Stabilization
When you have lost the desired weight, or you have completed the full 30-day cycle, whichever one comes first, you will transition to a 1500 calorie per day diet. It is very important to stabilize the weight you have lost over this 3 week period. In Phase 3 you can begin to add more food types back into your diet, including dairy products, nuts, oils, etc. It is very important to avoid all foods high in sugars and starches during this 21-day period. Once your weight is stabilized, you can gradually add ALL foods back into your diet such as bread and other starchy foods like potatoes and pasta, as well a foods containing sugar.

Keeping It Off - Maintenance
For those who follow the protocol, the results can be amazing! Individuals can see significant weight loss quickly, safely, and permanently (if a healthy lifestyle is maintained). It's more than just counting calories. It's about healthy living, making better foods choices, and learning proper proportioning, long after you are done with the program.

Gaining Weight in Phase 3?
Consider This:

  1. What are you eating? Is it full of carbohydrates? Are you eating too much fruit or too many nuts? Fruit and nuts can make some people gain weight.
  2. Are you eating enough? Make sure you are eating at least 1500 calories. And avoid sugars and starchy foods.
  3. Are you eating too much? Do not go more than 2000 calories in your day.
  4. Are you drinking enough water?
  5. Are you having a steak day when your weight goes up more than 2 pounds?
  6. Are you getting enough sleep? Your body recovers during these critical sleep hours so try to get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep every night!
  7. How much stress do you have in your life currently? Although some people believe stress is a good way to "lose" weight, most people GAIN weight during stressful times in their lives. Relaxation and meditation techniques can help you cope with the stress in your life. Letting go of stress will not only help you feel better emotionally, it will help you feel better physically because it is healthier.

HCG Fusion HF-15/30 Frequently Asked Questions

Is HF-15/30 safe to take with my other medications?
HCG Fusion highly recommends that you consult with your prescribing physician before starting this, or any other diet program.

Will I feel hungry all the time?
You may experience mild hunger pangs in the beginning, but after a few days, your body will adjust. Most people find that even on the very low calorie diet, their hunger is restricted to the time just before they are about to eat anyway.

Does HF-15 or HF-30 contain any HCG hormone?
No. HF-15 and HF-30 are both 100% hormone free and contain NO hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

Can I do the diet more than once?
Yes. You can repeat the diet as often as you need in order to achieve your weight loss goals, however, there needs to be a 3-week waiting period after program completion.

How much exercise is required?
No exercise is required, but light exercise such as walking for 20-30 minutes a day is recommended and can be very beneficial.

How much weight can I lose?
Following the Dr. Simeons protocol can allow a person to lose up to 1 pound per day, when combine with taking HF-15 or HF-30. However, the unofficial average is about 20 pounds per month (slightly less than a pound per day).

The Three Types of Fat in the Human Body:

  1. Structural fat: This necessary fat fills the gaps between organs and limbs, and it acts as a sort of "packing material" for the body, for example the fat on the bottom of your feet.
  2. Subcutaneous or "Normal" Fat: This is the fat directly under the skin, and the type we see and notice most. It's what makes is look "flabby". It is the fat the body utilizes most easily when nutritional intake is less than what the body demands and is the fat that is easiest to burn through regular exercise.
  3. Visceral or "Abnormal" Fat: The most dangerous type of fat, its excessive accumulations can run throughout the body, surrounding organs, causing obesity and increasing the risk of a number of diseases (i.e., cardiovascular disease, liver disease, diabetes). While exercising or restricting food intake allows the body to utilize normal fat reserves, the body can't access the abnormal fat accumulations as easily. That is why abnormal fat is so hard to get rid of, even with exercise.

Following These Important Suggestions Can Enhance Your Success While on the HCG Diet

Drink Plenty of Water Every Day!
Drink a lot of water! (between 2 and 4 quarts every day) Water is important in flushing the fat out of your system while on the diet. You will not retain this water, so don't think that drinking a lot of water will slow your progress. The more water you drink, the better results you will have.

Diet Drinks - Avoid Them!
Do NOT drink diet soda, or diet drinks of any kind, even if they have zero calories. Diet drinks of any type will hinder your progress and slow your weight loss results.

Weigh it BEFORE Cooking!
Your protein should be weighed BEFORE you cook it. Your 100 gram serving size could be very different if you weigh it after it's cooked. A steak is a good example. It will shrink and weigh less after fat has been reduced through cooking.

Vary Your Foods
Do not eat the same protein for lunch and dinner, do not eat the same fruit for lunch and dinner, and do not eat the same vegetables for both lunch and dinner. Varying your selection will keep your body in an optimum state for burning abnormal fat.

Limit the Beef!
Be careful not to eat too much beef. Most people find better results eating more chicken and white fish rather than beef every day.

Don't Mix the Vegetables!
You will have better weight loss results if you do not combine vegetable in your meals. Stick with a single vegetable choice in your meals.

Avoid MSG
Double check to make sure the seasonings you are using do not contain MSG, as this could interfere with weight loss.

Can I Chew Gum or Eat Mints?
Gum and mints are not recommended. However, we understand that having bad breath is NOT a good thing. If you do chew gum, always use sugar free, and use in moderation as they can interfere with your weight loss.

Yerbe Mate
Yerbe Mate is a great alternative to coffee or tea, if you don't like to drink coffee or tea. Yerbe Mate is 100% natural, and gives you a more natural lift of energy without the crash. It is also a good appetite suppressant.

Support System
Encourage friends and family to support you while on the diet. Do not put yourself in positions where the temptation to eat sugars and starches becomes too strong. For example, going to the food-court at the mall where you are shopping, or hanging out at bars and clubs with friends. Having the will power to stick to the diet can sometimes be overwhelming. It is a GREAT idea to do the diet with someone else so you can support each other and give encouragement to one another.

Sweet Fruits
Avoid the following fruits that are high in sugar: Grapes, pineapple, dried fruit, tangerines, kiwi, mango, bananas.

Beware of Sugar - Check the Label!
Avoid foods that contain the following sweeteners: Splenda, aspartame, honey, brown sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, glucose, maple syrup, sucrose, lactose, malt, maltose, molasses, rice syrup, panocha, powdered sugar, treacle, cane sugar, demerara sugar, galactose, invert sugar.

Walk 30 minutes Every Day
Although hard exercise is not recommended, walking at least 30 minutes every day can not only help your weight loss, it will help with a number of other health benefits such as stress, hunger, and mood swings.

Keeping it Off!
After you have reached your weight loss goals, how do you KEEP it off? Especially when we live in a culture where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements that push delicious-looking, fat-filled, obesity-producing food in our faces every single day. We hear it on the radio; see it on TV and on billboards and even in newspapers. So how do you transition from being on the HCG Diet, making good eating choices, to going back to normal eating habits, without getting into the same bad habits that caused your unhealthy weight gain in the first place?

Habits...habits are made and broken in a 14-day time period. During your experience you have created NEW, healthy eating habits. If you go right back to eating bad foods, you will most likely find yourself feeling sick shortly after, and you will realize that your body actually craves healthier foods. And hopefully you have noticed how much better you feel than you did before. However, if you continue down that path, eating those bad foods, your body will adjust again, and you will slowly learn to find comfort in the sugars and starches that do your body harm.

It comes down to making a choice. The HCG Diet is not just about losing weight. It's about a lifestyle change. If you cannot commit to leaving the unhealthy lifestyle and destructive eating habits that you participated in before your diet, then you can expect your body to decline again as it previously did. It is not easy to change, especially in a society that thrives on fast-food and sweets. But it is definitely worth it to take care of your body, and to reap the rewards of feeling great, and looking great. Take time to educate yourself on the causes of obesity, and surround yourself with people that want to share the same healthy lifestyle that you do. You can also consult your physician or other professionals that will help you stay on the path to a new, healthier, happier you!

About HCG Fusion
HCG Fusion, the leading authority of the HCG Diet, was one of the first weight loss clinics in Utah to harness the benefits of using hCG sublingual drops in conjunction with therapeutic diet & lifestyle changes. HCG Fusion has an innovative approach to maximize the weight loss results of their clients, which has resulted in an overwhelming success rate for thousands of individuals.

HCG Fusion has been helping people lose weight and feel energetic again! They help clients learn about portion control, develop a healthy relationship with food, increase their energy level through simple activity, and build more balance into their lives for optimal weight loss and well-being. HCG Fusion can help! They are Utah's favorite weight loss center! Because everyone's weight-loss goals are different, they offer 3 different HCG Diet programs.

As a dietary supplement, use 3 times per day, 15 minutes before eating or drinking. Hold sprayer close to mouth. Spray 3 times, directly under tongue and hold solution there for at least 1 minute before swallowing.

Notice: For best results, follow the enclosed weight loss protocol.

HCG Fusion - HF-15 Fusion Diet Supplement Spray - 0.7 oz. (20 ml)
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 0.018 fl oz. (0.5 ml) 3 sprays
Servings Per Container: about 40
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)
   Glycopeptide Stimulating Proprietary
38 mg
   Chaste Tree Berry
   Dong Quai Root
   Wild Yam Root
   Green Tea Leaf Extract
   Yerba Mate Extract
   Black Cohosh Root
† Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Tropical Berry Natural Flavor, Essential Oil (Orange), Stevia Extract.

Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not use if tamper seal is missing or broken. Diabetics should not take this product unless under the supervision of a physician. Use only as directed. Keep out of the reach of children.

9854 South 700 East #2
Sandy, UT,
Phone: 801-212-9330 Visit website

About Fusion Diet Systems

Fusion Diet Systems has an exciting line of comprehensive weight management dietary supplements, that are a natural choice to get you looking and feeling fit and healthy!

Fusion Diet Systems products are subject to rigorous testing against globally recognized quality standards. Every product undergoes extensive evaluation in their quality control laboratories. Their products are processed to the highest quality standards in an CGMP (Common Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility in the USA. Fusion Diet Systems is a leader in diet support products and is a dynamic weight loss supplement company dedicated to research.

It's been their goal from the beginning to become the world's leading supplier of natural, effective diet and weight loss supplements.

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