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Champion Juicer - Juicer Greens Attachment
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Champion Juicer - Juicer Greens Attachment

Extract the Max!
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Champion Juicer - Juicer Greens Attachment

  • Item# :107754
    UPC# :701842888381
  • Brand:Champion Juicer
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Champion Juicer Greens Attachment

The new Champion Juicer Greens Attachment is specifically designed for those leafy greens everyone loves! Now you can "Extract the Max" amount of juice from wheat grass, and leafy greens with the Champion Juicer Greens Attachment. Champion Juicer Greens Attachment fits the following Champion Juicer Models and above:

  • AL-222,690
  • W-447,800
  • C-10,640


Operating Instructions - Assembly Instructions:

  1. Install the o-ring seal over the hub insert. O-ring should have a light coating of olive oil or other type vegetable oil prior to installation.
  2. After applying a light coating of vegetable oil to the motor shaft, align the arrow at the back of the auger to the flat on the motor shaft and slide the auger onto motor shaft.
  3. Slide screen insert into green attachment body from the back so that insert side opening is in line with the feeder tube of the body. The grooves in the insert must be aligned to the body ribs. If the fit is tight, recheck the alignment.
  4. Slide the back (ribbed-cone end) of the restrictor assembly over the front end of the body and with the center of the restrictor groove aligned with the rib on the front of body, slide the restrictor into the screen insert front opening. Lock the restrictor assembly into position by rotating counter-clockwise (about 60 deg) until it stops.
  5. Assemble green attachment assembly to the hub by aligning the body opening to the hub lugs and rotate counter-clockwise to the stops.
    Note: the body feeder tube must be at the top.
  6. Slide the deflector into the restrictor nut with deflector tab aligned to restrictor groove, until the tab snaps into the locked position.

Juicing Preparation:

  1. Prepare the produce to be juices. This includes cleaning and breaking or cutting into suitable size feeding portions. Generally, for any material, if the produce has the tendency to plug or jam the feeding tube, requiring additional pressure to engage auger, then the amount is too large and should be reduced. When preparing wheatgrass, the length of the grass should not exceed 4 inches.
  2. Assemble the funnel to the feeder tube of the body.
  3. Place bowls under the green attachment body to receive the juice and pulp.


  1. Turn on the juicer.
  2. When juicing wheatgrass, feed no more than about a 3/4 inch diameter bundle at one time. For all other materials, try to avoid excessively large feeding portions that might jam the feeder tube of the body. Generally, less is better. For all materials, feed the thicker or stiffer parts down for engagement with the auger. Do not exclude the stalks; they help clear out the chamber.
    Note: To minimize wear to internal parts, juicer should not be left running while not juicing.
  3. Using the green tamper, push the juicing material down the feeding tube and into the auger using an up and down motion. When juicing wheatgrass, it may take a few seconds for wheatgrass to engage the auger, signified by a distinctive "growling" sound. Most other materials will process more quickly.
    Note: Do not feed any additional wheatgrass material into the chamber until the "growling" sound is heard, indicating that the body chamber is now empty. Whenever the processing does not occur in a timely manner (more than about 10 seconds), introduction of a small piece of pulp should be used to clear the chamber before proceeding.
    Note: Overfeeding of the juicing material will result in additional stress on the parts and can stall the motor.
  4. In case of any unusual sounds, smells, heated pulp or motor stall, turn off the juicer immediately. Disassemble parts, rinse, inspect and reassemble.
  5. Introduction of the pulp through the juicer for a second pass will produce about 10% to 15% more yield. With wheatgrass, introduce no more than about a 2 inch piece of pulp at one time.
    Note: Additional passes are generally non-productive, and are not recommended.

Disassembly & Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Disassemble parts in reverse order of assembly.
  2. Rinse all parts, clean them with the cleaning brush using dish detergent, re-rinse and inspect.
    Note: The screen insert's screen will probably require more intense brushing inside and out to loosen debris, depending on the material juiced.
  3. Rinse the hole in the back of auger. Clean hole with small bottle brush, is necessary, to loosen debris. Place auger with hole-end down and all other parts in a drying rack to air dry.
  4. Note: All of the green attachment parts are dishwasher safe (upper shelf). The screen attachment's screen may require additional brushing and rinsing prior to placement in dishwasher.

Champion Juicer 10 Year Limited Warranty

Important - Please complete return the Warranty Registration Card included with your Champion Juicer Attachment to Plastaket within 30 days of the date of original purchase, or receipt as a gift. Removal of or rendering the serial number illegible voids your warranty.

Plastaket Manufacturing Company Inc.
6220 East Highway 12 Lodi, California 95240
Phone (209) 369-2154

This Champion Juicer Attachment, except as noted below, is warranted by Plastaket Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Plastaket) only to the original consumer or other person for whom the original consumer purchased it as a gift, to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use for a period of ten (10) years from the date of its original consumer purchase (date of purchase). Note: Normal wear of the cutter is covered for a period not to exceed one (1) year. Motor defects resulting from motor shaft seal failure are covered for a period not to exceed three (3) years.

If there should be a defect covered by this warranty within the warranty period, Plastaket will at its election either repair or replace the Champion Juicer or defective part, free of charge, provided it is properly packaged and delivered to Plastaket. Within the Continental United States only, the freight will be paid by Plastaket for up to one year from the date of purchase, Method of freight will be at the discretion of Plastaket. This warranty does not cover loss or damage due to abuse, mishandling, alteration, accident, failure to follow operating instructions, or damage caused by parts or service not authorized by Plastaket.

  • Plastaket will not be liable for commercial consequential or incidental damages. Since some states do not allow this limitation, it may not apply to you.
  • Any part damaged by a cause not within the coverage of this warranty, may be purchased from Plastaket at the current list price plus freight.
  • In case of damage during shipment of your new Champion Juicer Attachment, do NOT send the juicer back to Plastaket. Immediately report such damage to the delivering carrier and have the carrier fill out an inspection report. Contact the place of purchase for further instructions. This warranty provides specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
Any communications with Plastaket in regard to this must contain the following information: (1) Your name and present address; (2) Serial number; (3) Date of original consumer purchase; (4) Name and address of the dealer; (5) Description of the problem; and (6) Copy of the dated purchase receipt.

Greens Attachment Parts contain auger, deflector, tamper, body, funnel, insert, and screen restrictor.






Motor won't start.
  • Switch is off or power supply bad.
  • Magnet in body flange is missing.
  • Proximity safety switch is bad.
  • Check circuit breaker and power cord.
  • Replace magnet.
  • Replace proximity switch.
Motor stalls.
  • Auger hole is plugged.
  • Restrictor not in full locked position.
  • Machine was overloaded.
  • Juicing material too hard or tough.
  • Wrong restrictor installed.
  • Restrictor is worn.
  • Clear auger hole.
  • Remove restrictor, rinse, inspect and reassemble.
  • Disassemble, clear blockage, rinse and reassemble.
  • Discontinue juicing of that material.
  • Replace with the correct restrictor.
  • Replace restrictor.
Excessive or unusual noise.
  • Auger hole is plugged.
  • Restrictor not in full locked position.
  • Wrong restrictor installed.
  • Juicing material too hard or tough.
  • Clear auger hole.
  • Remove restrictor, rinse, inspect and reassemble.
  • Replace with the correct restrictor.
  • Discontinue juicing of that material.
Excessive heat in juice.
  • Auger hole is plugged.
  • Restrictor not in full locked position.
  • Restrictor is worn.
  • Wrong restrictor installed.
  • Juicing material tough or abrasive.
  • Clear auger hole.
  • Remove restrictor, rinse, inspect and reassemble.
  • Replace restrictor.
  • Replace with the correct restrictor.
  • Discontinue juicing of that material.
Low yield.
  • Juicing material abnormally dry.
  • Restrictor is missing.
  • Wrong restrictor installed.
  • Restrictor not in full locked position.
  • Replace the material with a fresher one.
  • Install restrictor.
  • Replace with the correct restrictor.
  • Remove restrictor, rinse, inspect and reassemble.
Juice spraying or spitting.
  • Deflector not installed.
  • Install deflector.
Juice leaking from back of body.
  • Body seal missing.
  • Body seal damaged.
  • Install seal.
  • Replace seal.
Body will not assemble to hub.
  • Wrong restrictor installed.
  • Replace with the correct restrictor.

6220 E. Hiway 12 Victor Road
Lodi, CA,
Phone: 209-369-2154 Fax: 209-369-7455 Visit website

About Champion Juicer

The Champion Juicer is manufactured by Plastaket Manufacturing Co., located in the heart of California and began producing the Champion Juicers in 1955. A family owned business that is still strong today.

The Champion Juicer is the answer to every juicing problem. Because it operates on the mastication process, the Champion Juicer chews the fibers and breaks up the cells of vegetables and fruits. This give you more fiber, enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals. This all results in the darker, richer color of the juice and a sweeter, richer more full-bodied flavor.

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By (Jacksonville , FL )

Love my wheat grass juice. (except for the taste) This device gets the job done relatively easy. It is important to get the correct amount in the feeding tube.

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