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Instone Nutrition - Forza-T - 60 Capsules

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Instone Nutrition - Forza-T - 60 Capsules

  • Item# :64303
    UPC# :733428004007
  • Brand:Instone Nutrition
  • Size/Form:60  Capsules
  • Servings:20
  • Dosage:3  Capsule(s)
Scientifically designed combination of 6-OXO™, Tribulus, and ZMA to kick-start your body's own production of testosterone. FORZA-T™ is the only product to combine these three distinct mechanisms for maximum testosterone boost.
Because INSTONE™ is committed to bringing you the best that nutritional science has to offer, updated information regarding testosterone, increased testosterone, and several studies on key ingredients in FORZA-T™ are included below!

Testosterone is the most important sex hormone in the male body, and it plays a key role in keeping men physically and psychologically healthy. Testosterone is involved in numerous roles including:
* Increasing and preserving muscle mass
* Maintaining both sexual drive and performance
* Heightened mood and energy levels
The male body makes testosterone both in the testes and in the outer layer of the adrenal glands (called the adrenal cortex). In the females, the ovaries are responsible for producing small quantities of testosterone.

As men age, two things may happen with respect to testosterone: (1) the male ability to produce testosterone declines, and (2) blood levels of free testosterone decline, making less testosterone available to tissues, such as muscles. If testosterone levels fall below normal, symptoms such as reduced lean body mass, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased bone density, depression and fatigue can occur. Men may experience irritability, inability to concentrate and depression.
If left untreated, low testosterone could significantly decrease quality of life and cause additional medical complications. Subnormal Testosterone levels can also adversely affect relationships; ability and desire to participate in normal activities (both sexual and social) due to depression and fatigue; and low self esteem due to a decrease in masculine characteristics, such as lean body mass, increased breast size and less facial or body hair.
In the book Super T, the author, Dr. Karlis Ullis, discusses his successes as a medical professional using prohormones to treat his patients. Dr. Ullis says, “ I have prescribed testosterone for years as part of an overall regimen for both [sic] better sex, a better body, and more energy. The results have been dramatic. I have seen the lives of patients changed. Couples have had their sex lives restored. Baby boomers have delayed retirement because of their new burst of energy and confidence. ”
“Some 74 million baby boomers - men and women - experience some degree of androgen deficiency on a daily basis. The result is an increase in fat tissue, depressed mood, increased total cholesterol, and loss of sexual desire. Today, almost everyone who wishes to add a few pounds of muscle to enhance physical and mental well-being can take advantage of the new generation of T-boosters. ”

Researchers have recently examined how increases in testosterone affects the capacity of strength gains through weight training1. To examine how testosterone boosting affected the ability to increase strength and muscle mass, researchers gave testosterone suppressed athletes weekly injections of increasing dosages of testosterone enanthate.
Following a period of 20 weeks, results indicated that there was a high relationship between the amount of testosterone participants were given and the resultant muscle mass and strength gains. Results also showed that power and endurance was not related solely to testosterone increases.
As such, research indicates that increases in testosterone may be important for individuals interested in maximizing both strength and muscle mass gains.
FORZA-T™ is a scientifically derived combination of several key compounds that are aimed primarily at boosting one’s own production of testosterone. It contain:" ":roduction, thereby increasing the body’s natural testosterone level. Combined with tribulus and ZMA – products designed to elevate and support testosterone production – FORZA-T™ is an optimal way to naturally kick-start or boost one’s own production of testosterone.

“Every guy can use a boost now and then. Only INSTONE FORZA-T™ combines 6-OXO™, ZMA, and premium-grade Tribulus Terrestris. You’ll maximize performance – before and after your workout. Are you in?” - Sylvester Stallone
Chairman and founder Sylvester Stallone stands by INSTONE FORZA-T™ as an effective way of naturally boosting your body’s own testosterone levels.

A study on 6-OXO™ - a primary ingredient in FORZA-T™ - was recently completed by a prestigious clinical research organization2. This study examined the blood hormone responses over a 3 week cycle of 600mg a day of 6-OXO™. The study used 6 normal men aged 32-40, and in addition to tracking changes in sex hormone levels it also looked at common indicators of toxicity.
The results were very impressive. Total testosterone levels rose an average of 188%, while free testosterone levels rose an average of 226% over the course of the three weeks. The variability among the 6 subjects was quite low, and most of the testosterone increase was seen after only the first week. Results from two of the six subjects are demonstrated below.
Contrary to testosterone levels, changes in estradiol levels were slight but not statistically significant. The explanation for this is simple. 6-OXO™ acts to inhibit the aromatase enzyme and block the conversion of testosterone to estradiol. A consequence of this is a signal from the brain to increase production of testosterone to compensate for the blocked estradiol production. As testosterone levels increase, so do estradiol levels since more substrate has now become available for the aromatase enzyme. Basically, what has occurred is the establishment of a new baseline level of testosterone to maintain the body's normal levels of estradiol.
This sort of hormonal response is very desirable. It is probably not healthy to lower estradiol levels below the physiologically normal range, so if we are able to raise testosterone without lowering estradiol this is great! Mind you, we don't know what will happen if doses over 600mg a day are ingested. It could be that at higher dosages the aromatase inhibition becomes too great for increased testosterone production to overcome. In that case, a more dramatic lowering of estradiol will be seen. This is something that we probably want to avoid, at least for any longer than the short term.
Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate (ZMA)
It is generally understood that zinc has a primary role in modulating serum testosterone levels in normal men. A recent study examined the effects of ZMA supplementation on testosterone and strength levels in trained athletes3. Results were impressive. Free testosterone levels, as well as muscle strength increased significantly beyond those of a placebo group. In addition, levels of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) were raised with ZMA supplementation. Both testosterone and IGF-1 are typically considered anabolic agents that lead to increased muscular performance and growth.
Another study also examined the relationship between zinc concentrations and serum testosterone in men ages 20 to 80 y of age4. Results showed that dietary zinc concentrations were related to serum testosterone levels. Furthermore, zinc supplementation resulted in a significant increase in serum testosterone levels of approximately 100%.
It is evident that as a secondary ingredient in INSTONE FORZA-T™ , ZMA contributes to its potent testosterone boosting effects!

Safe and Effective!
A complete metabolic analysis :" ":ety AND efficacy of this powerful product. Analysis indicated that after 10 weeks, cholesterol levels actually decreased by almost 15% after using FORZA-T™!
Another study similarly examined changes in blood cells and lipids, liver function, kidney function, and immune function in response to usage of 6-OXO, a key ingredient in FORZA-T™ . 1 No adverse changes were observed in any of these areas over the course of the three weeks. In fact, indications are that liver function actually improved slightly, and average cholesterol level dropped by about 26 points. That is an 11.6% reduction in cholesterol in 3 weeks!

The conclusion from all this is that key ingredients in FORZA-T™ appear to make it a safe and effective way of raising the body’s own natural testosterone production. This makes it an excellent alternative to prohormones if one does not want to deal with the negatives associated with the use of these compounds. The potent ability of FORZA-T™ to stimulate natural testosterone production also makes it an excellent agent for bringing hormone levels back to normal after long term use of steroids or prohormones.
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Instone is committed to providing its consumers with the best that nutritional science has to offer, so they can more easily achieve their desired health and fitness results. Unrivaled results come from a steadfast adherence to being the best across the board. From superior science made easier to understand, to premium ingredients derived from the highest quality sources, instone delivers products that are uncomplicated and more convenient to use, thereby helping people stay committed to their health and fitness goals.

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