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Gold Star Nutrition - Power Thin

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Gold Star Nutrition's Fast Weight Loss Supplement -- Power Thin!

You have just chosen the finest thermogenic (fat burning) formula available. With steady use of Power Thin, you should expect an energy increase along with appetite suppression almost immediately. Power Thin's unique blend of time tested herbs along with vitamins and Chromium has a synergistic effect that is unequaled by imitations. Within 2-3 weeks you should notice some positive changes such as fat loss, inch loss and weight reduction. In addition to taking Power Thin, set personal health goals, reduce dietary fat, increase fiber and drink at least 8 glasses of fresh clean water every day. You will then be well on your way to maximum fitness.

“Lose Weight Quickly and Easily... with Ephedra Power Thin!

Users are reporting astonishing, life-changing weight loss results with this fat-flushing supplement even when everything else has failed … it’s like having your own extreme makeover in a pill!

Best Part: You must quickly lose unwanted pounds and inches or you’ll receive your money back! Read on to find out more …

Dear Weight Loss and Fat Reduction Seeker,

... Imagine what your life would be like if you could lose unwanted weight from problem areas including your Abdomen, Hips, Thighs, Arms, Chest, Buttocks, Double Chin and Lower Back...

Just think how much easier life would be and how much more confidence and self esteem you'd have if you met your weight loss goal and kept off those stubborn pounds once and for all.

In today's cruel world, first impressions count and according to extensive sociological research your appearance really impacts how you feel about yourself and how others respect and treat you.

Whether you’ve gained a few extra pounds that won’t budge or you’ve been burned in the past by lousy diet aids that don't work -- this may be the most important message you ever read.

100% Natural Fat-Loss Herb Formulation
with Fat Fighting Ephedra Helps You...
Lose weight fast with the world's most potent, all natural fat-fighting formula ever created (one ingredient is even patented)
Boost your metabolism for rapid-fire fat burning results
Curb your sugar, junk food cravings and reduce your overall appetite
Increase your energy and stamina so you achieve twice as much as you do now without getting tired
Reduce stubborn water retention for a more lean body

Yes, you can look great, without feeling irritable, hungry or lethargic … Power Thin is the complete 100% natural weight loss solution you’ve been looking for.

Here's Why Power Thin Achieves Astonishing
Fat-Loss Results … Fast …

The master key to losing weight is to burn and or reduce your caloric intake. First, Power Thin puts the brakes on sugar and junk food cravings (known to be rich in calories and fat) with its ingredients Ephedra and Caffeine. Some users call it appetite curbing support.

If you tend to eat food for comfort or just plain love food and eat more than you know you should, the ingredients in Power Thin will help to reduce those cravings.

Next, to achieve a slimmer body, Power Thin stokes your metabolism's fat-burning furnace to FAST BURN so calories are quickly metabolized. You'll also have abundant energy to get through you day with energy to spare for more exercise!

Even current fat stores are burned up quickly, causing you to potentially lose as much weight as you want!

These awesome results are created by the synergistic effects of Ephedra, Caffeine, Chromium and the 18 other ingredients in Power Thin, guaranteed to give you impressive fat-flushing results.

Ever feel or look bloated?

That's water retention, which is brought on by the over consumption of salt and sodium rich foods. Just the right dose of Caffeine in this product keeps your body from holding unwanted water:" ":ural product that's super potent and contains high quality ingredients in just the right dosages for maximum fat-burning effect. Here's what Power Thin will do for you:
Naturally increases your thyroid production to speed up your metabolism and burn unwanted fat
Blocks the absorption of fat from ingested calories (flushes out fat before it has a chance to stick)
Maintains your muscle mass
Increases your energy for greater exercise intensity
Reduce your food cravings

And you can trust the manufacturer of Power Thin. They'be been in business for over ten (10) years now.

Sure, Power Thin won't magically make you thin overnight - no product can do that. Nor will Power Thin achieve maximum results without a sensible diet and exercise program.

But one thing's for sure …

Power Thin is without question the closest thing on the market to the magic pill! No wonder 83% of our customers re-order time and time again!

You'll love watching Power Thin erase fat before it attaches to your body … and how quickly and easily Power Thin will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Since Power Thin obviously works, you'd be surprised to know it won't cost you $100, $89, or even $79 for a 30-day supply unlike many knock-off products.

What's more, where other diet aids only suppress your appetite or work to boost your metabolic rate - Power Thin gives you more bang for your buck by speeding up your body's fat burning furnace.

It also multiplies your energy, curbs your food cravings and reduces water retention! (All that in one tiny pill!)

Why is Power Thin a steal compared to the other products? Our marketing department has chosen to only market Power Thin through select retail outlets and this website instead of running costly infomercial's, TV and radio commercials -- so we can pass along the savings to you.

With all of the high quality, potent herbal ingredients that go into each bottle of Power Thin, you owe it to yourself to at least give this amazing product a try.

GoldStar PowerThin

Ma Huang - Contains 10mg of Ephedrines May help suppress appetite and help the body burn fat more efficiently. Also known to increase the basal metabolic rate, thereby increasing the feeling of energy. Guarana - Known to assist Ma Huang in increasing energy, increasing the metabolic rate and burning of fat. Magnesium Salicylate - Known to assist in enzyme reactions, energy release assistance in neuro-muscular contraction, absorption of calcium, vitamins C, E, B complex, protein synthesis and regulation of body temperature. Chromium - Known to help insulin metabolize fat, turn protein into muscle and convert sugar into energy. Ginseng - Known to stimulate hormonal activity, increases energy and is a known food for the heart and nerves. Bladderwrack - May assist in overcoming obesity and normalizing the thyroid gland. Kola Nut - May aid in reducing mental fatigue and high blood pressure. White Willow Bark - Contains Salicylic Acid, which helps generate thermogenesis. Fo-Ti - May increase strength and vigor. Historically known as a rejuvenating tonic which contributes to overall health. Ginger Root - Known to stimulate circulation and aid in digestion. Gotu Kola - Known to be a brain food and good for memory. Licorice Root - Beneficial in treating adrenal insufficiency and other glandular deficiencies. Hawthorne Berries - Known to regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Saw Palmetto - Known to help the body eliminate excess water, improve digestion and increase strength. Ginkgo Biloba - May improve mental alertness and helps stimulate blood flow to the brain. Boron - May help in preventing calcium loss. Spirulina - A green superfood. Contains essential amino acids, Beta Carotene (provitamin A), B vitamins and trace minerals. Potassium Citrate - Important for efficient electrical nerve, muscle and heart functions. Also important to metabolism, enzyme function and synthesis of muscle protein. Vitamin B-12 - Known to assist in the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Folic Acid - Synthesis of DNA and RNA. Essential for healthy red blood cells

Even though Power Thin is an all-natural herbal, vitamin and mineral formula, it can be abused. Losing too much weight too fast can be unhealthy so take Power Thin only as directed by the product's label.

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About Gold Star Nutrition

Imagine what you life would be like if you could lose unwanted weight from problem areas including your abdomen, hips, thighs, arms chest, buttocks, double chin and lower back. Just think how much easier life would be and how much more confidence and self-esteem you'd have if you met your weight loss goal and kept off those stubborn pounds once and for all. In today's cruel world, first impressions count and according to extensive socialological research your appearance really impacts how you feel about yourself and how others respect and treat you. Whether you've gained a few extra pounds that won't budge or you've been burned in the past by lousy diets that don't work, Gold Star Nutrition can help.

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