DROPPED: YogaToes - Yoga Toes Extra-Small - 7 & Under Womens 6 & Under Mens Sapphire Blue
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YogaToes - Yoga Toes Extra-Small - 7 & Under Womens 6 & Under Mens Sapphire Blue

Item #: 106333
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YogaToes - Yoga Toes Extra-Small - 7 & Under Womens 6 & Under Mens Sapphire Blue

  • Item# :106333
    UPC# :013964199338
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YogaToes Yoga Toes Extra-Small Sapphire Blue

YogaToes Yoga Toes are the natural path for foot health. Your feet need proper exercise - same as the rest of you! Your feet need YogaToes! YogaPro has designed a product to revolutionize the way you care for your feet. To stay strong and avoid injury, feet need regular exercise. YogaToes guarantee a simple, one step natural program for common foot problems like hammer toes, and relieve foot pain caused by tight shoes and high heels, being on your feet all day as well as participating in sport activities. YogaToes are sold in pairs to help improve and prevent common foot problems: hammertoes, bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, crossed toes, poor circulation  and corns. YogaToes are just one step for healthy, beautiful feet. YogaToes are BPA & Latex Free.

The patented ergonomic design of YogaToes works between, above and beneath toes to stretch them apart from each other, away from the ball of the foot and down from the top of the foot. To stimulate this effect, spread your fingers apart and out as far as you can. You can feel the muscles working and stretching. Tight, weak muscles become flexible and stronger. The posture of your foot can realign, and the muscles are strong enough to support improved posture. Stretching and working the muscles increases circulation. You know how good you feel after a workout or a massage. Now your feet can enjoy the same results! All you have to do is slip into a pair of YogaToes.

YogaToes do all the work while you relax. All you do is put them on: a vacation for your feet! Muscles are relaxed, circulation is increased, and you walk away feeling like you just had a foot massage. Your feet feel and look better. YogaToes are fun, easy & simple to use! They leave feet relaxed and refreshed.

How do YogaToes work?

  • By spreading, stretching and exercising toes.
  • Help correct and realign foot structure.
  • Strengthen and stretch foot muscles.
  • Helps improve circulation and appearance.
  • Balance the entire body and stimulate, improve posture. 

Sizing - Proper Sizing Matters!

Every pair of feet is unique. Most women will wear the Small YogaToes, and most men will wear the Medium YogaToes. If your toes are short, or you have poorly conditioned feet, select a smaller size pair of YogaToes than your shoe size. 

Fun YogaToes Tips:

  • Cool YogaToes in the freezer - they won't become rigid. Enjoy them on a hot summer day or after a long day in shoes.
  • Wear YogaToes in the bathtub. Hot water loosens & relaxes muscles, making for an even more effective and soothing experience.
  • Wear YogaToes in the hot tub or swimming pool. Don't worry - they float.
  • YogaToes relieve the pain caused by the highest heels and pointiest shoes. Slip them on under your desk at work.
  • Exercise is great for your body, but it can be very hard on your feet. Keep your feet fit.  Wear YogaToes before or after your workouts!
  • YogaToes make relaxing easy. Stress relief had never been more important. At night try YogaToes to relax. Wake up refreshed ready for the day.

Foot Facts:

  • 25% of bones in the human body are located in the feet which are made up from 52 bones.
  • Women suffering from four times as many foot problems as men. It is important that women wear correctly fitting footwear as on average they walk 3 miles further every day than men.
  • The average person walks about 10,000 steps a day. During a lifetime it is thought that a person has walked enough steps to have circled the planet more than 4 times!

YogaToes FAQs:

Can I wear YogaToes in shoes?
No, YogaToes are to be worn barefoot.

When should I wear the YogaToes?
Anytime you aren't wearing shoes. Relaxing, bathing, in the hot tub, in the sauna, in bed, even on an airplane!

Can I walk with YogaToes on? 
It is not recommended for safety reasons.

How long should I use YogaToes? 
Up to an hour a day on average. Some people prefer to use them shorter or longer periods. Many folks sleep with their YogaToes on.

I feel discomfort when I wear YogaToes. Is this normal? 
If you feel discomfort, take the YogaToes off and try again tomorrow. Your feet have spent years cramped inside of shoes so be patient. Treat feet with care and allow time to adjust to their new routine.  

YogaToes are designed to naturally treat and prevent foot problems like bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, and hammer toes. They work by spreading, stretching & exercising toes. YogaToes patented design fits between, above and beneath toes to gently stretch them apart and away from the balls of your feet. This supports a return to a natural and healthy state, helping you avoid costly surgeries.

By placing the toes in a separated position, tight, weak muscles become more flexible and resilient. The joints in your toes should begin to realign as tissues become supple and strong. This realignment is the main component in helping fend off foot pain as well as a variety of foot problems, including bunions and hammer toes. Recently, YogaToes were featured on the Dr. Oz Show as a "bunion buster".

YogaToes were designed to revolutionize the way you care for your feet. YogaToes offer a simple, one step natural solution program for foot problems. All you do is put them on. YogaToes do all the work while your relax. A vacation for your feet!

"The ultimate dance, the dance of life, is performed best and longest on healthy, happy feet." Frederic Ferri - Founder of YogaToes

  1. Moisten your YogaToes with water for an easy fit.
  2. Easy Fit Ends will allow you to separate the opening.
  3. Insert your big toe, and slide the rest of your toes through the remaining openings. Wear your YogaToes as often as you can while watching TV, reading, or working at your desk.

If your feet are not receiving proper care & exercise:  Start slow. Begin wearing the YogaToes for 10-15 minutes a day & build gradually up to an hour or more. YogaToes should fit close to the webbing between your toes. For optimum results, use YogaToes consistently. As with any conditioning program, YogaToes might be uncomfortable at first. This most often means your feet really need them! As soon as you put them on, you will feel your feet responding. Pay attention to your feet - we are so used to foot pain, we tend to ignore them. 

YogaToes are easy to clean with mild soap & warm water. Do not wash in dishwasher.

Do not wash in the dishwasher. As with any other exercise use moderation and common sense. If you have severe foot conditions, please ask your doctor if YogaToes are right for you. YogaToes cannot be worn with shoes. Walking in YogaToes may not be suitable for you. Not recommended for children.

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About YogaToes

YogaPro has been an innovator and leader in expert tools for better living since 1989. Founded by Frederic Ferri, the company has grown from a one person operation to a global company. Our organization is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We strive to deliver the best in personal service. We serve a range of people, from individuals who are new to yoga wanting to start a home practice, to physical therapists, athletic coaches, spa directors, and yoga teachers outfitting entire studios.


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