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  • Casein-Free

    Contains no proteins derived from milk and cheese commonly used in processed foods.

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    Contains no milk or any milk-derived sources such as butter, yogurt, sour cream, heavy cream, and all types of cheese.

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    Eco Friendly

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Ecco Bella - Organic Dark Chocolate Mask - 4 oz.

Preservative-free for Sensitive Skin
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Ecco Bella - Organic Dark Chocolate Mask - 4 oz.

  • Item# :105787
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  • Brand:Ecco Bella
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Ecco Bella Organic Dark Chocolate Mask 4 oz. (125 ml)

Ecco Bella Oragnic Dark Chocolate Mask is preservative-free and gentle enough for sensitive skin. Dark Chocolate Mask is 70% organic, and made with docto-approved Vitamin Cells. VitaminCells deliver powerful food grade nutrients to your skin. Dark and cream, cocoa delivers its nourishing cocoa butter and lavish minerals, rejuvenating your skin and sweetening your soul. Free of Anything You Won't Like! The products are free of water, gluten, dyes, GMO's and preservatives.

What makes Ecco Bella products different?
Ecco Bella was started out of protest to the testing on animals for cosmetics, and the mission expanded to creating products from the universe of organics and nutraceuticals as well. As an activist company, they source ingredients from ethical suppliers and stay away from ingredients that may cause harm to the environment. Besides speaking out for animals, and conserving the environment, Ecco Bella products conserve money. Every Ecco Bella skin care product is both anti-aging and anti-blemish. That means fewer products to buy. And those you do buy are special. Products are preservative-free*, water-free, alcohol-free, for sensitive skin, and rich in age and blemish preventing vitamins like lutein and lycopene. *Natural Foundation is paraben-free.

Which products are gluten-free and safe for customers with celiac sprue?
There is no gluten or wheat protein in any Ecco Bella product.

Do Ecco Bella products contain any dairy products such as lactose or casein?

Which products are suitable for vegans?
Currently all products are vegan except for the following lip products which contain carmine. Lipsticks: Pink Rose, Mauve Rose, Claret Rose, Tuscany Rose and Napa Grape, Good For You Gloss: Pleasure and Passion. Lip Crayons: Crimson, Cranberry, Great Pink and Raspberry Port. Blush colors that contain carmine are Burgundy Rose and Orchid Rose. Lip Liner: Mauve. Beige and Medium Beige Cover-Up sticks contain beeswax.

How are Ecco Bella products tested?
Animal testing is unacceptable to Ecco Bella in any form because it is cruel and provides unreliable results. It is not required by law. Ecco Bella tests their products on themselves and they use ingredients that have been in use for years and are considered safe. Unfortunately, many ingredients have been tested on animals by the manufacturers years ago. Ecco Bella is unable to control the testing of ingredients, but they do oppose testing of any materials on animals and ask their suppliers not to test. Currently there are alternatives to animal testing that use cell membranes and computer modeling to determine safety.

There are a number of benefits to organic makeup but perhaps one of the most important ones is the health of your skin and body. Those that use traditional makeup on an everyday basis soon find that they are beset with blackheads, pimples, rashes, dry and sensitive skin, and then they spend even more money on more products that are just as harsh and toxic. Never finding a solution and watching their skin get worse by the day many women finally realize what they are doing to their skin and switch over to an organic makeup that to their surprise leaves their skin healthy and glowing. There are no side effects to organic makeup and women have found that they can use it repeatedly every day with no adverse side effects to either the skin or internally. They rarely irritate the eyes and cause no issues to the lips such as cracked lips or sores. Organic makeup is considered environmentally friendly with most companies practicing responsible practices in its formulation and manufacturing, and the lack of chemicals in them offering a safer disposal than traditional cosmetics. Organic makeup was one the province of those with lots of money, but as the demand for these products has increased so has the price increased, meaning that for most people there is an option that they can afford.

If you have not made the switch to organic cosmetics just yet you may be wondering why it is so important to do so. There are many reasons to use organic cosmetics, whether you are concerned for the environment, looking for vegan solutions, have allergies or sensitive skin or are simply looking to make healthier choices in your skin care. There are nearly as many reasons to stop using traditional cosmetics as there are to choose organics meaning that everyone can find a good reason to make the switch.

Traditional cosmetics lack the regulations that food products have in the US, this means that in most cases that your cosmetics can contain toxic chemicals and carcinogens and you will not even know it. The FDA does not regulate this industry other than to provide a very small list of ingredients that the industry is not allowed to use. While some companies are more ethical than others and attempt to use ingredients that are less harmful, there is no real way to know what you are getting in your cosmetics. Organic cosmetics however solve this problem by using only organic plant and mineral based ingredients. Not only are the ingredients in organic cosmetics not toxic but they are also healthy for the skin in most cases, and will not cause the drying of the skin or the aging that many other cosmetics may cause.

Rather than causing harm or damage to your skin, organic cosmetics can make it not only appear healthy but actually improve the quality of your skin overall. Organic cosmetics offer a solution that looks great, unlike natural cosmetics of old, the new organics are some of the best looking cosmetics on the market and offer a healthier, more natural look that is very appealing. Many of the organic cosmetics also last much longer, particularly those with minerals in them, so you will not need to reapply them at the end of the day like you would with traditional cosmetics. Organic cosmetics offer those with sensitive skin or allergies an option that traditional cosmetics do not, in most cases organics are much gentler on the skin, meaning those that may not have been able to wear cosmetics can wear the organic lines without worry of breaking out.

Even the person with the most sensitive of skin can usually wear organic makeup without worrying about skin rashes or itchiness. Organic cosmetics are also much better at hiding the early signs of aging and even improve aging signs by reflecting the sun from the skin and acting as a natural sun block. Organic cosmetics are a great way to be good to your skin but they are also an important part of being good to our environment, because they are organic and earth and plant based these cosmetics are far more earth friendly than traditional cosmetics are. Eccobella offers a full line of organic cosmetics and skin care products for your health and for the health of our planet. Whether you are looking for gluten free, cosmetics for sensitive skin or cruelty free products Eccobella offers a full line of products to the conscious consumer.

Thanks to innovations by organic beauty leaders like Ecco Bella, natural mineral makeup is now more natural and more beautiful than ever. For example, their line of all natural lipsticks has a flower wax base, leveraging the same natural technologies that keep flowers looking fresh to keep lips looking beautiful. In prior years it simply wouldn't have been possible, but natural mineral makeup innovates just as well as artificial makeup lines.

Additional ingredients to base pigments such as flower waxes are a part of what makes natural mineral makeup so full of staying power. While laboratory creations may promise to stay on your skin all day, it's not always pleasant to think about the preservatives and chemicals that make that possible. Instead, natural mineral makeup blends with your skin's natural chemistry for a long lasting effect that you can be comfortable having on your face.

Of course, natural mineral makeup's staying power isn't limited simply to your face. It is also going to be a serious staying force in beauty counters and in online beauty catalogues like the one offered by Ecco Bella. Once consumers realized that they could have the beautiful looks they wanted without having to endure mysterious chemical compounds on their complexions, a firm market demand for natural mineral makeup developed that shows no signs of stopping. Thus, if you are looking for fresh, beautiful skin that doesn't make you worry about unknown chemical influences, look no further than natural mineral makeup. You will get all the complexion enhancing shades you need without the laboratory chemicals you don't. Find your perfect natural mineral makeup collection of foundations, lip liners, mascaras, eye shadows, and blushes online at Ecco Bella today.

As a consumer, you have a choice. You can continue to use regular commercial cosmetics that have artificially created compounds and unnatural additives, or you can make the switch to natural mineral makeup. Make the smart decision for your skin and choose the natural route. You will be able to soothe your face and your conscience by buy all natural cosmetics from Ecco Bella.

Many women report that they just don't feel dressed without their makeup, and some won't even leave the house without first putting on their face! Even if you're not that extreme in your devotion to makeup, the products applied to your face daily as a part of your personal beauty regimen a critical part of your overall wellness. For this reason, it is vitally important that you make the choice to protect your beauty with natural makeup products.

Your skin, after all, represents the largest breathing organ of your body. Facial skin is even more sensitive, with a delicate construction that requires special care and attention to keep it looking radiant. When you aren't using natural makeup products, you are essentially slathering your most delicate and sensitive organ with a litany of pollutants and toxins ranging from simple preservatives to the most unnatural chemical combinations known to man.

Ecco Bella's cosmetics line is created with the same commitment to organic and cruelty free products that governs their other lines of skin and body care. Each one of the natural makeup choices you are offered has been designed to nurture your skin at a truly cellular level, helping you to preserve the quality of your complexion and fight against the signs of aging caused by chemical and free radical exposure.

Instead of some concoction cooked up in a laboratory, natural makeup is filled with the things that nature loves to use to protect and heal its creatures. There are flower waxes, aloe vera, Vitamin E, and dozens of other pure botanical ingredients and extracts. Animal products are not needed, and animals are not used in the Ecco Bella beauty development process, meaning that you can put on your face and show it without guilt.

In fact, instead of guilt, you can wear your natural makeup with pride, knowing that you are doing the right thing for yourself and your environment. The all natural makeup products from Ecco Bella are designed to be comfortable and flattering all day long. You won't find yourself with irritated skin, and you won't find yourself with an oddly shaded complexion at the end of the day, either as Ecco Bella foundations have no artificial color correction. The net result of choosing to protect your beauty with natural makeup products is skin you can be confident will look its finest and feel its best today and in the future. Healthy and free of daily toxin doses, your skin can be well and become one of your most cherished accessories. Make the right choice for your beauty - shop the Ecco Bella line of natural makeup products today.

When you've made the decision to step away from artificial chemicals and additives in your life, you want that decision to encompass more than just the food on your plate. You also want to ensure that you are using natural health and beauty products. This means that instead of buying without thinking, you need to search out truly natural health and beauty products from committed organic manufacturers like Ecco Bella.

It can be hard to resist the temptations of other goods. Department store displays and specials at your local drugstore can be full of attractive looking natural health and beauty products. Unfortunately, if you are not buying from a committed manufacturer of natural health and beauty products, you will quickly find that not all labels are living up to their claims. Many labels of "organic" aren't exactly what they seem.

Part of the problem is that the definition of organic is poorly defined and regulated when it comes to retailing labels. Many natural health and beauty products claim to be organic, but closer examination of the supply chain will reveal that they are anything but. Much like the food retailers who hedge their claims, beauty retailers are also guilty of being more expansive than they should be with the concepts of "natural" and "organic" in their products.

This is a shame, because these terms have a very clear meaning for consumers. Natural products are those that are made without artificial chemical additives. Organic products are those made from botanicals grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Thus, natural health and beauty products shouldn't be fully of toxic surprises.

To be sure that what you are buying isn't laden with unnatural additives or full of preservatives hiding behind the natural label, you need to be careful which brands of natural health and beauty products you buy. Not all companies approach the issues behind stable all natural cosmetics and skin care with the same mindset. You want to be sure that your beauty products are being made by a firm with a commitment to cruelty free and all natural goods.

Thus, you should do your research on brands. Ecco Bella, for example, is very clear about exactly what is or what isn't in their products. You can see exactly how much of the item is made from organic goods, see which pieces of the Ecco Bella natural health and beauty catalogue are vegan, and be confident that all items are made in a way that is cruelty free.

Making the decision to step away from unnatural chemicals and potentially toxic preservatives is a smart choice, but it does require a bit more effort on your part to get the truth behind the labels. Fortunately, you can save on research time for natural health and beauty products by making a point of shopping with trusted all natural beauty providers. Get real, natural, and cruelty free skin care products today and everyday from Ecco Bella.

The natural cosmetics by Eccobella are made using minerals that are sourced from the earth and the mineral are then infused with flower wax. A flower can retain its natural beauty for so long, simply because of the miracle properties which are present in the flower wax, as the wax forms a protective covering over the flower. This flower wax used in the natural cosmetics will produce the identical protective coating for the human skin and to this end, Eccobella is pleased to announce the first ever range of all-natural cosmetics, which are gluten-free, and free of all other preservatives.

By making use of advanced technology, Eccobella has managed to break the barriers in the beauty and cosmetics industry and they have become the first skincare company that offers their customers the assurance that their natural cosmetics will not contain any synthetic, or unnatural additives and furthermore, each of the natural beauty products and natural cosmetics are organic, and cruelty-free products. Other than the pleasant range of natural cosmetics, Eccobella has developed products for use in the home, along with a choice of hair care and fragrance products. Spoil yourself and treat your body with 100% natural cosmetics, which have been specifically created to enhance natural beauty, from the inside and out.

Eccobella has broken through all barriers and become the first skincare company to create beauty products which are natural and free from synthetic, unnatural additives and in addition to being gluten-free cosmetics, the all-natural beauty products are organic and cruelty free products. More than creating a range of gluten-free cosmetics, this company has developed products for the home, as well as a range of hair care and fragrance products.

The Eccobella cosmetics have been manufactured with minerals which are found naturally on earth and then infused with natural flower wax. The reason why a flower retains it natural beauty for so long is due to this miracle flower wax, which forms a protective coating on the flower. This flower wax will create the same protective coating for the human skin and as such, Eccobella is pleased to announce the first ever range of gluten-free cosmetics. The fact that these cosmetics are naturally good and the fact that they are able to offer such a level of beauty enhancement, professionals and those in show business insist on the gluten-free cosmetics. The preservative and gluten-free cosmetics are the perfect choice for all skin types and are highly recommended for those with sensitive skin. The gluten-free cosmetics consist of products such as flower care face power, lipstick, flower color power eyeliner and the all-natural mascara.

Apply a thin layer to your face and body. Leave on and let dry (approx. 10-20 minutes). Rinse. Use two to three times a week or as needed.

Organic aloe barbadensis, organic cocoa powder, organic safflower oil, kaolin, VitaminCells: Soy lecithin liposomes with full-spectrum vit. E, soy tocopherols & tocotrienols, vit. C (ascorbyl palmitate), astaxanthin, beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, CoQ10, organic extract of marshmallow althea officinalis & matricaria chamomilla.
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About Ecco Bella

When I started Ecco Bella in 1992, I took a long, hard look at the ingredients women were using in their commercial body care products. I found many of the ingredients were potentially toxic, including talc, mercury, synthetic colors, fragrance, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, and a wide range of ingredients derived from petroleum. As bad as this was, I was also horrified by the cruelty of animal testing, which all the major cosmetic companies participated in. Many still do. The FDA does not require that ingredients be tested on animals. Yet, thousands of innocent animals are maimed and killed every year in the name of beauty.


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A repeat product for me....texture, smell and effectiveness all worth my continuing to use it. I rotate it with a couple other masks for full spectrum skin maintenance.

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