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    Fairhaven Health - Fertile-Focus Personal Ovulation Microscope -

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    Fairhaven Health - Fertile-Focus Personal Ovulation Microscope -

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    Fairhaven Health - Fertile-Focus Personal Ovulation Microscope

    Fairhaven Health Fertile Focus Personal Ovulation Microscope is a saliva-based ovulation predictor designed to assist a woman in identifying her most fertile days of the month. With a resilient metal casing, glass lens supplying 60X magnification, detailed product instructions, and one-year product guarantee, Fertile-Focus offers the greatest value to the consumer in its market space. Fertile-Focus is a re-usable ovulation predictor test, offering unlimited tests in one high-quality, low-cost personal ovulation microscope. Fertile-Focus personal ovulation microscope provides:

    • Quality: A sturdy body & quality lens means reliability and long life.
    • Clarity: A powerful 60X magnification lens for 98% accuracy and ease-of-use.
    • Discretion: Fertile-Focus looks like an attractive lipstick case.
    • Convenience: Test anytime and anywhere. Results in just five minutes.
    • Affordability: Fertile-Focus offers the greatest value.

    When it comes to trying-to-conceive a baby, accurately predicting ovulation - your most fertile time of month - is the key to success. And with Fertile Focus, you have the first ovulation microscope at an affordable price. With the Fertile-Focus ovulation microscope, determining your most fertile time of month is just a focus away. No more expensive, messy urine ovulation tests and no more guesswork - even for women with irregular cycles. Fertile Focus is a 100% safe, natural, and accurate aid to conception - and it the most affordable saliva fertility monitor available.

    All-natural, hygienic, and effortless to use, Fertile-Focus is also backed by clinical research. For women who are trying to conceive, ovulation microscopes are 98% accurate in pinpointing ovulation. Ideal for women with both regular or irregular menstrual cycles, Fertile-Focus offers you a natural and affordable way to increase your chances of conception! Endorsed by fertility expert Amos Grunebaum, MD, ObGyn.

    Simply add a drop of saliva to the lens and let the sample dry. In about five minutes, view the sample through the microscope. Press the LED light button and turn the focalizable eyepiece of the microscope to sharpen the image. If you are ovulating - or about to ovulate - a "ferning" crystal-like pattern can be viewed.

    Fertile-Focus works by allowing you to see the changes in the make up of your saliva just prior to ovulation. The "ferning pattern" indicating a positive result will begin to appear about three days before ovulation, whether your cycle is regular or irregular. That's because ovulation microscopy detects your estrogen surge - the increase of estrogen that takes place just prior to your most fertile time of the month. Fertile-Focus allows you to predict ovulation with 98% accuracy, helping trying-to-conceive couples "focus on fertility" and increase the chance of pregnancy.

    Getting the hang of Fertile-Focus takes no time at all. With a powerful 50X lens and gentle LED light, just turn the focalizable eyepiece to view your test result. For best results, test in the morning before eating or drinking or brushing your teeth, and then record results on a calendar or fertility chart. Use a sublingual saliva sample to ensure that the specimen is fresh.

    For most women, results patterns will conform to the following general schedule, though variables like cycle length and intensity/duration of estrogen surge may influence results. As a general guideline, this is what you can expect to see.

    • Early part of your cycle (Negative Result): Low Estrogen Levels. You'll See Dots, bubbles, and lines. You are not likely fertile.
    • 0-2 Days (Transitional): Increasing Estrogen. You'll see incipient ferning patterns, light ferning at margins of result. You are approaching your most fertile time.
    • 2-4 Days (Positive): Estrogen Surge: You'll see strong ferning patterns: You are at peak fertility.
    • 0-2 Days (Transitional): Decreasing Estrogen. You'll see diminishing ferning patterns, light ferning at margins of result.
    • Remaining luteal phase following Ovulation (Negative Result): Low Estrogen Levels. You'll See Dots, bubbles, and lines.

    How does Fertile-Focus work?
    Fertile-Focus detects hormone changes that occur prior to and during ovulation. As estrogen increases, "ferning" or crystal patterns can be viewed in dried samples of saliva (due to elevated quantities of electrolytes that will appear in your saliva). These ferning patterns indicate that ovulation is about to take place. The duration of a woman's fertile period is typically around six days, ending 24 hours after ovulation takes place. Unlike urine LH tests, Fertile-Focus allows you to track fertility and your cycle changes throughout your entire menstrual cycle. When you observe a positive result (crystal/ferning patterns), ovulation is likely to occur within 24 to 72 hours.

    When do I test with Fertile-Focus?
    Test on a daily basis and record results on a fertility chart or calendar. Test first thing in the morning - but never after eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. These activities may interfere with results. If you test later in the day, try to wait at least two to three hours after eating or drinking.

    Is Fertile-Focus accurate?
    When instructions are followed, determining fertility through ovulation microscopy has been shown to be 98% accurate. Fertile-Focus meets or exceeds all ovulation microscopy quality standards. Avoid brushing teeth, eating, or drinking for several hours before collecting a sample. A sublingual saliva sample, collected from below the tongue will provide the best results! To apply a saliva sample, swirl fresh saliva to the tip of your tongue and dab on the lens. Alternately, use a clean dry finger or soft applicator to collect and apply the saliva sample.

    How do I clean Fertile-Focus?
    To clean the glass slide or lens, simply use a damp, non-abrasive cloth (no soaps or cleansers).

    What is an "estrogen surge" or "estrogen spike"?
    While estrogen is present in your body throughout your cycle, just prior to ovulation you may have an "estrogen surge" - a marked increase in the presence of estrogen. The increase of estrogen facilitates the ferning patterns in your saliva. An estrogen surge or ovulation may not occur in all cycles for all women. Intensity and duration of the surge may vary among women. 

    Are ferning patterns observable at other times in my cycle?
    A second estrogen surge may occur right at the end of your cycle. By monitoring cycle length, and keeping daily results, the second surge should not be confounded with the estrogen surge preceding ovulation. Also, as different women produce differing levels of estrogen, ferning patterns may vary a bit in appearance and duration.

    Can Ovulation Microscopes be used as a contraceptive device?
    Ovulation microscopes should not be used as a contraceptive device.

    How do I apply a saliva sample?
    For best results, collect a sublingual saliva sample as saliva glands are located below the tongue. Pull (do not unscrew) the lens from the housing. Collect a dab of saliva and place it on the surface of the lens. Try to avoid making bubbles and allow the sample to dry for at least five minutes before attempting to read results.

    Will Clomid interfere with test results?
    Clomid will not interfere with Fertile-Focus results, though it may intensify the appearance and duration of ferning. If you are taking Clomid, consult your physician for details.

    Can I use Fertile-Focus if my cycle is irregular?
    Yes, Fertile-Focus can be used by women with both regular and irregular cycles.

    What are some tips for optimizing results?
    Do not eat, drink, smoke, or brush teeth for at least 2-3 hours before taking the test. Apply sublingual saliva sample to the exterior lens (pull the lens from the housing/do not unscrew lens). Always allow the saliva sample to dry, avoid air bubbles in the sample and Focus by turning the focalizable lens (remove eye-glasses).

    What can interfere with results?
    Pregnancy, menopause, or hormonal imbalance, supplemental estrogen, and recent discontinuation of birth control medication may interfere with results. In continued absence of any ferning, your body may not be producing sufficient estrogen. Consult your physician.

    Who is Fairhaven Health?
    Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Bellingham, WA), Fairhaven Health is a leading provider of natural, doctor-designed products to support fertility, pregnancy, and nursing.

    What is the Fairhaven Health mission?
    Fairhaven Health's mission is to provide trying to conceive couples with the information and tools they need to successfully conceive and to experience a healthy pregnancy. They offer products to support each stage along the path to parenthood, from preconception to pregnancy to nursing. The preconception products focus on fertility awareness, ovulation prediction, and nutritional supplementation. Once couples receive the good news, Fairhaven Health offer dietary supplements to promote the prenatal health of a developing baby and help ensure pregnancy wellness for the mother - from the first days of pregnancy through the first years of nursing.

    How common is infertility?
    Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive, or become pregnant within 1 full year of actively trying or after two or more miscarriages. Over 90 million couples worldwide are trying to conceive at any given time. Out of these couples, 1 in 6 (17%!) experience infertility troubles.

    What are some common causes of infertility in women?
    A growing number of women are waiting until their late thirties or early forties before deciding to get pregnant. As you age, fertility gradually decreases, which means that many of these women will have difficulty conceiving. In addition, many women suffer from ovulatory disorders (caused by PCOS or endometriosis), which impacts fertility.

    What are some common causes of infertility in men?
    Male factor infertility affects one out of every 20 men, and fertility experts point to poor sperm health as the primary cause of male infertility and sub-fertility. There are three key parameters of sperm health: sperm count, sperm morphology, and sperm motility. A problem in any one of these areas can present a challenge for trying to conceive couples. Alarmingly, the average sperm count among adult men has decreased by 50% since 1938, and continues to decline by at least 2% every year. A growing body of scientific research suggests that this rapid decline in sperm health is largely due to free radical damage, resulting from poor diet, exposure to dangerous environmental contaminants, and chronic stress.

    What can I do to improve my fertility status?
    Most fertility experts agree that a variety of lifestyle and dietary factors impact fertility status in both men and women. Eating a healthy diet (rich in fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, and whole grains), exercising regularly, stopping smoking, and limiting consumption of caffeine and alcohol can improve overall health and fertility status. For many, this is easier said and done, and our diets tend to be less than optimal. As a result, many trying to conceive couples can benefit from nutritional supplementation.

    Will I get pregnant if I take FertilAid for Women and/or FertileCM?
    Of course, not all women who take FertilAid and/or FertileCM will become pregnant. Taking FertilAid is intended to help restore hormonal balance and provide full prenatal vitamin protection for trying to conceive women. While many women have successfully conceived while taking FertilAid, taking this product is not guaranteed to result in pregnancy. FertileCM is intended to increase the production of fertile-quality cervical mucus. Sufficient fertile-quality cervical mucus is necessary for protecting and transporting sperm in the female reproductive tract. While many women have successfully conceived while taking FertileCM, taking this product is not guaranteed to result in pregnancy.

    Will my partner conceive if I take FertilAid for Men?
    FertilAid for Men is designed to promote overall reproductive health in men. In a double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial, FertilAid for Men was shown to improve sperm health. While improvements in sperm count and sperm motility are helpful for increasing the chances of conception, such improvements do not guarantee that fertilization will occur.

    Why is it important for me to know when I ovulate?
    For conception to occur, sperm must be present in the Fallopian tubes at the moment the egg is released from the ovary. Because sperm can only survive for 5-7 days in the female reproductive tract, a woman is really only "fertile" for a short window of time during each month. To maximize the chances of getting pregnant, trying to conceive couples must plan to have intercourse on the several days prior to ovulation (and perhaps on the day of ovulation). Many women have no trouble identifying their fertile window. However, for many other women, ovulation prediction is much more difficult. Fairhaven Health provides the tools and information necessary for you to help determine your most fertile days.

    What types of ovulation detection/prediction methods are there?
    There are several ways to detect and/or predict ovulation. One method is to take your basal body temperature (also known as your resting temperature) throughout your cycle using a basal thermometer. Charting your basal body temperature can help you detect the shift in temperatures that occurs at the time of ovulation. Directly after ovulation, your basal body temperature will typically increase by 0.5 to 1.5 degrees F.

    Another way to pinpoint your fertile window is to monitor the consistency and quantity of cervical mucus. In the days just prior to ovulation, many women see an increase in the production of fertile-quality cervical mucus. The appearance of this egg-white consistency mucus reflects hormonal fluctuations that suggest that ovulation is about to occur.

    Saliva-based ovulation microscopes and electronic fertility monitors can also be used to predict ovulation by detecting the hormonal shifts that occur as ovulation approaches.

    Will I get pregnant if I have intercourse during my fertile window?
    While timing intercourse during your fertile window is necessary for conception, it does not guarantee that you will become pregnant. Even when no fertility problems are present, the average couple between ages 29 and 33 has about a 20 to 25 percent chance of becoming pregnant during any given menstrual cycle.

    Having a baby is among the most miraculous moments in life. And when it comes to preconception and pregnancy, Fairhaven Health is with you every step of the way - offering a tradition of unsurpassed product quality, service, and a compassion for each customer's unique journey to parenthood.

    In the U.S., there are more than 11 million couples trying to conceive at any given time. Of those couples, many will face fertility obstacles or frustrating delays, and 1 in 5 will encounter some formal difficulty in becoming pregnant. Even young couples in the best of health have only a 15% to 20% chance of conceiving each menstrual cycle. And with couples trying to conceive later in life, the likelihood of fertility issues presenting themselves may increase over time as we age.

    The mission at Fairhaven Health is to help those couples who may be struggling with their conception efforts. And for years now, they've been achieving that important goal. From preconception through pregnancy and nursing, Fairhaven Health is there - every step of the way - to provide clinically-proven products designed to safely and naturally promote fertility and pregnancy wellness. As a trusted leader in the field of reproductive health, these fertility solutions are cooperatively developed and formulated by a diverse panel of medical experts - including doctors, ObGyns, nutritionists, and naturopaths. Noted fertility expert, Amos Grunebaum, MD, plays a pivotal role in formulating FertilAid, FertileCM, FertiliTea, and Pregnancy Plus product lines.

    Most importantly, Fairhaven Health cares about product efficacy and quality. That's another way of saying they care about customers and their special journeys. Fairhaven Health integrates the best of both worlds, bringing together traditional Western (allopathic) medicine with clinically-supported research in herbal/homeopathic fields. All supplement products are based on clinically-established science and all manufacture is governed by strict GMP standards and third-party quality testing. Significantly, products like FertilAid for Men have undergone their own double-blind placebo-controlled studies - with remarkable, research-advancing results in improving key male fertility parameters like sperm count and motility.

    These product lines follow the natural progression from preconception to pregnancy to nursing. The preconception products focus on fertility awareness and ovulation prediction, helping couples learn about their fertility and anticipate when they are most likely to conceive. Nutritional fertility supplements like FertilAid & FertileCM provide balance and support enhanced fertility for both women and men. Once couples receive the good news, products like Pregnancy Plus Prenatal and Pregnancy Plus Omega3 promote the prenatal health of a developing baby and help ensure pregnancy wellness for the mother - from the first days of pregnancy through the first years of nursing.

    1. Pull (do not unscrew) the Fertile-Focus lens from the microscope body. Place a drop of saliva on the outer surface of the lens.

    2. Allow the saliva sample to dry for at least five minutes and replace the lens into the body of the microscope.

    3. Look into the lens and push the light button to observe the result. To focus, rotate the lens while bringing it close to the eye.

    4. If you see a ferning or crystal pattern in your saliva, you know you are fertile--the perfect time to conceive a baby!

    1200 Harris Avenue, Suite 403
    Fort Myers, FL,
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    About Fairhaven Health

    Fairhaven Health is a specialty manufacturer of fertility-related products, including the fertile-focus ovulation microscope, the Fairhaven Health digital basal thermometer, and the pregnancy plus prenatal vitamin and fertilaid for women and men. Located in the historic district of Bellingham, Washington, Fairhaven Health combines quality products at affordable prices, offering their distributors and retailers unique opportunities in fertility, preconception markets, health and supplement markets. Superior quality health products, excellent customer service, and affordable prices make Fairhaven Health a number one source of natural health and fertility products.

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    By (Othello , WA )

    I am not 100% sure this worked for me, but I'm finally pregnant, so who's complaining? Here's the deal. We'd been trying 3 cycles. I got this right at the start of a new one, and was able to start using it. I chart, and my temps had been showing an ovulatory pattern every month. Well, after 3 months of not seeing any ferning I started to worry, maybe I wasn't ovulating. I saw a very light ferning one day on the 4th cycle using it only one day. I wasn't hopeful, but that was the month we conceived so maybe I was just having anovulatory cycles with a temperature shift? We'll see what happens after I am slowing down nursing next year. *Note to self, it's easy to unscrew instead of pull the top out when you're staggering around first thing in the morning. Don't do that, it creates problems. : {

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    By (Bronx , NY )

    It took me a while to figure out how to use it. It was not clearly explained in the instructions how to focus the lens. I noticed on my third or fourth use that the ocular is screwed to the bottom lens and you have to unscrew the ocular a bit so that you get a clear focus. Once I figured out how to use the product correctly I was able to view the “ ferning” pattern when I was ovulating and the lack of it when I was not. The key to a trustworthy result is to use saliva sample first thing in the morning before you have put anything in your mouth. Overall: I am quite pleased with this product. For the price I paid, the quality and convenience are well-worth it, plus it WORKS! It's reusable, so you won't have to worry about "running out" of your testing device and being without it during your fertile period!

    Was this review helpful?Yes0No0Thank you for your response.

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