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AllMax Nutrition - Carbion+ High Performance Carbohydrate Drink Key Lime Cherry - 2.4 lbs.
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AllMax Nutrition - Carbion+ High Performance Carbohydrate Drink Key Lime Cherry - 2.4 lbs.

High Performance Carbohydrate & Electrolyte Infused
Item #: 157415
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AllMax Nutrition - Carbion+ High Performance Carbohydrate Drink Key Lime Cherry - 2.4 lbs.

  • Item# :157415
    UPC# :665553233598
  • Brand:AllMax Nutrition
  • Size/Form:2.40  lbs.
  • Ship Weight:4
  • Servings:40
  • Dosage:1  Scoop(s)
  • Flavor:Key Lime Cherry

AllMax Nutrition - Carbion+ High Performance Carbohydrate Drink Key Lime Cherry - 2.4 lbs. (38 oz.)

AllMax Nutrition Carbion+ High Performance Carbohydrate Drink Key Lime Cherry includes a broad range of extremely complex and increasingly less complex engineered carbohydrates to provide a combination of absorption rates that deliver reliable, sustained energy to power you through the toughest training. Carbion+ can be used pre, during, or post workout to train with more power and recover faster.

Carbion+ High Performance Carbohydrate Drink Key Lime Cherry Features:

  • Sustained energy for extreme training 
  • Pre-contest / pre-training carb loading 
  • Increases nutrient absorption 
  • Draws water away from skin 
  • Zero bloating and no digestion issues
  • Includes electrolytes 
  • Gluten free
  • Key Lime Cherry flavor 

Ion-Charged means that they have infused Carbion+ with all 4 key electrolytes. When mixed into solution, these charged particles dramatically enhance hydration levels, improve absorption and replace electrolytes lost through sweat.

Maximum Uptake & Utilization
Problem with more simple carbs, they can shoot your blood glucose levels sky high leaving you feeling weak and spent. Carbion+ has engineered a complex of plant extracts that maximizes the absorption and utilization of the carbs you need. More importantly, effective carb utilization has a nutrient partitioning effect. This means that the nutrients in Carbion+ are preferentially taken up by muscle tissue, further feeding your gains.

Hows it work?

The goal of any supplement is to have an effect. In order to have an effect the nutrient (protein, creatine, aminos, carbs etc.) must find its way into the cell; getting into the cell means getting past the gatekeeper, the insulin receptor. The obvious way is to allow insulin to do its job. But higher levels of insulin come at a price. It requires higher levels of blood sugar. The Advanced Carb Utilization Complex within Carbion+ has ingredients that effectively reduce the level at which these nutrient gatekeepers “turn on” and actively take nutrients in.

Carbion+ provides a range of carbohydrate complexity from extremely large, highly branched and complex carb to a simpler complex carb such as DE-5, an engineered carb with 87% of the polysaccharide lengths of (10) decasaccharide and larger. It also provides 3.2 g of Fibersol-2, another highly engineered carb that mimics the fiber effect of oats and provides beneficial actions like improved regularity, reduced blood sugar and shuttles triglycerides out of the body.

With its very low osmotic pressure gradient (matches human osmotic pressure between 280 and 300) and high levels of electrolytes, Carbion+ empties rapidly from the stomach, thereby facilitating efficient, sustained uptake and preventing bloating, cramping and indigestion that can occur with simpler carb drinks containing glucose or other sugars, especially when training hard.

More to the point, like consuming oats, Carbion+ has the effect of delivering caloric energy in a manner your body can cope with more easily, eliminating dramatic insulin spikes and sustaining energy delivery. This sustained energy provides a steady supply to working muscles, spares muscle glycogen depletion, staves off muscle catabolism and fuels recovery.

The addition of the electrolytes takes advantage of the delivery channels that share a common membrane with carbohydrate absorption. The Advanced Carb Utilization Complex further facilitates the uptake of the blood sugar by reducing the threshold of the activation of insulin receptors; simply stated, your body will be more efficient at uptake into cells of nutrients while requiring less insulin.

Why Do You Need a Carb Drink?
Understanding why someone would take a carb drink in the first place helps you understand why Carbion+ is vastly superior.

  1. Carbohydrates are the most effective and readily available workout fuel you can take.
  2. Properly supplemented, they provide a highly stable and reliable energy source for optimal performance – shifting to fat metabolism and protein breakdown via gluconeogenesis is dramatically less effective and reduced performance is the result.
  3. Supplementing with carbs is one of the best ways to prevent cortisol levels from rising and subsequently, catabolic muscle tissue breakdown from taking place.
  4. Recovery from intense training and replenishment of glycogen stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take Carbion+?
As the label indicates you can take Carbion+ Pre, During and Post Training. Clearly each timing has its benefits.

During Training (Recommended)
Carbion+ is most commonly taken during intense training. Mix prior to your workout or event and start consuming 2 servings as you start training and consume throughout your workout. You will initially begin your training by tapping into your existing glycogen stores and as Carbion+ absorbs and begins working your body will naturally shift to its most preferred and efficient fuel; glucose. This will effectively power your training, spare glycogen, blunt catabolism and power your recovery.

Pre-Training (Optional)
If you are taking it Pre-Training the main goal is to load up and fill your muscles full of glycogen for maximal performance. This should really only be done when you have depleted your glycogen. So, in the case where you are Cycling your carbs by taking them only around training time and eliminating them outside of training, you would eat few, or no carbs and focus on fats and proteins. Approximately 45 to 60 minutes before training, take 2 servings. You would also take an additional 2 servings following training.

Post-Training (Optional)
Taking Carbion+ immediately following your event or training is an excellent way to fuel recovery and replenish glycogen stores. This can be combined with Carbion+ taken during training if you have an exceptionally long training session or event. Your level of fatigue should be your guide.

Why not just take Dextrose?
If your goal is spiking your insulin to maximum levels, this is your best and cheapest bet. While there are distinct benefits to having a lot of insulin, the negatives outweigh the positives. Your blood sugar level will escalate very rapidly and the body responds with a large amount of insulin. This will bring you from a very high level of blood sugar to a very low, often hypoglycemic level very rapidly – meaning your blood sugar levels will drop. This will give you the urge to quickly ingest more (usually simple carbs) to relieve the feelings of weakness and lethargy.

Doing this repeatedly slowly reduces the effectiveness (degree of sensitivity) of the insulin receptor. In essence, it becomes desensitized to the overabundance of sugar in the blood stream. The result is that the pancreas needs to pump out more and more insulin to achieve the same result. Left unchecked, this eventually turns into what they call Metabolic Syndrome and then type II diabetes barring any intervention.

About AllMax Nutrition

Rigorous Quality Standards Yield Powerful Results
They believe in dedicating themselves to strict policies of quality in manufacturing. They maintain the absolute highest grade of manufacturing for all their products – pharmaceutical grade cGMP, government-inspected facilities featuring state-of-the-art conditions with sealed air-pressurized chambers.

A Healthy Obsession with Purity, Potency and Effective Formulas
They are obsessive about testing and analyzing each and every batch of their product. They go well beyond the call of duty to ensure that what they put on the label is actually in the product and in the required amounts and concentrations. They laboratory test every lot and every ingredient to ensure 100% validity. There are cheaper and easier ways to create the supplements you consume, but they do not believe in anything less, nor will they settle for it.

High Quality Products Provide the Best Results
Their customers have had a healthy obsession with their AllMax for over 15 years because they get results. They understand the importance of following a solid diet and training hard in combination with their high quality products. They understand that their customers demand more, which is why they consistently supply cutting-edge supplements to help them achieve their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Mixing: Add 8 oz. (1 cup, 240 mL) of cold water to your shaker per serving (28 g= 1 scoop) of Carbion+, seal your shaker and shake immediately upon adding Carbion+. For 2 servings (54 g = 2 scoops) use 16 oz (2 cups, 480 mL) of cold water. Additional water can be added if desired.

During Training (Recommended): Use 1 to 2 servings of Carbion+ and sip throughout your workout or endurance event. Maintains high energy levels and dramatically limits muscle breakdown.

Pre-Workout (Optional): Use 1 to 2 servings of Carbion+ 30 minutes before training. Provides immediate available energy to power your workout.

Post-Workout (Optional): Use 1 to 3 servings immediately following training, race or event. 1 serving for every 30 minutes of intense activity. Rapidly and completely refills depleted liver and muscle glycogen stores. Supports tissue and muscle repair. Quickly enhances overall recuperation.

AllMax Nutrition - Carbion+ High Performance Carbohydrate Drink Key Lime Cherry - 2.4 lbs. (38 oz.)
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (27 g)
Servings Per Container: 40
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 100
Carbohydrate 25 g 8%*
    Sugars 0 g **
6-Carb Complex
    Cyclo-D Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin 6.5 g **
    DE-5 High Molecular Weight Dextrin Polysaccharide 6.4 g **
    AWM2300 Ultra-High Molecular Weight Waxy Maize 6.0 g **
    Rice Polysaccharide (Glycosidically-Bound Monamer) 3.2 g **
    Fibersol-2 Digestion-Resistant Dextrin (Highly-Branched Structure) 1.6 g **
    Potato Polysaccharide (Glycosidically-Bound Monamer) 0.9 g **
Advanced Carb Utilization Complex
    Prickly Pear Extract 108 mg **
    Bitter Melon Extract 56 mg **
    D-Pinitol 8 mg **
    Vanadium (as Vanadyl Sulfate) (Std. to 1% Vanadium) 5 mg **
Ionic Hydration Complex
    Sodium (as Sodium Citrate & Sodium Chloride) 85 mg 4%
    Magnesium (as Magnesium Gluconate & Magnesium Citrate) 58 mg 15%
    Potassium (as Potassium CItrate & Potassium Phosphate) 40 mg 2%
    Calcium (as Calcium Citrate & Calcium 5 Hydrate) 30 mg 2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Key Lime and Cherry Flavors, Sucralose and Natural Color.

Do not use if you have pre-existing medical conditions. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Not recommended for persons under 18 years of age. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse reactions. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

Prop 65 Warning
This product may contain one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

4576 Yonge Street, Suite #509
North York, ON,
Phone: (800) 776-6177 Fax: (888) 782-3339 Visit website

About AllMax Nutrition

The ALLMAX Nutrition brand stands for Science, Innovation, Quality and Results. Rigorous research standards yield powerful results.  This has resulted in a line of products that has gained the trust of thousands of dedicated professional and amateur athletes, trainers and those who have chosen to make high quality nutrition a part of their life.  They Believe in dedicating ourselves to strict policies of quality in manufacturing. They maintain the absolute highest grade of manufacturing for all their products – pharmaceutical grade cGMP, government-inspected facilities featuring state-of-the-art conditions with sealed air-pressurized chambers. They continue to quietly grow through word-of-mouth recommendation, as satisfied athletes and trainers continue to tell others about their impressive results.

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