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Aloha Bay - Feng Shui Palm Wax Jar Candle Earth Inner Peace - 2.5 oz.

The Flame Of The Future
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Aloha Bay - Feng Shui Palm Wax Jar Candle Earth Inner Peace - 2.5 oz.

  • Item# :105470
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Aloha Bay - Feng Shui Palm Wax Jar Candle Earth Inner Peace - 2.5 oz.

Aloha Bay Palm Wax Candles are the flame of the future. Aloha Bay Feng Shui Palm Wax Jar Candle Earth Inner Peace reflects the ancient principles of Feng Shui, where individual colors represent the Five Elements of Nature, which are associated with personal, social and spiritual qualities. The Organic Essential Oils are selected to enhance these energies and attributes.

Aloha Bay Feng Shui Palm Wax Jar Candle Earth Inner Peace Highlights:

  • Palm Wax from sustainable tree farming in Malaysia and Brazil
  • Lead-Free Cotton Wicks
  • No Synthetic Scents
  • Fragrances composed with Certified Organic Essential Oils

Feng Shui Candle Placement

Feng Shui Colors & Directions
A room can be transformed and energized in a positive way with the use of Feng Shui colors, so when someone enters the room they are affected both visually and emotionally.

How Does It Work?
Feng Shui literally means "wind and water" and is the study of how to create harmony between the energy of the earth and the human body and how to use the energy of their surroundings to nurture and support us. The Chinese have been practicing the art of Feng Shui interior design for centuries. This ancient art taps into the hidden energies of inanimate objects by using the five elements.

The elements in this Chinese art are wood, water, metal, earth and fire. When correctly used Chinese Feng Shui will bring about balance, harmony, and prosperity in the household. Chi is the internal energy of a place, person, or object, this energy is very important in the practice of this art. The flow of Chi or energy is unique to every home and every room in the home. The creative challenge is to read this energy and help it to flow freely.

Feng Shui Colors In Individual Rooms
The Feng Shui candles' colors and fragrances were combined so they could bring positive energy to a number of spaces. They did this to allow you, to a large extent, to use your own intuition to choose placement in an area or a specific room. Be expansive, there is no limit to where they should be placed. Also be careful to never leave a burning candle in a room if someone is not there to tend to it.

The color for new growth. It's also represents healing and the life force. It's a good color in kitchens - life force and nutrition. If you have a library or space where you study, green and sweet fruity-herbaceous citrus blends stimulate creativity. If you have an exercise space you will enjoy the fragrances because they are very refreshing.

Water is about the flow of positive energy. It can be used to create a "wealth corner" or used in foyers and entrances - anywhere to stimulate wealth Chi and abundance. It's also just as useful to cultivate family well being - our true wealth. So it's great for a family rooms and dining areas. Blue is the color said to help insomnia and can be an auspicious accent color in a bedroom.

The color of fire and passion. Great for accents colors for a spa, yoga studio, or workshop. Even a kitchen - consider how passionate a gourmet chef is about the meals they prepare. It's considered very effective for lifting and balancing the energy from computers and electronic equipment. The essential oils in this candle are perfect for romantic occasions.

Earthy Beige - Orange - Yellow
Promotes confidence. This candle is great for living rooms and library, study areas. Use it to enhance a spiritual connection, peace, and stimulate intuition. This essential oil blend is very good in meditation rooms or sacred spaces to focus energy. Also, because the fragrance is relaxing, it can be used in a bedroom (but make sure you blow it out before you fall asleep). Massage therapists noticed that whereas applying the spicy oils to the skin could be irritating, the fragrance next to their massage tables had a soothing effect.

White to Silver
Associated with metal. Consider that in ancient cultures metal had an association with the sword. It represented both power and the ability to cut through obstructions. The color works well in bathrooms but is also great for the kitchen.

Feng Shui Colors in a Single Room
Choosing a color is an important part of any interior design project. Color either enhances an overall room design or weakens it. Ideally, if you have the space, you would try to decorate the rooms of your house with a focus on the mood you are trying to create in each room.

By using the Feng Shui Elements you can bring about harmony and balance in the rooms of the house, which will lead to a relaxing and prosperous overall environment. However, if you have limited space and need to use a room for multiple purposes, you can also combine elemental colors in a single room. For example, strengthen the area where you have a desk to do business in order to encourage wealth. Another example, set up an altar for prayer and contemplation and enclose it with a screen.

To get started, you need to determine, with a compass, the orientation of your home or apartment. Then you will know which direction is associated with each room, or which direction is associated with each side of your (one room) apartment.

Use a layout plan of your house or room and mark the northerly direction on the lay out. Take the center of your house (or apartment) as the center of the compass and mark the direction of each room (or area in your apartment).

Main Principle
There is nothing in Feng Shui principles that says that you must paint the entire room in the prescribed color. Other colors can certainly be used in combination with any of the ones suggested below. The main thing you need to be aware of is how the color makes you feel, and how it works with your existing décor and color scheme. If the color enhances and enlivens your room, then it’s a good choice.

Colors and Directions

For an east room, use wood furniture as much as possible and add several house plants.

  • Green

These hues and anything in between violet, purple, and lavender reflect the energies of this direction.

  • Blue
  • Red

Any hue of the these colors will give you the cozy warm ambiance of fire. South is the fire element. Activate this element with candles and plants to fuel the fire. A fireplace located on the south wall also activates the fire element. Steer clear of metal since it draws water which will douse the fire.

  • Red
  • Earthy Beige / Orange

Use one or a combination of these two colors.

  • Red
  • White

Metal is the element of the west. Metal candle sticks, metal picture frames and metal tables and chairs work to activate this element. They offer a metal Feng Shui Mobile that they recommend you hang by a red ribbon or cord.

  • White

Black is not typically a color advised for an entire room color. White walls with a black and white tile floor are a great way to introduce these colors into a room design.

  • Black
  • White

Water is the element for the North. Use photos or paintings of water scenes (unless this is a bedroom). An aquarium in a den located in the north is a good choice or a small table fountain. Add various metal objects, since it draws water.

  • Blue

These are a couple of colors to consider for this direction. Consider adding plants or even an aquarium.

  • Blue
  • Green

Center of Home
The earth element is activated with pottery. Clay and bronze statues also bring the earth energy inside your room. Since fire creates earth (ash) you can add candles to further activate the earth element. Minimize the use of wood furniture and opt for upholstered chairs and sofas.

  • Earthy Beige / Orange
  • Yellow
  • Tan

Feng Shui Colors and Scent Sources
They worked with three Feng Shui experts and to get them to agree on color choices was a bit of a challenge. Their selection of therapeutic grade essential oil blends, to compliment the Five Elemental colors, was easier because they found a strong correlation between Gabriel Moray’s book Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit and Peter Holmes’ seminar Using Essential Oils with Chinese Medicine.

Fundamentally, you can use a wide variety of essential oils to affect emotional balance or to enhance a particular mood or quality. In general, entire families of essential oil have similar qualities. So in some sense you could choose any oils from that family to create similar aromatherapy benefits. Aromatherapy is probably more of an art than a hard science. An experienced aromatherapist has a huge fragrance pallet to choose from. Different aromatherapists recommend different blends but still achieve the same results.

Palm Wax
For over 15 years, Aloha Bay has been wholesaling gift and home decor items sourced first from Europe, then Asia and now includes Pakistan and Brazil. They always tried hard to follow business practices that are sustainable in the long run. They are aware of the impact they have on the planet, wildlife, neighbors, and global partners. This awareness shapes how they conduct business. By showing what they have accomplished so far, they hope to earn your support.

In the last decades, growing global demand for edible oils and bio-fuels has resulted in a tremendous increase in areas under oil crop cultivation, particularly soybean and oil palm. With the price of crude petroleum hitting record heights, soy and palm oil are being promoted as feasible sources for biodiesel, a renewable substitute for petroleum-derived diesel. The rapid expansion of both crops has resulted in the conversion of High Conservation Value Rainforests in South-East Asia and South America, including parts of the Amazon. As world production of soy and palm oil is expected to continue increasing at the current pace, there is a growing concern that this expansion would result in further reducing the rain forests. The habitat of many species, like the orangutan, could significantly diminish, endangering their survival.

Bart travels to Asia regularly. With their business partners, Ping and Prananto, he has worked from the very beginning on ways to make sure that their palm wax originates predominantly from smaller, old-growth palm plantations, located around villages in rural Indonesia. They also choose to buy palm wax from Malaysia, because its government has put a moratorium on forest clearing for the establishment of oil palm plantations. Only areas already used for agriculture will be allowed to convert to palm oil production. Recently, they started experimenting with certified organic palm wax from sustainable fair trade plantations in Brazil.

Aloha Bay has decided not to try and write their own articles about the pros and cons of palm oil production. Ever since they found palm wax to be the best candle wax, allowing them to make the most richly scented candles to date, they definitely have a vested interest! Instead, they have chosen to post third party peer reviewed articles from independent sources, which are self-funded, objective and then actually spend their time in the countries concerned. Unfortunately, public relations experts working for global agro-conglomerates have their own agendas, just as some environmental groups allow their judgment to be clouded by their desire for media coverage (resulting in hyped statements and over-simplification).

Palm Wax FAQ's

Is your palm wax 100% natural?
Palm oil itself is a steam distilled pure essential oil. Most palm plantations use conventional agricultural methods. However, there is a growing interest in organic farming, and they purchase certified organic palm wax from Colombia and Brazil.

Some of the palm wax is made by chilling the oil and spinning it around to isolate the oils (waxes) with the highest melt point. In order to obtain the harder, crystalline wax, the oil is hydrogenated (the same process used to make margarine).

Soy wax is most often a blend of waxes (soy, palm, & beeswax) that can contain as little as 25% soy oil. All soy wax is chemically distilled, with synthetic additives and mostly from GMO seed. Even hydrogenated, the soy wax stays buttery and oily, so it can only be used in containers. In their Palm Wax section, they are collecting articles from independent conservationists to illustrate what they believe: palm wax is more environmentally sustainable than soy wax.

Does palm wax or soy candle wax contain toxic additives?
Another way to consider the naturalness or purity of candles is to look at how the wax was refined and whether the candle colors or fragrances contain synthetic and possibly harmful petrochemicals. Paraffin and GMO soy wax is chemically distilled with petrochemical solvents, like hexane.

Soy candles then can never be certified organic. Only a very small percentage of all "soy candles" is actually made from 100% soy. Soy candle wax is almost always a blend of waxes that contains chemical additives.

Palm oil is steam-distilled, without the use of chemicals. In the case of regular palm wax, the oil is then hydrogenated (hardened) into wax, which does not require harmful chemicals. Certified organic palm wax is obtained by steam distillation and then chilling and spinning the oil, a process that does not require any non-organic substances

Where does your palm wax come from?
The palm wax they use is made from food grade palm oil. They only work with palm oil from plantations that are certified for using only sustainable agricultural practices. At the moment, they purchase palm wax from Malaysia, Brazil and Colombia. Indonesia is also a major producer of palm oil and palm wax, but because of uncertainty relative to what type of plantations it comes from, they do not use Indonesian palm wax in their candles.

Unfortunately, there are still agro-companies in Indonesia that clear tropical rainforest, especially in Borneo and Sumatra. This is, in their view, completely not necessary because there are large areas of land (previously deforested by logging companies) that could be turned into palm oil plantations. The palm wax they receive from Brazil and Colombia is from sustainable, certified organic agriculture. The tree farms in those countries are located on fields depleted by conventional farming, especially row-crops and cattle.

What are some of the benefits of palm wax?
Palm oil is a renewable resource and, unlike with soy oil and soy plantations, it requires a lot of manual labor to maintain the palm orchards, providing work for many farmers in Third World countries. Palm wax candles are very hard, smooth and dry. They can withstand summer heat without bending or melting and don't have an "oily" feel.

Why do your candles have a marble/crystal texture?
It is the nature of palm wax when it is hand poured at a lower temperature. Doing that and pouring in distinct layers, and letting it cool before the next pour, is a signature technique that they use to make candles.

Where did palm wax originate?
Essentially palm plantations are concentrated in Malaysia and other south East Asian countries. It is an ancient crop originally found in Africa. The palm tree produces several clusters of fruits, which are known as palm fruit. These bunches of fruit are then sent to oil mills so that they can undergo the process of sterilization. This is done in order to remove all traces of germs and bacteria. After that they undergo bunch stripping, after which the oil is extracted with the use of specialized machinery in the mills. This oil is then classified on the basis of hue, color, texture and viscosity. After that the final stage of palm oil extraction is called purification where with the use of various methods the correct texture of the oil is reached.

Are certain candle waxes better than others?
Yes and No. All types of candle waxes can perform well, and will burn cleanly and safely when they are of high quality. Most U.S. candle manufacturers select waxes or blends of waxes based on their suitability for specific types of candles or formulation profiles, as well as their own candle-making expertise. These days however, the bulk of candle grade paraffin comes from refineries in China (since U.S. refineries pretty much stopped producing it), and their experience has been that it's harder and harder to get the right quality. Candles imported from China are, as a rule, of very inferior quality: using the cheapest paraffin, bad wicks and cheap synthetic scents. Consequently, they do not burn well and (typically) burn down quite fast.

How well do palm wax candles burn?
Not only do their Palm Wax Candles burn clean, which means they do not emanate lots of soot into the air, they also have the distinct advantage of a long burning time. Palm wax has a very hard texture and feel to it, which means that it does not give way readily, so even under warmer conditions their Palm Tapers won't bend. Their customers report that the flame is brighter than paraffin and soy candles. They especially like the crystal look and the hand poured layer effect.

Your palm candle labels are kind of plain compared to Yankee Candles. Why?
One of the best compliments they got at a show was customer coming over and saying, "Dude, I recognized your candles: you do the naked jars without labels." We put their money into higher quality pure and natural ingredients, not the packaging and the labeling.

About Aloha Bay
In 1993, Aloha Bay began manufacturing and wholesaling hand dipped paraffin tapers, painted with palm wax. These beautiful tapers are still popular in the gift industry. In 1997, they developed the first 100% Palm Wax votives and richly scented jar candles.

Over the years, they have expanded their use of pure essential oils and have become the primary vegetable wax wholesale candle and Himalayan salt lamp supplier to the natural food industry.

Aloha Bay has continued to experiment with every type of vegetable wax (soy, coconut, rice bran, carnauba, candelilla, bayberry, jojoba and even castor oil).

They have found that palm wax makes the best candles especially blended with high concentrations of pure essential oil scents.

Most vegetable waxes (e.g. soy wax) are too soft and oily to be used by themselves, so they are often mixed together with large percentages of palm wax.

Place candle on heat-resistant surface, away from curtains and other flammable objects. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4". Eliminate wick trimmings and other debris from around the flame. Avoid drafts. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never leave any burning candle unattended.

Composed with Certified Organic Essential Oils. Palm Wax from sustainable tree farming in Malaysia and certified organic groves in Brazil.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never leave any burning candle unattended.

P.O Box 539
Escondido, CA,
Email: Click here Visit website

About Aloha Bay

Aloha Bay has been manufacturing in the U.S.since 1993, when they were known as Bright Lights Candle Company. Bright Lights was the first to introduce a new generation of scented, vegetable palm oil candles to the US market. Aloha Bay is the largest U.S. manufacturer of vegetable wax candles. Research indicates the company has the broadest selection of vegetable wax products in the gift industry: tapers, tea lights, votives, and a half dozen jar candles (chakra jars, highly fragranced deco jars and trip lights, etc.). They also have the widest selection of colors, fragrances and unscented products..

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