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Toothpaste Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem With Baking Soda Wintergreen - 6.25 fl. oz.Desert Essence

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Desert Essence - Toothpaste Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem With Baking Soda Wintergreen - 6.25 fl. oz.
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biodegradable IconBiodegradable
artificial-colors-free IconArtificial Colors Free
phthalate-free IconPhthalate-Free
sls-free IconSLS-Free
vegan IconVegan
dairy-free IconDairy-Free
gluten-free IconGluten-Free
cruelty-free IconCruelty-Free
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Desert Essence
6.25 fl. oz.
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Desert Essence - Natural Tea Tree Oil Wintergreen Toothpaste With Baking Soda - 6.25 oz. (176g)

Tea Tree Oil & Neem Wintergreen Toothpaste
Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste is made with Baking Soda and Essential Oil of Wintergreen. Since this toothpaste is fluoride free, SLS free, and gluten free, it’s the perfect choice for your natural dental and oral hygiene routine. Desert Essence Toothpaste helps you prevent tooth decay by removing plaque, preventing plaque buildup, and reducing bad breath (also known as halitosis) by eliminating bacteria and debris from your teeth and gums with Tea Tree Oil. It also supports healthy gums and reduces your risk for developing gingivitis with Neem. Desert Essence dental care products never contain harsh abrasives, sweeteners, or artificial flavors. Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste is formulated with simple, pure, and natural ingredients that work hard to keep your mouth clean and feeling fresh throughout the day. This natural toothpaste is also proudly vegan with no animal testing!

    Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste Ingredients
    When you look at the ingredient list for most conventional toothpaste brands, you’ll see a long list of hard-to-read and understand chemicals and harsh abrasives. Our mouths are delicate and important, so when you are committed to living a more natural lifestyle and want clean ingredients going inside your mouth, Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste is one of the most popular choices available. The ingredients are fully disclosed on their packaging and easy to understand because they are clean and natural and also effective for preventing cavities and tooth decay. Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil that is derived from steaming the leaves of an Australian plant called Melaleuca alternifolia. Tea Tree Oil has been used for centuries as a natural medicine. Its ability to kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi make it an excellent addition to natural toothpaste. Neem extract (Melia Azadirachta) has also been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for its health boosting properties. Neem is believed to fight against gum disease (gingivitis) and has soothing properties. Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) is a salt that offers numerous health benefits, especially for oral care. It’s a fine powder that works as a gentle abrasive that helps remove plaque buildup, food particles, debris, and bacteria from the teeth, gums, and delicate skin inside your mouth.

    Do Natural Toothpastes Actually Work?
    Natural toothpastes do exactly what toothpastes are designed to do – remove debris and plaque while eliminating the causes of bad breath - and they do it just as well as conventional toothpastes. They simply clean your mouth and teeth without the use of harsh abrasives, artificial additives, and toxic chemicals. In natural toothpastes such as this one, you’ll find botanically-derived ingredients from nature such as Tea Tree Oil, Neem, and Wintergreen. You’ll find baking soda instead of dehydrated silica gels or hydrated aluminum oxides (yuck!).

    Are Neem Oil & Tea Tree Oil the Same Thing?
    Simply put, no… Neem Oil and Tea Tree Oil are different. Neem Oil comes from the Indian subcontinent such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine in that region for thousands of years due to its many health benefits including keeping gums healthy and warding off gingivitis. Tea Tree Oil comes from a plant in Australia and is typically used to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections. Both oils have strong aromas that are quite unique. In this natural toothpaste by Desert Essence, they have taken great care to let the Wintergreen essential oil take center stage, adding a clean, fresh flavor that gets your mouth through the day!

    Toothpaste without Fluoride
    In Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste, you won’t find fluoride which has been linked to numerous health issues. Fluoride-free toothpaste is just effective as toothpaste containing fluoride in removing plaque, debris, and bacteria that cause bad breath. However, if you have weak enamel and are experiencing cavities, your dentist will probably recommend that you use toothpaste with fluoride. On the contrary, if you have great teeth and are simply aiming to maintain them, the best thing you can do is keep them clean and using natural toothpaste such as Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste is a perfectly natural and beneficial choice for you.

    Baking Soda Toothpaste on Pimples
    You might have come across this trendy idea from friends or the internet. Some people believe that placing natural, baking soda-based toothpaste on pimples helps heal them. This is partially true in that baking soda helps dry the skin on and around the blemish which makes the pimple look smaller. Plus, the wintergreen essential oil in this Desert Essence toothpaste or the mint flavors in other toothpastes may help numb the zit so it doesn’t hurt as much. However, toothpaste is not meant to be put on skin and when left on overnight, as the rumor suggests, it might irritate the delicate skin on your face. Toothpaste, such as this Natural Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste is best used in your mouth care routine. And, once you try its fresh minty wintergreen taste and feel the zesty clean, you’ll want to save every last bit for your teeth anyway!

    Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste, with Baking Soda & Essential Oil of Wintergreen efficiently cleanses teeth, helps fight plaque, leaves mouth feeling revived, freshens breath, and promotes dental hygiene with a natural formulation containing organic tea tree oil. Flavored with the pure essential oil of wintergreen for a unique and refreshing taste, Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Wintergreen Toothpaste's effective formula features baking soda and the natural anti-septic properties of Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil. Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Wintergreen Toothpaste is fluoride and gluten free.

    • Helps fight plaque naturally
    • Deep cleans teeth and gums without harsh abrasives
    • Leaves mouth feeling clean and refreshed

    Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Dental Care Products are the perfect choice for your oral hygiene routine. They contain no harsh abrasives, synthetic sweeteners or artificial flavors. Formulated with simply pure and natural ingredients to keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Dental Care System includes toothpastes available in four flavors: Fennel, Ginger, Mint, and Wintergreen with Neem; mouthwash, dental floss, and dental tape.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do they do animal testing on Desert Essence products?
    No, as company, they do not believe in animal testing of any of their products or ingredients used in making them. They require all our ingredient suppliers to abide by this same principle.

    Are Desert Essence products 100% Vegetarian?
    All their products are 100% vegetarian.

    Are all Desert Essence products Vegan?
    While all their products are 100% vegetarian, not all are vegan. The Organics line is 100% vegan. Although several of their products have small amounts of beeswax and honey in their formulas, no animals are ever harmed to get these ingredients.

    Are Desert Essence products Gluten Free?
    Most of their products and all of their Organics line are Gluten Free. Please refer to packaging to determine if product is gluten free or not.

    What is the shelf life of Desert Essence Products?
    Most of their products have a 3 year shelf life.

    Product Packaging

    Is the packaging recyclable? BPA free?
    All Desert Essence tubes, bottles, and caps are recyclable and free of BPA. Refer to packaging for recyclability information. For example, in the Organics line, the tubes are #2 HDPE, while the caps are #5 PP.

    What is the difference between their different Tea Tree Oils?
    Desert Essence Tea Tree Oils vary based on how they are grown and harvested. All are subject to the highest quality standards possible, including terpinen-4 levels of 38+ and low cineole levels of less than 3%.

    Their 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil is grown and harvested conventionally. Desert Essence growers are certified under the Code of Practice that sets guidelines for Tea Tree production and quality. This oil is steam distilled and no chemicals are used in the process. Sustainable practices are used, including use of solar energy, state of the art irrigation, and minimal pesticides.

    Desert Essence Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil is grown on an environmentally sustainable, ecologically responsible plantation that is aligned with a USDA Organic operation, but is not USDA certified.

    Desert Essence Organic Oil is USDA certified and grown under the most environmentally sustainable, ecological, and responsible practices. No chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides are used on the farm, which is surrounded by protected government land. Rain water is used instead of an irrigation system, cows are used to graze and control weeds and grasses, and a wood-fired burner is used to steam distill the oil.

    Is Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil steam-distilled?
    Yes, Desert Essence tea tree oil is steam-distilled, and no chemicals are used in the process.

    What is the chemical composition of Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil?
    Tea Tree Oil is made up of over 300 chemical compounds. The most important of these are Terpinen-4, which is responsible for antiseptic action, and cineole, which can be responsible for skin irritation. They require our tea tree oils to have Terpinen-4 levels of 38% and over, which is well above industry average. The cineole levels are kept low at less than 3%, which are well below industry average.

    How should Tea Tree Oil be used?
    Tea Tree Oil should always be diluted with water, a carrier oil, or other liquid before applying to skin. Test on a patch of skin before applying. Avoid getting into eyes. Review product instructions and warnings before use.

    Jojoba Oil
    Is the 100% Pure Jojoba Oil cold-pressed or chemically extracted?
    Desert Essence Jojoba Oil is cold-pressed and no chemicals are involved in the extraction process.

    Will refrigerating my Jojoba Oil extend the shelf life?
    The shelf life of Desert Essence Jojoba Oil is 3 years. Storing it in the refrigerator can extend its shelf life by as much as 1 year. Please note that the oil will solidify when exposed to cold, but will return to liquid at room temperature, without affecting the quality of the oil.

    What are some of the uses of Jojoba Oil?
    Jojoba Oil has many useful applications. It can be used as a deep conditioning treatment for hair, skin moisturizer, or even as a shaving prep.

    What is the difference between the Organic Jojoba Oil and the Non-Organic Jojoba Oil?
    Organic Jojoba Oil is certified by the USDA Organic as meeting strict ingredient and processing standards, including no use of pesticides, fungicides, and any other chemicals. The conventional Jojoba Oil is extracted without any chemicals, but is not certified under the USDA organic standard.

    Shampoos & Conditioners
    Can I use any Organics shampoo on color-treated hair?
    For color-treated hair, we recommend using the Italian Red Grape Shampoo and Conditioner, which were specially formulated to protect against sun damage and fading. Please avoid using any shampoo or conditioner with Tea Tree Oil, as that may lighten hair color. If you color your hair and the color comes out too dark, a Tea Tree Replenishing Shampoo Therapeutic and Conditioner can help lighten the color.

    Dental Care
    Does the wax in the Tea Tree Dental Tape contains any soy, corn or gluten?
    No, it is free of soy, corn, and gluten.

    Do Desert Essence toothpastes and mouthwashes contain fluoride?
    All Desert Essence dental care products are fluoride-free.

    Facial Skin Care
    Are the Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Pads and cleansers pH balanced?
    Desert Essence pads and cleansers help to pH balance your skin. The skin, especially if it has problems, is slightly acidic. Their cleansers run slightly alkaline so they can help pH balance the skin.

    Does the sunscreen contain nanoparticles?
    No, Desert Essence does not use or allow any of their vendors use nanoparticles.

    Do the deodorants contain aluminum?
    No, Desert Essence deodorants do not contain aluminum.

    I have severe allergies. Can they tell me what is in their "proprietary blend of essential oils"?
    Desert Essence are not able to disclose the exact blend of all natural essential oils and extracts used in their products. However, if you are allergic to a particular ingredient, please contact them and they can let you know if the product contains that.

    Are Desert Essence products nut-free?
    Most of their products are nut-free. However, Desert Essence recommends you review the ingredient list before you use any Desert Essence product.

    What products contain soy?
    Desert Essence pure oils, most of their facial skin care and Organics products do not contain soy. Please refer to packaging to determine if product contains soy or not, or check the ingredients online.

    What are the following ingredients derived from?

    • Vegetable Glycerin - derived from coconuts
    • Glyceryl Stearate - derived from coconut and palm
    • Cetyl Alcohol - derived from coconut
    • Potassium Sorbate - derived from fruit
    • Grain Alcohol - derived from corn

    What is Titanium Dioxide?
    Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral that helps block harmful UVA and UVB rays. In fact, most sunscreens on the market today contain some amount of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

    What is Resveratrol used for?
    Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant derived from red grapes as well as certain plants. It is believed to have strong skin and hair benefits.

    What are Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)?
    Natural AHAs come from citrus or other fruits. They work by exfoliating and cleansing the skin, causing surface skin cells to slough off to reveal clear, radiant skin.

    Do the Organics products contain fragrance (parfum)?
    Desert Essence uses the international standard INCI to list their ingredients. The INCI standard requires the words "fragrance (parfum)" be added to the label when extracts and oils are used, even if they are all natural. Please know that all Desert Essence fragrances, or blends of extracts and essential oils, meet all guidelines set forth by the Natural Product Association (NPA).

    About Desert Essence

    A Healthy Conscience
    Few things are more beautiful than peace of mind, body, and spirit. Inspired by the nature around us and the lifestyles of those who embrace it, Desert Essence was founded in 1978 to bring the best of nature’s offerings to personal care regimens everywhere. Inspired by the desert and all that it has to offer, they became the first company to market Jojoba Oil. They then went on to introduce Tea Tree Oil to the US market.

    Since then, they have expanded to include natural and organic beauty care products specifically formulated to improve the lifestyles of today’s most health-conscious consumers. As they discover more natural ingredients, their products will continue to evolve, but their core values remain constant, staying true to you, to their inspiration—the desert—and to the Earth that nourishes us.

    Desert Essence Consider Personal Care A Responsibility To The Community

    Desert Essence business is personal. They value the trust you place in them and in their products, and they strive to give back in return. Desert Essence partner with various charities and relief efforts. They believe natural is more than a lifestyle; it’s a responsibility and a privilege Desert Essence want to share with others. Everything they do—from reformulating their products to researching new ingredients—is done with the wellness, happiness, and health of their community in mind.

    Desert Essence Believe Ingredients Reflect What They’re Made Of
    The foundation of any product is its ingredients, and Desert Essence believe in using only the best to create high quality natural products that also deliver an effective, healthy beauty experience. Desert Essence wants their products to work in harmony with your body; for this, you should never have to wonder what’s in them. All off Desert Essence ingredients are clearly labeled on the product and their website. Desert Essence products contain no artificial colors or fragrances because few things are more beautiful than peace of mind, body, and spirit.

    They’re Committed to Sourcing Their Ingredients Responsibly
    Just as nature is kind and giving to us, Desert Essence strive to be kind and giving in return. They use their ingredients responsibly. In compliance with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification standards, Desert Essence bar soaps are made using 100% sustainably harvested palm and palm kernel oil. They’re proud their soaps are formulated with palm responsibly grown and harvested, and does not damage plant and animal biodiversity, the livelihood of local communities, or soil's productivity.

    Desert Essence Care About The Legacy They Leave Behind
    Desert Essence products have biodegradable formulas and their packaging is recyclable because the only footprint they want to leave is that of quality, health and thoughtfulness. Desert Essence see sustainability as a living, ever-evolving commitment, and through their partnership with Renewable Choice, Desert Essence constantly finding ways to be greener and better. Desert Essence purchase wind power credits, print business materials on recycled paper, and do simple things like turning off the lights when leaving an office or room.

    Desert Essence Is Committed to Following Nature’s Lead
    The desert is both the source of Desert Essence ingredients and a model of pristine balance and sustainability, where limited natural resources, if used responsibly, offer untold benefits. With this in mind, they strive to ensure their practices reflect the serious commitment they’ve made to the health of our planet. To support sustainability, Desert Essence use natural and organic ingredients from around the world. They support a federation of Australian plantation farmers who have signed a pledge not to use any artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

    Desert Essence Care About All Living Beings On Earth
    Desert Essence is proud to have been certified by Leaping Bunny. As a company and as people they do not believe in animal testing of any of their products or ingredients used in making them. Desert Essence requires all their ingredient suppliers to abide by this same principle. To them, beauty is more than skin deep. It’s found in the kindness and thoughtfulness that touches all the lives around us.


    Dispense a small amount on toothbrush. brush teeth for 2 minutes, rinse.


    Calcium Carbonate, Glycerin (Vegetable Derived), Water (Aqua), Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Distillate, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Carrageenan (Plant Derived), Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Leaf Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Eco-Harvest Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Melia Azadirachta Extract (Neem), Sea Salt. 100% Vegan.


    • Animal Derived Ingredients
    • Animal Testing
    • Parabens
    • Sweeteners
    • Harsh Abrasives
    • Artificial Fragrances or Dyes
    • Petroleum Compounds: Mineral Oil, Petrolatum or Paraffin
    • SLS
    • PEGS, PPG, MEA, DEA or TEA
    • Glycols
    • Phthalates
    • Vegetarian/Vegan
    • Recyclable
    • Gluten Free
    • Biodegradable
    • Renewable Sources
    • Cruelty Free


    Desert Essence

    Desert Essence, the first brand to introduce Tea Tree Oil to the United States, continues to be a leader in the health and beauty industry. Its clinically proven Age Reversal® skin care products are the first natural alternative to cosmetic injection treatments for visibly reducing wrinkles. Today, Desert Essence has expanded to include a complete line of innovative personal care, spa and active sport products which are sold in health food stores, specialty retailers, drug chains and groceries throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. The Desert Essence mission is to deliver quality, natural-based products that improve the lifestyles of today's most health-conscious consumer.

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    97% 157 of 162 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    By (Springfield, VA)

    This toothpaste saved my teeth. I have periodontal problems with a number of my teeth. I use this faithfully and my gums have improved.

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    By (Westerville, OH)

    Great fluoride free toothpaste. I've tried this brand in both mint and wintergreen flavors, and I prefer the mint. Excellent product, leaves my mouth feeling clean and no residue.

    Was this review helpful?

    • YES: 3
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    By (Orlando, FL)

    Bought it for my daughter who is taking homeopathic medicine, did not want a tooth path with fluoride. I tried it it taste and feel great, with buy again.

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (East Meadow, NY)

    I just started using this product it's good enough to clean your teeth without fluoride and sulfate

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (The Pas, Manitoba)

    Doesn't taste wonderful. Takes a while to get used to no sugar and no other sweeteners as this is unsweetened. However, I really like it. I feel clean and fresh. Could use more mint flavoring to taste over the tea tree oil and neem but will repurchase.

    Was this review helpful?

    • YES: 2
    • NO: 0


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