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Chromalux A19 60W Clear Light Bulb Full Spectrum LampLumiram

Item #: 105139
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Lumiram - Chromalux A19 60W Clear Light Bulb Full Spectrum Lamp
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    Lumiram Chromalux A19 60W Clear Light Bulb Full Spectrum Lamp

    Lumiram Chromalux A19 60W Clear Light Bulb Full Spectrum Lamp instantly create a people-pleasing oasis of pure Natural Light in living and work space.  Chromalux light bulbs are made of special composition glass that is not colored or coated, but instead contains neodymium, a rare earth element used in lasers. This earth element is able to absorb yellow and other dulling components of the spectrum.  As a result, the light is purified, allowing the values of violet, blue, green, and red components to be strengthened, without producing an imbalance of one color over another. Due to its chromatic balance and color discriminating qualities, Chromalux™ full spectrum light bulbs produce glare free light that helps you concentrate longer with increased visual acuity and greater comfort.  Chromalux™ full spectrum light bulbs reduce eye stress and create a pleasing, colorful, and relaxing environment that enhances people's sense of well being.

    • Full spectrum lighting for bright and vivid colors
    • Full spectrum lighting for visual acuity and comfort
    • Full spectrum lighting improves readability
    • Full spectrum lighting reduces eye strain
    • Full spectrum lighting creates a relaxing environment

    The Pure Light From Scandinavia.
    The CHROMALUX bulb has its origin in Finland, land of the Midnight Sun, where life must be sustained in almost total darkness for a few months of the year.  Extensive research and testing there resulted in the design of this unique light source, which closely simulates Natural Sunlight. 

    "Natural Balanced Light," originated with CHROMALUX.  This brings an aura of purity and freshness to colors, objects and surroundings.  CHROMALUX bathes space with a pleasing, colorful and relaxing feeling that maximizes people's sense of well-being.  CHROMALUX improves readability conditions, reduces eye strain and accommodates optimum visual comfort.  A must for today's home, office or business.  CHROMALUX fits any standard fixtures.

    Facts on Chromalux:

    • Mimics Natural Light
    • Enhances Reading Comfort
    • Reveals Natural Colors and Textures
    • Promotes Well-being
    • Lasts Longer

    Lumiram is the original maker of the Neodymium glass light source. Originally based in Finland, the company first introduced the Chromalux Neodymium bulbs to the US market in the early 1970s. Since then, those uniquely designed bulbs have been improved and perfected to become the highest quality Full Spectrum bulb on the world’s market today.

    With its highest standards of European manufacturing, the Lumiram Chromalux bulb provides a striking pure white light and an extended service life averaging 5000 hours. Chromalux is also now available in Halogen, Metal Halide, and LED versions.

    The technology: The Neodymium rare earth element is compounded with the glass (not coated). The yellow part of the light spectrum is partially filtered out and the result is crisp, more vibrant colors, reduced glare, decreased eye strain and beautiful bright vivid colors that enhance any space.

    Full Spectrum Natural Light Helps You Feel Better, Be More Productive, And Live A Happier Life
    Remember why the corner office with the big window is so cherished by business executives? It’s because they value the natural lighting and health benefits that window provides. Savvy business owners have known for decades that improvements to productivity, reductions in absenteeism, stress relief and a much improved general feeling of well-being is obtained through natural light. More and more they are installing natural lighting systems throughout the company and reaping the benefits in terms of both employee productivity and energy savings.

     How Light Works With The Human Body
     Light is used by both the skin and the eyes. Photoreceptors in the eyes convert light into electrical impulses. These photoreceptors consist of millions of light and color sensitive cells. As the electrical impulses travel the optic nerve to the brain, these impulses send a message which the hypothalamus gland uses to regulate the automatic functions of the body – body temperature, breathing, blood pressure, digestion, sexual function, moods, immune system and circadian rhythm, just to name a few. When your body receives true full spectrum light (which contains all wavelengths), your body and body functions are more naturally regulated leading to better health.

    Specific Health Problems Caused By Lack of Light 
    Light therapy is often used to combat a very serious disorder called Seasonal Effective Disorder or SAD which is the direct result of a lack of sunlight. In some people this disorder causes a serious depression and the installation of natural lighting systems provides great relief. The theory behind this disorder is that during periods of no sunlight, the pineal gland overproduces melatonin which is well known to make us sleepy. Tiredness leads to loss of mental acuity, changes in blood pressure, heart rate, body rhythms and more. Ordinary artificial light sources cannot fix this problem but a full spectrum natural light box can make a big difference in the way a SAD sufferer feels.

    The most successful treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder involve identifying how the change in daylight shifts the person's daily circadian rhythms, especially in their sleep cycle. Most people with Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms show changes in their sleep/wake patterns and melatonin levels. Bright natural light is known to be a powerful regulator of melatonin and the sleep/wake cycle.

    Working in natural light has also been shown to reduce eyestrain and the resulting crankiness that an eyestrain headache can cause. It has been used as effective therapies for relief of migraine headaches, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), insomnia & other sleep disorders, cold sores, attention deficit disorder(ADD/ADHD), stress reduction & relaxation, chronic fatigue & ME. Light therapy has also been used for pain reduction and management, the treatment of acne, wound healing and other medical applications, and even has documented germ fighting capabilities. As little as 20 minutes a day in a light therapy environment helps people feel better.

    Businesses and individuals alike are realizing that by creating environments where people can enjoy natural light increases productivity, makes them less prone to negative emotions and helps them focus on tasks. No matter where you work -- in a hospital, warehouse, dentist’s office, restaurant, department store --- virtually anywhere, installing full spectrum natural lighting will improve your quality of life and help you enjoy even the smallest pleasures even more.


    Recommended Applications:  Living Room, Kitchen, Family Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Nursery and Home Office.


    One (1) - Lumiram Chromalux A19 60W Clear Light Bulb Full Spectrum Lamp



    Lumiram Electric Corporation has been the leading manufacturer of full spectrum natural lighting products since it first opened its doors in Europe in 1959 and is the original maker of Neodymium glass light sources.  Inspired by studies of Scandinavian doctors who started using special light bulbs to help detect skin abnormalities in their patients, Lumiram’s founder, Jacques Ram brought the technology to the United States and quickly became known for producing high quality lighting products that reduced the yellow emission of the spectrum. This reduction in yellow overtones resulted in being able to see brighter and more vibrant colors, allowing even people with poor vision to see things more clearly and with better detail. Today the company which is now located in Larchmont, NY has perfected its technology and has expanded its product line to include state of the art high color rendering fluorescent lamps, full spectrum CFLs, halogen lamps, Metal halide and recently LEDs. Corinne Ram Blanchard, lighting engineer and designer who has been active with the company since its early beginning, is lumiram's current CEO and President.

    Reviews (4)

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    4 Reviews
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    100% 4 of 4 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    By (Sebastopol, CA)

    I like to lightthat the Chromalux puts out. It is natural and not so stressful for my eyes. I use it when I am sketching, reading and sewing. I use to have them just around for my work activity, but now that I amon the computer alot, I am using the Chromalux in more lamps to even out the stress for my eyes.

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (Penfield, NY)

    Clear Chromalux bulbs make every thing look better. Soon clear bulbs are probably going to be hard to find.

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (New York, NY)

    I'm a little disappointed as I was looking for a real full spectrum light bulb to use in my apartment this winter. I read full spectrum bulbs should produce clear near natural outdoor sunlight. I used to use 60w equivalent LED light bulbs that produce yellowish light. After I replaced them with these lumiram chromalux a19 60w bulbs there was no noticeable change. I got about the same brightness and yellowish light.

    Was this review helpful?

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    • NO: 2
    By (Duchesne, UT)

    I ordered 6 of these lightbulbs. Interestingly enough, 3 were nice and bright and 3 were a little bit dim. There was enough of a difference that I couldn't stand having the dim ones in the same room/light fixture with the nice, bright bulbs.

    Was this review helpful?

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    • NO: 1
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