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Applied Nutriceuticals - NeoVar Next Generation Creatine 750 mg. - 240 Capsules

Next Generation Creatine for Maximum Cellular Recovery
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Applied Nutriceuticals - NeoVar Next Generation Creatine 750 mg. - 240 Capsules

  • Item# :104729
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  • Brand:Applied Nutriceuticals
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Applied Nutriceuticals - NeoVar Recomped Next Generation Creatine - 240 Capsules

Neovar Next Generation Creatine For Maximum Cellular Recovery.

New NeoVar “Recomped” is the most potent and biologically efficient creatine product yet. The Mono/PCr Complex in NeoVar is a precisely proportioned combination of phosphocreatine and creatine monohydrate that is virtually identical to the naturally occurring human skeletal intramuscular creatine pool stored in your working muscles. No other creatine product accomplishes this!

Additionally, NeoVar adds their proprietary Glucovar / Adenylate Cyclase Sensitization Complex™, which contains powerful, scientifically proven insulin-mimetic compounds that can dramatically improve creatine transport into skeletal muscle cells where you want it – without the bloat!

The two compounds work synergistically to create a product that triggers skin stretching, almost painfully voluminous pumps and muscle volume like no other product ever has. EVER!

  • Formulated to mirror your body’s naturally occurring intramuscular creatine profile
  • Increases cellular volume, maximizing muscular size and strength while increasing protein synthesis
  • Maximizes nutrient uptake for superior post-workout recovery
  • Promotes dry, hard pumps with zero bloating

By combining the latest principles of nutritional technology with ancient Ayurvedic medicine, Applied Nutriceuticals research and development team has developed the most potent and biologically efficient post-workout nutrient enhancement product on the market.  A precisely proportioned combination of Phosphocreatine and creatine monohydrate (Mono/PCr complex™) is the primary element, which plays a vital role in cellular energy production by regenerating ATP in skeletal muscle and makes it available for explosive exercises.  Another important component of NeoVar, Corosolic Acid is extracted from the Banaba plant, a medicinal herb that grows in India, Southeast Asia, and the Philippines. It has been used for centuries as a treatment for hyperglycemia and diabetes, and the hypoglycemic effect is chemically very similar to that of the hormone insulin. Insulin is a polypeptide anabolic storage hormone, and is a crucial hormone in creatine transport and is necessary for the deposition of creatine phosphate in skeletal muscle.  NeoVar also adds a high-quality extract of gymnema sylvestra, an herb native to central India, where it has been used as a natural treatment for diabetes for over 2,000 years.  Gymnemic acid, the main active constituent of gymnema, has anti-sweetener, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic attributes and its effects also closely mimic those of insulin.  Bioperine™ (piperine 95%) is also included in the formulation and has been shown in clinical studies to enhance the uptake of amino acids and many other nutrients, allowing protein, carbohydrates, creatine, and other nutrients to be more avaliable to supply hard-working muscle.  The final component of NeoVar, D-Pinitol, is a cutting-edge compound that enhances nitric oxide production and insulin sensitivity which are key factors in nutrient transport.  D-Pinitol has also been shown in human studies to enhance intramuscular creatine deposition in human clinical studies. The individual effects of these compounds combine synergistically to produce a dramatic positive impact on the strength, size, and endurance of skeletal muscle tissue.

The theory behind the synergism of the Mono/PCr Complex is quite simple: It aims to match the CRfree 40/PCr 60 ratio of the naturally occurring human skeletal intramuscular creatine pool as closely as possible; allowing for greater absorption and utilization with minimal waste. The product is blended to maximize PCr levels, while at the same time including monohydrate due to its high molar percentage of creatine as the active ingredient.  Human skeletal muscle creatine stores are comprised of approximately 40% in the free creatine form (CRfree), while the remaining 60% is in the phosphorylated form; creatine phosphate (CP).  The Mono/PCr complex in NeoVar essentially feeds both CRfree levels and phosphocreatine levels in this optimized ratio, which is chemically identical to what is stored in the working muscles. Several animal studies have confirmed that CRfree has better availability for site phosphorylation for the production of ATP, and further studies are currently underway on the validation of this theory in humans. Similarly, research on phosphate has concluded that it has numerous benefits in the athletic realm even without creatine, especially in terms of buffering lactic acid during explosive exercise.  Phosphate supplementation raises levels of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3-DPG), the enzyme that unloads oxygen into muscle. Research has shown that phosphate supplementation reliably raises blood levels of 2,3-DPG, and also improves the production and use of glycogen for fuel Therefore, this blend of both CRfree and PCr could allow skeletal muscle to “recognize” and assimilate the creatine in a more refined manner, allowing for a significant degree of uptake enhancement in skeletal muscle tissue . Additionally, the insulin mimetic compounds included in the formula may even further enhance these benefits.

A recent trend in creatine supplementation has been the development of exotic esters and alkaline/time-released delivery systems. In developing NeoVar, we researched virtually every creatine derivative currently available before arriving with the final formulation. We analyzed numerous and often conflicting studies regarding the benefits of each and found many of the so-called improvements actually reduced the effectiveness of the products they were used in. Ultimately we elected to avoid this trend, which is proving to be more about company’s efforts to differentiate their products than actual effectiveness. Some of our findings include:

  1. Many of the esters and delivery systems included in some of the newer products can be potentially difficult for the body to metabolize; the creatines included in NeoVar are essentially pure creatine, water, and phosphate and contain no other byproducts that could potentially hinder utilization.
  2.  Esters are simply fatty acid chains attached to a parent substance (in this case, creatine) that delay absorption and/or release; the newer esterified creatines actually contain less creatine, and more fatty acid chains that have no use in any type of physiological process.  Several low-quality products use versions with longer esters and are only 20-30% creatine, with the rest being useless fatty acids.
  3. Recent human research studies have proven that many of the alkaline creatine delivery systems actually do not work as well as creatine phosphate or creatine monohydrate as far as absorption in the digestive system and ultimately in skeletal muscle.

Creatine Phosphate Molecule

Creatine provides a variety of anabolic effects on skeletal muscle, increasing lean body mass while being a source of ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate, a source of cellular energy that aids in muscle contraction). Increased creatine phosphate inside the muscle cell is a powerful anabolic stimulus for muscle hypertrophy. Increased CP stores in the muscle allow for greater intracellular water retention.  Greater intracellular water retention from increased CP raises osmotic pressure within the cell, allowing for heightened protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.  Heightened protein synthesis and nitrogen retention create an optimal anabolic environment for intense muscular growth.    Creatine uptake into the muscle can also be influenced by glucose, insulin and insulin-sensitizing agents, as the correct manipulation of these entities can allow for much larger amounts of creatine to be stored within the muscle cells.  This is the main goal of NeoVar- to allow for the greatest amounts of creatine to be stored in working muscle through the manipulation of different nutrients, because as we all know, the more creatine you can hold in your muscles, the more your muscles will recover and grow.

ATP-PCr System

Muscle Glucose

There are many other potential benefits to creatine supplementation.  Creatine boosts the activity of myogenic cells, which are satellite stem cells that have the ability to turn themselves into new muscle cells if instructed to do so by the genetic code of the body.  These satellite cells fuse with an adjacent damaged muscle fiber, thereby increasing myonucleii numbers necessary for growth and repair.  This process of myogenic maturation is called hyperplasia, and the subsequent new muscle cells formed by hyperplasia also have the ability to enable muscle hypertrophy (growth) if combined with weight training


Bioperine (piperine 95%) is a revolutionary compound that can increase the uptake of protein, amino acids, and creatine, as well as other supplements and nutrients.  A simple 10-20 mg daily dose of this substance can increase the uptake of all of these components from 30-150%. Bioperine is hugely important in the formulation of NeoVar as an effective post-workout recovery and growth enhancement product, because it allows the stomach and small intestine to absorb much greater proportions of the other active ingredients in NeoVar, along with post-workout protein and carbohydrates.  Bioperine also decreases the breakdown of many nutrients by the liver, allowing for greater amounts of active ingredients to stay in the bloodstream for a longer period of time; making them more available for uptake by hard-working muscles.  This helps users of NeoVar recover much faster, therefore allowing for quicker gains in strength, lean muscle mass, and overall physique enhancement.


The cutting-edge compound D-Pinitol is also an integral component of NeoVar.  In recent studies, d-pinitol stimulated glucose uptake to an extent similar to that of insulin. In the presence of a low insulin concentration a synergistic effect was observed between pinitol and insulin, namely pinitol increased the effectiveness of insulin.  In addition, d-pinitol can increase glycogen synthesis in the muscle cells, particularly in the absence of insulin. However, the main reason D-Pinitol truly shines in this formulation is that it has been clinically proven to enhance creatine storage in human subjects.  Creatine loading alone has been reported to increase muscle creatine and phosphocreatine stores by 5 to 30%

Percentage of creatine retained during the 3 day loading period for the placebo (P), creatine monohydrate (CM), low-dose D-pinitol (LP), high-dose D-Pinitol (HP), and pre-D-Pinitol loading (Pre-P) groups.  Data are means±SD. a = p<0.05 from placebo ; b=p<0.05 from CM ;  c=p<0.05 from LP ;  d=p<0.05 from HP ;  e=p<0.05 from Pre-P.

Take immediately post-workout with cabohydrates, preferably sugars. Take second dose with any other meal throught the day containing carbohydrates.

Body Weight (lbs)

Divided Doses (2x a Day)

Up to 150

2 Capsules (4 daily)


3 capsules (6 daily)

250 and up

4 capsules (8 daily)


NeoVar FAQ's

Q:What’s the difference between NeoVar  and every other creatine product out there?
A: NeoVar is the only creatine product to match the CRfree 40/PCr 60 ratio found in the naturally occurring human skeletal intramuscular creatine pool. Our proprietary, Mono/PCr complex™ and is chemically identical to what is stored in your working muscles. Therefore, skeletal muscle “recognizes” and assimilates the creatine in a more refined manner, allowing for a significant degree of uptake enhancement in skeletal muscle tissue. Furthermore, the insulin mimetic compounds included in the formula further enhance these benefits, by combining to enhance intramuscular creatine deposition within skeletal muscle tissue.

Q: How long will it take to notice the positive effects of NeoVar?
A: Many users report a noticeable boost in volume and pump after the first use. As intra-muscular creatine phosphate levels increase, so will the benefits of NeoVar. The most potent effects of NeoVar are experienced once the muscle is fully saturated with creatine which usually occurs within 9-14 days, at which point you will notice your muscles are markedly fuller, vascular and more defined.

Q: Do you recommend ingesting protein and simple carbohydrates such as dextrose post-workout along with NeoVar?
A: Yes. Depending on your body weight, dosages of 50-100 grams of simple carbohydrates post-workout followed by 30-50 grams of protein are recommended. The carbohydrates help fuel muscle repair during this important nutrient window, and the protein provides the building blocks for growth. When taken post-workout, NeoVar can provide added stimulus for muscular growth and repair when paired with high dosages of protein.

Q: How does banaba extract mimic insulin?
A: Banaba extract has been used for years in Eastern medicine to control diabetes, but it is a relatively new compound to Western medicine.  Corosolic acid, the active ingredient in banaba extract, closely mimics insulin by stimulating much greater glucose and creatine phosphate transport into cells. It accomplishes this by translocating GLUT4, while preventing plasma insulin levels from rising.  GLUT4 (glucose isoform 4) is a carrier protein that regulates the amount of glucose allowed into skeletal muscle cells.   In some comparison studies with insulin, banaba actually performed with equal effectiveness as insulin at controlling blood sugar, mostly due to the muscular GLUT4 translocation.  While corosolic acid has a mechanism of action similar to insulin, it does have a distinct advantage in that it is not an “equal opportunity” deposition agent, like insulin. Insulin does not discriminate the deposition of glucose, protein and creatine into your cells, whether they are muscle or fat cells, while corosolic acid has a much greater propensity to deliver these nutrients only to skeletal muscle. Also, when the body produces too much insulin over time, it begins to become insensitive to the hormone, which ultimately leads to increased fat storage and increases the risk of developing type II diabetes.

Q: How does corosolic acid drive more creatine into my muscle?
A: Corosolic acid has been shown to increase GLUT4 translocation in type II diabetic patients by allowing for greater glucose disposal in the muscle cells while keeping plasma insulin levels stable and free from large-scale fluctuations, which are often seen in type II diabetics. The administration of corosolic acid as an insulin mimicking/glucose control agent can actually have repartitioning effects. Nutrient repartitioning is a process where creatine, glucose, and protein are deposited in the muscle cells, while blocking fat from being deposited in adipocytes (fat cells), as can occur with insulin. This is very important, because the more simple carbohydrates ingested after a workout, the more blood glucose, and the more blood glucose and creatine there is deposited into the muscle.  This can help the athlete retain a more positive nitrogen balance, greatly enhancing recovery and building muscle.  

Q: What does the gymnema sylvestra and D-Pinitol do in this formula?
A: Gymnemic acid (the active ingredient in Gymnema sylvestre) closely mimics insulin by SAFELY stimulating much greater glucose into cells while not allowing plasma insulin levels to increase.  It has also been plausibly theorized that with this increased cellular transport of glucose, there will also be an increased transport of creatine phosphate into the cell.   In some studies where they conducted direct comparisons with insulin, gymnemic acid actually performed just as well as insulin at controlling blood sugar. D-pinitol can increase glycogen synthesis in the muscle cells, particularly in the absence of insulin. Additionally, the main reason D-Pinitol truly shines in this formulation is that it has been clinically proven to enhance creatine storage in the muscle cells of human subjects.

Q: What role does the Bioperine™ play?
A: Bioperine (piperine 95%) is essentially an absorption aid; it increases the uptake of protein, amino acids, and creatine, as well as other supplements and nutrients.  Bioperine is hugely important because it allows the stomach and small intestine to absorb much greater proportions of the other active ingredients in NeoVar, along with any post-workout protein and carbohydrates.  Bioperine also decreases the breakdown of many nutrients by the liver, allowing for greater amounts of active ingredients to stay in the bloodstream for a longer period of time; making them more available for uptake by hard-working muscles.

Q: Who can benefit from NeoVar?
A: Everyone can benefit from taking in more creatine. It’s a natural healing element that will help speed recovery time, drives nutrients into the cells, and promotes insulin sensitivity.

Q: How long should I use NeoVar?
A: NeoVar can be used continuously as a “staple” part of your diet and supplementation program.

Q: How should I take NeoVar?
A: Best results are realized by taking NeoVar twice daily with carbohydrates; once post-workout then with any other meal containing carbs. Some users have reported phenomenal pumps by taking NeoVar pre-workout along with a glass of juice to fuel a mind-blowing workout.

Q: How long will a bottle of NeoVar last?
A: Since the dosage is dependant on body weight, it will vary. For a 250 lb.+ male, we recommend 4 capsules taken twice per day, so a 240-count bottle will provide even the biggest guys will have a full 30-day supply.

Applied Nutriceuticals - NeoVar Next Generation Creatine - 240 Capsules
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 240
Amount Per Capsule: 750mg
Amount Per Serving %DV
PCr-Mono Matrix (Proprietary Blend) 646mg
   Phosphocreatine *
   Creatine Monohydrate *
Glucovar/Adenylate Cyclase Sensitization Complex (Proprietary Blend) 104mg
   Banaba Extract (Lagerstroemia Speciosa 1% Corsolic Acid) *
   Gymnema Sylvestra (75% Extract) *
   Bioperine (95%-98% Piperine) registered Trademark of Sabinsa Corp. and holds patent #5,536,505 *
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Inactive Ingredients: Gelatin, Candurin Silver Fine, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Blue #1


This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Before using product, seek advice from a physician if you are unaware of your current health condition or have any pre-existing medical condition including but not limited kidney disease or if you are taking any prescription or over the counter medication. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, prone to dehydration or exposed to excessive heat. Discontinue use and consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Before beginning any weight loss program, consult your health care provider. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

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About Applied Nutriceuticals

Applied Nutriceuticals mission is to develop, manufacture and market high-performance nutritional supplements that deliver safe, consistent and measurable results. They will apply the most advanced technology and research techniques to continuously pioneer the most effective products in the industry, while never forgetting their primary purpose for existing: Serving their customers.”

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