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Druide Body Care - Ecological Leave-In Conditioner - 8.4 oz.

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Druide Ecological Leave-in Conditioner is for tangled, coarse or dry hair. Druide's Formula: With a base of plants and proteins this conditioner assures a healthy and well-kept appearance if used on a daily basis. It does not accumulate on the hair and easily rinses off. The results are great! Hair that is easier to style, highly conditioned and more brilliant, with a pleasant fruity aroma.

Inspired by ancestral wisdoms, in connexion with nature a man was inspired by an unique and singular vision. The image was the importance to communicate the new conscience. So may people should learn that the innocent healthy protocol of basic hygiene was involving potential malicious reactions over the skin. Petrochemical based soaps, perfumes and other skin care were infected by so many unsafe molecules. Focus should be on urgently avoiding the risks. Working from this vision it will be possible to return to simple ingredients directly connected with natural power of healing nature just like 3,000 years ago but with the knowledge of modern times and safety.

Twenty years later: hundreds of studies questioned the cosmetic industry safety: ignorance that involved the industry itself could have let many of these unsafe material enter every ones house and body. A major point is the REACH protocols of security against most of commonly used ingredients.

In the vision of an healthy and ecological alternative to conventional body-care products containing synthetic ingredients, DRUIDE created one hundred formulation based on the safe protocols from ECOCERT. This certifier (under IFOAM) represents the highest credibility as it's the only independent (ISO 65) and recognized all over the world in 86 countries and granted by Departments of Heath authorities.

Now, Alain Renaud the founder is proud of 30 years researches and DRUIDE offers you a complete range of certified organic body and personal care products.

Druide's Goal: To achieve its goal of respecting the health of human beings and the environment, DRUIDE commits itself to promote and follow the following principles.


  • No products obtained by pure chemical synthesis (coloring agent, preservative agent, perfume, etc.).
  • The following are examples of unacceptable ingredients: Sodium laureth sulfate sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamide DEA, MEA, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde, parabens, imidazolidinyl, diazolidinyl urea, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, stearalkonium chloride, PVP copolymer.
  • Priority given to the use of organically grown or wild crafted ingredients that do not disturb ecosystems or degrade the environment.
  • The use of surface-active detergent or washing bases obtained by a process authorized by DRUIDE (see article 2.1) from the following raw materials: Vegetal oils and greases, vegetal wax, vegetal lecithin, vegetal sugars, vegetal proteins and lipoproteins. Biodegradability of all ingredients according to international norms is essential.
  • The use of a natural preservation process, which gives stability and preserves the product for a period of three years.
  • The use of elements produced naturally by animals and non-constituents of animals (examples: milk, wax, etc.).
  • The use of elements certified non-GMO (genetically modified organisms).
  • Ingredients coming from fair-trade projects are preferred.

    Production methods

  • The production processes must be simple and non-pollutant and generate the most biodegradable products possible (OECD rule 301 D&E).
  • The use of dangerous or litigious processes is prohibited, such as: Deterpenation, ethoxylation, bleaching, irradiation, sulphonation, genetic manipulations (GMO), dis:" ":(which stands in contrast to the practices of other companies).
  • All products are manufactured in one factory producing no dangerous or toxic waste and promote recycling and reusing.
  • No animal testing (raw materiel or finished goods).
  • Packaging and transportation
  • No excessive packaging. The use of recyclable plastic material without labels.
  • No use of PVC.
  • Organic ingredients and finished goods will not come into contact with non-organic or non-ecological elements while being transported.


  • No conventional advertising campaign in the media. Instead priority will be given to the research and development of better products combined with low prices.


    Druide therefore states their commitment at DRUIDE, from the first stages of production to the finished product, to respect a rigorous ecological ethic.
  • Towel dry hair and then work a small amount through hair. It does not accumulate on the hair and easily rinses off.

    With a base of plants and proteins this conditioner assures a healthy and well-kept appearance if used on a daily
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    About Druide Body Care

    DRUIDE products provide the necessary protection for our skin thanks to its marvelous skin supporting qualities, which also promote softness and pleasure. Entirely ecological, our products nourish all skin types, from normal to sensitive in perfect environmental harmony.

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