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DROPPED: TriBest - Freshlife Automatic Sprouter FL-2000
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TriBest - Freshlife Automatic Sprouter FL-2000

Item #: 104238
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Tribest products are available for sale only in the 48 Domestic States.

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TriBest - Freshlife Automatic Sprouter FL-2000

  • Item# :104238
    UPC# :000000104238
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Tribest Freshlife Automatic Sprouter FL-2000

Tribest is proud to offer the Sproutman's Sprouting Seeds - perfect for use with the Freshlife Automatic Sprouter. Steve "the Sproutman" Meyerowitz, author of The Kitchen Garden Cookbook, is the nation's recognized expert in sprouts. Tribest is proud to offer his variety of sprouting seeds as the easy and affordable way to start your own home kitchen garden!

The Sproutman's Sprouting Seeds are all USDA certified organic, so you know you're getting the best quality seeds without any chemicals or pesticides. Tribest offer seeds like Golden Alfalfa, Broccoli, Indian Fenugreek, Sproutman's Garden Mix, and much more.

Just add the seed and water to your Freshlife Automatic Sprouter, and watch your seeds grow into a harvestable crop in as little as 5 days! To harvest, just pull the sprouts out of the Freshlife Automatic Sprouter, and they're ready to eat. Sprouts are great for salads, sandwiches, for juicing, or as a healthy snack!

  • Nutrition: Sprouts are baby plants at their prime. According to experts, at this stage of development they have a greater concentration of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bio-flavinoids, T-cells, etc. than at any other stage in the life of the plant.
  • Freshness: There is virtually no loss of nutrients because they are eaten the day they are picked.
  • Availability: You can enjoy fresh sprouts at any time of the year.
  • Ease of Use: Just add water and seeds! No soil, special light, nor a "Green Thumb" needed.
  • Economics: Seeds can sprout 7-15 times their weight, which makes them very economical to grow.

Freshlife Automatic Sprouter from Tribest offers year-round fresh sprouts and produce. Innovative system provides controlled environment to grow fresh wheatgrass, micro-greens and sprouts without soil or plumbing! On a weekly basis, consumers flock to local grocers and community farmer’s markets to get the best and freshest produce possible for themselves and their families. Besides becoming costly, finding the freshest organic produce can be very time consuming which leaves many health - conscious consumers seeking other options for that “fresh from the garden” taste. To address the needs of this growing market, Tribest Corporation’s Freshlife Automatic Sprouter makes it easier and more convenient for people to do their own organic gardening right on their kitchen counter and enjoy the health benefits of fresh sprouts and wheatgrass all year round for merely pennies a day. Just fill the basin with water, add seeds, and plug it in. And unlike traditional sprout growing methods that require watering two or three times a day, Freshlife features an advanced sprinkler system that detects environmental conditions within the unit and quietly waters the sprouts automatically. What’s more, there’s no soil, no hassle, and no green thumb required.

The Freshlife Automatic Sprouter can also be easily expanded. With the purchase of an additional sprout barrel, users can grow two times the sprouts. All they have to do is add the second barrel on top, place the seeds and plug it in. Due to their high concentration of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bio-flavonoids, t-cells and other nutrients, fresh wheatgrass, micro-greens, and sprouts are extremely popular with health-conscious consumers. “Sprouts and micro-greens are extremely nutritious as they contain four times the amount of protein and 39 times more Beta-Carotene as lettuce,” says Tribest Corp. President, Jae Choi. “As rapidly growing baby plants, they are also concentrated with 10-50 times more vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes than at any other stage of a plant’s life.”

By using organic seeds consumers can also enjoy fresh sprouts that are free from chemicals and pesticides. Therefore Tribest also offers Sproutman’s Sprouting Seeds – ideal for use with the Freshlife Automatic Sprouter. “The Freshlife Automatic Sprouter by Tribest is the best sprouter I’ve seen in a long time,” says Steve ‘Sproutman’ Meyerowitz, author of The Kitchen Garden Cookbook, and the nation’s most recognized sprout exert. “With this convenient device, people can watch their seeds grow into health-giving sprouts right before their eyes. In as little as four to seven days, depending on the variety, they can harvest fresh sprouts for a salad, juice, sandwich, casserole or for hundreds of other recipes.”

Tribest continues to win recognition around the world. At the 2009 Canadian Health Food Association’s Expo, Green Star was awarded the Gold in the Healthy Home and Equipment Category of the Alive Awards of Excellence. In 2007, Tribest swept the appliances category by receiving all three awards – Gold for Green Star, Silver for Personal Blender, and Bronze for Soyabella. Tribest also swept the equipment category in 2005.

 The Alive Awards of Excellence were created fourteen years ago to promote and recognize excellence in product innovation, and to add credibility to natural health products. Manufacturers and suppliers were invited to enter products into 18 corresponding categories, accompanied by third-party analysis and organic certification. Retail members of the CHFA cast their votes for the best products in each category based on quality, consumer popularity, and consumer appeal.

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Insert the WATER PRESSURE CONTROL TUBE into the center of the water barrel.
  2. Fill the WATER BARREL with safe, uncontaminated water (preferably non-chlorinated water) to approximately one inch from the brim of barrel.
  3. Place the SPROUT BARREL onto the WATER BARREL.
  4. Insert the assembled WATER TUBE into the sprout barrel. It is important to align the connecting tubes carefully. If the tubes are not connected and aligned correctly, water pressure will be lost.
  5. Place the LOWER TRAY (w/larger tabs up) into the SPROUT BARREL and sprinkle seeds evenly. Cover with the UPPER TRAY
    (w/larger tabs up).
  6. Place the SPRINKLER on top of the WATER TUBE and cover it with the TOP LID.
  7. Plug the FreshLife Sprouter's cord into the appropriate outlet.
  8. When your sprouts have grown to the desired height(varies with the type of seed used) they are ready to harvest.
  9. To harvest your sprouts, remove sprouts from the SPROUT BARREL. The roots will be attached to the SEED TRAY; you can pull them from the tray or cut them. Place sprouts in a bowl of clean water and agitate to separate the clumps of sprouts. After removing the sprouts from water, drain and place them in a storage container. Store it in the refrigerator to maintain freshness. Most sprouts will remain fresh for 4-7 days when refrigerated, but make sure you check for the freshness before consumption.

Freshlife Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Unplug the unit from the electric outlet
  2. Disassemble the unit.
  3. Wash the LID, SPLINKLER, SEED TRAYS, WATER TUBE, PRESSURE CONTROL TUBE and SPROUT BARREL throughly with cold or lukewarm water.
  4. The WATER BARREL and the MOTOR CHAMBER are attached together. Do not emerge the WATER BARREL into the water
    when cleaning. Clean the inside of the WATER BARREL with water and wipe the outside of the WATER BARREL with a clean towel.

Helpful Notes:

  • Soaking your seeds overnight before placing them in the sprouter will help the sprouts grow faster.
  • Tribest recommends using organically grown seeds for better results.
  • Old seeds (more than a year old) may produce rotten sprouts or may delay their growth.
  • If the water does not sprinkle within 30 seconds after the machine is turned on, reassemble the WATER PRESSURE CONTROL TUBES.
  • Tribest recommends minimizing the exposure of the sprouts to light by covering the lid with a dark colored cloth, especially for yellow sprouts, such as soybean sprout. In green sprouts, this will yield a more tender taste. Just remove the cloth cover a few hours before harvesting in order to activate the chlorophyll in the sprouts.
  • If fatter sprouts are desired, add some weight on top of the UPPER SEED TRAY (example: pebbles). Make sure that what you use for weight is clean.
  • Tribest recommends changing the water in the WATER BARREL every 1-2 days. If using a solution of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (1 table spoon to a barrel of water), this may not be necessary. It is normal and natural to have some foam floating on the water in the WATER BARREL during cultivation.

A Detailed Look

  • Top Lid - Helps maintain an ideal temperature for rapid growth
  • Sprinkler - Sprinkles water and supplies air.
  • Seed Trays - The Seed Trays have two different sized tabs on the bottom and top.
    The side with the larger sized tabs should always face upward.
    Upper Tray : Shown w/ Larger Tabs upward. (Laid on top of seeds.
    Lower Tray : Shown w/ Larger Tabs upward. (Where seeds are spread.
  • Water Tube - Channels water to the sprinkler
  • Sprout Barrel - Sprouts are grown in here
  • Water Barrel - Reservoir and supplies water for cultivation.
  • Water Pressure Control Tube - Controls the quantity of water
  • How to Control Water Pressure - As seen in the drawing, turning the control knob to clockwise will decrease the water pressure and to counter clockwise will increase the pressure.
  • Motor Chamber - Holds a specially designed pump with a temperature sensor.

Optional Expansion Sprout Barrel Set

  • Sprout Barrel
  • Upper Tray
  • Lower Tray
  • Water Tube Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Clips

Allows you to grow twice as many sprouts! Shown are the clips for the expansion kit.

The actual products and parts may be slightly different from the pictures shown above as a result of design improvements on the manufacturer's behalf.

Do's and Dont's

  • Do Not place the FreshLife Sprouter on or near surfaces that can be damaged if exposed to water. Small amounts of water may spray out during the sprinkling process or when the LID is removed.
  • Do Not over-water the sprouts by pouring additional water.
  • Do Not place the FreshLife Sprouter where children can easily reach it without adult supervision.
  • Do Not place FreshLife Sprouter close to other indoor plants or flowers. Insects or diseases from them may be transmitted to and/or contaminate the sprouts.
  • Do Not place FreshLife Sprouter under direct sunlight, close to the oven or other kitchen appliances which generate heat.
  • Do Not allow sprouts to overgrow.
  • Do follow the instructions carefully.
  • Do clean the FreshLife Sprouter thoroughly after every harvest or usage.
  • Do make sure you unplug the electrical cord when assembling or cleaning the FreshLife Sprouter.
  • Do Save these instructions when using an Extension Cord.
    • This product is intended for household use only. The length of the cord is made short in order to reduce the risk of injuries from becoming entangled in or tripping over a long cord. An extension cord is NOT recommended when operating this product. However, if necessary, an extension cord may be used with caution. If an extension cord is used, please look for the following:
      • The marked electrical rating of the extension cord should exceed the electrical rating of the FreshLife Sprouter.
      • The extension cord must be a three prong grounded type.
      • The extension cord should not be placed under the carpet and should not be placed on an area where people may trip over it.
      • Do not overload the extension cord with other electrical appliances.

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About TriBest

Tribest Corporation is a leading designer, OEM manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of branded, high quality small appliances for healthy lifestyles. Our products highlight leading technology and combine that with affordability to bring the best experience to everyone. We are innovative leaders in the Juice Extractor, Grain Mill, Blender and Sprouter business and we continue to bring the best products oriented towards the health and well being of our customers.

Warranty & Returns
Tribest makes no satisfaction guarantee and will except returns only for verifiable manufacturer defects. Returns for material and workmanship defects are warranted to repair, free of charge with product warranty registration. Tribest's general policy is for you, the customer, to contact the Tribest warranty requests and return authorization, at (888) 254-7336 or (714) 879-7150. Also note that you, the customer, are responsible for shipping to Tribest's service center.

All returns are subject to approval by Tribest. Items returned for verifiable manufacturer defect may be returned within 30 days of your purchase. Tribest may choose to issue credit or send a new unit in exchange for the defective item.

To receive return authorization, please call (888) 254-7336 (toll free, within USA) or (714) 879-7150 (international). Items will not be accepted without authorization.

All returned items must be accompanied by all original contents. Missing contents will result in a reduced credit amount. Merchandise must be returned in original manufacturer's box that has not been defaced or altered in any way.

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