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Lifefactory - Glass Baby Bottle With Silicone Sleeve Ocean Blue - 4 oz.

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Lifefactory - Glass Baby Bottle With Silicone Sleeve Ocean Blue - 4 oz.

  • Item# :103786
    UPC# :718122150755
  • Brand:Lifefactory
  • Size/Form:4  oz.
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Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottle With Silicone Sleeve (120 ml) Ocean Blue

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle With Silicone Sleeve is perfect for little hands! The brightly-colored silicone sleeve provides a great grip and tactile experience during feeding. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle With Silicone Sleeve is durable. The borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant and therefore can go from freezer to boiling water. The silicone sleeve helps protect the bottle from the inevitable drop off the stroller or feeding chair. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle With Silicone Sleeve is healthy. Glass is the healthiest choice for your family as there is no chance of any chemicals leaking in to liquids. The entire Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle With Silicone Sleeve, including all components, is completely free of known toxins including BPA, phthalates, polycarbonates, and PVC. The colorful sleeves and nipples are made from medical-grade silicone from France. Like the bottle, they are non-toxic and free of any plastic or latex. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle With Silicone Sleeve is dishwasher safe. The bottle and sleeve can be boiled or tossed into the dishwasher together. No need to take them apart or fuss with small parts. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle With Silicone Sleeve makes feeding easy. Bottle goes from breast pump, to freezer, to warm water… making breast milk storage simple. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle With Silicone Sleeve is great for mixing and warming formula, too. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle With Silicone Sleeve is versatile and designed to grow with your child. The included clear cover can also serve as an easy-to-hold first cup. Twist on the solid cap (sold separately) and use your bottles for storing juice or snacks, perfect for a lunchbox or traveling. Please remember, while more durable than other types of glass, borosilicate glass can still crack when subject to rapid temperature variations or severe impact.


  • Designed to grow with your child. The included clear cover can also serve as an easy to hold cup. Twist on the solid cap (sold separately) and use your bottles for storing juice or snacks. Perfect for a lunchbox or traveling
  • Bright colored silicone sleeve (patent pending) helps to protect the bottle from breakage and provides a great gripping surface and tactile experience during feeding
  • Bottle and sleeve can be boiled or put in the dishwasher together. Can also go in the freezer, making breast milk storage simple
  • Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalate, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free
  • Silicone sleeve is non-toxic and free of plastic
  • Silicone nipple is non-toxic and latex-free
  • Plastic ring, plug and cap are FDA approved
  • Made from borosilicate glass and therefore are thermal shock resistant allowing them to go from freezer to boiling water

Why is glass a better choice for baby bottles?
Glass is clearly a better choice for baby bottles. Plastic bottles can leach chemicals into milk or juice (including BPA); glass does not. Plastic bottles can scratch, and scratches can harbor bacteria—glass does not. And plastic bottles typically end up in landfills when their useful life is over; glass is recyclable and reusable, and is better for the environment. Most parents like the idea of using glass but worry about breakage. Lifefactory offers a solution by combining a sturdy glass bottle with a custom-designed silicone sleeve to protect the glass from breaking.

Your new baby bottles say they are “thermal shock resistant”. What does this mean?
Lifefactory is proud to bring one of the first borosilicate glass baby bottles to the American market. Borosilicate glass is pharmaceutical-grade glass that is more expensive, purer, and higher quality than other glass baby bottles that are made with soda lime. Thermal shock resistant means the glass is stronger and can withstand extreme temperature changes (from boiling to freezing) without breaking. Soda lime bottles do not have this quality. For mothers who pump and store breast milk, Lifefactory bottles can go from freezer to refrigerator to hot water for feeding all in one step.

What safety certifications does Lifefactory baby bottles have?
At Lifefactory, they are very concerned about infant safety. Lifefactory has voluntarily had their bottles tested for safety and integrity by an independent third party lab, Bureau Veritas. The bottles are in compliance with the requirements of CPSIA 2008 and 16 CFR 1500 in the United States. The bottles are EN 14350 compliant in Europe.

Why are Lifefactory baby bottles more expensive than some other glass baby bottles on the market?
It's true that Lifefactory baby bottles are somewhat more expensive than some products, but we believe the combination of safety, quality, and design makes them an excellent value. Consider our materials: Borosilicate glass costs more but makes our baby bottles stronger and thermal shock resistant. The silicone sleeve (the hallmark of our bottles, which gives them their distinctive look, improves their "gripability," and helps prevent breakage) is much more expensive to manufacture than plastic—particularly the thick, high-grade silicone that we employ. Additionally, Lifefactory uses top-quality, FDA-approved plastic for their caps and rings, and our French nipples are medical grade silicone; both of these factors affect product pricing. A final contributor to the price of Lifefactory bottles is their commitment to rigorous product testing, which ensures safety, durability, and minimal environmental impact.

How do I wash/sterilize the bottle and its parts?
Boil or run the bottle through the dishwasher initially to sterilize. All parts are dishwasher-safe, or they can be hand-washed. The bottle and sleeve may be boiled together. You don’t need to remove the sleeve to wash the bottle, but if you wish to remove the sleeve, it comes off best in warm, soapy water. Nipples should be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher only.

Do Lifefactory bottles have a venting system?
Yes, Lifefactory bottles have a traditional venting system, in which ridges are located on the flange of the nipple. Tightening the ring too much will prevent ventilation and may cause nipple collapse.

What kind of nipple is on Lifefactory bottles?
Lifefactory nipples are made of silicone produced in France, where our manufacturer is that country's leading supplier of nipples. The nipples that come with our 4 oz. bottles are Stage 1 (0-3 months), and those that come with our 9 oz. bottles are Stage 2 (3-6 months).

Will other nipples fit this bottle?
Yes, any standard size nipple will fit on our bottle. Wide neck nipples will not fit.

Your nipples are not marked according to Stage. How do I tell them apart?
The difference between the various nipples is flow rate, which is determined by the size of the opening. As it is difficult to distinguish the hole size on a nipple by simply looking at it, Lifefactory recommends washing the nipples separately according to Stage, or not opening new nipple packages until the nipple Stage that it contains is appropriate for use. Lifefactory nipples are not labeled according to Stage for manufacturer-related reasons.

Where are Lifefactory bottles made?
Lifefactory beverage and baby bottles are custom made in France.  Beverage bottle silicone sleeves are made in the United States, and polypropylene plastic caps are made in Poland. Baby bottle sleeves and plastic parts are made to meet our exacting standards in China, supervised by a reputable agency from Singapore. All components are FDA-approved and are compliant with US, Canadian, and European safety standards. The glass and plastic parts are recyclable, and the silicone can be sent back to us where it can be re-ground to make outdoor playground mats or mats for barn animals.

Why do Lifefactory bottles have a silicone sleeve?
Lifefactory's patent-pending silicone sleeves were designed not only to look stylish but also to protect the bottles and help prevent them from breaking. The material and design combine to improve the bottle's tactile quality and grip, which prevents bottles from becoming slick with condensation (or sweat, for athletes) and reduces the potential for breakage.

What are the sleeves on Lifefactory bottles made of?
Lifefactory's sleeves are made of silicone, which is non-toxic and has been strength-tested for durability. Silicone is made from silica, the most common constituent of sand. It is a great alternative to plastics, which can leach chemicals, and to rubber or latex, which some people are allergic to.

Does Lifefactory sell its sleeves separately? Do the sleeves fit on other bottles?
A Lifefactory bottle is the combination of a glass bottle and complementary silicone sleeve designed in tandem. Lifefactory only sells the complete package because that's the only way to ensure the sleeve fits perfectly—plus it's the only way Lifefactory could attain their exceptional standards of quality. That's why they don't sell sleeves separately. They could never be sure that they would fit other bottles precisely.

How do I wash the bottle?
All components of every Lifefactory bottle—the glass bottle itself as well as the sleeve and cap (or nipple)—are dishwasher safe or can be hand washed.

Can I put boiling water in my beverage bottle to make tea? Can I put the beverage bottle filled with water in the freezer?
Lifefactory beverage bottles are made from soda lime glass. This is the same container glass used for wine bottles and other food storage containers. It is strong but not impervious to rapid temperature changes or impact. Like any bottle, it will expand and crack if left in the freezer or hit with boiling water. Lifefactory baby bottles are made from borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is known for its superior durability, chemical and heat resistance, and is excellent for use in chemical laboratory equipment and cookware. This allows the baby bottle to go from the freezer to boiling water pot without incident.

Do you need to take the sleeve off to wash a Lifefactory bottle?
No, you can leave the sleeve on the bottle and wash the whole thing in the dishwasher. If you wish to remove the sleeve, it comes off best in warm, soapy water.

At Lifefactory, safety is their #1 concern. All Lifefactory products go through rigorous testing and score well above the industry standard for chemical content and durability. Lifefactory bottles and accessories are free of known harmful chemicals including bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). All components are FDA approved and made with medical grade silicone. Lifefactory is EN 71, EN 14350, and CPSIA (HR 4040) compliant.

Lifefactory’s sleek modern designs give Lifefactory products a sophisticated look that appeals to everyone. All products are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.

Lifefactory's long-term future is determined by how they treat the earth now. Lifefactory uses glass and silica- low impact raw materials. Lifefactory keeps their packaging to a minimum to leave less of a footprint on our precious earth. Lifefactory is proud to be recognized as a Bay Area Green Business.

Care Instructions: Bottle, sleeve and cap are dishwasher safe. Before first use, wash all parts in hot soapy water or dishwasher. Silicone ring in cap can be removed during cleaning. Sleeve does not need to be removed. If you wish to remove the sleeve, it comes off best in warm, soapy water.

Glass bottle with Silicone Sleeve. BPA-free. Free of known harmful chemicals including bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). All components are FDA approved and made with medical grade silicone. Lifefactory is EN 71, EN 14350, and CPSIA (HR 4040) compliant.

Do not leave children unattended with this product. The silicone sleeve is protective but does not guarantee against breakage. If cracks or breaks appear, dispose of bottle immediately. Extreme temperature differences between glass and liquid may cause cracking or breaking of glass. Not intended for use in a microwave oven. Take care when using hot drinks (risk of burning).

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Sausalito, CA,
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About Lifefactory

At Lifefactory we call ourselves safe, simple, smart. Our environmentally friendly and health conscious products were created to provide consumers a choice in safe and well designed essentials for babies and adults. Lifefactory was started in 2007 by a pediatric feeding specialist, Pam Marcus, and an integrative designer, Daren Joy and is now a leading innovator in safe and developmentally appropriate juvenile products.

Lifefactory launched with BPA-free glass baby bottles with patent pending silicone sleeves and is now the first company to introduce a collection of BPA-free reusable glass beverage bottles with patent pending silicone sleeves for adults. Lifefactory fuses modern sensibility, eco-friendly composition, and exceptional utility to produce glass baby bottles, glass beverage bottles, and teethers that are free of known harmful chemicals including BPA, phthalates, and PVC.

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