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More About Ladibugs

In 2010, when Lisa Rudquist and Rachel Knutson first learned their kids contracted lice at school, they were worried, embarrassed…and itchy. As registered nurses, they were shocked to find the over-the- counter treatments made their kids’ eyes burn and smelled terrible. Worse yet, they also contained kerosene derivatives, pesticides and petroleum – the last things you want to put on your child’s head. Lisa and Rachel learned there were no organic or all-natural treatments on the market. But instead of running from the bugs, they faced them “head” on. After an impromptu minivan conference in the school parking lot, they channeled their energies into finding a better way to annihilate the critters. Ladibugs was born.

The duo then teamed up with a chemist and tested a myriad of products, landing on an all-natural solution that includes peppermint – a natural lice repellent. Not only does it smell good, there are no burning eyes! Less than a year after their first conversation, they launched Ladibugs – a full line of chemical-free head lice prevention and elimination products. Used with a special metal micro-grooved comb, they are the most effective and only truly all-natural treatment on the market today.