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More About Alive & Radiant Foods

Alive & Radiant was born to make truly healthy food radically delicious and fun.  They take organic veggies, fruits and nuts, and craft them into snacks through a combination of wizardry and low-temperature dehydration.  Every bag is a gift to your health.  You're worth it.

As the first company to ever bring a kale chip to market, Alive & Radiant innovates again by turning a new variety of healthy vegetables and seeds into delicious snacks with the launch of their new Veggie Krunch line.  They're kicking things off with four fabolous varieties that consumers are sure to love as much as their popular Kale Krunch!  Made with raw, organic veggies, fruits and nuts, Veggie Krunch offers enlightenment to snackers everywhere.  Open your mouth and say, "Ommm."