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About Our Fragrance Products
Auric Blends is a manufacturer of fine fragrance products including perfume oils, perfume solids, incense and, new to our collection, candles and soaps. We believe that fragrance products can enrich our lives through enhancing our sensory experience. Fragrant candles create a warmth on cool autumn or winter days, incense can bring a subtle or strong aroma to any environment and can aid in relaxation and meditation. And perfume, don't we all know the power of perfume? It can make you feel strong, sexy, playful or sensual, whatever it is you are looking for.

About Auric Blends
Founded in 1993, Auric Blends is a force in the gift and personal care industries, providing incense, perfume and specialty items to retailers across the country and throughout the world. Our company is located in the Wine Country in Northern California surrounded by majestic redwoods, coastal mists and the lush vineyards that give this region its name.