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More About Oregon Chai

Once upon a time—say, 1991—their founder was feeling a little lost, existentially speaking. So she took a break from her everyday and headed for the Himalayas in search of, well, who knows what. (Inspiration, maybe?)

While she was there, she met a man. Whoa, hit the mental brakes there, people! Because here's where the story takes a left turn.

You see, she didn't fall in love with the man. She fell in love with the rich, creamy, spiced tea he was selling. With CHAI. And all it took was one sip.

So she came home and dedicated herself to re-creating and reperfecting this drink of all drinks. Before long, traditional chai's American cousin, Oregon Chai, was born.

Today, Oregon Chai is part of the Kerry, Inc. family. And as the first to bring authentic chai to the United States, they now spend their "everydays" striving to remain true to their Oregonian roots while serving up Me Time wherever, whenever They can.

So why Me Time? Well, they like to think sharing these daily moments of peace and tranquility is good karma. Not in the sense of "next lives" or anything. But rather, their day-to-day take on this life. Because if you really do get what you give—and they give chai—then that's one tasty deal.

Naturally, only the finest ingredients will do.
That's why at Oregon Chai, they use organic and natural ingredients in all their products. In fact, most of Oregon Chai's 32-oz. concentrates are over 90% organic—perhaps you noticed the USDA Organic seal.

The one concentrate that's not organic and all-natural is their Sugar-Free Original. It's made with Splenda. But that's actually a good thing for people with diabetes, carb counters and anyone looking to remove sugar from their diet. So all's well.