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More About Anutra

Once prized by the Aztec civilization as the ultimate seeds of wellness, an ancient super grain is quickly becoming the health food of the future. The very same grain the Aztecs believed provided them a mystical and almost supernatural energy and power is being rediscovered as a leading health benefit in today’s society.

Arnold Palmer Anutra is an exciting new cultivar of the ancient Aztec crop Salvia hispanica L – also known as the chia seed. The incredibly advanced Aztec dynasty, renowned for its outstanding accomplishments in agriculture, horticulture and healing, forged a mighty empire that was able to provide food for over 1 million people. The Aztec relied on Salvia hispanica L as a cornerstone of the civilization’s nutritional foundation.

Salvia hispanica L provided the Aztecs with high energy and endurance to sustain them on long and arduous hunting and trading expeditions and in battle. The seeds were so valuable, this super grain was considered as valuable as gold. The grain played an integral part of the Aztec’s religious and spiritual culture and became a symbol of life itself.

Despite its vital importance, the grain fell into relative obscurity after the fall of the Aztec civilization. Modern science has since rediscovered the powerful benefits of this amazing grain, and now you can discover its many nutritional benefits for yourself – through Arnold Palmer Anutra.