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Cogent Solutions Group LLC ("CSG"), maker of HyaGloM, develops advanced supplements and nutraceuticals based on peer-reviewed basic and clinical research. CSG's leading strength is its team of dedicated professionals with core competencies. CSG is committed to ongoing sponsorship of fundamental and clinical research to determine the mechanism of action and the basis for the observed effectiveness of key biomacromolecules that benefit human health. CSG works with an international team of thought leaders in biochemistry, molecular biology, nutrition, and human medicine to design and implement the most rigorous experimental protocols to add to fundamental knowledge of biological processes. A critical biomacromolecule found throughout CSG's product line is hyaluronan, whose physiological role includes the lubrication and cushioning of joints, as well as the restoration of hydration in the skin. CSG's mission is to provide the highest quality advanced supplements and nutraceuticals with leading edge scientific research to safely maximize daily health and competitive performance.