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More About Silk

For more than 15 years, Silk has brought you simple, delicious food. And the philosophy behind it is simple, too: Start with ingredients that are grown responsibly, and keep them as close to nature as we can. Today more than ever, they want you to know exactly what that means.

No Artificial Colors: They keep their foods simple by relying on natural colors, like those from fruits and vegetables, to make sure every one of their products looks just as good as it tastes.
No Artificial Flavors: When it comes to creating the signature Silk taste, their rules are pretty easy to remember: Only natural flavorings and simple ingredients make the cut.

No HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup): It’s in almost everything, from cereal to soda. But you’ll never find it in Silk.

Dairy-Free: It’s the legacy they’re built on, and the cornerstone of their commitment to plant-based nutrition.

Responsibly Produced: “Responsibility” is a big word, and one Silk works hard to embody in everything they do, from the way Silk brings food to your table to the way they take care of our planet.

Silk's plant-based lineup may have changed since the early days, but their commitment to making the world a healthier place has never wavered. Their growth has been characterized by plateaus and valleys marking the struggles of a small, undercapitalized business with a big idea—and an equally formidable learning curve. The companys big break came in 1978 when a supermarket chain signed on to carry their goods. Initially all things soy were parked in the produce section, where temperatures weren’t ideal. But before long, Silk soymilk—in plain, honey-sweetened and carob-maple flavors—migrated to the refrigerated case, right next to dairy milk. As folks around the country discovered the great feeling that comes with eating right, Silk became America's #1 soymilk brand, welcomed in homes across the country. Silk believes that there is no limit to the number of tasty plant-based foods they can dream up using a little Silk ingenuity and a lot of Mother Nature’s goodness. Who knows, maybe carob-maple flavor will make a retro comeback? You’ll have to wait and see. But they guarantee their creations will be true to their roots… and truly delicious.