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More About Protein Bars
It's 3 p.m. and you're scrounging the kitchen for a healthy snack. Put down the pretzels and pick up a protein bar instead. Whether you eat them as a snack, a meal replacement or to supplement a bodybuilding or weight loss regimen, protein bars offer one of the easiest, healthiest ways to keep your diet on track. That's because protein quickly tames hunger, often with a lower calorie count compared to carbohydrates and fat.

The best news? Your taste buds will never know you opted for the healthier choice. Many protein bars boast decadent flavors, such as mint chocolate chunk and strawberry cheesecake. At the same time, most feature top-level protein sources from ingredients such as egg whites, whey protein, calcium caseinate, and pea protein.

Whether you are on a restrictive diet, providing your kids a healthy alternative to junk food, or trying to avoid fast food temptation when on the run, there is a protein bar to meet your needs. Our top brands include Quest, Rx Bars, and more. Most are gluten or dairy free, if not both.

We look for brands that use as few ingredients as possible, including a variety of real food only selections. With options low in sugar and fat, it's easy to find protein bars in sizes that range from a 150-calorie snack bar to a 400-calorie meal replacement in order to keep a healthy solution handy when the need strikes.