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More About Hair Coloring
Do you like switching up your hair color but hate exposing yourself to the harsh chemicals in most commercial dyes? Just because you care about your health doesn't mean you must sacrifice style. We've hunted down a large selection of safe, natural hair products in a rainbow of hues. After all, people were coloring their hair long before chemical dyes hit the market. Whether your goal is to change up your look or cover those grays, it's possible to use all-natural products and still get the shade you crave.

Many mainstream permanent hair dyes use a concoction of powerful chemicals to create changes in the hair. In fact, some of these chemicals are considered potential carcinogens. Thankfully, Mother Nature provides everything needed. Henna, argan oil, and oregano are some of the top all-natural ingredients used to transform hair color. While these products get the coloring job done, many offer the bonus effects of conditioning and moisturizing, leaving your hair refreshed and revitalized after a coloring session — a stark contrast to the dry and damaged hair that is often associated with chemical dyes.

Our inventory includes a wide range of products formulated for both men and women. Brands like Tints of Nature, Naturtint, and Henna Plus come in colors ranging from ebony to honey blonde. Whether you want a permanent change or a temporary switch, natural hair color products let you experiment with color without the cruelty.