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Shiny, clean, and beautiful hair is something everyone wants, but when you read the ingredients on the average bottle of shampoo, you may not like what you see. Many are brimming with chemicals that can be toxic, especially when used consistently day after day. Swap your conventional shampoo for one of Mother Nature's own cleansers, which are gentle on the scalp, smell great, and leave hair refreshed. Our inventory is brimming with brands you love, including Avalon Organics, EO Products, Desert Essence, and Nature's Gate, all of which offer shampoo that is kind to your hair and body.

When selecting a shampoo, many people base the decision on certain health conditions, such as sensitive skin, dandruff, or hair loss. Our all-natural shampoos run the gamut, from those that moisturize dry hair to those that enrich and enhance its color. Whether you want a completely fragrance-free shampoo or are looking for something that is fair trade, there are natural options for you.

Thicken your locks with a shampoo that includes biotin, saw palmetto, and wheat protein, or moisturize dry, frizzy strands with formulas containing coconut oil as the main ingredient. Paraben-free, sulfate-free, vegan, and eco-friendly are just a few of the qualities that appeal to health-conscious consumers. There are even formulas made specifically for babies and children, so you can lather up with confidence at bath time. With ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, tea tree, and lavender, anyone can achieve clean, revitalized hair without sacrificing wellness.