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More About Deodorants
Feeling clean and fresh under your clothes doesn't mean you've got to slather yourself in chemicals. All-natural deodorants harness the power of Mother Nature to ward off sweat and body odor with no trace of the off-putting ingredients found in many conventional deodorants, such as aluminum, dyes, alcohol, parabens and other artificial components.

Top brands like Piper Wai, Alvera, Crystal Body and North Coast Organics tap into the power of natural ingredients like coconut oil, activated charcoal, magnesium hydroxide and mineral salts to stop sweat and odor in its tracks. Some formulas include vitamins or aloe to soothe skin, while others use herbs like lavender and sage to absorb wetness and neutralize odor. Purists appreciate the organic, vegan, and cruelty-free selections in our inventory, and there are varieties customized for both men and women who need to stay dry, whether they're running around the track or running around town.

Your skin is your largest organ, so pamper it. Whether you prefer the no-scent approach or you appreciate the fragrant benefits of essential oils, there is a deodorant stick, spray or cream to match your preference. With so many options, it's easy to select a natural deodorant that encourages rather than undercuts your healthy lifestyle.