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More About Bar Soaps
You bathe with the intention of getting clean, but the ingredients found in the average bar soap might leave you less than impressed. Give your body a break, and get back to the basics with a fresh bar of soap that doesn't come with a side of toxic overload. Your skin, as the body's largest organ, deserves special care. Be kind to yourself by lathering up with bar soaps that don't cause irritation or contain chemicals.

Many soaps aren't really soap at all but harsh detergents that contain a cocktail of antibacterial components, synthetic preservatives, mineral oils, animal fats, and fragrances. Many people are surprised to learn that a bout of skin irritation is due to the soap they use. Luckily, finding a pure bar soap with simple, natural ingredients is easy. Brands like Dr. Bronner's, Nubian Heritage, Kirk's Natural, and many more offer soaps that clean effectively and smell good without any hidden synthetic stowaways.

Getting clean isn't a new phenomenon, so why should the ingredients in soap read like a science experiment? Get back to the basics with soaps made from Mother Nature's best — think lye, raw shea butter, and coconut. With nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter and soy milk accompanied by natural aromas like lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass from essential oils, you can expect your skin to thank you.