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More About Castile Soaps
Made from pure olive oil, water, and lye, castile soap is a safe, natural alternative to conventional soap. We've selected a range of bar and liquid castile soaps so that you can suds up with something eco-friendly, vegan, organic, or free from artificial colors or fragrances. At Lucky Vitamin, we offer your favorite brands, including Dr. Bronner's, Dr. Woods, Kirk's Natural, and Dr. Jacobs Naturals.

Facial bars, liquid hand soaps, and body washes — castile soap comes in many forms for every type of wash-up, from the shower to the kitchen sink. Look for travel-size minis for when you are on the go, as well as bulk sizes so that you never run out. Select an unscented formula, or choose one that includes essential oils, such as lavender, almond, and peppermint for a pleasing aroma. Some castile soaps add additional love from Mother Nature, such as shea butter, tea tree oil, and aloe to bump up the health quotient for your skin.

Many brands are hypoallergenic and safe enough to use even in the most sensitive spots, such as your face. Try replacing your shampoo or shaving lotion with pure castile soap. Parents take comfort in knowing that it's safe enough to use at baby's bath time, too. It even makes a great shampoo for pets.

Beyond your body, castile soap offers a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to laundry detergent, mopping solution, carpet cleaner, and dishwashing detergent, so there is always a reason to have this workhorse handy.