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More About Glucosamine Formulas
"Oh, my aching joints!" Bet you wish you never have to utter those words again. With certain glucosamine formulas, you may not — at least not quite as often. Glucosamine is a natural substance found in the body's cartilage that helps protect the knees, hips, and other joints. As you age, your cartilage deteriorates, which means you lose that comfortable cushion between your bones — and getting out of bed in the morning can come with a few more uncomfortable snaps and pops.

But taking glucosamine formulas in supplement form can help turn that pain around. They can reduce inflammation, potentially rebuild some lost cartilage, and may help slow the deterioration of your existing cartilage. Imagine a simple supplement increasing your mobility, reducing pain, and possibly even preventing future trips to the doctor.

Most glucosamine formulas include other beneficial ingredients, such as chondroitin, vitamin D, potassium, turmeric, or MSM. Many of the glucosamine formulas we offer at Lucky Vitamin are free of soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners, making them an even healthier choice for your aches and pains.

We also make the best brands available to you, such as Kal, Doctor's Best, Nature's Plus, Natrol, NOW Foods, Source Naturals, and our own Lucky Vitamin brand. Choose from tablets, capsules, and even liquid glucosamine formulas that range all the way up to 2,000 milligrams in potency.